Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses - Which Is Better For You?

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Innerspring or memory foam innerspring or memory foam if you're watching this video I'm assuming that's the question you're asking yourself right now and while many people will tell you that either of them will make a great mattress I'm here to tell you exactly which one is the best I'm gonna go over the major differences of these materials today but also talk about which one is gonna last longer which one is least Expensive and also which one has the best advantages for your specific type of sleeping and before we go any further I do want to thank Layla for not only sponsoring this explainer but for providing this great mattress to use an example throughout this video I'm Logan from sleep Apple is calm and this is innerspring versus memory foam the innerspring mattress was first developed in 1871 and has pretty much been the bedroom staple ever since then it's got This traditional feel of great bounce good support you're gonna feel more on top of a innerspring mattress than actually sinking into it and all of that is thanks to the coil support you can see here at the bottom of the mattress and it's often overlaid with a thin layer of foam for comfort for a long time the inner spring was the only design that you could get in mattresses but as recently as the 90s new materials have come onto the market including Memory foam mattresses now there really isn't a material that's more different from inner spring than memory foam known for its deep sinkage and body contouring properties it was initially created by NASA in the 1970s to create more comfortable seat cushioning in spacecraft now it's no longer exclusively a galactic material but it does still feel pretty futuristic as you can see here on the Laila which is a mattress that is heavy on the use of Memory foam it really takes whatever pressure I apply allowing me to sink deep into the mattress for pressure relief even that nice contouring around your body now a lot of people will tell you that lying on a memory foam mattress is kind of like lying on a soft patch of grass if this kind of slow sink into the mattress whereas on an innerspring mattress you're gonna feel more on top of it be able to change positions really easily On a mattress that uses a lot of memory foam you're gonna feel more sunken into or surrounded by the memory foam layers now I'm thinking about the difference in feel between memory foam and innerspring the few attributes that immediately come to mind are heat balance and sinkage so first up with memory foam it can be known for trapping a bit of body heat so companies now use a few different things to try to draw that heat away from the sleeper and help you sleep a little bit Cooler first up we have a gel infusion which is probably the most common infusion into memory foam layers the gel is used to help again draw that heat away from the sleeper help you sleep a little bit cooler now what Laila here does is a little bit different not many companies do this but they actually use a copper infusion copper is known for being really highly conductive in terms of temperature which again is great it helps you draw heat away from the Sleeper helps you sleep a little bit cooler to combat that bad reputation of memory foam causing you to overheat during the middle of the night now inner spring mattresses are pretty breathable because of all this space actually in the springs it's really nice for airflow through the mattress breathability and a mattress is super important for helping you sleep cooler throughout the night now inner spring I do want to put a little caveat on that In that it is pretty dependent on the other materials that are used in the construction of the mattress so if you have an inner spring mattress that uses a lot of cotton in the cover it can sleep a little bit hotter but in general you're looking at great breathability with the inner spring because of all this space in the mattress now the next difference in feel that I want to highlight between memory foam and innerspring mattresses is the bounce Now on memory foam mattresses there's really almost no bounce it's just kind of the nature of the material because you get that slow sinkage into a memory foam mattress sometimes people will say you feel a little bit stuck in the mattress and not able to change positions as easily some people really like that deep sinkage into the mattress now one advantage you get from that low bounce is that memory foam mattresses like the Lela are really good at Isolating motion transfer basically if you share your bed with a restless sleeper someone who gets into and out of bed during the middle of the night really bouncy materials like interesting mattresses can transfer a lot of disturbance across the mattress caused you to wake up during the middle of the night the memory foam because of that sinkage that low bounce it does a really good job of isolating that motion transfer Now let's take a look at the bounce on an inner spring mattress it's that same 10-pound steel ball as you can see inner spring constructions are much bouncier than just straight-up memory foam mattresses especially this one with a coil on coil design and what that bounciness is going to give you is some mobility it's gonna give you the ability to change positions a lot easier and really avoid that stuck feeling that a lot of people say they get in thicker Memory foam layers it's really great for a lot of kamo sleepers who need to change positions without struggling during the middle of the night now the last difference in feel between memory foam and innerspring that I want to highlight is the sinkage into the mattress so here on the leyla which has a thick memory foam comfort layer you can see that this 50-pound medicine ball is sinking deep into that comfort layer you're gonna sink right into memory foam That's really great for pressure relief for that reason it's got that slow response to pressure that you can see there so you are going to feel more in the material than on it now one of the things that I do want to point out is that it depending on the thickness of the memory foam or what supports it underneath is gonna actually decide how far into the mattress you're gonna sing so the actual sinkage numbers on a memory foam mattress in terms of like Inches sunken into the mattress when compared to an inner spring may be pretty close but because of that slow response to pressure you will still feel more kind of surrounded by the memory foam than on an inner spring so now we put the fifty pound medicine ball on an inner spring mattress to test the sinkage here now something I do want to point out is that not all inner spring mattresses are the same and you will get a little bit more sinkage or less Depending on the strength of the coil systems underneath it so kind of the width of the coils will actually have a big impact on the actual firmness of the mattress here you can see that there is a bit of sinkage into the mattress but you're still going to feel more on top of an inner spring than in it as opposed to with the memory foam you can see that it's much easier to move this 50 pound medicine ball around on the coil structure beneath it than it was on the Memory foam now aside from the differences in feel between the materials I also want to touch briefly on their durability and their cost and now with memory foam when we're talking durability we're talking about the density of the foam now high quality memory foams have a really high density what that's gonna feel like is a thicker foam probably a little bit heavier and have a slower response to pressure that higher density foam is Going to last a bit longer in terms of inner spring mattresses it's going to be things like thicker coils for quality materials that's gonna extend the warranty on a mattress now with cost there is no hard and fast rule for either memory foam mattresses or inner spring mattresses you will pay a bit more for higher quality materials in both and now with memory foams the higher quality materials can not only mean higher density materials but also Infusions like the gel infusions copper infusions we talked about before that help you sleep a bit cooler and with inner spring mattresses higher costs can include extras like zone support systems that help you sleep better in different positions so now that we've covered the history of these materials the differences in feel including heat sinkage and bounce and also their durability and cost you're still wondering which material memory foam our Inner spring is the right one for me so I want to give a couple of recommendations now in terms of memory foam it's got that soft feel you're gonna be able to sink it deep into the mattress so I like it a bit better for side sleepers and one of the other benefits of memory foam that I touch briefly on it earlier in this video is its ability to isolate motion transfer so if you do share your bed with a restless sleeper someone who gets into An out of bed memory foam is a great material that's gonna really benefit you there so you don't get disturbed during the middle of the night now with inner spring mattresses something that we talked about is they are much bouncier than memory foam mattresses so if you're a combo sleeper or someone who needs a bit more mobility so you don't feel stuck in the mattress you're probably gonna lean towards inner spring also in general I will say that Inner spring mattresses are a bit firmer than memory foam mattresses so if you're someone who needs a little bit firmer support again it's not a hard and fast rule but you're probably gonna head towards the inner spring side of things so that's it for my comparison of innerspring and memory foam mattresses thanks again to Layla for providing the mattress and also sponsoring this video if there's any questions that you have that I didn't cover in the video just Leave a comment below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check out sleep off less calm for all of your sleep needs [Music]

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