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How we, at A2Z, live stream a wedding. Follow us on Instagram: Cameras: Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4k Main Switcher: ATEM Television Studio HD Streaming to YouTube: ATEM Mini Pro ISO

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So brandon and i tomorrow are live streaming a wedding so that's what i am packing all of this stuff up for yeah i'll tell you about what we packed i pretty much have everything together this is usually when i just kind of sit and stare at it until i remember all the things that i forgot usually There's a couple um i already thought of one get it back ethernet cables 100 foot um i brought three of them just because i am not really sure how far we're gonna have to run it i know this is gonna be outside so it could be could be anything that's why i have this huge cable bin brought a bunch of sdi's a bunch of power enough to that if it is long cable runs we Should be fine so our main switcher is going to be this guy which is the atem television studio hd um our cameras these blackmagic uh studio camera 4ks we also the reason for bringing a lot of sdi is because we actually run two lines to each camera one for control and one for um one for the feed so we got our comms we have two Tripods we have lenses a table um two laptops in here a display one laptop for control one laptop for propresenter slash zoom actually we're going to youtube that's why we are bringing the a10 mini iso so we can just stream straight to youtube from this i'll probably remember some more things that i forgot tonight but right now i'm just gonna Pack all this stuff up and then we'll see on site yeah we need we need more commenters to give us questions so that when on our drives we could be answering these questions so yeah um and when you're limited on space like this is what you do like you need to maximize your current resources in our case one of our biggest limited resources is space Although on camera every single person who's been in our studio and has seen it on on camera meaning like we pitch it to them they're they're on a zoom call with us on a sales meeting we pitch it to them they're like wow this stage looks so big and we're laughing inside we're like yeah yeah it looks really big on camera four tvs and black straight line yeah yeah we never turn the music down Yeah hopefully hopefully they couldn't hear the music too much more this is all the ways um yeah it'll be a good learning experience but in order to get you know a super professional flexible set you need space there are ways to fake it yeah which is a lot of what we do we're really good at faking but you don't want to have to fake yeah you don't want to have to fake it But we're really good at faking we are much bigger and our sets are larger and this and you know and that's a really good skill to have but honestly us faking it is doing it right yeah it's professional level like um we say we fake it but other people would say you know we're super high-end or whatever so uh say it's innovation yeah yeah they Say it's innovation yeah super future thing but yeah we want to grow the freaking company that'd be awesome [Music] people this is the nerd version so get ready obviously you've seen the rack that's been in previous videos before let's talk about just how it's all wired up real quick and i'll try to do this quick Switcher here it is controlling the hd studio as well as everything's actually networked together through a network switch here including our internet so everything is receiving control of everything else as well as the internet signal so i can be checking youtube or whatever website or whatever we're streaming to while we're doing the gig that's kind of How everything's wired together obviously we have a power strip that's all intuitive so let's talk about the signal here so two cameras coming into the switcher both cameras actually have xlrs going into them and that is receiving two different audio inputs one of them is receiving the dj which is the mics one of them is receiving a shotgun mic Sitting on top of the camera over there and i actually have a third xlr input coming into the switcher which is a speaker with a microphone all the way down there we were not in charge of audio but we need to obviously capture all the audio that is around so we can stream it by in individually bringing in all of these signals i can decide what i want to be on the stream raise the volumes lowers the Volumes of all those audio signals so having them all separated is super helpful being able to bring them all through the cameras via sdi even better less cables that we had to run and i'm not running an external audio mixer just the mixer that's in the hd studio here that's it for audio um [Music] okay let's talk about the sources uh two Cameras plus pro presenter running a slideshow okay pro presenter is sitting over here that's obviously the switcher computer i got my multi-views here and then the two cameras are running sdi we run sdi in two directions per camera because we like to be able to control you know things like the autofocus or the focus you know the iris the gains any really coloring that we want to be doing we can Affect all that from here so the cameraman just has to focus on what he's looking at not necessarily making sure everything's like perfect in terms of color correction matching the other cameras where the sun is moving so things like that is super helpful to be able to control from here versus having a cameraman try to jump between two different cameras um so that's uh sdi Let's talk about this rack here i'm not using the web presenter at all i'm actually running an output converting it to hdmi running it into this a10 mini here at first we plug this into the ethernet so not only to get control but to stream straight straight from the a10 mini pro iso to youtube ended up having some difficulties there it didn't really want To connect to youtube it wasn't consistent so we said no problem let's just run a usbc cable out of this guy into our computer here and run it into obs as a webcam a 1080p webcam which note that the uh web presenter here is only 720. so i could eliminate this all together but then i'd only get 720 for my stream and i kind of want 1920x1080 so that's running into here and then this is going into obs and then from there into youtube so that's kind of the signal flow here not really using an aux out for anything today i used to use it for another 810 mini to be able to like zoom in to different things and have that come into the hd studio switcher as another source but we have a cameraman today so we don't have to deal With that over here i got the stream deck this is really just switching my inputs in preview here and then i have a cut button that i can then change uh what's going to program so super simple really don't have many buttons at all programmed on this thing but that's just for really quick control so i'm not having to use the mouse and do everything there That also allows me if i have my switcher controlled here i can then go to something like audio or my cameras here and that way i always have out of fingers uh reach the ability to switch between a different input you never know it's live so i always need to be switching depending on what's happening a guy could come stand up in front of the camera i need to switch to the other Camera that's again why we run two cameras from different angles things like that so that's pretty much the setup here decently small setup for us honestly this is not a large setup at least not for us and then obviously i'm going to be able to talk to my camera guy here with headsets these ones are by ear tech i believe the ultra light super simple this is mute this is unmute And there's no body pack it's just wear on your head it has great range especially line of sight so super happy with these and then i guess the other thing is the mophie which is providing our internet today decent not in love with it i haven't found a hot spot i actually love what's great about it though obviously it's got pretty decent sized antennas but it has four ethernet out ports and an ethernet In port so that way if i was at a venue i could run ethernet into it and it would decide which internet it's actually using cellular or wired and then it's its own little switch there i could eliminate this guy here if i really wanted to it's great backup having both but i like running a physical switch just to keep things clean and you know if something were to happen Somewhere if i drop something this and that i like having backups other than that that's pretty much it uh somewhat simple some would say complicated um headphones i usually run just earbuds here so i can wear one earbud and be talking to the camera guy at the same time then i just have another one set up here just so i can at some point during the day Monitor what the live stream is hearing and make sure it's clean and things like that so that is our setup here and uh we're probably getting pretty close i think we got maybe an hour till the ceremony actually starts so we're going to get back just do our final little checks and yeah hope you enjoyed thanks

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