Portable Streaming Setup | ATEM Mini Pro ISO Television Studio

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This is our live stream portable on the go whatever you want to call it solution everything in here up just like that you want to see i wasn't kidding i meant everything so in this guy here let's just start from the top locking connectors so these monitors don't want to fall down while someone has their hands In here that would be bad we'll start from the connection points sdi and xlr connections on the side here okay we have the two atem mini iso and an a10 mini pro we have our control laptop our propresenter laptop and our three multi-views that can be used in any sort of fashion power cable sits right here pull that Guy out throw them into power and we're powered now everything's going to start booting up i'll go ahead i'll hit the tv it is a tv not a monitor tv on here i'll open these laptops here and honestly pretty much up everything's already wired together um a few things i should note uh i do not travel with the laptops inside this thing i do take them out so i usually do Plug them in but for the purposes of this video they're all wired up okay and we're pretty much up let's go ahead and plug some cameras in as well so i got two black magic 4k studio cameras over here the reason i like these guys behind me is they uh have sdi both in and out which means with the hd studio switcher i have underneath this guy i can do camera Control at very very long distances where you can't do that with just an a10 mini pro or an iso or an a10 mini so that's the the good thing about sdi is it's pro grade and you have range when it comes to cable length so i'm going to go ahead and plug these guys in here this one is camera seven i have my inputs and my output here perfect so i have my Camera seven my camera eight sitting right here i got my two cameras there and then this is actually camera for the output of this guy here which is my atem mini pro iso i'll explain how i wired everything here in a sec let's just get fully set up atem software connected on the control laptop let's pull up pro presenter over here perfect so I'll show you the the cool thing about this rack here is we actually have more tech hiding underneath so if i lift this guy up here you can see that we have an hd studio we have a blackmagic hyperdeck for a backup program record and then all the way over on this side we also have a blackmagic web presenter as a secondary usb output for a webcam so that means we can stream with this Guy to technically three different locations uh with three different outputs as well as being able to switch whatever we want to any of those outputs that is a lot of capabilities in terms of streaming we also get our program record we get iso records um and then we can have let's say eight different inputs and really expand on that by using the Two atemps here as subswitches on top so lots and lots of capabilities over here i have companion loaded up with our two stream decks this guy is really just letting me switch between different uh sources here right i can switch between all of these guys and then over on my other stream deck it's actually just controlling the a10 mini pro iso the way i have it Wired is i have a program feed an aux feed and camera 7 and 8 all being routed into the a10 mini pro iso this is because the iso can record all four of those sources individually cool so i'm i'm handling all of my iso records as well as a program record in the a10 mini pro iso then i have my backup program record in the hyperdeck As well always love my backups the perks of being able to use the aux being sent into the atm minipro iso is i can route the output of the iso back into the switcher and basically use it as a subswitch now that's not all that useful if i have the same inputs coming into the iso as i am coming into the atem hd studio but when it comes to doing things Quickly and wanting to switch between different camera angles and things like that i can utilize the a10 mini pro iso's upstream key and i could maybe zoom in to a camera shot farther than the zoom on the camera allows and then bring that into the hd studio as a another source so i'll still have my y shot here so Let's say that's camera seven and i can go ahead and cut that and bring that onto program but let's say i want to bring camera seven and i wanna zoom into this shot but i don't have a cameraman because i'm doing a one-man show no problem i can simply pull it up over here if i click on number three here you see that that is the uh that is the Camera 7 shot in preview i can go ahead and take the aux input into this guy i can set the aux to be camera 7 and then i can go ahead and start zooming in on that camera now brandon but it's a multi-view how do you get that as a clean feed into here all of the a10 mini pro and isos have the ability to full screen your program feed So now i'm going to full screen the program feed i'm going to pull up camera 4 in my preview here and notice i'll be able to zoom in to the camera here and i can take that as another source i can zoom in out wherever i want and now i have a zoomed in shot i have a wide shot that i could be taking as different feeds and things like that because it's on my aux output i can Switch that to be anything maybe i want it to be camera 2 which is my pro presenter source i can easily just go up here to aux make it camera two and now i can zoom in or out of camera two all without using the upstream key of the hd studio so now i can do this with different boxes i can still have a two box look and have one of them cropped in more than the other I can basically get a third camera angle or not really an angle but a third camera feed out of one of my cameras just by zooming into it and moving around within that shot that's kind of how this is set up so i obviously have multiple sdi outputs here coming out of the hd studio switcher so there's my program feed but i use the a10 mini pro here As not only an encoder but as a webcam output the a10 mini pro outputs in 1080p which is good for streaming the web presenter that's hiding underneath this guy it only outputs in 720 not great for streaming to things like facebook youtube vimeo places like that works well for zoom though so that's why i have it in here a lot of Times i'm sending a feed to let's say zoom or go to meeting or google meets or what's the microsoft teams right 720 is usually pretty good for those conferencing softwares but when we want to have a nice clean stream you know to any of the the social media platforms um or wherever our clients want us to stream i like doing that in 1080 so that's why i have this guy It can stream directly via ethernet which is good or i can plug it in to this guy i can run obs or wirecast or something on here and stream while pro presenter also runs on it so i don't even need to add any more laptops just to stream just to bring in a zoom call things like that with pro presenter you can do multiple outputs so i can do a Green screen and do overlays that way with one of my upstream or downstream keyers um i can uh have multiple outputs coming into here so one could be a green screen or a key and a fill uh or a key and a fill so i need two more for that one could be playback and then one could actually just be a zoom call itself and display that let's say on tvs or something So that's super helpful there the reason i have the two monitors on the left and the right that is so i can monitor uh not only what's being sent to the program feed but also monitor the stream health if i'm doing any records and the audio so if i go back here to my multi-view notice i have a samsung t5 one or two terabyte ssds usually plugged in and i can monitor the record status to Make sure that i am recording all my isos as well as my program feed just on there i usually end up hiding it but i like to be able to check on it whenever i need to and make sure that my audio is coming in nice and clean okay so that's pretty much this guy here um everything is is pretty clean the only things that need to be seen are seen and anything that can be hidden And hide away underneath is this helps so much it used to take us maybe two hours to make sure everything was wired the way we wanted to with our multiple a-10 minis with sub switches things like that we do this on site every time never really had an issue getting it all up but it did just take a lot of time and i was always worried that i wired something wrong Or that something wasn't going to work or i thought i checked this and i didn't so having it already wired ready to go i know it's always going to turn on the same way i can set macros and you know the ip addresses are always going to stay consistent and yeah i can just get up and now 15 minutes instead of it takes an hour hour and a half just to put everything Out and make sure it's wired and do all my checks i can do everything in about 15 minutes now is it heavy yes it's freaking heavy the good thing is we usually standardize on two people for all of our live streaming gigs one as a cameraman uh and another one as the tech to run kind of all the switching um so with a two person lift it's not a problem at all uh one person Kind of heavy i can pretty much get it up onto the table but having it with with two people definitely helps and yeah it's fast which i like so that's the whole setup here and then obviously tearing down is just as fast close the laptops pull them out unplug everything close it and you're out so hopefully you like that and If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments we'll try to answer as many and if we get a bunch of them we'll do a whole another video just answering your guys's questions about this setup so thanks for watching and please subscribe thanks

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