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Corn Warriors

Check in with Temple Rhodes and Chris Weaver in the penultimate episode of The Podfather Season 1! Temple harvests beans and Chris takes us to a whiskey distillery. Produced by Swood Media © CornWarriors 2020

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You think you can beat me in soybeans forget about it [Music] we do have two tropical storms or hurricanes coming into gulf that gets a lot of wind a lot of rain so who knows what's gonna happen you know i'm a sixth generation farmer can i keep expanding what can i do what am i not doing right i'm confirmed sixth generation farmer is Stretch pretty thin right now it's just that time of year it's not gonna be hard to beat weaver he's not even in my realm of thoughts like pick out the worst plant that should be how weaver's crap looks [Music] [Music] so so we're cutting some aggregate three seven beans Doing about 80 bushel to the acre right now [Music] we're in finksburg maryland right there in central carroll county it looks like saturday it's gonna rain we all know one thing test weight on beans will drop as the rain keeps going so we're trying to get as much beans cut before the rain hits you know i got nathan he's planting small grain we do a lot of rye for Sagamore rye whiskey so he's out planting rye so i'm a little short-handed today dad will be back here in a few hours but it's just me cutting right now and running truck and doing everything by myself [Music] you know the one thing we had plenty of was sunshine the one thing we lacked was rainfall and as my good buddy cobb will tell you You cannot ever beat mother nature she is the boss [Music] i'm always talking to the fertilizer company and saying hey what's new what's different we're using a lot of carbon a lot of sugar monty's carbon is i'd say without a shadow of a doubt the best humic that's on the market when this goes back next year what we're going to do is we're going to come back In and spray it with some more cumicks as soon as we're done we are going through all of our bean ground this year and we're putting on a cover crop we're using different cover crops on different fields different areas changing it up a little bit differently than what we've done in the past we get a lot of beans at lodge or while over it's just because we're pushing them Pretty hard throughout the year that we're trying to maximize the most bushels we can out of them and i always like the head just to kind of flow down you know and let the head do all the work you know some directions they cut a little bit better than others and sometimes you're always just readjusting [Music] you know i'm a sixth generation farmer you know that puts a lot of stress on me And anybody else that is i mean you know kevin and brooks we've discussed this and you know in lower commodity prices you get nervous am i going to be the one to have to stop farming or lose the farm or can i keep expanding what can i do what am i not doing right however you know when it comes to the team i'm pretty blessed my dad and uncle tom I tell you i don't know where i'd be without him because he really makes me think out of the box at 73. you know ed on beans ed takes a lot of extreme ownership in helping me on beans and nathan with planting them you know i can't be everywhere and do everything you gotta have a good team behind you not just on the farm but talk to you know i'm very blessed i got terry bissing I got kevin cobb i got brooks cardinal that we're talking all the time what are you doing different than i'm doing how did this work joe devman with montes i'm probably on the phone with him and paul miles three to four times a week saying hey i need this or what do you think about this and we were just discussing where we started out in this journey and where we've been and You know i've failed more than we've been successful the first time i remember a seed rep coming out to the farm saying oh you guys are on track for 150 bushel beans they yielded 70. you know that was pretty depressing but the takeaway was over the whole field that monitor stayed on 70. i don't want to grow 140 bushel beans or 130 bushel beans Just on an acre how do we do it over the entire field how do we do it on the entire farm we're kind of coming into this little awkward here so we're getting a little bit of hang up with these beans right now give me a sec yep we're good i just need to keep feeding them in they're jamming up on that one corner they don't like that corner today Hey when i ask you a question say kevin cobb hey charlie hey hold on charlie who's your favorite corn warrior kevin cobb you know i'm very blessed to have a great family dad mom but you know i wouldn't be where i am today no matter what if it wasn't for my wife megan and my two kids are you guys gonna ride with me good let's go [Music] monty's i got together with them we've got a pop-up blend and there's some special stuff in it and i made it specifically for this with montes we have trusted advisors and we get that relationship working with temple on this field of beans we've got a very good root development i mean that's awesome looking behind his carving i wouldn't farm but i Couldn't use that so what kind of crap is we were telling you he i saw on facebook live the other day he wanted to run his mouth say i'm taking naps over here can't get my work done [Music] yeah but seriously though think about that i like i told him the other day if you you're my consultant and you don't beat me How embarrassing would that be way dryer and i thought we're gonna roam all right thank you ronda you want this back no i don't need them just cause [Music] look at all you've got you've seen all different soil types you want to talk about somebody's got that probably the worst dirt that whole area for weaver to be picking 200 some bushel corners there Is pretty amazing see any rocks are in the ground almost like all gravel and it's amazing to me that you can grow that kind of crop on that kind of dirt like i would honestly if there was a farm came up like that around here i'd be looking and look at the dirt and i'm like i'm out i don't wanna i'm gone [Music] he's growing that kind of crop on that Dirt and i've seen it like i went over and and looked through those fields before and it's like i don't get it in that area there is a lot of really good ground their dry land over there is like our irrigated yeah they they put up big numbers let me get on this radio hey dad can you hear me Yeah 81 years old still got to be a jokester all the time [Music] when we were cutting wheat that entire farm i planted it and the very next day we got four inches of rain and it drowned all them beans we couldn't get back on the dirt never got back on the ground until july 12th or 15th i mean it was terrible we went back down there we replanted Them we got another two inches of rain on top of it right after i replanted them we tried to go back in there and i was going to replant them again and i was like man it's just it's a shot in the dark put a bunch of fungicide on the ground put some root stimulator in there try to get them back going again try to get them revived what was there i think our final stand Was like 120 000 maybe down there they ended up still doing a decent average i mean it wasn't great but they were double crop beans behind wheat and when they were still in the mid-40s so i mean it wasn't bad but they literally they were only about i don't know 16 inches tall they were full of pods but they were only about 16 inches tall They were tiny i mean they just i was really upset but they were that was 200 and things like 225 acres that had to be replayed on that farm that's how much rain we had i mean it just it wouldn't stop like it would not stop the ground it was it it literally smelled sour like marsh mud all year long and it just it's never stopped for us Every rain that comes like they'll be like oh you're gonna get you know you get a half inch of rain and we'd get two inches and they'd be like oh we're gonna get four tents we'd get three inches and it just i think in the month of august over here we got like 20 couple inches of rain so anyway we just fought that problem and it just you know when that when a crop gets that Wet of a foot it's like you can't come out of it like as we get done cutting beans now what we do is we cut beans we immediately put a cover crop in and then we go get the ditcher and then we ditch the whole field we'll clean out all the ditches so then over the winter it'll drain out so when it comes springtime we don't lay extremely wet where we can actually actually do Something and get out there it got to be we fought it so bad we cut ruts when we sprayed this year we just it i've never fought this hard this long on a wet year like it it started kind of wet we were late planting i mean we didn't plant those beans in the contest until june 1st and that rain was creating such a Problem we were losing losing losing ground because we couldn't ever make it up like the plant really couldn't even absorb what it needed to do and get going and it would revert right back you need to go anywhere you ride this dirt bike around what the hell was it hey i got my chicken house clothes on it looked like a bun you look like a bum Every day anyway [Music] oh what's up that's awesome i'm gonna i'm gonna leave this right here all right let's get in come on let's go private tech is a brand new product from basf we're really excited for that revitec is going to be able to help growers stretch yields more than they have in the past the number one name of the game should Be reducing stress you reduce stress you increase yield i'm excited about rev tech we use it on every acre we're looking at upwards of 60 days control it's gonna take great farmers and just propel them so much further than we've ever been before uncle tom loves to show corn warriors so he's got my daughter mackenzie who's six and my son charlie who's four both now Loving it as the two of them are watching it they'll say that's my buddy kevin kopp that's my buddy brooks and what really cracks me up is now mckenzie knows every word to the new theme song and when she's having a bad day going into school she makes me play it on youtube she goes well i know if i'm listening to it so is kevin i think he hums it all day long to Himself and that's what i do so if cobb hasn't brainwashed uncle tom he's done a phenomenal job of brainwashing my two kids [Music] this year we were pretty humbled to have some of the best yielding beans i've ever had in 12 13 years of doing this i was going 0.7 miles an hour and they were feeding in so quick i took my eyes off the head for one second I broke this shaft off the spline of the auger reel one of those things i wanted to show everybody that it can happen and it doesn't matter how well you prepare for it we ripped it right off [Music] we got 64 acres of beans left to roll but we're gonna stop over here and look at some rye that's being grown for the distillery this is actually rye being grown for Sagamore distillery one of the largest whiskey distillers in maryland most farmers we grow corn and beans and we don't get to see it go all the way through i get to see our riot being malted and then going into whiskey production then get to taste the fruits of our labor into the whiskey we also grow another type of rye for miscellaneous distillery which we'll go down there later today and Tour it i live in carroll county maryland and dan is a carroll county distiller he gets his corn and his rye from us so it really lets me feel like i'm part of the whole operation we use monty's products on it all so we know it's healthy and going into the as i like to say the drinking supply i know cobb likes his beer but i'm going to tell you something nothing's better in a winter day than Having a nice glass of whiskey and especially one that you know that we started the rye and we did the corn production on one of the things that we're doing is because we want to increase organic matter we've introduced it in our rotation is we harvest in july a lot of people would try to say why don't you run back through a no-till double crop beans what we found in rye production we blow The straw back on and then the other part we'll plant a crimson clover radish sunflower mix and then what we're really seeing in the next several years is our organic matter levels are increasing in these fields to go back into corn production we got a ring for booze guys come on in so my name is dan mcneil i'm the co-owner and distiller here at miscellaneous distillery in mount Airy maryland we make everything from rums vodka gin and whiskeys and the whiskey's we use are grain inputs from hickory hollow farms right up there in pinksburg so today i'm going to show you guys around the facility and show you what goes into our product first we always say hi to our dog jamie so everything starts here at josie wales josie wales is a 350 gallon tote that we use for our mashing our Fermentation and our distillation of our whiskey if it's our rye it's going to be 100 rye grain that goes in if it's our bourbon we do 51 percent corn and 49 rye and if it's uh our corn whiskey it's going to be 100 corn we'll slowly add in the grain emulsifies everything mixes it up and gets a nice even cook on it so we'll let that sit For an hour and a half converting the starch in that grain to a sugar and then we'll go ahead and start cooling it down so we can add in the yeast which will then turn those sugar strands that we've created into alcohol and then we're gonna have something that's about seven percent alcohol at the end of it alcohol is a lower boiling point than water or solids so that alcohol is going To evaporate up this column at 173 degrees and recondense and we'll get about 45 gallons of 40 alcohol we'll do a secondary distillation on our products this is where we go ahead and eliminate the bad byproducts that occur naturally in every fermentation [Music] after we've created all that nice beautiful whiskey it's all clear when it Comes off the still we want to impart some sort of color and additional flavor to it so it all goes into new white american oak casks with a char level three on the inside so we have these sitting here for anywhere between six months on the smallest size which is a five gallon around the corner all the way up to these big guys here 53 gallons they're gonna sit there for well over four years [Music] as you're going through just remember cobb has beer weaver has whiskey now whose friend do you really want to be [Music] [Music] the 24th but we're actually gonna maybe if we don't break down we might get done before thanksgiving yeah i broke the whole um all the bearings out of the front of the Draper belt went out it's just we've been running so long running all this mud does not help the i had put bearings in the other draper head three days ago and then this one goes out i'm like really we're going through this [Music] so i mean we went through a spell this summer for how many weeks was it i think it was Three weeks it never got below 90 degrees night times it was all during the pollination window corn and it hurt us bad on corn and our corn yields even though we had enough moisture we were way off on numbers irrigated corn was off 60-80 bushel acres from normal average but our dry land corn was up so overall average were probably the same As what we were on any other given year [Music] soybeans i'd say all in all there were some guys up north of here that said that their beans were above average but for us in this area i'd say that we're all in all we're pretty much average or what of what's the norm there were some 70 bushel beans out There maybe scratching some 80 bushel beans but for the most part all of them fell lower you know we had a lot of rain we had a lot of growth you know the in between the pod sets whereas it's too much i mean they grew grew grew grew and it like is all this vegetation and it just wasn't enough Reproductive going on there and that's where a lot of our problems set in the contest beans that we had they were good but there was the stalks were bigger round than my thumb they look like corn plants they were humongous but and we actually had a lot of trouble cutting them with the john deere to come on because it's got the little small sickles on it and it wouldn't cut him he kept pushing Them over so we had to cut them with the macdon head and had to cut them all one way because they laid one way the stock was big and you had to get up underneath of it to get it cut or else you just push them right over it was like a 15 bushel difference running one way versus coming the other way so i cut the whole plot one way had to it's Terrible [Music] it's just been one fight after the other nothing has been smooth and fighting the mud all year long we had a lot of heat at first but that was early on and then you know we were having them terrible heat stone storms and i mean when it was raining i mean it come and then we got a lot of drowning notes And drowned it out spots right here like it's just gone there's a ton of that and they're everywhere you get a bunch of those zeros in the field it's hard to make that up on average [Music] you

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