Joe Rogan- How Conor Mcgregor Make's Money

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Joe Rogan talks about how Conor Mcgregor make so much money with Justin Wren and Rafael Lovato Jr. They also talk about UFC 229 and how UFC chose to advertise it. #a2zproduction #conormcgregor #thenotorious From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE MMA #45. Full podcast: Subscribe to Joe's PowerfulJRE channel to listen to the full podcasts Visit Joe Rogan's website for Tour Dates, News and Podcasts:

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It's it's unfortunate but it's also a financial windfall like it's the whole thing it's weird because Connors that's what he does yeah he talks [ __ ] to people and [ __ ] with her head I mean it's a giant part of his game and I know that that was part of the strategy of him throwing that dolly at the bus that shits way out of line I mean throwing a dolly at the bus that's not what a martial artist does When you when you if you stop and think about what we value about martial arts in terms of teaching children honor respect and discipline and the things when we think of as a classical martial artists like lyoto machida or someone like that bowing to their opponent that does not this is this is theatrics this is hype but in all fairness the UFC used that to sell that fight I mean it was a big part of their promotional campaign was seeing Conor throw the Dolly at the bus and the screaming the yelling you know you're setting you're setting an example of the actual contest itself there's all this extracurricular violence right there's throwing a Dahlia - bus shattering in the window all these guys running and screaming get off the bus and then they're promoting this they're showing this and then everyone's shocked then it escalates after the fight itself you know one of the in in some ways one of the more interesting Moments of the fight was khabib on topic honor beating the [ __ ] out of them going let's talk now have you seen that video yeah that's [ __ ] terrifying that is said come on let's talk Bam and you just slam it okay I'm told he's gonna do that before the fight - yeah yeah we're gonna talk we're gonna talk when I'm on top of you and you're tired and I'm beating the [ __ ] out of you that's where we gonna talk and that's what he did you know this is all not what khabib does right This is outside of his his if you look at his standard behavior he's very respectful I mean he's never had an incident like this ever in a fight all of his fights before that or him shaking his opponents hand doing the standard stare down standard stuff talking about his skillset and what he's gonna do and there's no disrespect there's no insults there's none of this that's what I mean about khabib yeah but not Connor you mean this is a but but Here's the other thing on the other side it makes it fun I'm very torn because all the [ __ ] that he talked to Josie Aldo look that was a big factor in Josie aldo charging at him losing his composure face first in clip with that left hand that's a big factor is the emotional angst that he had gone through for months and months on the road with this guy the middle yeah yeah I mean that mental warfare is a real thing it just didn't work with kabhi it had the Opposite effect and with kabhi he's like I can't wait to get my [ __ ] hands on you it wasn't I can't believe this guy's saying these things to me with kabhi bid but it ramped up the violence to the point where he was letting you know like hey this is real to me like if you if you want to act thuggish and you will just keep going which is oxy I'll keep taking this like he didn't want to stop after Connor had tapped like he was holding on to him and he's letting him Know hey [ __ ] like this is real this is not just [ __ ] talking Connor was saying to him this is just business it's just business and he's like let's talk now let's talk now like he's like this is not business to him so to him fights I mean this is what he said in the press conference it should be this is a respect sport and this sport should be about two men expressing themselves to the best their physical ability inside the cage just doing their best against The best fighters in the world and that should speak for itself and that they should have respect and honor outside of it I wish you would have had the chance to say that you know the sad part was him letting the emotions take over and what he felt and instead of just getting the belt tied on and kind of killing them with kindness at the end and saying that and having that chance to put that in everyone's minds and any years he did in the post fight interview but I mean How many are the post fight press conference but how many people got a chance to see that list I mean just a few thousand I'm sure and as in comparison to the 2.4 million the download the pay-per-view and the many many many many more that saw YouTube explodes and Instagram is clear you I mean everybody saw it it's it's unfortunate but it's also a financial windfall like it's like the whole thing it's weird because part of what makes Connor so interesting is that he's so good at talking [ __ ] he's hilarious and he knows how to back it up but when we saw him fight khabib he just he fell short it's really that simple when skill versus skill he fell short and the the the shit-talking led to kabhi being taking it very personal and very personal at the end and pointing at Dylan dannis and jumping off the the top of the cage the whole thing was just it's so [ __ ] crazy but The idea that people should be surprised after Connor throws it yeah Holly at the bus and then still winds up able to fight I mean just what did he do paid some money and did some I mean yes we've got to do some some service what is his community service I don't even know what he has to do I don't either that's where it's not yeah it's kind of crazy throwing a dolly is [ __ ] way worse than punching a guy who punches people for a living which is Dylan Danis As a professional fighter he's a professional fighter jump so he takes a swing and I'm there screaming in Dylan's like [ __ ] to you and he's like [ __ ] you and there's a bunch of people get involved and then a bunch of other people jump in the whole thing was nuts but the idea that we should be shocked after him throwing a dolly at a bus because khabib zhan the bus that [ __ ] those Russians don't [ __ ] play like that man yeah this is the videos Afterwards when Dagestan were there shooting

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