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Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds are back for a brand new episode of The Dollop! On this episode, Dave and Gareth discuss New York Yankees Second Baseman and Manager, Billy Martin. Subscribe! More from All Things Comedy! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Follow The Dollop: Dave Anthony Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Gareth Reynolds Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: #TrapperNelson #ATC #AllThingsComedy #TheDollop #BillBurr #AlMadigral #Podcast

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You're listening to the dollop on the all things comedy network this is a bi bicycle podcast uh where each week i lunatic online shoe kicker offer shower have taken her dave anthony reads a story from american history to my best best best best best guy the best thing that ever happened to me before him i was in a closet Shouting alone gareth reynolds who not know story about i was like we held the same microphone at the same time and body swap i mean that was like have you ever seen freaky friday i've read a lot about it have you read the novels because i've read the books yeah there's there's 19 freaky weekies i've read freaky weekies freaky seeky but yeah no i've read all those i've Read the series of the freakies yeah i mean i'm gonna start a podcast a freaky friday podcast just about the whole freaky friday you know when you should put it out thursdays [ __ ] we work together so well badly oh sorry we're gonna oh we're good this is the action not right yes okay take it to the band 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sacramento and san diego you go to for all the information on that and we're also going to australia assuming things make a u-turn um we'll be in perth adelaide canberra sydney brisbane sydney again what the hell melbourne auckland and wellington so go to For all that ticket information and that and then i personally without dave thank god we'll be this weekend at comedy on state in madison wisconsin august 5th i'll be at cb live in phoenix arizona august 6th and 7th uh and eighth i'll be at the uh rally improv in north carolina august 19th dallas texas At hyenas august 20th the state theater in austin texas august 21st the rec room houston texas 26 spokane comedy club spokane washington oopsie and the 27th i'll be at the tacoma comedy club in tacoma washington go to for all the ticket information good work there dave someone needed to make it look like there was a cup in my mouth So we both did great i'm proud of myself and i think aaron is proud of me uh okay all right everybody had fun i didn't enjoy did you mention denver in there yes high plains comedy festival will be in denver join us okay it's the comeback may 16th 1928 year of our lord jesus christ yes christo yes alfred emmanuel martin was born in berkeley california his birth was delayed because the doctor Would break it was delayed can he wait 45 minutes to come out sure absolutely when this lights up and vibrates we have an area for him so just have him bring it up to the hose stand push it back in my uncle uh i'm the hospital's kicker uh my uncle was pushed back in because the doctor wasn't there yet oh my god he's always been a little slow oh my god um i mean can you rejecting nature on that level no no no No you don't get to play earth bouncer the nurse did the door of the vagina sorry we're at capacity can you come back maybe around and come back tomorrow i don't think they called the door of the vagina the vaginal door hello hello there's walls where's your yes so the birth was delayed because the doctor would not come to the house Unless it was wired for electricity okay so they quit again arranged for the house to be wired for electricity that's the route you go yeah wow yeah okay fine we'll remodel it's really like there's an arm you know what i'm saying i love the doctors i'm going to need a smoking room some strobe lights i was told there'd be billions i'm Afraid i can't do the birth until there's a billiard table please so alfred was born is there no art in here i mean it's just a little drab that's all there is that's it i really asked for a number of things well this is just a birth so we're just going to have the baby come out fresh milk in the fridge and things of that nature maybe some pastries or no we don't have pastries now we have Kitchen's yellow huh i'd love to see it white before we did this i i i just at least the cabinet can the baby's coming like we can't can i see the cabinets white do you have any swatches i no why no okay okay i mean it's fine it's just um there's a no there's no party sub or anything no so i should have come having had Yeah you're a doctor that i'm aware you've done some good stuff i like that there's electricity now it's just you know i'm going to get very hungry and i just didn't know whether to okay that's fine and you're we're no way on the cabinets we haven't even no we can't there we go have you ever done have you ever done a kitchen remodel it takes forever i'm a doctor right now that's my department you don't need to tell me That okay what i'm asking about is you have you even gotten some estimates on the cabinets in the kitchen no the baby it's gonna be yeah it's gonna be yellow you're sticking to okay all right even if we had a contractor there wouldn't be time to get it start breaking ground on it and i'll go do the baby thing okay okay yeah let's update each other in 15 Minutes okay until i see some swatches though i don't think it's right to bring a child into this house a yellow kitchen it's rather embarrassing i mean the fridge is white no boy well i should get moving seems like my job did it so for me that's the thing about my job more of a monitor i don't really force much All right good thank you all right that'll be a thousand dollars came all the way over here it's actually cheap um so uh babe was born upstairs and then they circumcised him on the kitchen table ah yum perfect yes we'll be eating here tomorrow isn't it weird we'll never be able to eat here without thinking of the tip of his [ __ ] isn't that funny Um so his grandmother cooed bellow at him a time for beautiful um and from that day forward they called him billy billy martin okay okay you see aaron yeah yeah yeah his mother jenny was known to fly into a rage if anyone says said she was shorter than five feet tall she would lose her mind if anyone said she was under five feet yes okay she was actually 411. Okay so she's um fighting reality is really where her b-flat that's right right she's a sex worker okay uh married okay her husband al would go out and drag her off the streets she's working the streets you drag off the streets and and make her come home okay that seems like a really fine marriage yeah yeah a pretty volatile relationship when billy was just a baby she held a Knife to baby billy's neck and said if al didn't leave she'd kill billy so al left because that's a red flag yeah oh no that's not okay you can't do that every mother has their different techniques i'm putting him back in he's going back in that's it he's out of here so um billy liked baseball and pro baseball Players would train at a park near their house in the off season okay it's near billy's house yeah okay so he started hanging out there okay and uh and so they started you know helping the kid out showing him things sure and he learned if he wasn't good enough to always do more and to hustle okay he's also a huge fighter he loves yeah We fight i feel like he's come up in other baseball episodes yeah i'm sure he has he's definitely been he was definitely in i forgot to put that in here but he was in the um was he in 10 cent beer night he was in 10 cent beer knight and he's also in um uh glenn um oh right right yeah right uh gay basically right right right five Yep but i i didn't put that in i forgot i forgot to put that in but this could have been a five-parter okay sure like this is this when i usually my scripts are five to seven pages sure this was 34. okay that's fine that's good that's great we sleep here tonight uh so i cut it way down but anyway um okay so he learned he learns to hustle he didn't start playing baseball He's also a big fighter he he he's on the streets of berkeley he's fighting all the time and then he's the best fighter he he he's in a boxing club but he's the best street fighter so other kids always want to fight him okay he's that guy that he's the guy you want to take out which is not a great position to be in if you're the guy no that's like what killed houdini yeah It was just like someone was just like hey it's the guy you could punch like it's not like you know what i mean like i need a little time i need a green room it's a whole thing yeah i got a whole thing i do beforehand yeah but he like he had a big nose so people would always make fun of his nose that's it sure the fists are flying immediately you know um so jenny's advice to him was the main Advice for life was quote don't take [ __ ] from nobody wow jesus it's not i mean okay it's just that's quite like if you think you get to put a bumper sticker on your child early do you want to go with that yeah don't take [ __ ] from nobody you know maybe just like i mean i'm not saying we slap the coexist one on because that seems also fairly vacuous That's also not great but uh [ __ ] nobody okay uh and uh he usually threw the first punch he was a first punch guy okay he's very good baseball player right in high school very good uh he did get suspended for a whole season in high school because he uh fought during a game he got into a whole season suspension in high school is i can only imagine how bad the fight was But i also don't think you you there was fighting in the majors and the minors but you didn't fight in high school you know right and you still don't i mean you're not supposed to but um so after graduating he tried off a bunch of different pro teams while he worked in a slaughterhouse oh god it's a rocky it's a rocky uh thing oh sure well That's a scene i've always loved in rocky where you're like oh cool she's got a bunch of cow bodies for the shoot huh their lives were worthwhile thank you for that well i'm sure someone ate them afterwards do you think they were like that was what they were doing like after sylvester stallone is [ __ ] wailing on it for three yeah who was a rib eye yeah yeah Who was this on a rump roast what who that was a rump roast or something what y'all i've been punching all did you see how to punch out a cow today the pot i punched earlier today i punched out a cows what yeah do you want to eat it now i don't know what you're saying let's eat those and the chicken i chased is that english i'm going to eat them now yo you Uh so he's in the slaughterhouse he's working he's trying out for different teams uh and then casey stengel is the manager of the oakland oaks and he is casey segal goes on to be one of the greatest oaks yeah okay it's better than oakland a's i think it's close to oakland oh it's it's not great oaks well there's a californian oak tree state Okay oakland yeah dumb do we really want to do this yeah i'm ready you're real billy martin i don't care so casey single he's going to go on to be one of the greatest managers of all time okay so he's right now he's with the oaks and uh he comes by and and he casey singles like this guy is just [ __ ] ridiculous like his his One pants legs up and he's just filthy and he it doesn't fit he he's like i've never seen anything like this guy okay uh and then he ends up signing him wow to the oakland oaks they they immediately try to put a no fighting clause in his contract because he has a reputation right smart and billy refused to sign the contract with a notebook I mean so that's not like a great admission right you're like i feel like this guy's gonna get us in a lot of trouble i love that he all he wants to do is play baseball and then yeah and negotiating like those deals like all the concessions you have to make along the way to get more money or whatever it is but to have that be one of your sticking points like yeah so billy is not going to first of All the money we finally got it where we need it again it's just that nagging clause that um billy just doesn't feel comfortable he's not saying he wants to fight he just won't remove it from the option list so well that seems a little uh uh giving him the option just the option he wants the option and i'll be honest the guy doesn't want to fight he's [ __ ] Seems like he doesn't want him out of his system so we just need this in there you should sign it it's a sign of good faith it's a sign of good faith that you trust him to not fight yeah it doesn't really just to trust him to not fight he wants the freedom to do it and not to do it you know that's what he wants and he wants he wants to know that you have his back in that way i i'm more confused fighting isn't what He wants to do he's involved he's a ball player but he's a ball player he hits meat in a in a warehouse where he gets it out of his system it's all in this it's all in the stakes that's all that's that's behind him now that's in the stakes he put all that into those stakes okay yeah i mean you make i guess it makes sense okay great i've never been this confused yeah well He's going to fight a lot of people all right so let's get in here for the signing so he refused to sign it and they they've got so many injuries they need short stop in second baseman the infielders so they they agree to it they give in okay um he he he is you know he's in a really bad brawl in his first season it's kind of like every player just basically already has Like the no fighting thing like you're just like it's it's it should be yeah so you gather that someone's like like hey don't fight it's obviously not what we're here for um so he plays in the minors he is named the league's mvp in 1947. he's a good player he doesn't look like a baseball player he looks like just like a scrawny dude so the next year he gets brought up to the oakland oaks the Majors and he's playing for casey stengel and they they quickly form like a father-son bond okay but billy doesn't play much sure um what casey had him do what it's almost his role on the team was he he would just stand on the steps of the dugout and scream at the opposing team oh so he was just like he's just like all-time fighter He was there to just [ __ ] with them okay because casey starting agitator here's your dick starting agitator and tonight's [ __ ] face is billy martin laying it at 140 with one pant on one pant leg off the only guy who's allowed to technically fight on the team [ __ ] talking martin what's that the first th first th [ __ ] yes uh So wait the reason casey did this because he he wanted the intensity level of the game to be taken up she wanted everyone to be on edge intense right and like that was his style that's how he like to manage billy's also a big drinker which casey stengel really liked casey did not like sober players right of course not no i when it comes to athletes you want them a little off you want them dull you didn't trust Anybody who didn't drink yeah it's a red flag you know they're focused purely on the sport like can you imagine in athletics like being like looking for the players who like to drink it's just so counter over but back then it was normal it's just like yeah it's just how we dealt with everything you got a bad heart you shouldn't move uh no i'm good okay So so around this time uh he meets lois uh burnt who becomes his girlfriend this is like first really big i've never seen anyone yell like you i can i are we going to make love now i mean i well i would be rewarding you for bad behavior so no be rude to other people but to me be sweet when i'm inside of you i'll keep building to you billy you gave up another home run billy Read the room in 1949 casey became the yankees manager okay so he trades for billy who's just starting shouter we don't have one he chased for billy on october 13th 1949. so right away that's the guy he wants but billy is not really is he playing he's not really playing okay so he's pretty much just there to shout and so he's Because billy has a bit of a likes the drink and is an all-time agitator he yeah he's uh he's bringing in like who are you thinking for shortstop he's like it doesn't matter i need to figure out who's going to be yelling it's like you've got to sign him and also this guy can't have a no fight clause in his contract yeah it was like phil jackson always had a dick right right right like some guy's like a dick on the team yeah So uh when he got traded for the new york writers are like what the [ __ ] why would you want this guy who never plays um the yankees already had a second baseman shortstop so they're like what are you yeah but he can't shout worth a [ __ ] [Laughter] so his mom jenny gives him advice when he's leaving quote don't let any of those [ __ ] new york big shots Give you any [ __ ] [ __ ] you know how to [ __ ] play baseball just as [ __ ] good as they do jesus christ i love you mom yeah you don't have much of a shot to be like a calm person when that's like the person who's been in your corner your whole life yeah so yeah that's that's the person that was in this corner i definitely like to picture the music swelling billy just one more thing yeah ma don't take no [ __ ] from those [ __ ] new york pieces of [ __ ] you know how to play ball better than any of those [ __ ] wits [ __ ] him and [ __ ] you he's like okay okay mommy get on that bus uh so he got there he's scared [ __ ] list because you know it's the yankees this is a solid team of amazing player you know dimaggio and all these amazing players yeah there's somebody oh wow yeah he doesn't really look like much of a ball Player he doesn't at all no um he's so he looks like the guy who like grabs the bats when the players are done the bat boy yeah uh so he's like i said he's scared shitless when he gets there but he becomes the first player in mlb history to get two hits in the his the first two at-bats okay uh he becomes really good friends with yankee great joe dimaggio Who you know if you don't know joe dimaggio married marilyn monroe like set a record that he'll never be broken like um really amazing player yeah and he takes billy marrying most out of his league yes right uh so he takes billy around manhattan and just introduces him to all the celebrities and all the you know right the elite people and women of course um but he still doesn't play much right Casey has him just screaming at the other team wow it's weird that joe dimaggio's like yeah this guy's great so he must have been like very you he must have been charismatic to some extent like there must be yeah he must have been steering drive some kind yeah a billy does have a magnetic quality about him it's also there's like those people who like i've been friends with over the Years where people are like why are you friends and you're like i just am like there's good good friends bad enemies i'm right here i know yeah i didn't want to say your name you were really ruined by your dad uh so he gets sent to the miners the the gm of the team is like what the [ __ ] um it's not casey's call he sends him down he cries he's so Upset and casey when he's crying says look it was the gm's decision so billy storms up to the the general manager's office jesus who's the guy if you don't know he's the guy who runs the team he picks all the players big boss he runs up the team and screams at him and says quote you'll be sorry for this oh god which is what his mom told him to do yeah but it's still In practice it really means a lot more he goes down to the minors he tears it up he's back in the month like he's too good to keep in the minors okay yankees win the world series that year wow like they they average they average about 13 000 a year as salary but then if they won the world series they everybody got 5700 so that was a really big deal right right Like they would they would yell stuff like if a guy wasn't hustling they'd be like don't [ __ ] with my money right like it like really i want to get back to that that direct version of it where it's like you're all playing for your bucks now literally so um oh right so the yankees win the world series okay billy did not play at all but he gets The cash um sure and then he marries lois okay uh so he shows up to the uh wedding in baseball cleats oh what like if you're joe dimaggio maybe but he's not playing baseball he's not playing he loves bass but he's not playing that's like what a child does it's like when a kid dresses up like the garbage man like he's just shouting he doesn't need cleats to shout uh Yeah i mean it's not he loves baseball sure but he's not playing baseball really he's just shouting a lot well lois made him change before uh the wedding he used someone else's shoes okay good so he really was like this will happen he didn't bring a backup pair though so he gets so the korean war is on this draft and he gets a hardship discharge to get out of the draft I can't i'm have cleat foot i god someone's gotta take care of the cleats and the woman only take these so people are mad at okay because it's it's it doesn't look good you're a yankee you get out of the draft it's not yeah this is before like everybody you know tried to dodge combat service like you know well i mean rich people always did but Yeah um but he says he's the sole family earner which which works people are upset by that right that like oh it's a yankee avoiding the draft right but he becomes a starting second baseman because the other one goes well he got drafted the other one got drafted pretty great i mean it's working out great yeah yeah oh it's so good I mean i'm sure i didn't read but that should must have made people even more mad oh yeah yeah well i guess i'll have to play because the other one's serving so is that crazy um so casey thinks the team is soft and they don't have a leader because joe dimaggio's retired and he's like this is just so who's a firecracker in-house so in may at the beginning of the season They're in boston which is their big rival and a rookie on boston starts mouthing off to the yankees before the game while they're warming up sure and the yankees as professional world series champions just focus lock in and play the game that's right well the rookie ends up calling billy a quote [ __ ] busher okay he's italian and then Butcher bush league okay bush league meaning you're you know you're like not poor here you're not four here you're lame you do [ __ ] stuff um so billy is like let's fight you want to [ __ ] fight okay let's go under the grandstands and beat the [ __ ] out of each other sure yeah let's that's that's where i'd be like i'm not looking for like a private fight i'd rather do It in front of these guys that can break it up well they all go down there the team the teams go to watch professional baseball teams go under the bleachers to watch these two fights yeah yeah okay yeah and billy just beats a little [ __ ] out of them like just he's barely conscious blood is pouring out of his nose like he's just and so when casey hears i think reporters tell him or something All he did was smile and he told reporters well billy's fire is going to spread on this team oh my god that's not a good fire we're gonna beat up on the whole boston red sox and organization from top to bottom it's baseball you beat the [ __ ] out of another guy under the grandstand that's good i want i'm looking for a bunch of violent guys that's what i mean really violent really really psychotically violent Gentleman i i mean i basically have you seen rollerball i want to combine rollerball and baseball i wish i could take all of billy's bad habits and put it in each one of my guys so here's what i'm doing uh i am uh he's gonna have a sock full of marbles when he's out on the we're gonna call them marbles we're leaning in as jersey's gonna say it you come at second base billy is gonna he's not even gonna have a glove he's Just gonna have a satchel of marbles he's just beating anyone with crack yep i wanna see blood i'm gonna see brains on the dirt we are gonna bury bodies in the mound anyway that's our plan for this year all right so after that i mean right after the fight they go on a winning streak okay now the rookie turned out the one that billy bart beat up he turned out to actually have mental Issues oh okay cool all right that's cool well that ages really well great okay and billy felt really bad when he heard that so for the rest of his life billy would always give him jobs to help him he became friends with him and wow he would always take care of him okay all right yeah and you brought it back you won me back so lois lois gets pregnant but He's not paying attention to her because he's hanging out hold it in that's what they did with me go 11 months i'll be back by then he's hanging out with mickey mantle now mickey mantle is a notorious boozer honest i don't know why i thought you were gonna say mickey mouse he's saying mickey mouse i was just like what is he doing like yeah come on billy let's pick the [ __ ] out of these guys [ __ ] the [ __ ] these pugs i'm Hammered i can't drive can you drive wait is my dick out oh i got arrested for jerking off in public hey you ever see a mouse oh i started trying to sell angel dust to a cop i fought a cop's horse i would pay to watch uh mickey mouse fight a cop's horse yeah here they are oh yeah so there's Dimaggio oh sorry there's uh billy and and mickey mouse no so these guys are these guys two gentlemen like to drink uh-huh mickey mouse notorious boozer okay notorious okay so uh so they're hanging out together um so both of their wives are like feeling neglected and they they move back home i don't know where lois's home was but she goes Back to her like her hometown and is like okay well if you're not gonna pay attention to me i'm gonna go back to my family um so when when the war ends fights in major league baseball increase dramatically so it's all these guys coming back with ptsd oh wow and then they're just [ __ ] brawling on the field right jesus and the yankees are huge drinkers And huge fighters right well i mean their coach basically wanted both yeah no he's no problem right during one i mean not just on the field they would go into town and get into fights in bars like they were sure bar brawlers sure during one fight a yankee held a broken bottle to a bouncer's neck as they all escaped out the back door Good lord so they're not [ __ ] around no in the 1952 season a player billy had fought in the miners came sliding in with his spikes up so right he's got his cleats on he's trying to hurt the guy who's at second base and billy retaliates the next time he tries it and hits him in the face with his glove really hard knocking him down Okay the player then charges billy and billy punches him twice in the face oh my god and then a massive brawl breaks out between both teams okay and at the end billy had to be pulled off quote like a madman oh god and then his pictures the pictures of this fight you can see him like like doing an uppercut you can actually see it They're in papers nationwide and now he's labeled the brawler yes well yeah yeah justifiably so oh of course yeah yeah that that move just clocking again the picture is just wow amazing yeah so after that um he's now a leader on the team sure and he signs a really lucrative contract so now he's a really good player so really i know what did was was everyone rewarding This level of uh it wasn't frowned upon fighting yeah no it's assault fighting is not frowned upon okay um so yeah so they don't care i mean the truth is when you think about like hockey like that's basically what hockey has it's just kind of this like yeah guess what if you go to a high game you're probably going to see dudes fight each other at the game yeah that's right so it's just kind of that It's that sort of thing like there's just a lot of brawls it is weird that hockey is like hey we we've never tried to figure that i know they yeah wayne gretzky people love it gretes could always be like we shouldn't have this and they'd be like no way hey come on wayne lighten up you just don't fight if you don't want to i mean they had to have a bodyguard for wayne gretzky on the ice they Mcsorley was his bodyguard every team he was on had a bodyguard if you went and hit wayne gretzky you were going to no they were they were the kings but they actually had every monarch like they had a whole echelon of power yeah there was the duke i don't blame them [Laughter] so um so he signs your contract they win the world series billy's the hero for a catch he makes in The world series uh so he's now a household name across the country right he's now a household baseball player it also sets a bad precedent for coaches who are like you just got to beat the [ __ ] out of each other it's not great yeah um so this all causes him at lowe's to drift even further apart six weeks after she gives birth good uh she gives him divorce papers Good that's good and babies lo that's good stuff that's good babies love that that's good that's the age when you're supposed to do it yeah yeah no the best time uh to separate as a parent is before your trauma doesn't affect a child till four that's right so uh whitey ford joins the yankees whitey ford is a notorious drinker okay uh came up In the oh god what's his name beardy the minor league guy that we did the baseball episode on the minor league guy oh yeah yeah he was a big okay he was a big brother buddy fork so is he just like a super white dude i don't know why his name is whitey ford i guess he's super white like he's gotta be crazy you he was a culture sleep team right same thing uh so whitey's just I mean we're all white but he's super white so whitey billy and mickey mantle just spent drunken nights uh in new york and the media would follow them and just write about their antics okay billy refused to open any letters from lois's lawyer because he is a catholic he's a practicing catholic he goes to church all the time he's a Practicing catholic and he doesn't believe in door that looks such a it's a there's just you really can get away with lot a lot of them really play it nice and loose like look don't get divorced like can i beat the [ __ ] out of people and be drunk all the time yeah do not get divorced you understand me uh his grandmother dies uh it's very upsetting so that day in a Game he gets into a fight sure with the same guy got into the fight with before oh that's cool kind of full circle um this one's for you nana this is for my grams she was the best uh the league report said it took quote several minutes and multiple umpires to subdue billy martin i mean several minutes in fight time Is an hour 45 minutes yeah it's crazy it's a different time yeah like minutes he would have been an amazing uh ufc fighter oh god that's the very first punch that's the newspaper shot that went around the country it feels like that guy already has a black eye and looks a lot like zippo marks i mean he just he's it's he it is him decking the guy Yeah he just decided yeah i figured he was [Music] uh but with that punch his feet left the ground yeah so he's doing like a mike tyson's punch-out he gives it all and he'll fight guys bigger than him he doesn't give a [ __ ] uh so opposing opposing fans start heckling billy about his divorce oh okay so he's getting [ __ ] the catholic church no longer recognizes you Your wife doesn't want to be married to you you have been one of the lead roles of catholicism yo the pope hates you now dude the pope don't hate you you're gonna get kicked out of your church cardinals won't even take your call uh the chicago newspaper reports that he was a deadbeat dad and not paying any money to lois which is a total lie right they Just made it up okay it goes national sure it's a huge story um you know it got so people are giving him [ __ ] it got so bad that he was in uh st patrick's cathedral praying and another guy in the parish walks by and said quote if you're a member of this parish then i quit wow they beat the snot out of him with like the guys i think i think it's uh yeah you want to go in that hole So casey then set the record straight and he told reporters the yankees actually sent his part of his paychecks to lois so it's all [ __ ] okay so billy billy's having his best season ever he's just playing great baseball they win the world series against jesus christ back to back to back i they won a few in a row i mean they the yankees back then were a machine sure Um so after they win the world cup you're being like validated in the fact that your players should be alcoholics and fighters like it's going great that's really cool you know it's like it's like a build through the draft philosophy but it's like yeah these guys are psychos [Laughter] so after uh after he wins world series he goes To mickey mantle lives on a in a small town somewhere sure and uh he goes to visit him and they go to a local farm because they want to hunt and the mickey's going to ask the ghost to ask the farmer he goes can we hunt on your land just a random farmer i think he knows him okay um so the farmer goes yes but he tells mickey can you shoot my mule because it's gone blind And lame and i can't i can't bring myself to shoot it oh wow and so mickey's like sure can we hunt it kind of meet in the middle i mean you can hide it with a bat it's just great it's it's blind and lame great that's what we'll do let it loose and we'll go in the forest and beat it with a bat today there's no loose like it's blind and lame like we'll push it into a Field somewhere and then we'll try to find it it's not i mean it's lame come on let's make a day of it no i mean you're literally to hunt it you can just walk up i don't even want to hear this don't give me any insights into it i just want to find it it's right there it's in the it's it's laying down over there i can't see anything it's Laying all right we're going to blow it up with dynamite so mickey decides to do a prank and he runs out of the house furious yelling that the farmer had said no they can't oh jesus christ he shoots the mule jesus christ is that some dark [ __ ] and then he hears two shots and turns around and billy has shot two cows and billy says quote that bastard should we shoot More wait wait wait why why oh no oh no oh i could just don't prank him in that way oh my god you imagine the farmer the [ __ ] what's going on that'll teach you to insult mickey mantle i thought that one was blind also with the other ones and the other one sorry sir i didn't explain to my friend here that i was pulling a prank and he's A lunatic so now you have four dead cows the one you wanted and three newbies uh on january 15th let's go kill that farmer billy belly billy barber is boss let's go on january 15th so i skinned the farmer i i assume they're both shit-faced when that happens okay i mean that's just i think you can assume that for most billy martin mickey Mantle stories sure on uh january and mickey mantle he's the home run king oh like yeah he's like he had a record for years so he's like a big player so on january 15 1954 billy's hardship deferral was withdrawn so i'm not sure if he withdrew it or if the the military was like oh you're you're gonna get drafted he won the purple hardship yes he won the Purple he he goes and he serves 18 months um all in the u.s he doesn't have to go overseas that's and the yankees what an exotic place to end up oh my god could you imagine i mean just you and for san diego um yankees are terrible without them they immediately turn to [ __ ] wow when he comes back they go on a run and they make Is he hitting a lot of home runs and stuff or he this is just a real role-playing pulse of the team player he i think that he has an energy that he drives the team right you know but he's not like like he's very good right yeah especially on defense but he hits well he's a good guy he's a very good baseball player he's just not a home run here but But there's the guys who get on base sure yeah yeah as long as he's one of those guys otherwise it's just it's so crazy no no he's a he's a very good baseball player okay um and so so he comes back and they immediately go on a run and go to the world series they lose but that's what that's what he brings like he's right he finally signs the divorce papers so What's it been like two years or something [ __ ] crazy oh god must have been furious oh god i'm trading you this is not what i plan you're going to the jew team um so now he's an older player on the team he's been around a while he's a vet he's hanging out with celebrities rocky marciano sinatra oh so like the good and like good influence right right guys who like Are going to teach them about temperament and yeah the sweet yeah the guys who are surrounded by pacifists right right yo billy cut his nose off all right frank uh billy's a ladies man now back then there is booze in every locker room of course no these are professional athletes there's like a bar and like absolutely you need to Play baseball you know like most athletes now they play better after they've had a few men look great it would be to have your up like the other team believing in drinking when you had like none you'd be like this is gonna be great i i years ago preseason game uh i went to see the rangers the scotland rangers play the la galaxy and i was in a suite with some fancy people and one of the guys is like i was Like why are the rangers so bad and he goes oh no they're shit-faced they were out drinking at a pub all day um yeah that must be that's totally what you would do if you were like an english club or any like any of those clubs coming to the states and remember your boys have to have three drinks before my team will play them that's so crazy um so look There's boost in the locker room uh free drinks in the stadium press lounges so the journalists are booze pretty much players coach reporters they all drink they drink together everyone drinks it's just drinky time except the yankees gm the general manager who billy yelled at yeah like i gotta stay sober a man's trying to kill me so he still hates billy martin and any time Any yankee gets in trouble he blames billy okay and he thinks billy billy is a bad fluence on mickey mantle sure i doubt it like ricky mantle fine on his own right he hires private detectives to follow billy martin around okay wow this is and how about you talk to him guy and he keeps leaking to the press that billy's a bad influence so it's true he's trying to get the fans to turn Against billy but the fans are [ __ ] pretty hard love billy martin right like billy martin is well he's that guy you look at me like oh i can play baseball like he has the physicality of you but and he's just tenacious the guy that just hustles and doesn't give up right right so they win the world series again jesus and this guy's trying to get him off the team but they're still doing well Because i want to lose and it doesn't help that when he was gone they were [ __ ] yeah right and he's immediately good again but he's trying to undermine him and billy is still one of the big new york celebrities right he's one of the biggest libraries in new york his his drinking partner becomes jackie gleason okay okey dokey i was i don't know much about jackie gleason big drinker honeymooners Yeah big drinker they became known for bar dares around new york they would balance shot glasses on their heads while jumping or leaping from the floor to a bar stool without spilling the drink what what kind of could you so this is from the perspective of if if it was today right right so you go into You go into a bar and mike trout and uh who's the biggest comedian today um gosh dave anthony and dave anthony no you want a big comic name you need a big comedian dave dave chappelle okay dave chappelle and well people would believe it if it was japan okay so you want a more a big comedian i guess your pal is fine brian regan so yeah you go into a bar You go to a bar and mike trout and brian regan are putting shot glasses on their heads and jumping up and down from bar stools i would be a it'd be problematic you'd see it on instagram i mean tom brady got drunk after the super bowl and it was like big news that you shouldn't even be drunk you're supposed to get drunk after the super bowl yeah but it's still weird to see like a great athlete like So and that and that again is okay billy is this is kind of just like oh celebrities did you ever watch mad men it's that period right where it's just all bets are off there's booze in everyone's office like everyone's just [ __ ] drinking right right we gotta i mean don't you think with all the the culminating problems coming our way that it's we're gonna be opening up the Booze like the hours of boozing are you going to get a little fudgy it might get you you know what i mean you might open that door it'd like just be like yeah i started drinking in the mornings anyway what's up do i need to stay sober today no it's just okay cool yeah so the gm brings billy into the office and he says one more bad move and you're Gone because this stuff's getting one more world series you're out of here martin but billy's like seriously i'm billy martin like what the [ __ ] you gonna get rid of me good [ __ ] luck on may 16th the yankees are celebrating billy's 29th birthday at the copa club and boy and it's it's a there's gangsters there it's like It's a thing so a group of junk bowlers from washington heights come in and bill and and billy's there with all his friends bowlers bowlers okay bowling group great sure just wanted to make sure that we're our bad guys are a group of bowlers a league bowling squad walked in and then things escalated when a group of bowlers came by sammy davis jr is performing and one of Them calls him a little [ __ ] he yells it oh good okay so martin and another yankee stand up and they're like hey shut the [ __ ] up right that's [ __ ] sammy davis jr and then an enormous brawl breaks out between the the yankees and the bowlers and also the the bouncers who are fighting the bowlers also sure one bowler gets hit so hard he has a concussion a broken jaw and a broken Nose front page news right it turns out it was actually a bouncer who punched the the guy but the yankee right give that guy a yankees uniform he's perfect the yankee right fielder is arrested and put on trial okay so during the trial mickey takes the stand quote i was so drunk i didn't know who threw The first punch a body came flying and landed at my feet at first i thought it was billy so i picked him up but when i saw it wasn't i dropped him back down it looked like roy rogers rode through the coppa on a trip on trigger and trigger kicked the guy in the face the jury laughed everybody laughed that man almost died another droll tale and a line of great Ones mickey god bless you you are the heart of new york you're the epitome of what this city stands today i heard my favorite baseball player describe a man being beaten almost well be fair he was guesstimating he was too drunk to really remember the scene for the love of god our pro sports heroes uh the yankee was acquitted a month later that's my one-act play by The way yeah a month later the yankees get into a 30-minute brawl with the white sox oh my god exhausting a 30-minute fight what are you doing could you imagine watching that you're just like can we get back to the baseball ah guys he's dead he's dead already who fights for 30 minutes geez how exhausting is that all right we're gonna take a break uh the fight will be coming back Part two when we come back the bottom of the fight uh billy was suspended uh blamed for the fight and the gm traded him three days later okay now he's he bleeds yankees like he is a yankee and he's devastated he cries he tells casey you let him down his heart he's just heartbroken yeah whitey and mickey cry in the locker room like everyone's just bawling other players cry too and billy billy Feels betrayed and bitter also you know because the yankees got rid of him and he has to go to kansas city which is oh so they were just from new york corn fields yeah from new york to kansas city and also kansas city sucks this here is the city that always sleeps a little bit different uh we got celebrities uh uh we got uh jimmy the cow we uh for a couple days Had a dog he was the mayor he was not allowed to enact any actual policies but pretty much you and that dog are gonna be the a-list in this team oh he'll fight too he's a fighter i know you think we probably don't get crazy here but we've been known to put blueberries in our pancakes so buckle up martin you ain't seen it all yet why is he crying Kane city had lost 94 games so it's the opposite of the world series winning yankees sure he he starts drinking differently oh i by the way my one note is is this guy drinking the right way his sister's quote it wasn't like he was drug a lot but a drink was more important to him so yeah so he's uh depressed and because he's been kind of allowed to Just be debaucherous all the time now he doesn't really want to play ball anymore so you're just kind of seeing like since he's comfortable like he's drinking at home now but that's just a base yeah basically and there's no no jackie leeson louisiana's not coming to kansas city right so he is it's now a depressive drink he's escaping he's escaping which Again is what you want in one of your athletes on your team numb the pain with booze yeah uh he was never the same player after getting traded he he gets traded from team to team at one point he dates a flight attendant gretchen winkler and the press is all over it so twas just wanted to get out of there he's like put me in the plane so twa executives make sure that she's On all of his flights and and in towns he's staying in because the press will cover it and then that's that's coverage for twa great and it worked out too they end up getting married in 1959. okay in detroit uh fans didn't like him when he was on the team there in cleveland he has problems with the manager he got and then in cleveland he got hit in the Face with a fastball a teammate quote i never saw a man look so dead he didn't flutter or move his face swelled up like a beehive in five minutes his face was crushed there's bees in here guys that's why they have this face the queen's in his nose um i never saw a man look so dead yeah so so but but probably like you know it's a Conflation of a few things really like he's depressed wow he's just drunk he didn't get hit oh he's saying he looks dead because he got hit well i mean he's seth yeah i mean he probably is like [ __ ] it what's the point well like because normally i'd be like that guy would get up and fight the guy who threw the faster yeah unless he got hits a hearty i mean he's Probably just out but no i think it was sad talk to the doctor and now i can't tell if he got hit by a fastball if he's just sad you can see from these x-rays he's just pretty down there's a i mean you can see obviously the cheekbone is shattered and that'll be need to be redone but i'll tell you there's something these x-rays aren't Showing his emotional state he's low gentlemen well this is a guy who plays in kansas city yeah uh his john cheekboner broken sure he's out for two months sure and then when he uh is reinstated to a team they immediately trade him to the cincinnati reds okay but now he's scared to bat yeah i get that for sure so all pitchers quickly realize that and they throw up And inside at him and he just keeps flinching away from the ball yeah and that's he knows like he it's billy right and he knows he's not the tough old billy and and it goes on for a while but then it's spring training the next year right they take the summer they take the winter break and he comes back and in spring training he gets into a bar fight so it's like the old billy's Coming back right all right all right he's still got some highlights in him yeah yeah he got into a fight last night all right how about he beat the guy up so uh after a chicago pitcher threw inside billy pretended to lose his grip on the next pitch and threw the bat at the pitcher oh man accidentally doing that is very funny yeah whoopsies and when he goes out to pick Up the bat the pitcher walks up to him and billy punches him in the jaw okay all right we're back the pitch pitcher's orbital bone was fractured and billy was suspended for five games [ __ ] a the cub sued him for two million dollars and he ended up having to pay him 22 000 which is his whole salary for the year well still could have been worse that's crazy yeah for sure oh is that it oh it's in the Okay yeah yeah it was mislabeled then yeah that's probably okay so that's just the side of a man's orbital bone breaking yeah okay um in 1962 he was playing for the twins and they cut him and that was it he sat in the locker room and cried he was done as a baseball player and billy you're gonna have to cry outside we need that locker hate to be that guy but So the twins heard him as a scout okay and uh so now he's going on the country looking for i don't know if this guy needs the road well he also got a job as a uh as a beer salesman so he's so he's now he's a scout with free beer and he's a drunk yeah so he goes into bars and buys everybody drinks and it's hey by the way before i go i got something anybody here Hit any of you guys ever played a baseball in any capacity i'm supposed to be scouting today i forgot though what's that whoo i can't believe i got to repeat that okey-dokey i also came here because i'm supposed to find a guy who can play balls anyone hear a really good baseball who can swing them out somebody say something somebody say something i agree yes oh you can play you're pretty Old how old are you 48. that's pretty old but okay that's pretty good you want to sign a deal to be the twins and you're starting bat boy man yeah okay great he signed it to she's on here okay all right welcome aboard see the stadium what's the beer you have uh i really remember honestly so there's a lot of a lot of jobs all of a sudden it's just too many jobs honestly I should have taken it easier in new york [Applause] it got very real who screwed me over so bad is that gay hey okay hi yeah sorry i dipped out for a minute is everything all right yeah all right you got tears coming down yeah i'm crying pretty bad right now this is hard to beat me okay so um he and gretchen have a son and uh the twins make him the third base Coach and then he's not a very long base coach keeps signaling defeat he's not a very long drunken flight okay and with the twins team and he gets in an argument with the twins traveling secretary the guy who books all the stuff and handles all the travel and stuff yeah yeah and they keep arguing after the plane lands on the way to the hotel and in line checking in and then the guy Checks billy in last so billy punches him in the face okay sure and now billy had been on track to become the twins manager but now right he's not attractive right yes and they make him a minor league manager instead they're like okay go down there yeah well i'm sure the travel will be a lot worse so the team is the team is [ __ ] terrible and So he takes like a casey stengel page so he's okay he wants to put the other team under pressure any way he can so he would have he would do stuff like one guy would be running from first to second and he would fake tr he would fake like he fell and then all the players would look at him and then the guy on third would run and score okay like he's doing this crazy it's just all that kind of stuff Strict plays and [ __ ] with people and and the pressure would cause the other team to make mistakes and then become embarrassed that they made a mistake so it's like this double like and then and then the team would slowly unravel and no one's seen anything like this like no one's ever done this right it's just totally first billy's thing and people start to [ __ ] love it and He also starts arguing with umps a lot and he would kick dirts on them and dirt on them like you go out and kick kick dirt at their shoes and he got ejected from eight games but the team starts to win and fans start flocking because it's it's this crazy version right and then he gets named the minnesota twins manager the traveling secretary was like my resignation letter is tender And they were good but they became really good on her billy now the owner demanded that billy meet him twice a week for a meaning to discuss everything that was happening with the team sure and billy was like [ __ ] that [ __ ] and the guy was like just any time during the day except for between 5 and 5 30. so billy would show up between 5 and 5 30. now where is he and the guy be like This is when i take my nap come back and then he come the next day between 5 and 5 30 until the guy finally gave up wow it stopped asking the cup i love a 5 to 5 30 nap locked into your schedule i know right it's great i love everything about this i love a 5 to 5 30 nap and i love the other guy coming at five to five yeah that's great it's all the whole scenario yeah well i mean look when you give us an adult your Nap time they're gonna work you know they can work you yes uh come back around 5 45 i'm gonna have graham crackers and milk billy has a starting pitcher run uh 20 laps before games sure right exhaust you before you play but there's this pitcher dave boswell and he he's like i'm not [ __ ] doing that i'm not going to run 20 [ __ ] laps yeah And the pitching coach goes and tells billy dave boswell's not going to run and then boswell obviously hears about that and he's [ __ ] pissed of the pitching coach so they're all drinking at a bar and of course roswell and the pitching coach go outside the bar in the alley and and get into a fight and uh it's just like if any of these things happened it would just be enormous news yes now you know it's just like like You'd be like what the [ __ ] yeah so he knocks the pitching coach out and then billy rushes out and just starts wailing on boswell till he was unconscious so then he'd be like it's just you shouldn't injure your players it's just not how you got to though because now it's coaches against players you guys here we're fighting the coaches what we're fighting the coaches So billy knocks about and billy goes with him to the hospital you know because it's his player that he knocked out he's got to make sure he's okay he just like switched hats he's like all right now i'm the manager we gotta get that looked at you wake up he's holding your hand oh are you okay yeah you beat me up some guy beat you up no you did yeah but now we're really bad yeah real bad You knocked me out you think you can play this thursday yeah i'll play i'm always ready to play that's my guy i need a team full of fighters like you boss only 26 pitching coach is dead oh yeah well i mean that he was a snitch replaceable yeah uh so he needs 20 stitches and reporters reporters asked billy what happened Quote well when he came off the wall i hit him again what the [ __ ] this is a manager i'm not a wrestler he came off the wall a manager beating a player unconscious is national news like that's actually yeah okay yeah i mean if they just fought probably not but national news if you beat him unconscious yeah after he beat up his pitching coach yeah so and the owner the owner made boswell go And apologize to billy of course at times it feels like a baseball team and at other times it feels like a middle school hey so i just i i wanted to say i'm sorry for you for you beating me uncomfortable you really owe me a big i'm sorry i know i'm how dare you you i'm sorry for your fist hitting me when i close my eyes sometimes i still Hear your screams uh yeah i apologize for the screaming and the bleeding on your fist you just it wasn't you that day look i i said i'm sorry and i i just don't do it again no i don't plan to it wasn't great i got to be honest i can't go through that again you cannot put me through that again okay coach i'm i'm sorry i didn't mean for you to beat me up be professional From now on okay yeah you can't go out there beating up a coach well that no i disagree with that that he he was a snitch and uh you know there's rules all right yeah but still from now on learn your lesson lead by example that's what i always lead by example you okay you want a manhattan yeah okay we got a game soon let's get nice and loose So the twins the twins make it to the playoffs but they lose and billy's like i publicly asked for a raise because he did so well sure and then a week later he heard on the radio that he had been fired okay sure exactly good now fans are [ __ ] pissed right an effigy of the owner is hung downtown so they're effigy pissed the local teamsters threatened to Boycott all all twins games state legislators petition the owner to reconsider like everybody just [ __ ] loses everyone who had a set of twins during that time got rid of everybody yes the owner does not budge he's absolutely not doing it he hires another manager the next year attendance falls by 88 000. okay but billy's been hired to manage The detroit tigers also a very bad team in his first game an opposing player is he's very flamboyant shall we say he has on a tight tailor uniform a fu manchu mustache and colored wristbands okay again this is the 50s right so it's a different look uh right away billy starts yelling at him of course right when the game starts Right quote you clown harrelson where are your bell bottoms you think your clothes are gonna hide the fact that you can't catch anything the dirt anymore everybody knows you can't hit a curveball you're washed up you should get off the field go sit with your designer in some disco that's where you belong and his teammate billy's team are just like this guy's [ __ ] crazy like what's happening The manager after they they lose that game and then afterwards the players are in the clubhouse and they're eating lunch and billy comes in and he calls them all [ __ ] losers and he says how can you be [ __ ] eating right now and he flips over the table with all the food on it might have been maybe our first table flipping a lot yeah yeah he's definitely been picked up on And he kicks the table and kicks the food quote there was chicken in the lockers coleslaw and guy's shoes beans on clothing but what they soon realized was that he saw it as us versus them he seizes a war right he's like we're going in a [ __ ] war every day well it wouldn't be smart to burn your rash into the war i mean to be honest but yes i understand It's us versus them yeah and we are a team and there's no taking a look lost lightly like it's all it's [ __ ] [ __ ] so he teaches them to hate losing he teaches them right and a miss coleslaw and then miss call slide equal side of shoes yeah like there's a hole right they win the division okay but they lose in five games billy cries uh the next season during the game billy wants the umps to check a pitcher for Cheating sure and they refuse to do it they're like we're not [ __ ] billy will handle this well so he has his pitchers cheat by using vaseline uh really billy's like their pitcher's cheating since they won't search him will cheat will cheat and then after that after that game he tells the reporters about it we cheated we [ __ ] cheated and he Said he says why why he did it he says the umps are [ __ ] and they're not enforcing the rules so the league suspends him okay and he is fired by the twins wait by the tigers yeah that's all right right okay right right again fans [ __ ] lose their [ __ ] okay calls flood the tigers front office people are i really i really love the move it's Like he's like oh [ __ ] i thought that would work people are protesting outside the stadium anywhere the owner goes anywhere in detroit people are just [ __ ] screaming at him like it's a disaster but the texas rangers immediately hire billy like he when he gets fired he gets hired within days because everybody [ __ ] loves them right okay Now texas only cares about football it's [ __ ] football state so billy billy is brought there to get attention right he starts wearing cowboy outfits he grows a mustache i'd love to get back into that in one second dave but uh so as far as like the competency as a manager is that because he's obviously doing well the teams are doing well but if you're bringing a guy and have a Mustache or a cowboy like how much of it is the flare and how much of it is the substance the substance is there are people that say there never has been or ever will be a coach like him right so it is he can see everything happening on the field at once right and figure out the one thing the weakness he is he's a genius right Okay okay he's also crazy he's a [ __ ] right box of like chickens he's a mad genius yeah so texas higherism um texas is where he turned arguing in umpires like his signature thing okay everyone needs a thing yeah so fans would come two games just to see him flip out on umpires right kicks dirt on him he would throw His hat he would throw all the bats out of the dugout and fans would cheer and everybody loved it sure he's got a set list yeah yeah uh he was thrown out of both games of a double header one time okay and he was twice that season tossed before the games even started happen just wow walking by well you know they they walk out there yeah right Coaches walk out to exchange lineups and he must have started talking [ __ ] and getting right okay um this is also the year of tencent beer night in cleveland okay right oh yeah right he was the rangers coach yes and that's who they played and so the rangers had to fight their way off off the field right and afterwards billy was thrilled that his team stuck Together and fought together so was billy the only guy happy on that went great that was amazing that was fantastic boys that's how we got to play every night every night we're going to offer a 10 cent ale we need a riot every single game all right so the rangers finish in second but the next year um they're bad uh he starts drinking more and more and more That probably helped yeah oh yeah for sure you know coach has been really good since he's been getting drunk what's good he's obviously got some really crazy ideas i like it a lot he told me to shoot a cow yeah yeah no he told me to do that too i just figured that was some sort of like tell me i'm not it might be a code yeah maybe Steal seconds did you see what he wrote with on the mirror and his puke no win but he spelled it with a y but still uh so plane flights were described as flying saloons and casinos jesus and he would fly with his mistresses okay so obviously gretchen is no longer his uh no she's still this is yeah but she's not the flight attendant No she's not the flight attendant she's not married and probably at home and now he's billy loves to fly i love billy uh the owner didn't sign a player billy wanted and then billy and the owner start having issues oh that's good and if you're the owner you're entering dangerous territory fyi oh yeah so you've now you've now kicked the Hornet's nest yeah or poked it wait you can do whatever the hornet's nest no you poke it you should not kick it if you can kick it you can kick really high yeah but that's fine if you can i mean if you have skills yeah it's like poke the bear don't kick them or you kick the bear i wouldn't kick the right nuts take that also so billy wanted the stadium to play john denver's Thank god i'm a country boy during the seventh inning stretch because he just got into country music in texas uh-huh now the oh that is everywhere is that most people's gateway countries man i finally just heard it makes so much sense shane twain here i come the owner what's the griddle the owner did not want that song played in seven stretch he wanted the traditional take me out to the ballgame and they argued about it All year long it's just not worth it billy and one day billy told reporters the owner quote knows as much about baseball as i know about my pipe the follow-up will be how much does he know about his pipe it feels like probably a good amount a lot i know a lot okay so he's okay i'm sort of a pipe expert okay so you're saying it's a compliment it's a Compliment oh okay it just felt like it had no no i was saying yeah i mean i i went to school and studied pipes oh my god i have a degree in pipes it sounds like you have a great relationship yeah we're the best right okay really great the owner tells billy he's thinking of firing him how complicated is a pipe pretty much just like like something with two holes in it yeah it's Really not a good analogy it's really not i don't understand these pipes serve it like a maze to me how do you unlock these things yeah stupid dick smoke smoke you smoke so the next day after billy makes that comment the miller says he's right thinking about firing him in the sixth inning they have a phone in The dugout and billy billy calls what player you need brought up billy no it's not player no song we're making a change in the lineup song wise he calls whoever's in control of playing the music on the phone and the umpire heard billy screaming to the phone quote i don't care what the owner says play the [ __ ] john denver song oh my god imagine be like sitting there being like This is the coach like a bummer like i really want to win [Music] it's called a designated song yeah it's a substitution and billy said he better hear that song or else and then the song is played the owner's like he immediately fires billy you know dave life ain't nothing but a funny funny riddle And after the game he cried and said goodbye to the players oh my lord sorry guys it's just that um i don't know if you've ever heard take me out to the ball game but it doesn't have a lot of resonance well people like it a lot actually shut up charles in all stadiums shut up a song that is better and is more connected to the root of the city that we play in Thank god i'm a country boy and i had to lay it it could don't look like it's a no no it's just not it's an unbelievable song yeah but it's not a baseball it's a great it's a song about everything what if is baseball a part of the world yeah then it's a song that song works for everything we already have a song it's the best song thank god i'm a country boy how does That not work with baseball it's not it's not a baseball song well neither is take me out to the ball game literally a baseball song listen to me it's about a ball game thank god i'm a country boy on that's a song baby i'm not saying it's not a good song it's a great song it's not about baseball but it's about it's about heart it's about a commitment to agriculture No it's not basically it's a song it's a song about pride it's a song about having pride in yourself and the the fields that you're plowing and the breakfast you'll be having no it's about a guy who likes being from the country hey daddy likes to have a cake on the griddle and he wants a cake on the [ __ ] griddle life ain't that much fun look i stand by My decision back there you have got to be out of your mind and i think that was a good move i wanted to finish out the season two i wanted to see where this could go but i'm afraid we went as far as take me out to the ball game can get us it was time for a changeup it was time for what i always call a curveball you're the first manager in professional sports history to be fired over a song And i won't be the last because once no i will not because once people hear that song no that is gonna be the seventh inning song there's not a better song to stretch to there's not a better take out to the ball game oh we've heard it we get it you're at the [ __ ] ball game what more do you want you want to go to the ball game again or do you want to learn about the salt of the earth people Who built this country on their [ __ ] backs anyway just go and pack up your locker i'm open to other songs too i just think take me out to the ball game sucks balls okay okay i'm gonna miss the hell out of you guys we really could have gotten some stuff done look coach you told me you taught me how to just stick to absolutely [ __ ] insane you know the whole position stand in your principles if i can leave you guys i'm gonna make a drink here but i'm to leave you guys with if just stick to your principles yes yeah yeah okay i love you fellas no tell me that song's not in your head yeah it's in my head thank you the yankees hired billy 12 days later he's got to be like really yeah This is the only job he ever wanted is the manager uh he was introduced to the game fans go [ __ ] crazy because billy martin's back billy cried casey stengel tries a lot huh yeah he does cry a lot casey stengel is at home he's battling leukemia uh he watched on tv and he cries okay yankees are bad sure but billy reshapes them he gets rid of the slow guys he brings in youth like the other i didn't do that yeah keep these slow Pokes they're the key um he brings in mickey rivers who was very impulsive and and ran up gambling debts he was also known as mick the quick because he's super fast and he gave his stats another really fast guy willie randolph so the owner george steinbrenner at this point has been when they hired billy he is suspended by major league baseball George steinberg yes because he gave illegal campaign contributions to richard nixon and told all his employees to lie about it well if you're gonna put it on the line for a politician make it a good one that's the guy make it a winner so while he was suspended he started making speeches into a tape recorder and then the gm would bring it to the clubhouse and put it on a stool And play it for the players strange super crazy uh so after the fourth speech that billy heard when he came in he walked over and kicked the stool over and stopped the cassette and from that day on every time the cassette recorder was player played a player would go kick it over okay okay But then george is suspicious nobody's telling steinbrenner they're like i went over great george yeah yeah so hit george's suspension is lifted in march 76 so now he can give his speeches in person now we can kick the man himself over and billy protests uh says you know don't i can't have no talking to my players and george agrees george is like okay i won't i won't give the speeches so instead they Agree that george will be allowed to roam the field while they're practicing and do as little like how's your hand well it billy found it very amusing because he'd walk by and say to a player quote okay pinella now let's whip that bat around right and and at the infielders he would always yell step lively boys yeah so just like what i would do yeah and after come on catch that ball Get that going do good work athletically after he would hurt him after he would say that he would walk away and billy would say you're boys step lively and all the players would laugh come on guys don't forget to move so george didn't know [ __ ] about baseball sure a player sprained an ankle and the team trainer put ice on it and george came over and said do Something don't you have colder ice that's a fair question how cold was it it's not cold enough not cold enough ice yeah was it watery yeah it was water leaking yeah that's water yeah not cold enough um but he spent money george spent money the players had the best planes the best buses george steinbrenner is i don't know how he had money he um he started with like a factory and no he Wasn't real rich when he bought the yankees he bought them for 10 million dollars um but he definitely made money you know it it was just business issues um and george georgia george would fight too they had a a team manager named billy kane and he and george and billy would argue over travel arrangements all the time because that's what billy cain did And he and george got into a fist fight in uh new orleans hotel lobby or arguing over travel what was billy like now that i've done i really respect that you got to beat the [ __ ] out of your travel guy in the lobby sometimes kane was fired and constantly rehired sometimes he would get fired and then just come in the next day like nothing happened and it would totally be fine that's a good situation billy and george Love each other but they would fight a lot but george let billy run the show because he wanted to learn how to win and billy had an amazing ability to see everything on the field like i said right so he was like this guy is a you know he has a thing um if someone came in on hard on one of billy's players like slid hard at him he would yell at his team it was a [ __ ] play and the Veterans knew what to do he would like fire them and get these guys so everyone knew in baseball if you hit the yankees the yankees were gonna [ __ ] hit you a lot harder right it was gonna be a lot worse they kind of took on his personality they would they started brawling the first game in boston they got into a big fight after a slide um fans loved it right and they came and celebrities came And billy's famous again he's back in new york he's back to the celebrity he lives in a sheridan hotel in new jersey however sure well i mean back he's not back but he's blue back ish he's backish he's back he's in the city he's coaching yeah he's in room 411 at the sheridan new jersey but still pretty back and across the street was a dive bar called bottom of the barrel and that's where You'd usually find billy people would call the bar to get a hold of him oh god that's crazy it's also amazing how like dive bars will be like this is a sad place and people are like that's where i need to be yes here's my here's my card your last favor a table for one um the yankees extend his contract three years they go to the world series that year did he get a home or is he still No he's still in the sheraton he stays in the sheraton for a long time um they go to the world series they lose to the reds okay now reggie jackson yes he's a really big free agent he's the biggest free agent out there right a candy bar named after him like he's a really big what goes the candy bar the reggie jackson candy brother reggie bar you never heard of that yeah they had a reggie bar um He's a home run hitter he has been at least two locker room fist fights that i could find with teammates okay before notorious notoriously thin skinned and just a dick reggie jackson okay but george wants him right because he's the biggest player billy does not want him billy's like this guy doesn't fit on the team he wants a different player so when they're trying to get reggie Billy's not invited to any of the meetings he's not invited when reggie signs he's not invited to the press conference when they announce reggie that's normal and reggie does not contact billy after he signs he didn't call the bar or anything and billy doesn't feel he doesn't call reggie okay and the press they say the right things but billy knew reggie was A square peg in a round hole the yankees are like a blue collar team and reggie is a big ego rich guy attention hound so george george steinbrenner is a special kind of [ __ ] okay if a reporter wanted a season parking pass george made them beg if it was a young reporter he would have him come into his office and he would shoot rapid-fire questions at him Okay who's the greatest president should truman have dropped the a-bomb on japan who was america's best author what's your favorite poem okay and if you didn't like the answer george would just scream names at him and not give him a parking pass okay so just super weird it's weird like it's this is what rich guys do for fun yeah right sport right yeah it's sport to them it's like they're bat it's like a Cat with a mouse like he he has something that you have something he needs have you ever heard jeff bezos laugh yeah it's pretty great it's pretty great [Laughter] i'm not real [Laughter] i never i've never wanted a dick to blow up more before oh no yeah a week later the reporter would come back and be grilled again so it was A constant process so this guy could get a parking pass right because it's expensive he can't afford it as a reporter eventually the guy would get his parking pass george never did this to win women reporters okay once a team intern unknowingly parked his car in the wrong spot and it caused donald trump to have to wait to get his car out oh my god So george fired the teen right in front of trump jesus to make up for it so that spring billy george and reggie get along everything's going fine season starts and then reggie tells reporters his elbow hurts now billy didn't like i don't believe in injuries jackson billy doesn't like people telling the press what's up he's like that's [ __ ] not what you tell You telling i'm that's always i mean that's always the case yeah you don't reveal injury yeah so he benches him and that leads to a two and a half hour meeting in the hotel with reggie and billy just because he bench from that one game and the next day reggie's brooding around and reporters are like what's up and reggie says quote i don't know what's between us so it's starting out good and then the Yankees start losing okay and george wants billy to fix it or he tells him he's gonna need a new job fix this thing with reggie so it's 11 games into the season okay he's already being threatened with being in the hot seat okay so billy has reggie pick the next game's lineup out of a hat after after george threatened to fire him so he's basically just saying [ __ ] he's die yeah it's it's his version Of uh right thank god i'm a country boy right right right right and they win that game okay okay that's good that's shitty if you're billy you're like uh that shouldn't have worked so then in an article reggie said he was brought to yankees uh because they lacked leadership so there's obviously guys on the side Shot across the bow quote i'm this i'm the straw that stirs the drink munson thinks he can be the straw but he can only stir it bad thurman munson is the catcher he's billy's favorite he's the leader and regis said he was misquoted and then thurman monson said quote for three thousand [ __ ] words oh wow jesus so it's not going great no i was misarticled oh look at that there you go oh god Jeez the next game no one on the team speaks to reggie okay he hits a home run and the yankees go over to greet him but then he goes to the other dugout entrance to avoid his teammates reggie does yeah oh wow and then he sits alone in the corner the commentator beautiful home run and reggie is avoiding his day he's going he went into the other team's dugout so that's kind of weird We don't know where he is then he sits alone in the corner and no one talks to him so reporters ask him why he didn't shake his his teammate's hands and reggie says his wrist was sore okay sure right and then they asked them once and then mudson said reggie was quote a [ __ ] liar okay so it's going well so that's why you let george put the team together that's right Two games later in detroit during the first espn live televised game or reggie so it's the very first game reggie doesn't hustle for a ball and now he'd actually fought a guy on his last team because he accused the guy of not hustling and now he's not hustling okay and billy pulls reggie out of the game and in the dugout they almost get into a fight On national television they're like screaming at each other and and it looks like they're gonna brawl a coach has to pick up billy he picks it like lift him up and pick him up to keep him from fighting reggie jackson so he's lifted off the ground like a little boy yeah that's very it's like mini-me reggie other other coaches pull reggie into the clubhouse As he's yelling quote you never liked me this is all in front of a national audience you never liked me he's not the best thing no it's not good you never liked me this is the first time anything like this in sports has ever been televised live okay no one's ever seen anything like this reggie now waits in the clubhouse and a t-shirt Uh and cleats and he said his cleats were on for good footing for the fist fight that was going to happen oh but two players talking about leaving the stadium like dude you got to get the [ __ ] out of here billy's crazy and then afterwards billy says look i handled the right way the yankee way and reggie then invites all the reporters to his hotel room and he walks around talking drinking wine Shirtless holding a bible okay this is the blood right here um okay it's i mean in some ways it feels like he's i wouldn't say met his match but it's like there is the publicity around something like this makes it i mean it's a little bit like you know like the what's you know going on with the packers and rogers right now like or whenever you have a star like a star Athlete has a lot of power yes you know a lot uh so he in that when he's talking to reporters he says he loves george and he's being treated this way because he's black but a lot of the yankees are black so that's not really right okay the guy's icing him are black right okay so george makes billy this is out of town so george makes billy reggie and the gm have breakfast and Billy says he didn't do anything wrong and reggie so there's three guys at the table and reggie talks to the gm oh he does one of those to tell billy what he says that's so awkward it's like it's also that can only go on for like 30 seconds before look i'm not gonna do that this is what ellen does to people right right like she did that to writers right she would talk to a writer the producer the writer would be a crossover It's [ __ ] crazy this is what crazy people do like this is [Music] when reggie said he hustled on the play billy jumped up quote get up boy i'm going to kick the [ __ ] out of you and reggie says the gm you heard it he called me boy and then then you know they just dissolved that they went their separate ways right and then george flies in and he's gonna fire billy okay but then Reggie put this tape recorder on the stool this is the one reggie's like you can't fire billy because then everyone will [ __ ] blame me oh and reggie stops him from firing billy and weird little pickles right yeah he's certainly put him i mean he's put himself he's caught between home and third yeah so So george orders billy to treat reggie with respect and then the other players are constantly fighting with them everybody [ __ ] hates him on the team and billy just stays out of it he doesn't do anything it teams losing because of all this and reggie says he's upset he's not hitting fourth and he keeps telling the press that and finally the players are like dude just [ __ ] bad and forth yeah so we'll shut the [ __ ] up and they he does and they start winning again and they win the division so reggie jackson's just a giant [ __ ] baby right he's not playing well he's sitting fifth and they move him and he's then he starts playing well right okay um they go and they play the royals in the playoffs the siri goes it goes to the last game and then in the Last game billy benches reggie because there's a picture he's never faced before and he doesn't want reggie to you know go out there and try to hit against him and then is that weird i think for the time it's not okay but yeah it might be a little [ __ ] you okay it sure sure could be um the reggie's furious they get into a a massive brawl during The game because george brett you know slides in hard and while they're while there's a massive fight they just catch billy just smiling like he just loves it like this is [ __ ] awesome yankees win reggie comes in the game late and heroics home run right and then afterwards billy and reggie are your best friends and they're celebrating and billy praising reggie to the press fans come to the airport to greet them Look at that yeah there they are they're having a great time together but when they get to the airport billy's the star right nobody wants to see they chanting billy's name at the airport they mob him no other yankees getting that it's all [ __ ] billy right play the dodgers in the world series so they go from getting along great the third game Reggie is once again talking [ __ ] okay he's second guess billy's pitching choices he's angry because billy said uh he's not going to start him because he wasn't going to start him because uh the dodgers weren't pitching a lefty that pisses reggie off and he says quote i don't need to take that from nobody especially him i know what i can do and so they're just going back and forth and billy's like math this is happening In the world today world series they have another hotel meeting okay so for hours and then afterwards reggie's like it's all resolved we're fine again they win the next two games they're hugging in the dugout more like the hug out yeah uh yankees extend billy's contract right then reggie hits right then well you know not right there but that Right in the middle of the world series and then reggie hits three home runs on three pitches in game six they win the world series once again reggie billy hugs champagne love billy throws the victory party at the sheridan well at home yeah when they're back home and gretchen realizes oh my god i mean completely forgot like i'm sure like she felt you know she's like yeah i also exist in this story Well she realizes that he has two mistresses there oh [ __ ] two two messages at the who who who's like what sort like i don't know a drug one seems really stressful yeah oh my god could you at the same i mean i don't know if you've ever had experience with the two women you were dating in the same place and how weird that is but now picture your wife and two women you're dating yeah Like you're like oh [ __ ] all right look i gotta get rid of one of these mistresses so they start yelling at each other billy and gretchen in front of all the guests he throws his drink on the ground and smashes it and then he goes across the street to uh bottom of the barrel and drinks alone i sat there all by myself i sat there and rested where no one could bother me By the way it's just it's where he's supposed to be at the bottom of the barrel that's right i mean his marriage is basically over right it's uh it's dave i'd like to say it's no guys on base two outs own two not looking great right now for the martin and gretchen marriage so he's the toast of new york again Right they won the world series and uh he's stringing with bill murray and john belushi and aykroyd and he's on talk shows and he's doing he's taking commercial offers light beer starts using athletes and ads and billy was quote the quasi manager of the light beer team right now he takes all these checks from commercials and deposit them but he doesn't pay income tax on them That's fine you can do that they're commercials you're not supposed to you don't tax those those does he did you not know how it works no i didn't i wouldn't oh yeah that is non-taxable income because because i'm saying so so go ahead okay no it just seemed like that's not a good yeah what kind of accountant are you a good one i save you a lot of money yeah Yeah no for sure yeah yeah three years i only work with clients for three years that's sort of where i cut it off his lawyer tried to get him how to to understand how taxes work and he just didn't he ignores it yeah i was just it doesn't seem like he didn't understand he was just like i choose to not he's troubled money he just gives out like people always trying to stop him From giving out so much money to people like he's just so at the beginning of the next season reggie said he wouldn't get involved in any drama this year he's like that's it no drama but then they have a lot of injuries and they're not doing well and um george starts putting them on commercial flights to punish him oh jesus christ so they're happy about that on one flight after delay they're all [ __ ] Drunk and they're on this flight and thurman munson starts playing his music loud and a passenger asks him to turn it down quote mind your own mind your own business [ __ ] face and then and then there's yelling and that just makes me want to fly yeah billy comes back and to calm things down but it doesn't and then yankees are fighting imagine the yankees Being in coach with you that's really weird excuse me mr jeter i gotta pee again so it turns into chaos and and uh they would never fly commercial again he would always put him on private planes but now george thinks billy's lost control of the team so george starts leaking to writers that billy was going to be fired okay smart and billy is like totally drained and uh munson takes them out to Try to cheer him up but billy just bursts into tears and is sobbing for like 30 minutes he said george doesn't know the team they're yankees george isn't a yankee and now munson starts leaking the papers the reporters wrote the team wanted george to get off billy's back so it's like a war in the press right and then at yankee stadium the fans give billy a standing ovation so they're like we're behind billy Okay hey reggie meets with george to talk about all the shit's going on they just end up arguing and now george calls reggie boy okay jesus so reggie tells him not to call me boy george says get the [ __ ] out of my office reggie's like i'm not [ __ ] leaving your office so george storms out of his own office george leaves his office then i quit my office okay that's a It's an admission of fear so during the game that night reggie signals for reggie billy signals for reggie to bunt okay now big home runners they don't bunt right he's extremely offended and he bunts foul and then then he says go ahead and swing away right right billy's like swing but now reggie's mad right and he refuses to swing okay That's a problem and he fouls out trying to bunt and now billy's [ __ ] furious the game's on national tv and reggie goes back to the dugout expecting a fist fight like he's [ __ ] storming in there ready to go but billy just stays away from him and then after the game he calls george in the gm and they suspend reggie for five games wow and uh reggie is just [ __ ] so billy sold out he didn't beat the [ __ ] out yeah he's not for once yeah he's a total coward so reggie is just savaged by reporters and his teammates and they win without him they win four straight games and he comes back in chicago and he tells the press he's done nothing wrong and now the [ __ ] team's like more livid everyone's more pissed i had no idea about this side of reggie Jackson i mean i don't know much about baseball no yeah but people don't know how incredible he was that same night uh billy's out drinking with his buddy bill vek from another one of you yeah right right right and um bill vettel said hey is that no he was chicago okay he was the minor league build the crazy stuff in chicago right Okay and buildvex says hey i need to tell you something last month george tried to trade you to cleveland wow a manager he tried to trade his manager well but that that's so weird but that has happened in the nba and been floated in the nfl yeah like um like doc rivers essentially like had a I i was like sort of traded to the clippers from the cell like it's really [ __ ] weird really yeah i think i might be wrong i'm sure i'll hear about it if i am but that has happened a couple times but it is the weirdest yeah it's like it just i don't it just like it feels like management is not a part of that they're like part of the man yeah it's like yeah they're in Charge of the trades they're not part of the trade right it's the craziest idea yeah but also that's that this has got to be the first time probably yeah so billy's [ __ ] livid and they leave that night and they're going through the airport and billy's been drinking and as they go through the airport he goes off on reggie to two reporters okay quote here's what i'm saying shut up reggie jackson We don't need none of your [ __ ] we're winning without you oh jesus he said reggie and george deserved each other because because one was a liar and the other was convicted wow now george had been convicted of making the illegal campaign contributions so reporters called george and he asks them to re-read this he's like what could you say that again and then he said send over a tape Recording i could put on a stool please and they said quote i'm stunned i don't know what to say so the next day billy's lawyer's like did you [ __ ] say this and billy's like yeah billy said quote no well yes but not like it's come out but yes like i was drunk do you know what i'm saying like listen to me that's exactly what he's saying he's like I mean i said it but i didn't want to look i to be honest it comes down to this life where i'm from on the farm is kind of laid back yeah it's nothing like a country boy like if you look at it it's kind of like it's early to rise early to sack you're from [ __ ] berkeley thank god i'm a country boy no want some wheat to chew on no billy time so his lawyer says look you need to Retire because if you get fired you won't get paid but if you retire you will get paid for health reasons so he does okay and he as he reads his resignation he's quivering and almost crying and his old teammate phil rizzuto said quote i was worried he was going to throw himself off the balcony or something well that's how you go out now back in New york george gets tons of death threats okay fans threaten to never go to another yankee game right they start burning tickets outside the stadium that's not great the media is attacking billy and attacking george pro billy okay reggie is blamed for starting it all wow and then we'll do part two what i'm trying to fill wow okay yeah All right we'll be back right after these words right after this is this one is the is this one you

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Bill & Bert Driving Part 1: Bert Kreischer Goes On A Neighborhood Drive With Bill

All Things Comedy

1.4M - 2 years ago - 12:17

Sal Vulcano & Chris DiStefano Make Pasta Carbonara: Something's Burning

All Things Comedy

1.1M - 1 year ago - 1 hour, 15:24

Bill Bert Podcast | Episode 57 w. Dan Le Betard

All Things Comedy

92.1k - 3 months ago - 1 hour, 25:43

Poker Table w/ Bill Burr, Natasha Leggero, Brooks Wheelan, Brendon Walsh & Nick Thune

All Things Comedy

440.3k - 3 years ago - 33:22

Steve Rannazzisi & Ari Shaffir make Bacon Cheeseburgers w/Bert Kreischer: Something's Burning!

All Things Comedy

1.4M - 3 years ago - 41:17

Bill Bert Podcast | Episode 55 w. Doug Stanhope PART TWO @Bill Burr @Bert Kreischer

All Things Comedy

129.1k - 4 months ago - 1 hour, 8:59

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