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Meet Temple Rhodes, Chris Weaver, and Cory Atley as they start out their 2020 season! Produced by Swood Media © CornWarriors 2021

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You think you can beat me in soybeans forget about it [Music] we do have two tropical storms or hurricanes coming in the gulf they get a lot of wind a lot of rain so who knows what's gonna happen you know i'm a sixth generation farmer can i keep expanding what can i do what am i not doing right i'm confirmed sixth generation farmer It's stretch pretty thin right now it's just that time of year it's not gonna be hard to beat weaver he's not even in my realm of thoughts like pick out the worst plant that should be how weaver's crap looks i'm going to learn a few things this year i'm temple rose i'm from chestnut manor farms here in centerville maryland it's june 1st 2020 This is highly productive ground i hope to do well with it it's dry land [Music] we're gonna hope for the best but we got a huge cover crop in here we're gonna let it come up we're gonna get to the trifolia three i'm gonna burn them off and it's gonna be horrible to look at it's going to be hard to do but i'm going to burn them off and that's what We do with our high yielding plots we'll wait a week let them come out of it a little bit wait for a shower as soon as we get a shower rain they start to make a rebound we're going to come back and we're going to start in micros micros is our big ticket that's what we have grown our yield on so we're going to try real hard a lot of our plots like the one that i did well with last year in the years Prior we drove across them 12 times we will make a ton of passes just keep the plant extremely healthy as we can we're just going to pray to god and hope that he sends us a bunch of rain not too much at any one time but this field i'm going to need it to compete with them other boys i'm going to need some rain the test plot area that i've been using Over the past few years it needed to come out of beans it's been four or five years in beans it's an area where we did really well because it was basically out right outside of our feedlot that we had so it's high in phosphorus real high in organic matter which that's something that we don't have around here we have lower phosphorus soils because we're on the bay and we're trying to Watch what we're doing and you know our organic matter is way down so that's where i've been winning that so this is a little different down here that i'm trying it here so we're going to hope for the best it's going to be a little bit tough this year trying to shoot for over 100 and some bushel i'm hoping to 120 530 is where my goal is if i can get higher than that that would be Awesome and i don't know if i can compete with those boys with that number but we're we're going to see it's not a race to the to the yield it's really it's going to be a race to the bank i'm a little bit later so i'm going to increase the population if i was way early if i'd plant them in april like i kind of wanted to do i would have been 110 shooting for a hundred on this specific farm my Limiting factor is rainfall this is a droughty area this ground doesn't retain moisture very well that's why the cover crop is out there so big i won't feel good until july 15th when all the wheat's out of the field all the beans are planted all the beans are up after that i'll feel good and then usually we go right from that and then it's on with the sprayer [Music] man i'm telling them flies are horrible we call them um sheep flies but they're like um they're like a little triangle or a black fly and they'll bite the crap out all these farms are surrounded by marsh and they're terrible but they only get bad this time of year and then next week they'll be really bad and then right before we cut wheat the dragonflies will come in and they Literally will eat them all up and they'll wipe them out you won't get bit anymore so it's like two weeks in the summer on some of these farms they'll literally eat you alive like you'll come down here in a white vehicle and they'll cover them up we're changing for the times we're gonna continue to change it's whoever gives us the best return on our investment And i'm talking about services not just products not just bushels it's the relationship that you have that carries you the longest way and if you don't have that relationship with your company go get one go find one those are the ones that got me over a plateau i do it and i understand it but you have to have the relationship to get you to there but if i had to give anybody like one piece of advice You want a silver bullet here's your silver bullet go get yourself a relationship with everybody you deal with get yourself a guy and i have multiple guys but you need a guy for your family and for you to be a good farmer you have to have those relationships because they're promoting you their help is pushing you to the next limit why aren't you helping push them to the next Limit if i feel like i'm the smartest person in the room i need to go to another room that very rarely is that ever going to happen with me but everybody has to have somebody to look up to [Music] private tech is a brand new product from basf we're really excited for that reavy tech is going to be able to help growers stretch yields more than they Have in the past the number one name of the game should be reducing stress you reduce stress you increase yield i'm excited about rev tech we use it on every acre we're looking at upwards of 60 days control it's going to take great farmers and just propel them so much further than we've ever been before today was a trying day we got to watch it rain a lot Not a good day to get plant done one of the forecasts that could be beginning the middle of june before we get back into fields good news of the day we got to go out and look at some corn soybeans and soybeans where they weren't flooded underwater is looking really good so they're all emerged and even some beans we planted there on may 5th they're finally up it's looking good we Just got to get a rain jacket put on the seed [Music] it's been a trying year so far we're just we're getting calendar just keeps flipping we're getting pushed farther and farther back we'll get it in the ground we'll we'll get it in the ground we already got our nitrogen on we got a fertilizer on we got cash rinse paint we're gonna give it the best shot we're Gonna try our best not to mudd it in we're gonna do things right we like to do it once but uh mother nature has full control of that so we're gonna give it our best shot when we finally go we just gotta work harder we got a lot of moan to catch up on as long as our mowers aren't swimming they're sinking in the ponds around the fields we're going to try to get a lot of moan done here we've been doing a lot of odds and end Jobs here just trying to find stuff to do while it's been raining so pretty much well caught up but there's always things to do we've got some improvement things we've got to do around the shop and area one of the biggest challenges here at core alley farm is just everybody get on the same page we never want to miss a beat and that means we got to have our full staff on board there's a lot of stuff that Goes on we can't have a bad day when it matters we all got to work towards the same goal [Music] [Applause] this is where we got started on beans here so april 25th it's cold it's way too cold ground temperature was only around in the 40s it's calling for rain but we felt like we could Sneak some beans in here pretty happy with the merchants right there though hope those beans know how to swim [Music] the most rewarding part of planting is watching it come up this is it i love taking these drives going and seeing emergence seeing how well it looks health to it the only positive note some of the best beans that i've ever raised Came from when they've been really really wet really really early we try to stress beans early with tall beans we got to be careful with the maturity and we don't want them to lodge we try to control that with populations as much as we can population will be around that 80 to 100 000 depending on the soil type poor soils will go up to 120 130 you know on our better soils be around That 80. looks like we drove off the road we're in the middle of a pond that's bean field well you know ohio farmers we we like to you know plant beans watch them pop up and go fishing in the same field on the same day i've never showed goats or had goats day in my life so this is a all-new adventure so we're all learning as we go here Used to show hogs when i was in but aubry decided that she wanted to try her hand and go so here we are this was all built by the original owner john turnbull he probably hasn't had an animal in it probably 30 40 years the wife and aubry the daughters they had a big project this spring we got it back together and now we got animals in it so everything's still fully functional These beams here man they're gonna be here for a while [Music] farming stuff is not easy like days like today you have a better chance of taking a jet ski to check your crop than an atv they know it seems like we've been tested here a lot lately and he's still gonna have faith and trust in him that we're gonna get through this and make it and i do i mean year after year it's one Knock down after another you know i'm the sixth generation that's been in this farming with the alley name you gotta have a drive to do this you gotta be driven driven to succeed failure is not an option you can't fail it's gonna be hard and fast now lots of hours and we don't have a choice because your livelihoods just stick so we got to go hard You got to get it up where you never get going but you got to get it out there first i mean it's going to be five or six days forever to get back in the field now we'll get it have [Music] corey owns a crop consulting company called advanced yield and we've been working with corey for two years now advanced yields a lot more catered to Customer specific needs not just everything fits all programming corey is very competitive he likes to look outside the box if you're willing to go outside your comfort zone there's different things that he'll suggest but they'll work for you might say go for it everybody has to have somebody to look up to and i'm definitely not the guy but i have a ton of people in my arsenal That i look up chris weaver is one of my guys he's a tremendous agronomist points me in the right direction helps me on seed selection he's done a really good job with me [Music] temple is a phenomenal guy he and i pretty much talk about ah once a day if he answers his phone now when he calls you you better stop and Drop what you're doing but when we talk i tell you it's it's pure agronomy it's pure agronomics what can i do to get ahead what are we going to do here how are we going to handle this what's going on differently here he helps i use a lot of my micronutrients he is a really good agronomist we're running a micro hands and sugar-based fermantes as well as carbon and that It's all going out behind the planter on beans we're putting on right now i want to say we're doing about five gallon to the acre i mean temple could tell you better i think we're between four and a half and five gallons the acre is what we're putting down right now with beans the thing that we have found out through our last couple years of hitting over 100 and some bushel beans Is we need to be out early with a micro pack boron zinc manganese some copper out early we have a five-way mix with the micro hands that we're getting out early we're getting it out by the seed but as soon as that plant starts coming up out of the ground we'll start hitting with fungicide insecticide we start right away hammering on that plant and taking care of the plant the one big Thing is as soon as that plant hits out of the ground you want to keep that cotyledon alive one of the best fungicides on the market currently and we found out last year was bas new one beltima valtima was like a game changer for us in 2019. bas fungicides have always been top notch but with the vel team and the revvy tech It's going to take great farmers and make them excellent farmers and it's going to take excellent farmers and just propel them so much further than we've ever been before we're very fortunate to have an amazing rep in this area tim helmers with basf he's always on the phone tell me what's the latest greatest chris you got to try this chris let's be looking at this product And we're doing it so one of the nicest parts was when i said can you come talk to our corn club he was right there everybody was listening and it's really nice when you have trusted advisors you know we're very fortunate with stein seed niagara gold seed we have trusted advisors with basf we have a trusted advisor with monte's we have trusted advisors and we Get that relationship you're not gonna just come on our farm and sell us something you're gonna have to come on our farm and you're gonna have to prove to us that it works it's not about cheap price it's about seed that emerges the highest yield and profitability in our pocket at the end of the day [Music] this is just a field this is just finishing up for the year This was actually a wheat field that got sprayed wrong temple and i were discussing it earlier today that he actually had to kill it off this was probably the prettiest wheat field that he had and then he comes in last minute to put beans in we'll be in good shape i'm out of here i'm gonna head back i'm getting ready to fill up with that other stuff i don't know if i'm gonna run short on that or Not oh you know what i need i need that uh i'm gonna need some of that midnight because tonight yeah when the beans come up i'm gonna need to put that midnight on so i need i need a bunch of that we'll get you 275 gallons that's fine all right we'll get all that square water i am i had somebody to shop but i think i'm out it's okay we're good shape i'll get paul on top of it call pogba anymore i think I got enough of the product that you made up for the plot that's just the carbon sugar and premium some kind of other crap you put in there you got a monkey mix in there not sure all you other boys ain't getting none of that it's mine i got my own monkey juice see i just want this to go on record now you got you got kevin and brooks out there in indiana to farm in the sweetest Ground possible that should be easy for them oh that's what that's that and kevin will say that's all we ever say it should be easy for him but he's under water but what do they even have regulation out there no they just put on what they want yeah that's one thing we do have a lot of regulations but i'm just glad we're getting the east coast represented now so i think we need To throw out this so what you're saying is is i'm going to be the huge disappointment in this deal you could be but as a friendly bet we got to throw the challenge to kevin and brooks we'll have to have maryland versus indiana now i don't know if i'm up for that i don't know if we are ten boys a little bit but remember one thing that i did say earlier we're members of the macro So we are learning from the master so my goal is to be able to beat the master one day but we'll see how it all pans out yeah we'll see about that we'll get there soon enough there you go seth [Music] monte's i got together with them we've got a pop-up blend and there's some special stuff in it and i made it specifically for this with monti's we have trusted Advisors and we get that relationship working with temple on this field of beans we've got a very good root development i mean that's awesome looking my honey's carving i wouldn't farm but i couldn't use that [Music] yeah i grabbed my pocket knife i'm not allowed to carry your pocket knife cutting corn stalks open and stage them cutting towards myself and it slipped Out when i pulled i pulled and then went right through the cornstalk and i laid it right down i pulled it out and a man shot six feet up in the air and i looked i handed a knife i said i'm gonna need help but i knew to stay calm so i just started walking out of the corn field because he was in the middle corn field started walking out I seen somebody walk i said i need your shirt i need a tourniquet that's one impression i said i need a belt tourniquet somebody's going to have to help me i'm going to die so i'm thinking oh great you know i'm going around time the best feeling in the world is hearing the sirens and when ambulance fire trucks pulled up that was awesome that was a great Feeling and he pulled up and they put another tourniquet on so after three tourniquets finally got the blood stopped then it took probably four months or better before i could get used to using to my hand again and then the year before that was when we caught the combine on fire we barely got out of that one that was a bad one started running beans and Everything was going good just started on was only in about 10 acres and uh i kept seeing a whole bunch of dust coming out of the back machine so i pulled it over on the grass laneway and as soon as i pulled i see the big amber's fall so i hauled out and said i'm on fire hurry up get the head off as soon as i open up the cab door the fire extinguisher was right there went to grab it as soon as i went to Reach down to grab it flame came right up in my face the whole staircase was engulfed in flames so remember grabbing my phone running jumping over it hitting the ground yelling at cody and just telling him to run the whole glass entire glass cab just exploded that night we had a whole other combine sitting there so that night i was running beans Farm shows going on in ohio up at london doug weichel from sunrise met us here at the shop we put in a whole new ag leader system in on it we had a whole new technology we never missed a beat and by i think eight o'clock that night i was running beans with it when you surround yourself with a team of people like that it makes you want to be loyal to them and stick with them so I went on a two-year stretch where my wife said i need to quit having access so they took away my pocket knives from me well we're at my dad's house here this is where i was born and raised and my house is right over there so you can tell i didn't make it too far away but i'm gonna come out here we've got some cropland corn we're planted here on may 5th it's been 108 gdus planted it last Tuesday we're about 40 gdus behind normal so just gonna come out here check on this beautiful tuesday and see what the corn is doing told you boys there's no bottom to this ground golly [Laughter] i was trying to get off an intro but that's not going to happen [Music] The difference between this year and last year is you know last year is two inch rain followed by one inch ring and when you thought that was enough a four inch rain came it was just one big rain event after another it just wouldn't let up this year's been like a tease you get three tenths half inch tenth every time you get about half a day day away from rolling another tenth or two comes I just looked it up we got 3 200 acres of corn in the ground and 950 acres of beans in here not quite half so we're getting there all we need is about five days of dry weather we'll be done see our ground's real mellow to begin with we've been using biologicals for five years over five years now that's definitely changed our ground's like walking on Marshmallows even when it's dry so when we get wet you walk out there you'll feel it and you're just gonna so we have we struggle keeping our equipment up even when it's dry we're we're ohio so we don't have a whole lot of topsoil so what we got we got to make good as of now we're just all in furrow so when we try to get the yields that we get we gotta jam pack it make sure Everything plays well together and it works here in ohio we have all four seasons every day so we never know when we're going to be able to get in when we get in we've got to be able to get in fast and accomplish a lot it's like now here we're sitting may 19th and it very well could be june before we turn the wheel again it's very unforgiving you're going for a Home run every time because if you mess up it's going to get ugly fast [Music] one of the better products that we've seen come out here lately is veltima from basf the thing i like about this is how long it's going to last in that plant it can give me a longer window to make that decision i'm really loving it veltima has the longest residual of Any product out there let's control something that we're able to control this year veltima reduces stress in the plant reduces the temperature happy corn makes more grain

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