Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $900 Recurring Monthly Passive Income

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Welcome To Today's Video - Affiliate Marketing Case Study: $900 Recurring Monthly Passive Income. Links mentioned in the video are below for you. ➡️ Vidnami Promo - 40% OFF For Life ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ Vidnami 2 Week FREE Trial ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ This is a case study of how I made $900 in passive income commissions with affiliate marketing. If you're curious about the process, and want to see the product, how I marketed it and the earnings, then this video will show you everything! I like to focus on passive income streams with affiliate marketing because once people sign up they tend to stay for a couple of years and you earn money every month without having to do any more work. ========================================================= ? My #1 Recommendation To Learn Affiliate Marketing ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ My YouTube Passive Success Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ========================================================= ? GRAB THESE FREE COURSES ? ➡️ My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ? My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP YouTube Growth Course ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ Affiliate Marketing Articles. ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ========================================================= Affiliate Marketing Resources: ➡️ The BEST In-depth (FREE) Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ ➡️ Build Affiliate Sales Funnels (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ ➡️ The BEST Auto Responder (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ ➡️ Learn How To Build Affiliate Websites (FREE ) ⬅️ Never miss a video about simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Subscribe here --- #AffiliateMarketing #AffiliateMarketingCaseStudy #EarnOnline Inspired By: Educate ? POPULAR PLAYLIST VIDEOS ? ➡️ Affiliate Marketing ⬅️ ====================================================== Affiliate Disclaimer: While I may receive affiliate compensation for reviews or promotions on this channel I always offer an open and honest opinion related to the product or service itself. My goal is to help you make an informed and best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are mine only. With any purchase you should always do your own due diligence before making any kind of purchase. By clicking on links or purchasing products I recommended on this page may generate an income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make. ====================================================== Thanks for watching/reading today's video

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Hello it's mark from not taught at school and welcome to today's video so in this video we're going to be doing another case study and i'll share with you how i've managed to go ahead and build up a recurring income of over 900 per month and hopefully touch wood it'll pass a thousand dollars this month so you can see on here this was in december it was at 841 In january it was 936 and currently so far in february it's at 440. so i'm hoping well i think realistically by the end of the month this will pass a thousand dollars and it's recurring so basically i've done the work previously and now i don't have well i'll still keep promoting this but basically you know people use the software They love the software and they keep on you know going ahead and using this and you can see here look in december i've had no refunds in january i've had no refunds and so far this this month in february i've had one which is a bit bizarre but overall of all time i've only ever had three refunds with this piece of software so first of all let me show you the software and what this is and then I'll share with you how i've marketed this and promoted this so if i come over here this is the software it's called vidnami now this is basically you can see on here this is a point and click of video maker and there's no experience required so it's basically i use this i recommend it and it's absolutely awesome if you want to create videos you know without being on Camera without having to talk then this software works absolutely amazing to do this and it's got you know it's got lots of different templates it can add automatic captions for you it's got intelligent clip selection no video editing necessary and basically it's just it's awesome and i use it and i recommend it and yeah i mean look after i'll drop a link to this below for you you go ahead And check this out yourself but let me show you inside of the software and how this works and then i'll show you exactly how i marketed this product so if i come over where are we let's go into this one this is inside of the software so you can see on here i've got lots of videos in here now this piece of software i use this for several Niche youtube channels i also use this in a consultancy business where we create you know videos for local businesses and lots more different ways i use it for youtube intros and other bits just because it's so simple so if i come up here i'll show you how it works really quickly so i'll click on create a new video here you've got templates let me just do This really quickly i'll use this template here you type in a script so basically whatever script you put in here the software will create a video for you so let me just go with affiliate marketing example really quickly and then basically any text you put in here as i mentioned it will build our complete video for you so let me just go over to clickbank really quickly I'll tell you what let's go over here really quickly let's go over onto my blog i'm just going to grab some text just so you can see how this works let's go up here let's go to affiliate marketing and we'll just put a bit of text in here because it genuinely is absolutely awesome and if the scroll down here looks so i did it there i grabbed this text here Go back into the software here signs here let's grab a bit more text that'll do let's just grab this go over here paste that in here like so and we'll click on create scenes and then basically this whole software it will create a video for you based upon what you put into the script here and look that's the video done you see Here this is scene 1 of 14 and it's absolutely awesome sir if you scroll down the page here you can see how the video would look but look if you don't like any part of this or any and you know any element of this if you want to change this background video here you can go ahead and click on here and you can go ahead and search through all of the videos on here so if i wanted this one it goes over here and basically these Keywords here is just brought this out from the text on the screen here but if you don't like any part of this you can simply type in your own keyword on here and type in the words example say money and click on go and then again you just click on there and it puts it over here you can play around with the text you know you can change it you can put it in the middle At the top etc etc you can bold parts of it but basically you go through you make sure you're happy with it and then at the bottom here you can click on add voice to track now there's a couple of options you can have no voice you can use the ai auto voice you can record your own and you can apply the voice tracks let me just go with no voice track click on preview your video and look at This this is step one two three four i'm on step five already and that's my video so if i click on player [Music] so so you'd preview your video if you're happy with this you click on looks good continue and look if you don't like the music you can go ahead and you know change this and you can go on mood and genre and lots of a bit so that there is the software that i've Been promoting to end this recurring commission so it's pretty good now when i first come across this product i didn't even look at the affiliate program for a long time i was just using in my online consultancy business where we was creating videos for local businesses and then after a while once my my main youtube channel my not taught school channel Once i started to pick up and you know i was creating videos in the make money online same i had a thought about you know this software and then basically i literally went went down this process i remember i went over to youtube and i typed in as you can see here make money on youtube now i'm sorry let me get rid of these comments over here so you can see here Currently there's 1 100 people every single month looking for this keyword here make money on youtube so that's a lot of people looking for this and then what what was seeing is when i was scrolling down a lot of these videos on here is how to make money on youtube without making videos and you know without being on camera and without having to talk and then Obviously i was already using the vietnamese software so i thought well this will be perfect because i can go ahead and i can share people you know share with people the method and you know normally if they wanted to create you know videos without being on camera and without having to talk what would they have to do well they'd have to go over onto you know like free video sites like pixels pecks a bit And you know get the videos download all of the videos that they need to use a free piece of software like this one over here this open shot and then basically they'd have to download the videos upload them into the software here but then have to do voiceover and lots of other bits and whilst that's free it's a bit of a long-winded process isn't it Whereby this piece of software over here you've seen it works incredibly quick all you do is you give it a title you put in your script or some text basically and bit and then just click on create video and you're aware with this method so what i did was i created i think i've created probably about realistically about 15 of these videos Over the space of probably about the last two years and it's basically this here how to make money on youtube without being on camera without having to talk and then i just share different examples of this so i will share like you know some different channels who are actually using this software and making money i'll then also walk people through the process of you know if you want to do Affiliate marketing and youtube but without being on camera without talking then this is the processor you'd go to clickbank you'd find a product to promote once you've got the product you then you know you start creating your video and now the slow method is you've gone to these free chat you know these free websites you download the videos you add them into the software you edit them you play around with them etc etc However if you want a fast method then i recommend this software over here this is the software this is how it looks inside and then what happens is once people see this software and you know see just how awesome it really is a lot of people go ahead and purchase the product and another reason why i like this software is it i mean i paid 45 a month for this but vidnami they've run these promotions all Of the time whereby you can go ahead and pick it up for like 29 a month for 35 a month and i mean the latest one they're running is it's thrilled to announce let me just pause this the latest one that they're running again you can see you can get this for 29 a month but why i love it is not only is the software awesome they always throw out a lot of bonuses So you can see you can get all of these different bonuses on here and if a scroll favorite page where has it gone here you see this free story blocks and video clips so this here this story blocks video clips this costs 348 dollars a year and this isn't bs or anything if i go over here and highlight this and go to this story block some video clips you can see if we'll go over to over here plans and Pricing and then we'll just scroll down and find the video clip so let's just scroll down here so look video only plans so you can see unlimited videos 16 pack while i'm in the uk so that this is uk pricing but 16 pounds at 58 a month for this but it's included with this software here so you get 978 000 premium video clips and then also they include this story blocks Music tracks and again if you go back over here scroll down look audio plans 12 pound and 42 pence a month well that's all included within this software here so i mean look for 29 a month when people see this and they see the value of this and you know just how you know how quick it is and how much time it can save them and then they're getting this and They're getting this and then they also get all of these additional bonuses then it's it's a no-brainer really isn't it and especially like if people want to create you know niche affiliate marketing channels on youtube then they can they can knock out one of these videos realistically in i'd say about 10 minutes all they need to do is go on some like plr plr websites grab some articles within Their niche go ahead put that into the software and then it'll just create the videos for them then they upload them onto youtube they obviously put their affiliate links in the description and then they can start earning money pretty much straight away so that is pretty much today's video and look this promotion here this 29 if you want to go ahead and you know Join this and take me past the thousand dollars a month absolutely go ahead and check out it expires in four days but overall that is how i've managed to add uh how i'm earning over 900 a month recurring with this piece of software here because look if i'd have gone ahead and created videos around you know what's this over here You know how to create videos really simply people wouldn't have been interested if i'd created videos about you know the the best software for creating videos yes i would have got some you know views on there but it wouldn't have been anything really but because i'm putting the twist on it if you know the videos on youtube you know you can make money on youtube you don't have to Be on camera you don't have to talk it's really simple etc etc and i walk people through the slow process but then i show them the fast process by the end by the end of the video a lot of people go ahead and purchase the the product so hopefully if you if youtube's kind to me over on my other channel and start sharing that content more then i'll start adding a lot more Commissions but overall do i use it yes do i recommend it yes but that is how i am adding a recurring commission from this i'm showing the benefits of this and basically just another alternative to using it so look i hope you found today's video useful if you did please give it a like i really appreciate that but thanks for watching have a great day and i'll see you tomorrow

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