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emma chamberlain

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Good morning [Music] good morning look outside it is extremely foggy out and it's my last day in new york i know i'm so sad i literally just woke up so everybody like let me warm up first i don't even know why i turned the camera on at this point because i am not warmed up yet like my brain is still um A sleepy it's a foggy day which is my [ __ ] favorite i love the fog so we have to make today epic because it's my last day and then i have to go back to la i'm heartbroken i don't want to go back to la ever ever i need to make today epic but i'm like how do i do that the problem is i made it a goal on this trip not to go on my phone a lot and not to go shopping that was a crazy Goal because those are the only two things i do so i haven't done shopping at all successfully i've been here for like five days and i've not gone shopping once so that's extremely impressive i do need coffee so i'm thinking i may need to walk somewhere and get coffee i'm not hungry for coffee as you can see i ordered a coffee last night and i didn't end up drinking it Because i was like oh wait it's 7 p.m what am i doing good morning new york i'm trying a new coffee shop today i'm so tired i always say that i don't rely on caffeine i'm like no i'm immune i don't need it anymore but it's like mornings like these where i'm sprinting out of the house just to get a little bit of energy that i remember that maybe i am Severely reliant on caffeine but do you know what i'm okay with that i'm okay with that it's freezing out it's 40 degrees honestly i'm getting used to the cold weather i'd moved to new york if i could there's just too many reasons why i shouldn't but i really would if i could i would one day okay update the place i was gonna go is closed i'm gonna take this as a sign that i need to go on an Adventure and i'm going to just walk until i find a coffee shop that sucks because this was like a cool little italian cafe i was like damn that's going to be sick but no [Music] have a good one i literally only had to walk like two steps so oh that shit's hot mmm it's a delicious latte though see sometimes the universe guides you in a Different direction than you would have planned you might have been like i really want to try out this coffee shop but then the universe says no you're going to walk down the street get coffee somewhere else and you're gonna love it you just have to trust the universe i definitely look like a freak right now holding my camera up like this but no regrets any of you that know me is like emma a Hot coffee once a day you freak that is so unlike you it is it is unlike me but the truth of the matter is i am evolving i'm as a woman i'm growing up enjoying hot coffee is just one part of my development trying to figure out what i want to do i think i might go for like a little walk until i get tired tired [Music] Just did a little scroll through scroll oh my god i've been on my phone too much just did a little stroll not scroll because we're not on an iphone just did a little stroll through little italy little italy is like a little italy nothing was open unfortunately so i couldn't get like a cannoli i saw a big cannoli shop and i was like but it was closed so maybe later but Regardless very nice i'm ready to go back to my room because i drank my coffee and now i'm starting to feel like things are rumbling in my tumbly and i'm also kind of considering do i get another coffee on the way home i'm crazy i think i'm gonna get another coffee we'll see where i stop they say that new york is a city that never sleeps wow what amazing points were made from This clip god bless you all anything to eat today um no thank you cool do you need a tray yes is this a robot or a real person what's that oh you're a real person got it i'm a real person oh it's you yes yes oh [ __ ] that's cool update i got two more coffees because i'm gonna put one in my little mini fridge so coffee prepping is important Oh my god this dude is cleaning a window on the most suspicious ladder i've ever seen anyway i'm back in the room i tend to have this struggle when i go to coffee shops where i don't know if i want a cold brew or latte because i like both i like cold brew i like lattes i'm open-minded right as long as it's not like okay i'm not open-minded there's definitely some things on on coffee Menus that i won't touch just because i'm a snob about coffee i am i don't know who i don't know when my brain well it makes sense it's on brent so i ordered a latte and a cold brew and we're gonna try both and see which one i'm gonna drink first okay latte's pretty good but it's very milky cold brew i like the cold brew better today all right so what are we doing today Please don't look at that mess there's a few decisions that need to be made number one do i want to get fitted up and by fitted up i mean do i want to get on a crazy outfit and like get dressed and like do the whole thing that's question number one question number two is do i want to go shopping it's my last day i can't make too much damage on my last day I definitely can do i want to just go for a walk again hmm i haven't gone into one thrift store and you're probably like emma are you even the same person we don't recognize you you're you know not going into thrift stores you're getting a hot coffee in the morning what the [ __ ] is wrong with you well there's actually a lot of things wrong with me but They're unrelated to the problem at hand i don't know i'm trying to not shop and because well thrifting is not really shopping the main issue is that i don't have room to take anything home in the plane my suitcase is packed to the brim baby like we are not fitting anything in there but we're gonna have to figure something out i might go to a thrift store today i don't know okay just like one wouldn't Hurt i can control myself okay i can this is my strategy my strategy is just to never go in in the first place because if i go into the thrift store or i go into the vintage store or i go into the store in general i'm gonna see a piece right and i'm gonna be like i will never see this piece again because it's one of a kind i'm never gonna find it again if i don't buy it now somebody else will buy it it'll be in their closet and it won't be In mine and i can't let that happen and now it's like i just have more [ __ ] and i have a lot of [ __ ] so i'm trying not to shop and i'm trying to control myself but i may go to a vintage store today also it's my last day should probably look relatively badass when i'm walking around like relatively it doesn't need to be like perfect but i'm kind of running out of clothes this Is like the first time i've been on a trip and worn everything that i brought i'm actually impressed you know what celebrate your successes and i'm i'm celebrating mine because i didn't over pack this trip although i did bring a suitcase away 70 pounds you know how they say that the water in new york is what makes bagels and pizza taste better here number one i think i agree i mean i have no evidence to back it up The bagels in the pizza here do taste better but it might just be placebo so who knows but i think there is something magical in the water in new york because my skin looks way better than normal nothing about my routine changes just being somewhere else don't know what that's all about but i did decide i'm gonna get ready it's my last day here i want to feel like a baddie is that too much to ask no the only Thing is right now my hair it's sad i didn't appreciate my hair enough when it was healthy now my hair is very unhealthy and breaking off by the day i mean things are just breaking off like my hair is just breaking off it's not falling out which is good but it's breaking off so it's like all the ends are breaking off at first i was really bummed out about this I was like wow this is a bummer who cares in the grand scheme of life who cares and now that's where i've ended up and it it's really true it's like it really doesn't matter and it'll grow back and who cares and even if it didn't grow back who cares my makeup routine never changes like i find a makeup routine and i do it for six years it's no joke you know what else is Interesting when i first got here okay i live in california it rarely goes below 60 degrees it definitely does but it's not common and on those days well i just don't go outside it's been like between 30 and 50 degrees since i've gotten here and i mean 30 degrees is freezing that's the freezing point fun fact so it's been very cold but over the course of this trip i've gotten more used to it and now I understand why it's possible that people like get used to cold weather and then they don't have to wear like as thick of clothes definitely interesting and that makes me wonder is the body's like feeling of pain from cold weather mental or physical mainly like is it mainly mental there must be a mental element to it that's more than physical when it Comes to temperature because you think of people that like climb mount everest that's probably like what negative 50 degrees up there who knows i don't know and they get used to it right because they like are constantly climbing cold hills cold mountains whatever anyway recently i've been feeling like a scientist coming up with hypotheses talking about important things the water in new york is different And the weather is adaptable by humans everybody's like emma just go to college and shut up let me have my fun let me have my fun i'm not actually gonna take the time to google what's the difference between the water in la and in new york like no of course i'm not going to google it you think i have all that time on my hands i do i do have all that time on my hands But i'm still not going to look it up how [ __ ] okay i'm done i'm ready for the day but now it's like what do we do with the day when in doubt lay in bed and think seriously guys this stuff is underrated oh my god i also didn't mention this so i'm flying home tomorrow at 4am guess what that means i'm pulling an all-nighter i have to have a lot of coffee today so we're just like loading up now i'm already on my second one it's Like 10 in the morning i give no [ __ ] i'm so i'm so i'm such like a free spirit i'm so wild i'm so reckless you know after much contemplation i've decided i'm going to go on my daily walk and i'm gonna get lunch um i'm not allowing myself to go shopping i know but i know this is good for me i know we all want shopping emma but shopping emma needs a Break okay she is self-destructive and dangerous um i also decided to get into a boring outfit you know what it's my last day in new york i just want to absorb and enjoy the environment i'm gonna go find food somewhere hey would you guys call me crazy if i got a coffee again well i have bad news or maybe good i'm getting another coffee I'm sorry i can't i can't not do it i'm unstoppable oh wow oh i just spelled some of it i'm gonna sit i don't even know where i am like what even is this i'm gonna sit on this concrete thing drink my coffee and then i'm gonna go for my daily walk i'm gonna try to get in as many steps as i can my goal every day has been ten thousand steps i've hit that Three out of the four days i've been here so far but i'm trying to go for gold today maybe even 20 000 steps you know what maybe i'll go thrifting i know i know i said i wasn't going to do it but i kind of want to right now i kind of just want to go shopping [Music] i don't think i've ever walked this much in my life i love it i don't think anybody is surprised that I'm now at a thrift store i have lip sweat right now because i've been walking for four miles for no reason i just walked four miles i walked literally to the empire state building and back and i need to go home i'm sweating my ass off i'm sweating my ass off it's so hot it's 62 degrees but i feel like i'm dying holy [ __ ] i'm back in the room oh my god i'm so tired i Walked four and a half miles listen my body's not made for this okay i live in la i walk probably a mile in total every day i drive my car that's it and so walking four and a half miles um i feel like my body's disintegrating did i buy a few things at the thrift store yes number one about two things first i got this little shoulder bag It's just so cute i'll probably never wear it knowing me no i'm just kidding i probably will but look how cute oh my god i spent a lot of money on that okay i will be using it next i got this jacket it's so boring i mean it's not boring like it's cute but it's like not like i got some sort of like crazy statement piece like this is very much a closet staple oh wait i love this though oh that's so cute okay great this worked out i got one More thing so on the way home i was like oh my god i'm so dehydrated from walking four and a half miles i'm gonna go get a juice so i got celery juice because for some reason i thought it would be refreshing well it tastes like ass i doubt this even does anything for you either you might as well eat celery it tastes bad but it like weirdly has a flavor that's like addicting it's like when people always talk about when they fart And then they smell it and they're like i hate the smell but i'm coming back for seconds for some reason ew i'm feeling wrecked to the core for dinner tonight i think i'm gonna do either a reservation for one or a room service bash oh my god it's not even three it's 2 45. okay well i'm not walking anymore should i watch a movie oh that sounds amazing but it's also Like it's my last day emma stop you can't [ __ ] lay in bed and watch your movie on your last day in new york city watch me get copyrighted for that because i hit the note so well i hit that note so well i can't drink any more coffee either because i am on one how many have i had let's do a coffee counter oh that shit's hot update i got two more coffees That's a delicious latte though oh wait i've only had three because i didn't drink one one of the ones i got was not good what if i went out and get another one i just took my shoes off but i kind of want another one do you want to see my bald spot hi it's emma from the future here you can't see the bald spot but that's because there's it's not really a bald spot it's more like my hair is just Falling out and breaking off but um you can't see it so you're just gonna have to take my word for it all right see you that's a psa not to bleach your hair i think i'm gonna should i go get another i don't know also is this a cute hairstyle for me don't answer that i don't wanna i don't wanna know okay you guys are gonna think i'm crazy when i first got here i went grocery shopping and i bought some snacks i feel like i need to burn Through some of them because i'm gonna have to throw them away tomorrow when i leave i bought some vegan yogurt and i have some granola so i'm thinking i could make a little parfait do i even have a spoon oh my god i don't think i have a spoon okay we'll cross that bridge when we get to it well i could drink it is it weird to drink it yum but how the [ __ ] am i gonna eat it oh I found a fork i found a fork i know that i said i was gonna go get coffee maybe but my bed just feels so good so i'm just gonna eat my yogurt i love vegan yogurt i think i love it it's kind of bad but there's definitely something weird about the flavor but i still go come back for more you know i can't get out of bed i can't but i need to Do i need to no okay do you know what i i came on here to be like i'm gonna go out and i'm gonna go get a coffee no i'm not what is that that's my heating pad the second the heating pad turns on i'm not getting out of bed for at least another hour give me an hour we'll see what i end up doing i am so tired to be honest i laid in bed for the rest of the day i know i'm upset because i needed i Wanted to explore a little bit more on my last day but no no i was tired i'm done i'm done i did so much walking this week i saw so many things i'm done so guess what we're doing now room service [ __ ] we're gonna go all in except not really because i'm a vegetarian who has stomach issues so i have like three options on the menu can i have a almond milk latte brussels sprouts and The tri-color salad thank you oh [ __ ] i forgot to order hot water so i want to make tea because my tummy hurts all the time god this sweater makes my neck look crazy what's going on there ew you didn't see anything that was weird um we're gonna do a mukbang i'm hungry but i'm not that hungry so i think i'm gonna have a midnight snack and post something pose made something later but this is like a good Intro to dinner you know what i mean but i'm getting a coffee because i have to stay up all night because i'm flying home at like six in the morning so i'm just gonna pull an all-nighter instead of trying to go to bed tonight because like what the [ __ ] the point of that hopefully the coffee keeps me awake although sometimes i feel like coffee makes me more tired so i don't really know what to do anymore Why am i so tired why why look at my shirt it's funny it's time to take the makeup off like i i tried to convince myself that maybe i'd go out again uh no i'm done it's just not gonna happen to be honest i'm very sad that i'm leaving i'm not ready you know sometimes you leave a trip and you're like yeah no i'm ready like this is I'm done i thought that i was going to be here for long enough i was here for so long i was here for like five days six days you'd think that's enough to get sick of it but no i'm not sick of it whatever i'll be back that's like such a mom thing to say oh honey it's okay we'll be back you know okay i'm like i'm i swear to god the [ __ ] that i say to myself my own head Is like what my parents used to say to me like when you're leaving disneyland and you're like five and you're like mommy i don't ever want to leave this is the best place ever and then your mom's like oh we'll be back come on that's me right now my food is here this is not what i was expecting i was expecting a much larger salad alas we're gonna enjoy it needed anyway i don't even like tomatoes but I'm going to eat them because i feel like that's pretty much the only part of the salad that there is and i don't like tomatoes i mean it's the best tomato i've ever had i feel like if you get like a nice good quality tomato it it's different like it's better i wanted to recap this trip because i went on this trip by myself to just relax spend time with me get off my phone Get off social media and i've done this before i remember a few months ago i did a video where i did kind of a similar thing where i went and i stayed at a hotel by myself for the night and did like a little one-night trip and i had a terrible time my anxiety was bad i had an awful time i think the main reason why i had an awful time was because i was still in la i literally just went and stayed in a hotel In la but i didn't really get anything out of that but this trip this solo trip by myself i got a lot out of it number one it gave me a different perspective you know i'm constantly listening to what people in my life are saying about what i'm doing and so i feel like i was really thinking for myself this week which i don't normally do another thing it gives you time to Think about how you want to make your life better when you get home i realized so many things about my life because i had all this free time to just reflect on my life in general which i never get the chance to do that just made me realize like what kind of changes i want to make in my life that was great i can't believe i'm eating tomatoes right now i hate them i also got a hot latte which is again Oh my god i started drinking hot lattes on this trip now i order hot lattes because i like them can you believe that they put apples they put apples in the brussels sprouts why does that taste good that should not taste good it's bizarre but it tastes good i need to learn to chew my food all the way through i swallow my food when it's halfway chewed and it's just like how i've been my whole life and i literally Think that's the root of 90 of my stomach issues look what i got brownie let's try it very good i'm i'm sad right now um i'm sad right now because i don't want to leave i don't want to leave new york i don't want to pack okay this lighting is so bad is that better you know sometimes things are going to be bittersweet and that is how i feel about leaving new york I really don't want to leave but i have to i have to get back home see my cats that's the only thing i'm looking forward to but listen i had a great trip i had many revelations i had many moments of insight i had many moments of joy many moments of positivity but i'm glad i got to hang out with you guys throughout my trip and i hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with me i did another new york vlog so if you didn't see that Go check it out it's on my channel you know where to go and i think that's pretty much all i got i need to start packing now and then i'm probably gonna watch some dumb [ __ ] on netflix and then i'm probably gonna eat these and then that's gonna be it anyway here's your forehead kiss i love you guys so much sorry if i seem like i'm in a bad mood it's because i am it's because i am because i don't want To leave i don't want to leave okay here's one more forward kiss i love you guys so much thank you for hanging out with me and uh give this video a thumbs up if you want me to come back to new york i love when youtubers are like give this video a thumbs up if you want me to dye my hair you really think people care about your hair that much to a point where they're gonna like the Video just because they want you to do something that only affects you the psychology of youtubers is insane oh my god i should do a podcast episode about that subscribe to anything goes my podcast okay i'm done i'm done one more guess okay i'm done bye guys i love you i'm gonna go cry while i pack crying while i pack check bye

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