Wonderland High - Part 1

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For your number one no one will like me [Applause] [Music] do you ever feel like your life is a dream like you don't really control it that's how I've been feeling lately last year of my mom died I lived with my dad for a while but he's always traveling so now grandma's house is home I started a new school today big city school my old school was pretty small I've been Nervous so I decided if I brought my fears down it might help me deal with them not sure who's working because I'm still nervous here number 4 people will think I'm a nerd because I am a bit [Music] houses sweetie here number 5 my clothes will be cool enough fear number six I'll do something embarrassing and people will laugh number seven this will be so big I'll get lost your number eight I'll just Sing in front of people I'm such a bad singer here number nine I'll forget my locker combination or something and spaz out in the hall and everyone will think I'm a freak [Music] did I mention Nona like me all those kids at the door for you you guys come see but I'm like hi hey we heard you moved in you want to walk to school with us do you guys always leave his early school starts in 20 minutes I Thought it started at 9:00 yeah I bet she forgot to turn her clock ahead did you remember daylight savings this weekend no I didn't well we can wait no it's all right I'll catch up [Music] don't ruin map oh yeah you're number ten I'll be late on my first day where am I going okay okay chill chill babe I see first period English room hey are you alright Hello hello hey hey are you alright yeah I just are you go to school yeah well come on we're gonna be late oh no that's just a warning bill there's still one more I know a shortcut follow me we can still make it come on wait me [Music] this can't be happening ambassador program here my phone I have to go that's all right I'm already late for English English yes room 213 that's a first class Oh cool theme follow me [Music] [Music] it's a really chill school students are nice and the teachers are super friendly there's no cliques or bullying oh that's good cuz you know I've seen some mimoto like all that stupid stuff in the movies doesn't happen here the janitor will get home later he'll be fine we can't just leave him that's so mean we should let Him out he's the biggest nerd in the school if you help him then people will think you're a nerd too trust me last year people thought I was this girlfriend were you know disgusting Hey Ruby's not you come on let me do my masters in ten minutes here have some juice oh come on guys you gotta let me outta here this house is worth a third of my grade no it's your first day you don't want to start a few day like this Let's just go to class [Music] nation who's that oh look what's your little combination oh thank you so much Holly you're a lifesaver 17:44 three you're wearing them oh yeah okay thank you uh did you get my guys binder please hold oh thank you so much Kelly hi Bert Allie thank you don't mention it [Music] no class we'll begin our poetry Presentations at Portia beautiful original eloquent what mark would you like I think she deserves an A+ at least I worked hard on this one I think I deserve more an eighty plus plus very well done that's Portia she's a principal's daughter she once got teacher fired for giving her a beef she basically runs the school good to know no that would be a very tough act to follow Arleen please your turn mr. friendly I was sick last week I was in here for the assignment well I'm glad you're feeling better please delight us with your poetry but I didn't do the assignment very well an F for Arlene no but I was sick no excuses but she was I was with her I held her hair while she barked the assignment is due today but she didn't even know about it could I hand it in tomorrow is tomorrow today I thought you said the Teachers here were nice sometimes it gets a little bit Moody we please don't give me enough my parents will kill me yeah give her an F grave grubber - it's my fault I'm the one who got her sick please just give her a second chance high school is to prepare you for the real world and in the real world there are no second chances so get used to us Astrid your turn I would like my bestie Arlene To stand with me because this is a poem I couldn't have written without her and I would like to split my mark with her whatever I get because she would do the same for me the poetic form i we chose is an ode this is called ode to the posters on my bedroom wall it sounds pathetic already I want to be like Katy Perry living my life as a teenage dream I want to be like Miley Cyrus living my life on MTV dream on my god how embarrassing I want to be like Kristen Stewart drinking blood in a Hollywood world okay okay thank you I can see several problems with this poem can anyone identify any of them it's um it is also not an old an ode is an address to a particular subject not some pathetic dream I'll give you a D Oh mr. friendly she's splitting that mark remember so it should be lower lame or an over oh my god two F's utter failure [Music] that's so mean Oh mr. friendly I think It should be new girl's turn next what new girl this one who are you I'm Ali oh what a pretty name Thanks could your parents not afford a uniform Ali I didn't realize this school had uniforms students at wonderland high have been expelled for not following the dress code is your poem ready new girl no it's my first day no excuses this is high school your worst fears come true very nice very nice very nice a haiku delivery Could be better but very well-structured five syllables seven and five syllables again very nicely done a c-plus thank you now everybody your King Lear essays for tomorrow 100 pages try us and found where is that here take my map it's by f6 f6 okay turn left past these lockers in a quick write in a quick left then halfway down the hall take this there's a one month term right then left at the second waterfront which will be on your Right past the counselor's office then turned right back you get to the janitor don't worry you'll smell it take the stairs on your left down to the floor with the mirror follow the hall to the right until you find f6 which will be on your left good luck and gotta fly by awkward new girl shows up without uniform sorry it's a catchy headline for what our video blog what video blog wow you really are new Wunderland hi 8 million followers worldwide what cave did you crawl out of so what's the blog about we humiliate people videotaping them and putting it on the Internet people love watching high school students suffer ratings don't lie we really wanted you to bail in from the class you could have been our next victim that's so long you can't just videotape people and put it on the internet without the permission actually We can you see with so many followers advertising rings and money for the schools so my daddy lets us do whatever we want she's videotaping you right now what hey you should call for our online talent show Teen Dream we're taping after school today the winner gets to be on national TV what would I do well you have to be good at something well I'll think about it hey he never answered my question in Class which one who are you I'm Ali no but I mean who are you and what our gig jump prep Punk you have to be something if you're not something well then you're nothing thank you so much for letting me out of that locker I got too close just in time - you thank you it's alright I'll even do something small oh no I don't like I think she's a nerd really do you think so I'm not nerds and love well do you have a locker yet not yet you don't All you get are mine you already know the Walker combination which is pretty personal info kind of like the color underwear I'm wearing right now it's like an agent on the mating rituals of wild animals [Laughter] [Music] [Music] hello excuse me hi do you know anything awesome founders are you lost yeah I think so oh well then you're Halfway there sorry what are you looking for I just see some clothes is that what you've lost I didn't lose any clothes I just need you change change what this me you want to change who you are I just need uniform so I can fit in that's all do you think the halls in town has that the lesson found is lots of things if you're lost it's a good place to find yourself if you tell me where it is then Maybe I won't be lost anymore what are you really looking for I don't understand what part of you is missing no part this is me I'm here and where is that I don't know so you are lost look I just want to fit in where's the lost and found it's all around you you just need to look here's the binder someone lost it I found it lost and found hang on this is mine I'm not looking for a binder I just need some clothes right I can have Those if you want Thanks good luck fitting in [Music] loser tool wannabe poser dork another loser gamer geek school makes me sick maybe we should make another bomb threat who's the rebel must be new what's up Barbie doll what what's with the style very trendy it's just my uniform really your uniform are you sure signs up to judge ups That's my jacket oh sorry what who are you guys Mary Ann Mary Beth okay you want to fight us no so what's up I'm into anarchy no I don't think so try to be one of us you don't look like one of us you look more like a cheerleader are you but surely rah rah rah do you rah rah rah can you do cartwheels check out the bouncy hair it's gotta be a cheerleader I'm not a cheerleader I'm not anything this is my first day at the School gotta be a cheerleader all right you guys cheerleaders okay now you're dead what prepare to die let me kill her no no she's mine no you got the last one it's my turn no don't even think about it do you want the girls glasses you got the kid with the Justin Bieber shirt that was too easy still counted no way yes wait no yes No mine no yes no yes you want to fight about everyone feet tall people [Music] No you can have you talked about oh so you're going to take it off now well yeah what you don't like it it's just not me what is you then I don't know I just got here well this is us this is who we are you take this off you disrespect us you don't want to disrespect us do you so I guess you're leaving it on right I guess this makes you one of us okay then but if you're gonna be one of us you've got to do better than this Get your tools girls room makeover time [Music] [Music] I think she's pretty freaky the

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