Apple AirPods Pro Vs Google Pixel Buds Vs Huawei FreeBuds 3 The Best Sounding EarBuds of 2020 Part 1

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Ok, Guys, this is a long video, so make sure to have plenty of Popcorn. In today's video, the goal is to find the BEST Sounding Earbuds of 2020. My friend Gabe and I take a look at Apple AirPods Pro Vs Google Pixel Buds 2 Vs Huawei FreeBuds 3 Vs Vivo TWS Vs Jabra Elite 75t Vs Microsoft Surface EarBuds Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series, next up will be the Mic test. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun. Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:58 Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing 2:18 Apple AirPods Pro Audio Test 3:55 Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Audio Test 5:11 Vivo TWS-1 Audio Test 6:37 Jabra Elite 75t Audio Test 9:08 Huawei FreeBuds 3 Audio Test 10:15 Google Pixel Buds 2 Audio Test 12:41 Microsoft Surface EarBuds Audio Test Help the channel & Purchase them here: ►►►Apple AirPods Pro - ►►►Huawei FreeBuds 3 - ►►►Jabra Elite 75t - ►►►Microsoft Surface EarBuds - ►►►Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus - Disclaimer The links provided are my Affiliate links. A tiny portion commission is given back to support the channel if you purchase using those links. Thank you for your support! ◆ Follow me on social networks ◆ ►📷Instagram: ►👍Facebook: 📩 ►🐦Twitter: ►📕 Reddit: Check out the gear I use to make my videos. #davethephoneguy #AppleAirPodsPro #AirPodsPro #Huawei #FreeBuds3

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Video Transcript:

What's up YouTube Dave the phone guy here with another unboxing video what's up YouTube Dave the phone guy here back with another video and today today we got a big video to do bro we're gonna unbox these the air pod pros and what we're gonna do after the unboxing we're gonna compare the air pod pros to 149 and up earbuds for example we got the samsung galaxy bud pluses the vivo tws huawei free buds 3 the Jabra tee 75 the New Google pixel buds 2 and the Microsoft Surface buds so you know we're gonna do right we're just gonna get into this we're gonna do it let's do it let's go no way okay so let's let's get this box popped do it do it do it you ready I'm ready that was that was anti-climatic yes thank you bang bang how's it feel it's a little heavy little heavy it's a little heavy a little heavy that it will pair to the Pixel buds wait this feels heavier so in the box I've got some extra tips here and then you got the lightning cable what's fun is that's the only lightning cable in this house oh it's USBC to lightning which is good I was like how am I gonna charge these I don't own any Apple products alright guys so you know we got the get started guides manuals we don't need any of that so let's get this out of the way let's Get the lineup going you want to start with the air pods might as well I don't want an iPhone he owns an iPhone so what's getting paired up I was quick that was oddly quick it's one of the advantages of the Apple iPhone things pair like that all right so you're in so you can just hit X right there when you open up your music app get some tunes going song what are you feeling today otherwise that's why playing from you know there's no not in Your years right because they have sounds pretty good yeah some people always ask can you hear the music sitting next to a person that's listening to the air pots or your buds or any of these so right now I can definitely tell you I can hear the music that he's listening to what do you think those are they're pretty they're pretty clear it's kind of good I like the bass on - I'm gonna listen to one now what's gonna clean it up a little bit highs are Good here comes the bass okay it's not bad okay pause it so the highs are pretty solid the mids are okay base is strong which is good so this is gonna create our baseline right now guys these the Apple earpods pros are the most expensive of the bunch they come in at 249 we're gonna start these are the cheapest they're 149 Samsung Galaxy Bud pluses so I'm gonna tell you at the end of this video which I think I Like the best Gabe here I don't think we actually introduced you did we mm-hmm now this is Gabe he's my pal he's gonna tell you what he thinks is best maybe we'll come up with the same answer maybe we won't oh those song did pretty good all things considered I think you're gonna be surprised I'm not a big like Apple guy but these these are pretty good I prepared beets okay and you know that that's kind of we're measuring Everything the base on this one is okay I like you considering these little headphones and it's very clear okay very clear like it so I want you to try these now these are the Samsung Galaxy bud pluses I got them paired to my phone already I kind of go in and just twist it a little bit I mean they're in the work and I can't hear any of the music coming out of the Samsung Galaxy Bell pluses mmm the bass it felt a little stronger I Get hit a little bit more than the iPhone but the sound quality is definitely lower its lower yeah my Tron stuff has definitely lower than me it's nowhere near as cleared but we're looking at a big price difference so I would say you know it's not a bad choice hunter bucks right for a hundred bucks it's not bad let's go I think the highs are way better bass is similar but I think the highs personally are clear but the Difference is you listen to a different song to start with right I did listen to about four different songs okay I did four different genres okay it was clear regardless it was just a very consistent I agree they're they're very consistent right I think the highs and these are the are definitely better the bass is about and I do have these in dynamic mode you guys are wondering next up vivo tws ones these are personally one of my favorite one of the most Comfortable earbuds to use I like these a lot so we went from 149 to 169 it's immediately clear immediately yeah way better than some yeah and I could hear the music coming from the actual hear books I like these something immediate upgrade so if you had a choice between the two easily easily going with the vivió so these are alphas what you're saying for you right if I had to choose between Those two yes you know I can tell the difference I like it we're gonna figure out what's the best my friend all right let's see you're right I can hear the music there definitely clear man I think these have a better sound spectrum you're hearing highs really well they're super crisp but the mids are there too and I don't really feel like I was hearing a lot of it ends with the Samsungs and the bass is probably equal At this point but they're super super clear those minutes are coming through strongly I agree I don't know what exactly to pinpoint the same some issues that I have with them but that is a lot more comical to this okay so these are Alli I agree with you on that so we got the vivos and the air pod still in play next we're gonna listen to the Jabra elite 75 T's now these are up in priced a little bit easier 179 I think you're gonna notice a big difference again just Stop right laughs I can tell you already by the design I hate them okay just by default I can't hear any music coming from those okay so I think this does a better job than the Samsung I mean the vivo by just holding everything in the music and kind of like when I was listening using the Apple product mm-hmm it just funneled everything in this is very comfortable to this terms with the bass the way I just felt it in my ear Okay that being said I hate the design of these headphones okay I'm looking at this from just a regular consumer doesn't know much mm-hmm if I have to think too hard about how to put it in my ear it's probably gonna fall off if I'm running well I think once you do it once or twice you'll be fine hated okay you're allowed to hate the sound quality I would say it kind of has a little bit of both is it better worse or you got to keep it in the running I could keep it In the running okay I can keep it in the running the video that it released today was these when I did my initial unboxing am i yelling yeah that was so the video that I released today on YouTube was my initial box and I was actually blown away about how well they sound the design the way the design is is probably what's bothering me but like I said what I don't even knowing that it's basically a mixture of these two okay and I liked these to see the base On these hits so freaking hard and I think that you didn't get the right sound quality because you didn't have them in your ears properly I should've helped you out it was kind of funny well no but like I said like I can tell the base I could just see by that little design aha these I don't know what that does but every time I use any headphones that have them I could tell that the base was quality okay just it came through like it still felt I still felt That it was I'm not even remember I didn't even complain about the sound just a design okay okay so that's why I suppose I make sure these two for me these below these two you weren't sure so these three are in still there okay they're in we're gonna get down to one it's fine thank you good with that yeah next up Huawei free bunch three these come in at 179 also I think you can find them on sale a little bit cheaper but initially that Was the price these are also one of my top favorite op three of all time they're not bad but they don't do anything that these three don't do better so you're saying that these three are better than the Huawei free busted without what out of okay let me give a listen real quick I mean did sound wasn't bad bass was okay it was just nothing you know just I don't over these three I have to agree that the vivo sound Better just from that short listening I can tell immediately that they sound better now keep in mind that from my last verses video that I did there's been several software upgrades so my last video I think B sounded better than the vivos this video I think the vivos sound better than the law is so well weights are out there on the wall ways and Samsung Galaxy Bud pluses Holly next up is the Google pixel buds too now these are my personal go-to ear buds Right now they're 179 you can get them on the Google store directly from Google these things are impressive not only because of their sound their sounds good but mic is really good but it has like a ton of features Google assistant on the fly right there you can raise and decrease the volume by swiping a lot of stuff in this it's feature pack so that's what makes me like them a lot when you put these in they're gonna go in like this and then you're gonna kind Of turn it start the music over I like these okay so like these are what do you think compared to the other guys do you need to listen to the other ones they think me those who have vivos are out for me from you yes for me even though I hated the design of the jabra uh-huh it's still good very good for me this one did a little bit of both okay and then this one I like this one you like this one a lot you try turning this down a little bit I already have an Idea you haven't surprised highs are so clear let me do this real quick let me jump back to the videos what you think I think they're really good I mean these these are one of my favorites now are they the best sounding earbuds we're gonna find out I think there might be a better one here as far as sound is concerned let's continue on now I want to hold that hold it in there I gotta listen one more time it's actually pretty close and it's surprising cuz These are outer ear buds these are inner ear buds alright so here's the deal they're very similar what are you laughing about they're very similar I would have to say it's really close and it hurts me to knock either one of these out but I did great but I'm gonna agree with you I think the pixel buds to buy like a hair sound better than the Bevo's it's pretty close I'm with you on that so now we got to look at the Microsoft these are the Microsoft Surface ear buds they're $1.99 Microsoft was actually gonna release these for 249 and last minute before they went on sale I dropped a prize 50 bucks well okay pretty cool right these kind of have a strange design they're like a inner and outer ear bud y'all kinda understand what I what I'm saying once you have it in so you're gonna put it in this way down and then you kind of turn its like screwing into your head you Look like Frankenstein what I'm on because they're so big you feel what I'm saying yeah I do yeah so it's down and then screw you kind of feel the way it tightens in maybe you screwed it the wrong way it only goes now these are great these are giving me almost a similar feeling too yeah but the design you know like I'm thinking to myself if I'm running I don't see how this stays in my ear I don't think they're designed for for Sport rider I I know but yeah usually like just out automatically people are gonna want to use them outside of just sitting somewhere well the one thing that I like about those and I did a lot of walking not running is they feel like they're not in your ears and that's probably why you're worried about them the way they design them some three-point system it they're super comfortable and they're super comfortable for long where they Feel like they're almost not there they did I'm gonna knock them only for the design just from my own personal how do they say they sound great they sound great he saw me I got a minute it was rivaling this they sound great to me I would like you to listen to those again listen to those first and then come back to what you're saying put that same song I like these the most if I had to take these I wouldn't be upset you wouldn't be upset whenever but the question is Which sound the best for me the Apple one and I'm not even an apple guy I can see it in the comments not an apple guy for sees that Apple fall you know I'm not really a big fan of necessarily all Apple products but this is pretty good I can't I knew it was a while since you listen to though that's why I wanted you to go back so I'm gonna listen to these I've listened to these a lot I already know what they're gonna sound like but I'm gonna do it again So for me here's the thing these don't sound they don't sound good I think because of the way that they're designed and they sit in your ears there's not enough seal and I know there's there's well they're all out of the competition the ones that are the outerwear right they're good they're not great I don't think these are designed for amazing sound I think these are designed for something completely different like office use for teleconference saying for Things like that I'm gonna take these out of the competition I'm fine with you yeah I'm knockin them on design because at that price point I need something that's gonna do more than just one thing right if the design again is just geared towards one thing I'm gonna get it maybe running is a little extreme okay but I did like the sound if you can can it get it to be sealed off after listening to these again mm-hmm it's clear to me that this is the winner for Me okay this is a hundred percent the winner for me okay or you got to go through these one more time I will forgive so this is out this time I'm gonna help you with the jobless okay this is the left ear do the left ear first so I can see what you're doing I can see you're on their side so turn turn turn push it yeah turn it a little bit down there you go now they're in okay so after listening to it again the right way the jabber comes in second Place second place yes okay the bass hits the hardest with the jabbers okay so what's first place for you still so you're saying the Google pixel butts are out right honey I would agree with you because I know that the jabber is sound better than the Google pixel buds but you're saying the Apple for me the apples number one right so I guess I got to listen to the apples again don't I one more one more yeah the jabbers I like the jabbers they Came in second place for me yeah I was knocking them originally for design I mean they all sound good that's the reality so if you're budgeting there's nothing wrong with the Samsungs that gets the job done I would agree with you you want to turn me off that's right they sound good they sound good and I just want to do a quick jump over here it's a clearer sound that's what's uh edging it out in the race now are these compatible with Androids No right yeah they just said different he's wrong like they were in my ears for two seconds two seconds these things are freaking amazing listen I'm not upset with them I'm not upset with you I like how you're not blown away with it was a wall after listening to a second time I was like okay I get it so then I put I immediately put it right I'm not upset 1a 1b I am not upset I think that these come out a little bit clear I don't mind A little bit of a bass reduction just to get a clearer sound all around mmm but I'm not upset with either so if that's the King I'm not I'm not mad you're just gonna concede that easily I like it hi a king job really 75 teas that's it they're all pretty good though they're good I agree these are hands down there's a difference the two best there's a difference in quality for sure I mean and the price spectrum is pretty broad I mean these are 179 these are two 52 49 now without knowing pricing mm-hmm cuz I was just going based on just what I was hearing this is the letter Panza this is not sixty dollars better it's not sixty dollars but what is it to you $1 $10 $10 it's it's it's right there really close to again is just this one's bass hits harder to me this is a little bit of a clearer sound but it's not $60 clear okay so that's the way cool but I don't even know the pricing all right that's it All right guys that's all we got for you today if you liked the video in any way give it that thumbs up if you haven't already subscribed and hit the bell that way you get notified of my next video peace Zipporah these are these are pewter for the price oh man

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