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fatima ibrahim

Lush hair by Fatima

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Good day my name is Fatima Ibrahim I'm a hair care consultant and CEO of la share by Fatima basically la share by Fatima is a hair care brand which uses both locally and traditionally sourced helps in treating hair disorders why did I start this business I started this business because of a personal first-hand experience battling with alopecia alopecia is a hair disorder which deals with baldness hair baldness So I had used several hair products and use several hair augments which claim to treat alopecia at that time exam at about 2015 I had suffered alopecia for Nia and true out there who here there wasn't one product I used that works for me in the way I expected it to so I went for them to do my research on traditional and herb our products to use in treating alopecia after six weeks I came up with my own hair bow remedy which I used for Approximately six months and after that period had noticed tremendous change in my hair growth and the general appearance of my head I then decided to give a few friends and family samples of my products friends and family suffering from similar conditions and within three weeks I was getting amazing amazing reviews from them on how good and how excellent the product was I then did research as to how visible a business during you know starting a business out Of its wood and I found out that approximately two percent of the world's population suffer from alopecia scaly scalp and dandruff I went for that to do is pass more specific research in Nigeria specifically at the at the University of in suka the skincare departments where I found out that about 300 patients within the period of February 2015 so much 2016 had suffered from the same alopecia and the few of them that were actually given Medication complained bitterly about several side effects such as vomiting nausea feeling faint and drowsiness so we have come up with a product that uses hundred-percent traditional and locally sourced helps in treating hair disorders with minimal or no side effects whatsoever since the inception of the business we have been able to treat a total number of 80% suffering from alopecia successfully using strictly organic and locally Sourced helps from plants from seeds from herbs from essential oils why do we need the grants if our data grants would be able to hire train and maintain a solid business team that would operate a standard production factory in order to improve the quality of our products secondly would be able to afford machinery and materials to is production thirdly we'll be able to establish a very own awareness center for victims or patients suffering from hair disorders Thank you

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