Theo Von & Andrew Santino Make Fry Bread Tacos: Something's Burning with Bert Kreischer

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Fellow comedians, Theo Von (This Past Weekend podcast) and Andrew Santino (Whiskey Ginger podcast), join Bert Kreischer for a brand new episode of Something's Burning. In this episode, Bert is going to show how to make Fry Bread Tacos. Let's see if Bert will f@#$ this up. Get ATC merch! Subscribe to ATC to never miss an episode of Something's Burning: Recipe: Follow All Things Comedy! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Follow Bert! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Follow Theo: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Follow Andrew: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Website: Recipe: Native American Fry Bread Tacos and Dessert Fry Bread START THE FRY BREAD DOUGH - Mix together dry ingredients: - 3 cups flour - 1 tablespoon baking powder - 1/2 teaspoon salt - Slowly mix in: - 1 ½ cups warm water - Knead dough - Put in bowl and let rest 20 minutes MAKE THE BISON FILLING FOR THE TACOS & GET HELP CHOPPING TACO TOPPINGS (TOMATOES, ONION, LETTUCE) - Saute ground bison with taco seasoning and canned chiles - Cook to 160 degrees - Set aside COOK THE FRY BREAD FOR THE TACOS AND DESSERT - Heat Crisco in a big pot to 350 degrees - Roll dough into ¼-inch thick discs and fry one at a time - Flip when browned around edges, brown on both sides PREPARE THE TACOS - Bison meat and toppings MAKE THE DESSERT FRY BREAD - Sprinkle powdered sugar and/or honey on remaining fry breads #BertKreischer #SomethingsBurning #TheoVon #AndrewSantino #Bertcast #Podcast #Cooking #DIY #EAT #HowTo #Food #BillBurr #Bertcast #ATCPresents #ATC #ThisPastWeekendPodcast #GangGang #WhiskeyGingerPodcast

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Oh I just lean right over a [ __ ] flame yeah look bad oh my eyelashes are gone oh [ __ ] your eyebrow is gone is partially gone yeah it is no use Epson s eyebrow hey guys it's another episode of something's burning [ __ ] oh this is gonna be a [ __ ] good one this I can already tell I got high right before that started yeah I know a little bit not a lot just a little bit finally you're just gonna Be cooking yeah you might know him as Theo von that works yeah obviously dude yeah he's actually you do know mr. congratulations guys thank you guys are blowing the [ __ ] up right now both of you thanks man appreciate it yeah obviously yeah do you feel it no no a little bit at all from when you go back to the very beginning of comedy when you're just trying to get on stage do you feel like the uphill is not quite as I feel right Now or do you feel like you've got steeper steeper Steve bird yeah for me way more yeah cuz the stuff that comes out of my mouth Theo can rely on his fantasy talk I and people judge me that it's real why does bought Dez Bryant fur and I'm not in you know see the [ __ ] I only buy somebody online he could say I bought a black guy in with that fun southern accent no we're not here that's gonna say anything another hilarious I don't Have yeah no I have a lot of this racial filter on my computer you can't tell what race anyone is anymore oh yeah oh cool so it's pretty cool how does that work for porn oh I'm off porn right now I'm six days clean but I'm guessing it's fine yeah but you can't have any everything kind of blurs when it comes to race I'll be the same color well so you can't see you don't see color with us now because you're so used to like back in you can yeah what color mode you Guys huh what color am I you're kind of a little bit of like a peachy faun peachy thank you baby no it's kind of more of like a you know kind of like a Rodin kind of like a kind of a rubenesque forest kind of boy troops remove it yeah yeah Roman that's what I'm in Rome yeah I have two two different black oh they're watching right now I'm sure have you ever had sex with a black girl yes I have Ventura off of Ventura Boulevard Really yeah and she had a bunch of like chain mail and stuff on her room which was chain mail yeah and she had you ever been to the bus station where they have those they don't have mirrors but they have like metal that's like reflective I don't ride never ridden the bus you're talking about I don't know Thank You Bert she had that up on the ceiling so it wasn't like a mirror it just seemed like it was crazy man and this was Halloween I think it was Halloween I don't remember wake up in accost very crazy man I remember it was crazy people had chain mail she had one of those Jamie are you saying the right word I think so let me chain my tables like when you go swimming with sharks where they put you in take a bite you yeah no that's something or something to kill you were in chainmail in the water you're gonna what are you thinking of change hey mail somebody that fought in Like the 1800s and they wore big yeah she had chain mail she a chain mail on her a lot of those interesting chicks I've ever heard of in my life dude and that's the new thing now you know coming back yeah so I'm making this dish because Theo is part Native American did I how much I'm one-eighth from my father got into it yep everyone in Louisiana is pretty much really I think that's how Louisiana is just like a huge melt it was melting pot before New York Even thought about being a melting pot they're the original you having trouble speaking of French growing up mm-hmm I mean I've never trusted in most of the French to be honest with ya I don't mind I mean names seven cool French uh Louis Vuitton yeah Gucci those guys all French it's almost like you're playing Mad Libs I'm gonna sit and just watch you guys talk today we're making Native American fly bad tacos desserted look um I've Been involving a lot of racist [ __ ] man I said look wait with David Duke I'm not doing any of this [ __ ] what are we try bad tacos fry bread tacos fried bread fried fry bread so basically what you're doing is it's like tortilla it's kind of look more bready right I need to make the fry bread dough in turn right now I had work that precision I feel like I'm on The Cooking Channel this is great we just watch you doing this one oh you guys can help what I need you guys to do No I need you guys to unload all of this Crisco into there Oh easy all this y'all help with some of this huh is this fat-free yeah we wait all that and all the Crisco over there to this dude Alfred Einstein oh you're my man why cuz you saw pie all right this is is this supposed to be hot yeah two cups left another like okay I've never made dough before oh I haven't oh then maybe you should take give me a scooper to get all this out [ __ ] quit counting well no That was uh maybe I don't know six you get to zoom in on this god damn it I got distracted so it looks like when I shoot a little sad dick got it right don't worry about it I think I got it more of it broke the cam we could be one tablespoon baking powder hey bro there's no way that this recipe calls for this much Crisco no [ __ ] chance on earth would you need this much Crisco you're making it for a lot of people that look how many people are in This is for us there's no way we need this much Crisco Rachel this is absurd for real look at look at the Nutrition Facts on the back of this 113 servings in this yes you want to hold this if you leave all that [ __ ] gonna be pretty precise when you make bread are these both the tables bibo tablespoon one this your show dude you're like a drunk driver but in the kitchen did you sell the shore where you can who decided you were the guy to good [ __ ] is in here Theo I coulda said we could just have ice cream we could [ __ ] this whole thing off and ready with guys I need to [ __ ] focus all right focus okay slowly mix in what is that where did you find that just take a couple hits bro dude you remember doing don't [ __ ] narc on us we have good holy [ __ ] my one on his first date with a girl in college I don't know what do you want to do is just go to the grocery store dude whippets and we just went to his grocery Store that was your first date I love this go to marry that woman for the groceries this isn't like four dates in his life Bert gave me at the grocery store boy we had sex with 6p6 women girls girls you've had sex with six women yep total you do with your hands all right so we put all this we do me a favor yeah you get me I need you to slowly okay I need one more cup so that's a half a cup and I'm gonna do this with my hands I think yeah and then Just bring it over here dump it yeah just slowly there we go yeah yeah oh yeah her smell right oh that does that smells weird it smells like bad [ __ ] oh yeah oh my god okay make it a door okay make it at all what else do you want us to do now that we're now that we're in for me hell yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah use that talking block and then we feel put that on the stove right here let's get that hot got it where's Aiken If-- look at this this is a big-ass knife how do you want this cut chopped up a french-style CEO doesn't like the French man no the best part about this is we can make a mess and I don't we don't have to clean it up so we're gonna fry these right in the oil yep awesome I knew this is gonna happen to my eyes cut with my eyes closed the Russell's oh this is looking good right you done straight crying on camera but it's [ __ ] I'm Misaka Irish guy can't Handle a [ __ ] little strong vengeance you know come over here and you do it is must y'all's family members of potatoes racist [ __ ] that [ __ ] dough looks like this is nice so now work that we're [ __ ] we're moving fast guys this is going good we gotta let the dough rest for 20 minutes it's out on the field yeah it's on this guy's be me this would be the shittiest [ __ ] 17 know outdoors to outdoors I lost my virginity in Marco Island Florida ha ha Ha captain Brian's someone who was of an under 70 years no no no I have the picture I was you and your boys before you and your boys are going down for spring break all right done correct you're in - hold on let him finish this all top adidas I was checks not stripes but you're but it's okay I'm just sunburned I was sunburned 100 but he was a local now she was from Serato oh yeah Okay yeah I traded a bottle of Captain Morgan for a hotel room and the condom broke oh wow pretty cool yeah were you good your first time was I good yeah I lasted a pretty good amount of time I lasted a while until the condom broke and then it was just like see ya this is all coming out what do you mean CEO it was over I had to walk away we sad about it yeah I was real pumped yeah I was real bummed I broke a condom I got depressed she got Mad cuz I took a long shower I was kind of plate in life I was like what if I have a child now dude that was what I lost my virginity my [ __ ] lasting thought was I might need are there for a kid no 17 years old the condom broke cause like that's it this is it okay that's it I am good hi vaids anakin aids on a kid great that's what they should say that 17 year olds that are gonna get AIDS and a kid yeah are you ready for AIDS and ending it didn't Have sex though I didn't have sex without a condom now at 46 have you like I'll roll the dice on AIDS you're like I'm out of here soon that's a healthier lifestyle I'd have to keep myself clean dude I've cut these onions up so [ __ ] well okay let's okay so onions I gotta let that melt this is this does [ __ ] up your eyes it does my bad I'm sorry no it's okay I I knew what it was gonna do it's like I've never seen an onion before I'm [ __ ] really proud of this Dough I did not see this coming out the way it was and then we're gonna use bison today oh [ __ ] yeah what you were your dad born in 1910 Jesus oh you do you think your great-grandmother was born I do my grandfather was born in 1880 my grandpa Wow from New Orleans for Nicaragua my probably grew up in the garage where his mama's in the garage I can never tell what's real or not real with Teague I swear to god ma I'm Paula Stick around and find out they were my - Thiel's from Cleveland polish Nicaraguan yeah dude my family's in the mahogany game over there girag [ __ ] me so they had a maid cleaning company but it said ma de polish is that reason yeah I mean I know it doesn't register with me yeah they'll notice it you asked notice are you making another cocktail yeah yeah where's the Bison I'm guessing it's in the fridge What is this is this all the Crisco yeah that's all the Crisco and then what we're gonna do is we're going to take these and make a little flop like a little out and read it really it you [Laughter] would be a good politician Bert I would be you just phasing politician yeah let me see I would be an amazing show you this [ __ ] thing look at this hold on look at this Oh baby this a friend I'm Ryan marine a marine paralyzed and Now he's walking again he was paralyzed in a freak accident that's how don't Marines oh they could get paralyzed and then walk again dude [ __ ] [ __ ] I saw him walking the other day put on Instagram he was like it's not this time Walker and he was like I'm what remodel today can we open the Bison with it yeah yeah oh is this Bison yeah oh cool let me see your bloody Amon Ismail me up five out of here you know what what what it [ __ ] turn over get the [ __ ] over I say we open up traditionally put it under a lamp talk talk talk talk oh this looks really beautiful dude [ __ ] yeah this how it would be doper of Rachel just cooked it for us and we just chatted I know well I think people really turn into watch my cooking yeah yeah yeah that's what they want to see yeah Oh Mison is right how's it going there's a little insurance nightmare yeah put the Chilies in alright this the oils heat but it is oh yeah oh we should turn it down a little bit then thanks field no worries man I start looking a Mexican restaurant which one this one was called okay grande grande grande it big big it was the first one in there's a second one in our town the first one got not excommunicated what is it when you get called when they shut it down shut down and shut down shut down other people Took it over and we're gonna beg in restaurant did you really yeah they can you pequeño you're lyin now I'm done being serious we stir that what I like talking to you guys dude because every time I try to talk you guys try to be mean oh you know I haven't really washed that knife yet well it's cooking right now I know but I think that was in Afghanistan with them that's nice give this most for my table sauce really good man and what are we gonna doing That we're gonna fry the bread in there we're gonna fry the bread was the first time you got drunk I was 15 yeah really we weren't we're a garage hoppin you know that is no that's when you in the Midwest you go around people to see if people's garages are open people come home in the Midwest they trust me with a live their garage home when they parent so you go into a garage and they all people have fridges in the Midwest in their garage yeah and you steal Everything they have you don't steal valuable items you steal alcohol that's it and types of wedding cakes em hell yeah yeah you got to seal the wedding cake in case you get hungry really really really funny all right I'm gonna switch this over to back here and then we're gonna do these flatbread [ __ ] I know I'm hungry okay looks great this should be pretty good don't why are you touching it were you ever in the military Burt nope you Think you can [ __ ] lasted in the military I could have lasted a [ __ ] second oh I just leave right over a [ __ ] flame yeah look bad oh yeah I would laughs you disaster [ __ ] military hey what level did you make it burn your arm level god damn oh yeah burn my oh my let me see lift up your arm you burn your arm I think I went I leaned over and I saw my eyelashes are gone oh [ __ ] your eyebrow is gone is partially gone Yeah it is no use depth in s eyebrows yeah I thought they were gone all right here we go we got this heated roll dough into hat quarter inch thick sickles yeah yeah Theo knows how to sickle discs I'll be yo sicko it is I'll be yo sick I'll be yo sick up let me give you man I wish we could just throw this stuff and shatter it you're done with me put some flour down feel No there you go look at that I Just get beaten up do not drop this we have no meal if you drop this okay I wouldn't drop okay okay just look like you dropped it it was in the air force over here calm down bro I saw get BJ's pizza dude off highway 22 dude yeah there we go look at that that's exactly what the perfect I tell ya that's a yes he's our Nate a little flour in here it's because it's getting a little sticky right these balls like this is that we're supposed to do Rachael balls Little tiny balls oh yeah yup and then Pat it down and get yourself a little dough like this and then you ready you ready yeah and then just throw that hitter in there boy gang gang sign oh [ __ ] very racist as we get it out though how do we get it out though just with your hands Bert no no oh why can't you put your hand in there let's go I think we're making them choose the ball oh these are really tiny tacos we need more Pat we need more um flour Yeah throw some [ __ ] down there there we go yeah hell yeah oh yeah yeah you know yours or yours look like like [ __ ] coins yeah cool Mary guys we're talking to a guy still has [ __ ] chance in his life oh this one's gonna be the one that's a hitter right there boy oh [ __ ] somebody's [ __ ] on a fairground too big to pay em this not a you go oh look at this look at this Tell me you don't that ones golden brown fur to take that [ __ ] out flip it bro good job good job I got mine that's gonna fry it's really [ __ ] good what were you like when you were a child Burt curious really I was actually a goofy child like really [ __ ] goofy do you bother your parents a lot yeah my dad to this day does not really understand me entirely how many brothers and sisters your sisters both live in LA oh that's yeah because one of them Looked just like you or not I won't say yeah my youngest called Burton skirt she married does she take her shirt off when she says hope she's uh she works at Fox oh she does this one's a good one ever see your shirt a bit small are you gonna dye it it's cheat day that one's legit this one's legit yeah that's cool man put some more foot get some more flour throw some more flour over here yeah I'm about to make the ultimate this one's legit This one I guess when I do this one I didn't [ __ ] up thank you player oh dude imagine if you had to go home everything cook by yourself like a lonely yeah we're the beans where the beans just so sad Bert are you peeping any of these Harbor [ __ ] you [ __ ] Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry [ __ ] how are you [ __ ] kind of a thicker guy and you burn all the food concern kind of feel like you have more of a concern good how long is that bison Supposed to cook like I know it's keeping a warm I'm keeping them warm bro he's a calf man you gotta shut it down he's trying to burn off the Afghanistan from that knife nope no got to be more golden this one this is hard as a [ __ ] rock whatever let's go do we make scones two rigs don't talk has been in here a 40-minute oh [ __ ] backsplash boy a little samu I dropped in there have you guys seen blackfish I don't talk about That or not you mean black they call blackfish we're supposed what is the double what goes to put a taco on top a black black fish about yeah what they don't black fish in San Diego I'm very sad what what do they do here this oil is too hot no sugar you gotta make them where did that even go spread these out you're making [ __ ] coins it evaporate no give it to Andrew every unit better I did I've done enough anyway here we go all right we Just need we need to good we need if you gonna give me two kind of good ones I could take some from them no no no no that one's gonna be don't worry what are you doing tasting a piece why don't you wait until the end with your lake for tea and not know what it's like okay you're gonna have seven kids and never talk to the first one no obviously because the first one you had right away yeah how's it look good you know I got that secret in my mouth boy look at that Even shaped like a [ __ ] car Oh God look at you dude very good yeah hell yeah very [ __ ] good Wow Wow good how are you getting the four whole life's going yep for a whole day sir all of their way here feel like a [ __ ] chef so then what we'll do is then we'll take it we'll take our plates and each plate ourselves one yeah and concoct it yeah a little pretty show for the thing a little bit of hot sauce everybody gets sunlight yeah Nice I've seen people oh my god this one that was the that's where we were supposed to do the whole [ __ ] time well it took us one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen of them not bad not bad for guys that never cooked in their [ __ ] life this looks so lovely comedians bro a well-lit kitchen with different things in jars yeah pull fridge jars tomatoes that one's [ __ ] mind let's smother it that is so Beautiful this will be our beauty get a shot at this one this is real good which is [ __ ] beautiful I think it's done I'm gonna give you a little how does it take mine and put my oh that's not bad at all that's good there's a little soft you ready hold on hold on yeah yeah you're ready you ready ready Wow let's take these over here and I'm like proud looks like they got from the mask did you see that movie I love that [ __ ] movies which mean we're getting the silver dollar which what do you want here you go that's me I can say right there okay I want that little French hippie right there all right so then we gonna let mine dry out is we you create a little base with this little Basin what well base a free whole lace player Oh baby for holy space okay you can do I got it for you what do you want I just gotta wait till this dries out we gotta let it dry what so turn the fire off Good call god damn it's so good to have you around turn that fire off can you believe that somebody's a death the name of our show turn that fire off what is this though whoo what's the hottest I don't know let's try some of the hottest [ __ ] it's gonna be ooh once your Scoville on there coming euro well touch the top feels not that hot jalapeno hub in Europe yeah give me the hot air sooner salsa una FATA oh this smells holy Sh I want the hardest one me too yeah you get beauties of ours Oh where's cheese I [ __ ] love cheese I love cheese yeah yeah I'm sorry are you putting hot sauce on mine for me yep oh thank you friend in need is a friend indeed hell yeah looks pretty good huh this cookies no I mean come on bro plus I'm gonna take this and then do a little bit of little bit of dude anybody can do a cooking show That's what that's this is proof of anything do people just have to fight at the end of it wouldn't it be cool I love that [ __ ] your dish was good but now you have a fight Marcus you ready you see that how beautiful that is should we try it guys yes ooh mines [ __ ] tired it's really good I do like aw I gotta tell ya [ __ ] around Hong Kong over yeah oh oh that's really good it's like a taco but with tons more Power yeah these are now no Rachel no [ __ ] how unhealthy really oh this drought bison does Ruhlman real lean hmm [ __ ] that is hot sauce without enough to know you're the best sighs those are a lot easier ya know cuz then I just have one of these now I'm done I know but it would've been nice to like have samples yeah well I'm not a greedy strange person we mean samples there all this it's all the same [ __ ] I know but like those samples of the bread like this like just going in and going I think I did it right right right watch this I'm going in I'm opening it up I'm putting cheese in here right put cheese in the wife bro if she slept heavy as you can see the Burt is loading up his pupusas with no meat no cheese look at that Alicia's you're right looks like it come on Jim put honey on it honey Oh Robin you're off dude you're sweating Out of your eyes right yeah your eyeballs are sweating right now I think I've work wrong [ __ ] hey have you have you had a big dinner on here that you haven't sweated huh oh no sweat on every reason why I sweat when I eat and when I not when you make like a PB&J no no no but I think I getting like a like a panic eating mode yeah looks like you got to get it in before they take it away like you're eating like this yeah this is a fire or something this is Amazing right here what'd I say you'd like no one's watching it's I think it's dance hmm I'll say it Big Ups to the Native Americans do all right for they knew what the [ __ ] they were doing we wouldn't be here for wouldn't for you guys literally mmm so thank you very much sorry about all the bad [ __ ] hey I should clear it out sorry for all the bad [ __ ] no we can do it's just so good All right good cut some my throat yes oh no sugar pants is it really yeah the habanero is [ __ ] insane how can you fart dude on that's my voice all over the port wow I don't have to wait my work that's awesome here yeah we know sometimes most of the time she gets out of bed and go sleep in on the couch we like snore sure why it's awesome now yeah she's possibly a [ __ ] well you have no idea I mean I got a pretty good idea did you think you know How women love that shelf snapped and [ __ ] do you think your wife might kill you what's that yeah a [ __ ] kill you I mean if you don't know what that is you're dande oh my god I'm [ __ ] sweating my ass off right now this is cool they make some of those inputs powdered sugar on them and um well this might just rub my hair with this hand sweet fry them up again I think they're fried yeah they look pretty fried to me mercs legit the guy That invented refried yeah they're fried he's like primary god yeah oh my god [ __ ] me now habanero I got you is it really that hard oh it's [ __ ] yeah I'm gonna be [ __ ] the ball tonight okay it's not not hot I'm never getting married dude Berta's not the [ __ ] pinnacle of what excited him dude that is gonna be [ __ ] in the middle but the heightened he's having a sugar tree honey but that's on her not you she's so much being a Responsible adult bird loading up his ass with more of an arrow habanero bird put some Hagen here on one of those all right you ready oh do people think you can eat hot stuff cause you have red air now yeah it kind of comes with the territory people think you can eat hot stuff if you have red hair hot temper this is Mikey temple oh it's a very it's an extremely valid question okay that you look like it we're gonna Tallying restaurant I love those [ __ ] powder on you this powder flour tempers get the [ __ ] yeah oh yeah what am I talking about goober yeah and have most up some more bison bison bison is good huh where's it Fromme do they have it within the picture can you see where at that in the background it's got to be Colorado well it's a Vietnamese beer Tiger lager I love that show you know Tigers kill people in Vietnam all the time Yeah on a daily basis how crazy is that oh yeah good you've run the day roller my wife was in Vietnam you run the dirt you rolled up my wife lived in Vietnam what was she doing over there I sent her over there to learn how to be a real wife holy [ __ ] and so I'm gonna try this cut it for you huh dude I feel like I'm at the house I'm doing dishes and [ __ ] what did I literally just wash this out for no reason you think food will ever come in like just full-size Suppositories bro yeah give or take this in the back would you put that up your ass I would would you during the holidays probably I try to do style what holiday no cucumbers didn't work what are we talking Presidents Day no no something between November and well there's only two that's us Thanksgiving in it yeah anywhere in there probably have to be at home you know that's so good right that's so [ __ ] good I know is this a dessert yup but is now what's A call it's called a desert fry bread no that's right bread desert fry bread wow that's really good dude here what do we do beer what do you guys have been talking about oh sure yeah that Bert hit that Santino made you a little some some Wow Bert your tongue looks all the way just go all the way at this point no share it out of your mouth sandy your tongue looks like [ __ ] Rampage Jackson it just [ __ ] comes right whattcha meets Up need that let me see oh yeah let me see your tongue real quick do it again oh oh you [ __ ] it's fine with the food come see the full thing you ready yeah oh whoa whoa whoa weird damn that's that Greg look Jane this we're doing that here we're doing kiss wow dude who needs a dick when you got that bad cat hanging out your face I mean that's the saving grace for him well I don't get a lot of pleasure if I tell you Ben really oh you could get Electrocuted as a child with that [ __ ] bad boy on you first time over went down on a check I thought I just [ __ ] witness bad [ __ ] out it doesn't work the way they keep really yeah your tongue is legit yeah it's a big pretty big chunk but that's not people who grows on like a tongue inside them they like it you know work the rim top of the key none of us could be a [ __ ] marine [ __ ] out here no way remotely do you remain no memory definitely kept Remember I can't ever be a lady you'll never be a coming none of us could be a [ __ ] marina okay okay yes right out let's do it oh okay would not kick me out they would make you shave your [ __ ] head okay Shay gone okay you're cool with that yeah go okay yeah second of all save it what time you wake up in the morning probably quarter eight not early enough not early enough did you work out the moment you wake up no I don't then You're not a [ __ ] marine those guys are bad every morning do you make your bed every day yes I do I don't believe is there anything on your floor no there's nothing on my room you had that chairs gotta [ __ ] go you're not a Marine but that chair [ __ ] gone are you taking commands not a Marine [ __ ] a lot of Marines the new slogan is hey you do what you do what we say pity pity yeah that's the Marines probably give me 20 unless you don't feel like it then Just ten and that's fine yeah so for five nine of us memories no [ __ ] one let's go do an era 60 in a row no brakes no brakes wrap it the [ __ ] out that doing push-ups hear about this kitchen money in it on it oh no but money energy put money in China but here's the thing I've had a lot of sugar today I don't know if it's a good time for our muscles to engage and all that here's a better question get more Fat than sugar than me do you think you could do Oh probably 55 55 more than me so if I could bang out 20 right now you can do twining around give me 20 can you third oh I could probably get a 30 knowing that he's gonna do 80 how about this a hundred and twenty dollars okay I knew you guys you'll give you'll give me after I just say that 50 pushups okay in a row yeah you do booby in a row yeah yeah okay we're gonna do it on the table Huh I can't do it on the card the table I don't want to burn my [ __ ] eyeballs yeah let me real quick I'm gonna see how many I can do okay I feel here we go oh whoa whoa again you can't see two three four I almost threw his back out fifty broke okay I'll do him in a row yeah for $120 money on the table oh then we the money right now so this burger all right I'll put down this credit card actually I might throw up throw up I'll just cut up a booster row You you puke I'll give you five extra bucks if I throw up you'll give me five extra buck up 125 we have to see the vomit don't know just saliva okay something's burning guys you only do them right yeah something's burning and it's a ginger let's see the heat yeah about the bang out 50 push on even look at that posture to [ __ ] 3 4 5 6 yes 7 9 10 11 look at him sweating bro 15 look at the steam coming off of him getting really red the red smoke baby Rachel come on so dirty little drink we're getting funnel getting all sweet don't want boy doing me a little ginger [Applause] oh that deals a deal Wow bro you strong feel good dude feel his chest let me see those feet in just one oh [ __ ] I didn't know why you wearing a shirt right now [ __ ] [ __ ] what after eating that like I might throw up yeah yo red oh I might pass on throw why do you feel it what you hate Has a bad idea you know it's the same thing it's your one hand yeah it's not like one of my tits is gonna be big enough this has been [ __ ] awesome I got fed I said 50 pushups on cam 120 bucks I'll never see that money I'll say I'll see you the money okay how do we end this we always try to figure out a way to end this what's a good end I mean apologize for anything and I've said that could be misconstrued Same bert thanks so much for having us thank you appreciate my friends in a long time and this was actually such a good meal this is fantastic guys I've had a blessed lean bison cheese frijoles you should do this again fried dough yeah with a pound of Crisco that was I mean that's repulsive and a great big it's still hot you can drink a little bit look Martin can you hear that that's America dude that's supporting a perfectly safe I will say happy Veterans Day me too happy Veterans Day this is gonna come out arrogance yeah but veterans they still exist you idiot sorry I feel it I feel that yeah happy Veterans Day thank you to all the veterans who gave us this knife the other [ __ ] wrist is the Chris Davis Scott gave us this knife so we could [ __ ] cook with it let me see God was it in Afghanistan Scott's our phrenic dude and also Thank You Burt for having Thank You Marie thank you both thank you Both of you guys remember subscribe to all things comedy we got new episodes every other Monday next week we've got Adam Sandler and David Letterman we'll see you guys then are you [ __ ] yeah really well no one's gonna watch this yeah if that's next I'm gonna confirm yeah I don't really reached out to them but yeah pretty much so who's on the next one after that oh that's uh George Clinton and George Bush and that's tight Yep no and then we got Donald Trump and Kathy Griffin so we'll see you guys subscribe remember bill burns new special on the reddest comical I've is coming out on Netflix that's all so it's awkward for you no no it's it makes perfect sense yeah all right thank you guys with all of you is all our heart

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