Opening of the 74th World Health Assembly

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World Health Organization (WHO)

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Good morning good afternoon good evening your excellencies honorable ministers ambassadors delegates director general in my capacity as the outgoing president of the 73rd world health assembly i am pleased to welcome you all once again it was just over a year ago that i addressed This august body for the first time in circumstances very similar to the one in which we are meeting today as i noted it was an honor and privilege for me personally and for my country the commonwealth of the bahamas a small archipelago and member state of the caribbean community to serve as president of the 73rd world health assembly albeit virtually rather Than in our usual in-person meetings to which we had become so accustomed it was a time when the global community was in upheaval grappling with a pandemic which saw lives upended countless lives lost health care systems challenged in ways we never thought could happen given the advances in medicines and technology economies Shaken and in some cases decimated and for many the social economic and development gains made slowly eroded the likelihood of attaining the sustainable development goals or achieving the goal of universal health coverage and the strengthening of primary health care seemed for many a dream there was so much uncertainty and the Multilateral system and international cooperation we have all come to expect challenged and sometimes even questioned in the midst of it all the w.h.o continued to labor on offering that beacon of hope in the darkness for so many who lacked the resources and technical know-how to make sense of what was happening of florence nightingale to so many And for that we say thank you the organization and its team of professionals not only continue to toil to find answers and make sense of it all but continued with the other work that it had been tasked such as ebola the global action plan for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases recommendations to improve diabetes Prevention treatment and monitoring to name just a few excellencies ladies and gentlemen much has transpired since our de minima session last may and our resumed session in november we saw the discovery and approval of vaccines to combat the pandemic we all faced we witnessed health care professionals Going above and beyond the call of duty to save lives neighbors helping neighbors countries displaying a sense of altruism by sharing when some had none or needed a helping hand while there has been progress and in some instances very rapidly i may add much still remains to be done we have heard the cry time and time again That too many are being left behind the bahamas my country has not gone unscathed as an archipelagic nation the realisms of outbreaks occurring on multiple islands has been realized increasing resources requirements for ensuring delivery of the highest quality of covet 19 care to all our citizens and residents is an actuality we bear our peoples like those of other nations Have experienced disruptions in well-being through the social and economic challenges brought on by the pandemic thankfully with the availability of the covet 19 vaccine access through the kovacs facility and donations the bahamas is moving firmly toward having priority groups in the first instance Vaccinated recognizing that vaccinations signal the beginning of the end of this woeful pandemic a fully vaccinated population in the shortest period possible is our aim as we seek to regain pre-covert normalcy across our nation however increasing equitable access to vaccines while exposing myths and misinformation fueling vaccine hesitancy is crucial for our collective success In ending this pandemic but in the process it is also important that we incorporate lessons learned while we build back better to take advantage of the technologies available to us and in so doing ensure that we leave no one behind the need to remove trade barriers export measures and other transit issues that block restrict Or slow down the supply and movement of vaccines raw materials protective equipment component and supplies needed to ensure equitable distribution globally is most urgent excellencies ladies and gentlemen the year 2020 is one which will long be in our collective memories as the year when the world was reminded of the undeniable importance of global regional and national Preparedness for health emergencies as it is certain that this covert 19 pandemic has presented an existential threat to us all director general dr tetros the bahamas is delighted to have had the opportunity to serve as president of this august assembly during the past year and we thank you the secretariat And member states for this opportunity before we proceed to the election of offices for the 74th health assembly it is my privilege to inform you of the presence of several distinguished high-level guests we are honored to have them with us and with further ado i would like to invite the first of our speakers the federal councillor alain bessette For his remarks mr bessette you have the floor sir microphone for the speaker please microphone for the speaker please your excellencies heads of state and government president of the assembly director general all of the progress social and economic progress made over recent decades must not be rendered null and void by the current crisis as We have sought to grapple with the kovid 19 pandemic we recognize that we are now facing new threats of course we see the proliferation of variants of the virus but we also see threats related to the socio-economic consequences of the crisis national responses to a global crisis can never be enough they're not enough and that is shown by what is happening and also by the difficulties that we are Encountering it is clear that multilateral cooperation is the way forward for all of us we all share a responsibility to protect the health of all and by protecting the health of all we will be protecting the way in which our societies function because of course we need security stability and predictability in all of our societies we all know that And we all know that it is only by working together and taking a collective approach that we can achieve that goal and so here we are the 24th of may 2021 we have to be realistic we're not there yet we have more to do and we have more to do because there are many challenges to be met many ambitious goals to be achieved and we have to Open our eyes to that how can we strengthen the role of multilateralism in protecting health what role should be played by the who in future in anticipating global health crisis and allowing us to overcome them i would like to propose a number of priority areas by way of a response firstly the fundamental role of multilateralism secondly strengthening The functioning of who and thirdly protecting our societies in the light of a crisis like this one let me focus on those three priorities first of all multilateralism and how it has to be strengthened we have to state here loud and clear that there is no alternative to multilateralism we have been living now with the pandemic for more than a year and this is a unique Chance for us to do that since the very outset of this health crisis switzerland has advocated for a global multilateral response we have had a number of goals guaranteeing rapid affordable and equitable access to vaccines but not only to vaccines to diagnostics to therapies to treatments to allow us to deal with the novel coronavirus And we recently announced a supplementary contribution of around 300 million francs for the act accelerator and more of more than a third of that should go to support the kovacs mechanism this very morning we also spoke out strongly in favor of the biohub initiative the initiative launched by who and we're going to make available A biological security laboratory to diagnose coronavirus pathogens as well as other pathogens pathogens as part of that initiative all of this shows then that effective innovative cooperation with the private sector is now possible for instance license sharing that's allowed us to develop medical products while respecting technological and security requirements And today we must build on the experience that we have gained in the white heat of the crisis as we move forward and seek to further develop these projects and launch them on a greater scale these are innovative projects and they really are an opportunity that we can grasp if we are to build a global health protection system with the wh o at its very heart We need to restore confidence in multilateral solutions we need to ensure that borders remain open to trade and let us say once again here something that has been clearly demonstrated to all in recent months let us say once again no country can manage this cri crisis alone multilateral cooperation is vital that's more obvious than ever but it's not enough just to say that you have to do something about it and That means you need a clear governance structure a universal health architecture having said that it brings me very naturally to my second point my second priority and that is strengthening the role of the who the crisis we are living through shows clearly something that was already self-evident to many people it shows clearly that we need to strengthen wh o its normative technical and Operational mandates need to be enhanced yes we see more clearly than ever today that we need who and we need who to be strong we expect a lot from who and we want who to be effective in leading crisis response that means that as member states we have to give who the competence it needs to do its job and we have to give it predictable independent Funding and this is particularly important when it comes to the health emergencies program that being so let me state that switzerland supports the idea of a treaty on pandemics the purpose of this would be to enhance and strengthen the role of the who and also to ensure better implementation of the ihrs over recent years many countries including switzerland Have truly sought to implement all of the requirements that are placed upon them by the ihrs and we now recognize that in switzerland we do feel prepared to deal with certain pandemics but as has been shown by recent events all over the world we can always be overtaken by events we need to do more we can do more by strengthening our health systems by Ensuring full application of the ihrs and by promoting the one health approach let me come now to my third priority and that is protection of public health and the knock-on effect of that protection of the way in which our societies function let me once again pay tribute to the vital role and the outstanding job that is done by health personnel they are truly exemplary as for our collective efforts To combat the pandemic preparation is vital and we have to recognize that as part of our collective effort when we talk for instance about international peace and security we know how important that is and we have to recognize that health is equally important in terms of ensuring protection for our way of life for our societies this health crisis affects everyone but It affects the most vulnerable the worst they are the hardest hit and that's true for any epidemic or pandemic there is a true risk of increasing inequality and this means that this can turn from being a health crisis to a humanitarian crisis the social effects of the pandemic have meant that inequality has become worth worse and we have also seen that Hostility has been stepped up in many areas and there is still a serious threat to health personnel in conflict zones there are attacks on health personnel and we know that those needing health care today will achieve a record level mainly because of the effects of the pandemic we remain convinced however that dialogue on health is the way forward that's the way to allow us to find a common ground I have been been the health minister for switzerland for around 10 years and throughout those 10 years i have been fully convinced that health is a global good it is something that is essential for all of us throughout the world sadly my belief has only been confirmed by what has happened recently and through the initiative health for peace switzerland is committed to finding lasting solutions to deal with Health emergencies in the humanitarian context ladies and gentlemen if we look at the international response to the pandemic we have to evaluate it we have to learn lessons from it and that is very much what's at the top of the political agenda today for instance at the recent global health summit of the g20 this was very much discussed and it's important that we do this if we Are to face up to future crisis because we do face significant challenges for the future we need to redouble our efforts we need to do more in strengthening multilateralism solidarity and international cooperation i'm here at a world health assembly now in normal times as you know ladies and gentlemen now as i bring my speech to an end i would say That i would be delighted to see you all this evening for the swiss welcome reception and we would all share a drink and a moment of fellowship together sadly this year that's not possible but uh i therefore cannot end my speech by saying that right now but what i can say is that the next opportunity we have when we have together overcome this pandemic i will be more than delighted on behalf Of switzerland to invite you all to an in-person meeting thank you thank you mr merced [Applause] i'm pleased to now invite the president of france his excellency president emmanuel macron to address us dear heads of state and government dear director general of the world health organization dear tedros The pandemic is not over but we can draw many lessons from it already and indeed for more than one year already we have all been fully mobilized in the daily management of this crisis but the time has come and you have given us this opportunity to do so through this exchange to really learn some lessons from this pandemic the first lesson that we can learn from this Pandemic is that we can only succeed together no country alone will save itself and no country alone will save the others every citizen around the world has understood that this pandemic is a global one by definition and through the mechanisms of infection it is a global is a global one and therefore our responses have to be global therefore the only international Response has to be cooperation and we must join our efforts according to uh subsidiarity we must make sure that we cooperate in terms of health care treatment in the re at the regional level we must also cooperate in terms of research investments and planning and to do so we have established the europe for health initiative and we will continue To bolster it at the international level there will also be coordination surveillance activities change sharing of information and also solidarity now on this last topic with our european partners we have put forward concrete proposals first of all we have to have institutions that are up to the task that meet our ambitions the world health organization has to be the heart has to be the compass Of our global health approach this organization has to be robust in times of crisis that has to be flexible enough to be to react during emergencies and it has to be solid when it comes to controversy controversies and it must be completely transparent to make sure that people trust the organization there must not be any political pressure and there must not be any suspicions Of pressure that has been exerted france therefore supports the reinforcement of the world health organization in its normative um role in that regard we must improve the funding of the world health organization for it to be more sustainable more predictable and less dependent on several big donors we should also study the proposals that are on the table today to reinforce The independence of the organization now secondly we should work collectively to reinforce the implementation of the ihr to do so i would like france to participate in a pilot project of a peer review to the capacity for response during pandemics we must also give the possibility to the who through rapid response missions to be Available in the field as soon as there are the very first signs of a pandemic that are raised now i would like to attribute to the wh show a competence of investigation on pathogens that are potentially that potentially might lead to a pandemic that would give them rapid access to all territories around the world now transparency and sharing of data are absolutely fundamental The health crisis has reminded us that the health crisis must not cannot be dissociated from the animal environment now this is the famous one health approach which must guide our efforts to be better prepared for future pandemics and on this aspect we have started to work together in fact in november we launched in paris this initiative and we must continue to make this initiative more concrete And finally this is something that is very important to me the current pandemic with all of the misinformation attributed to it it has allowed us to understand how important science is and how important data is access to trustworthy reliable data information is absolutely fundamental they will be extremely important when we will have to deal with the repercussions in the years and Decades to follow this is why in june 2019 we set up with the who a who academy that will train healthcare workers that will train also the leaders of companies and civil society organizations because health if it is based on science is something that affects us all two years on i am very pleased to announce that thanks to you dear dr tedros that The world health organization academy has been launched france will uh invest more than 120 million euros in this academy it will become the reference establishment at the global level for public health now it's open its doors will open in lyon in 2023 and as of this summer there will be a very first catalog of training Sessions available france therefore would like to fully commit itself to the future negotiations on the who transformation to advance very quickly as of this wha the resolution sponsored by the eu on the reinforcement of the who in emergency health activities would be a strong signal of this i would also like you To consider adopting the pandemic treaty now these are the few convictions a few words that i wanted to share with you dr tedros and dear all be assured of france's full commitment in these endeavors today and for the future thank you very much thank you excellency i shall now invite with pleasure the chancellor of the federal republic of germany angela merkel your excellency You have the floor dear secretary general dear ladies and gentlemen we have been living with and fighting against the pandemic for over a year now we have made progress but also seen setbacks it is therefore time to learn from our experiences for one thing is clear this pandemic is not yet beaten nor will it be the last of its kind new diseases will break out again and Again in the future the priority must be to enable the world to respond to pandemic threats as rapidly as possible to that end the who panels have given clear opinions in their evaluation of the coven 19 response and made concrete proposals in particular i would mention the idea of a global health threats council such a council could monitor adherence to health regulations in member states And thus help to improve both prevention and response in their reports the panels welcome the global treaty and pandemic pandemics as an important element in the who reform process i share that view we should take up these proposals devise joint rules and make sure that they are adhered to this would serve to enhance not only preparedness in each individual nation but also joint alerts and response Capabilities the pandemic reminds us in particular of just how important international cooperation is the who should therefore continue to play a leading role in global health care if it is to do so however we must provide it with lasting financial and personal support we have been talking about this for years but now it is all the more Important to act at last the health of each and every one of us should be worth that much i would like to invite all those who are not yet on board or still hesitant to support the idea of a global trend treaty on pandemics after the pandemic is before the pandemic we should be as well prepared as possible for the next one that is the signal i'd like to see from This world health assembly on that note i wish you every success success all of us around the world urgently need thank you thank you excellency i have the honor to invite the president of the republic of south africa his excellency president matamela ramaphosa president of the world health assembly director general of the world health organization Your excellencies heads of state and government members of the world health assembly and esteemed colleagues this assembly is taking place in one of the most critical periods in recent history for the world every country is affected by this pandemic millions of lives have been lost every sphere of life has been disrupted And citizens of every country have had to endure severe hardships and this pandemic has made us more aware of our strengths and our vulnerabilities it has also demonstrated how interconnected we are and how dependent we are on each other for our health as well as our well-being at this year's world health assembly we are urged to end this pandemic prevent the next one and build A healthier safer and fairer world this has to be our agenda this requires that we attend with some urgency and purpose to the huge divide in the provision of covered 19 vaccines to the peoples of the world millions of people in wealthier nations have been vaccinated while billions of people in poorer countries still wait and are still vulnerable to Infection to disease and to death we all need to work together to correct this situation this is not only a moral imperative effective and comprehensive global vaccination is vital to ending the pandemic none of us can hope to be safe unless we are all safe all over the world i've been honored to Co-chair the access to covet 19 tools accelerator with prime minister solberg of norway we sincerely thank funding partners and the scientific community for working so rapidly to develop vaccines diagnostics therapeutics and other essential needs we call on all leaders to continue to support this essential initiative so that we can raise The 18.5 billion dollars that is needed to ensure that appropriate tools for prevention diagnosis and treatment reach all parts of the globe we must urgently increase vaccine production across the world including in low and medium income countries among other things we need all countries to support the call for a limited waiver on intellectual property rights As a mechanism to promote rapid equitable access this will allow countries to allow the use of intellectual property to share technologies to produce vaccines and therapeutics lower prices and expedite distribution to everyone everywhere as we emerge from the west of the pandemic we need to build more robust pandemic response systems we need to give attention to the Establishment of a global health council that collaborates with the who to support regional and national response mechanisms we need to invest in our national health systems understanding that these are vital to the health of our people and the sustainability of our economies while the pandemic has exposed some of the weaknesses in our respective health systems it has Also required decisive measures to strengthen them in our case for example we have had to respond to the fragmentation of our health system integrating services between the public and private sector and improving coordination between the different spheres of government we improved our capacity to do genomic analysis relied more on scientific evidence to manage the Pandemic and improve diagnostics and increase the oxygen supplies we need to unpack the global lessons of covet 19 as we plan for the future building healthier safer and fairer lives is also about delivering integrated services for hiv tuberculosis non-communicable diseases and maternal newborn and child services We cannot reflect on this moment without recognizing the contribution of the millions of health workers and other frontline personnel around the world who have really demonstrated amazing courage and dedication as a global community we are grateful to dr tedros grabiersis for his leadership and the world health organization for Its dedication its hard work and tireless efforts as humanity we are in the midst of a devastating crisis let this be a turning point in our attitude towards human health and well-being we should make this the beginning of a journey towards a fairer and safer world let us also deepen global solidarity and cooperation and let us face the Future together and dr gabriel says i thank you and your entire staff across the world for an excellent job that has been done in managing this pandemic may you go from strength to strength together with all those that you work with i thank you thank you excellency i have the honor to invite the president of estonia Her excellency president curse kaijid excellency you have the floor dear president of the world health assembly director general of the world health organization excellencies dear delegates we have been through a very difficult period in our world but i hope that finally we have learned that even those in this world best of who feel like they are insulated from all the Problems because they have the resources they have access to resources that they are not in fact isolated and this is good this is the silver lining of this cloud we now realize for example that all population of this world needs to be vaccinated in order for everybody to be safe in this world this virus sars co2 this has taught us That we need to think of everybody all the billions on this world and unless we make sure that everybody has access to safe vaccination soon virus will be back and it might be even more difficult to fight it mutations are created everywhere not only among those who are rich and best of and can vaccinate but also in the bodies of those who are still waiting Estonia is part of the covax vaccination system and we wish all the best world health organization to maintain their good work at vaccinating everybody but we must also understand that vaccination for all other diseases has stalled in the last year children hundreds of millions of children have missed school meals and then there are wars other problems Of our world which will be enhanced by the bad developments in the climate change process the wars mean that children women adolescents suffer most for example in afghanistan out of 34 000 midwives only 6 000 can work and help women because there is war world health organization has worked hard and is continuing to push for Better developments and we believe that new technologies help them to work even better for everybody on this world estonia has been part of the world health organization's push for global vaccination certificate development which will help us to return to traveling globally but this is not enough many countries cannot participate Because they do not have digital e-health systems i hope that's my dream that in five years time every country in this world will have at least digital population registry where every mother can register the birth of every child from the mobile phone or other tools accessible for them without going anywhere and you know why this is very important This way technology will make vaccination nutrition help universal health care if one day we are willing to provide them to each and everybody in this world accessible because at least and this is really the lowest common denominator at least we would know who was born to whom and where this is how in estonia see how technology can come to help to resolve the global health problems Yes it will not resolve everything but at least we will know exactly where and how big our problems are in estonia we have created a universal healthcare model we have created a system where children are there at school and we have also created digital ecosystem to make sure that nobody misses out i really wish this for all of the world for all children women and adolescents all this Work thank you for listening thank you excellency i shall now invite with pleasure the prime minister of antigua and barbuda his excellency the honorable gaston brown mr president director general heads of government heads of delegation distinguished ladies and gentlemen i'm honored by the invitation to address this formal opening Of the 74th world health assembly of all the assemblies this organization has held none has been more vitally important than this one it is no exaggeration to say baldly that the future or fate of all mankind depends on the decisions that this assembly will make the world is ravaged by the covet-19 pandemic not only has the coronavirus infected almost 166 million persons worldwide It has also officially killed more than 3.5 million people globally worryingly recent estimates suggest that because of only reporting actual debts might be as high as 8 million persons mr president that startling figure should caution every person in the world to understand that to refuse vaccines is to court death we are fighting a war with a grim pernicious and pervasive reaper Of death and destruction no nation has escaped it no nation is immune from it and no nation can isolate itself from it if ever there was an irrefutable truth to the affirmation we all in this together that truth now steers us directly in our faces mr president realistically the global community is in the midst of two catastrophic events the first and preeminent Strategy is the distressful deaths of millions of people and the second is the ruination of economies globally some wealthy nations may survive these two afflictions but the majority will not in any event no country however rich will escape the consequences unscathed unless this assembly agrees to comprehensive and decisive action and commits to an Urgent and binding implementation plan our one world will be injured irreparably with profound repercussions for all therefore i urge that this meeting approach this matter as one that is of common urgency affecting all humanity and threatening the well-being of all in this connection we are all aware that a few of the world's richest nations Had contracted to purchase exclusively more than 50 percent of the four vaccine types that had been produced up to may 7th when the who listed china's cyanofarm covert 19 vaccine for emergency use this situation has led to a flood of vaccines in a few wealthy countries and a drought in the majority poorer nations it should distress us all that of the 1.6 billion vaccines already Administered globally over 50 percent have gone to wealthy countries while low-income countries and vulnerable states have received miniscule amounts global economies will not recover if some nations are fully inoculated and others are left deprived vaccine equity is critical to achieving global herd immunity And to contain the emergence of more deadly and debilitating covenant in variants no person of conscience should be comfortable witnessing the awful television images of the bodies of covert 19 victims floating in rivers or the mass burning of their corpses or hundreds of people being thrown anonymously into mass graves the leaders of our one Planet are summoned to serve a higher purpose the ready cause of saving lives in this regard this ignoble system of vaccine apartheid must end and end now nations that have stockpiled more vaccines than they require must release them to those who need them we are thankful to the government of the united states of america for its recent announcement that it will Share 80 million doses of vaccines with other countries we call on other governments that have either stockpiled vaccines or lock them up in contracts with suppliers to join the united states in releasing their surplus through a global plan managed by this world health organization supplying vaccines to save lives should also not be a matter Or a matter of bargaining or of leveraging political support it is the honorable and right thing to do apart from releasing surplus vaccines the governments that now maintain intellectual property rights that prohibit wider and greater production of vaccines must act now to wave them more pharmaceutical companies producing Much more vaccines will mean more and fast inoculations of our global community that is not only in the interest of the countries where covert 19 is rampant it is in the interests of our interconnected world where every nation is dependent on the interaction of people across borders and on healthy markets with purchasing power it is especially Troubling to many small states including mine that because our capacity is wrongly measured by a relatively high per capita income we are denied access to supply of critical life-saving vaccines under the kovacs facility unless we pay small island states such as mine which are perennially vulnerable to hurricanes and Exogenous shocks that are no fault of our own such as cover 19 have to find the money to purchase vaccines and to do so at high cost we have had to do so even while the pandemic has caused a loss of 30 percent of gdp and have our revenues our countries are teetering on the brink of economic disaster in this context We make an appeal to relax travel restrictions of vulnerable small states and rectification of the qualifications for access to the kovacs facility so that account is taken of the profound vulnerabilities of small island states vulnerability should be one of the determinants for vaccine accessibility finally i draw attention to the phenomenon of vaccine reticence in all of our Countries this is no longer a matter for individual countries it has become a pandemic as dangerous as covet 19 itself and will cause millions more of our people to be infected and all our economies to decline vaccine reticence now needs a global response that is no less comprehensive and intense than the response to the Pandemic itself we have to collectively educate our peoples of the value and benefits of inoculation to themselves to their loved ones the wider society and the global community as a whole mr president our world is in a global crisis this assembly must act now to imbue all our societies with the confidence that we the governments are acting in Solidarity to take back our world from the stranglehold of this pandemic and to set our peoples free i thank you thank you excellency i have the honor now to invite the prime minister of spain his excellency pedro sanchez perez castillon to address us dear ladies and gentlemen today the world health assembly starts This is a meeting that is absolutely fundamental for the future of the global health system the pandemic is not over although in some countries we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel we must continue to face it with conviction and the priority now is to guarantee universal access to vaccines that is why my government has launched a multilateral initiative vaccines for all which addresses the Global challenge of vaccine production as well as distribution and all of its complexity in short we propose to act simultaneously on three fronts that right now hinder equitable access to vaccines first of all we must share knowledge of all kinds including the transfer of know-how and technology and the aspects related to intellectual property To this end spain has formally joined the ctap the covet 19 technology access pool initiative as a platform that can facilitate these knowledge exchanges we invite governments and especially the pharmaceutical industry to join it so that the initiative can achieve tangible results intellectual property rights must of course be part of the solution But we must move quickly in other areas as well therefore secondly we must take all measures that allow us to increase production exponentially and in the short term to do so we must be able to identify global production capacities and help match supply and demand in this area furthermore all trade barriers along the value chain Which encompasses both vaccines and the components and supplies necessary to produce them must be eliminated third we have to facilitate distribution this involves increasing financial and non-financial contributions to the act accelerator spain made a commitment to contribute 125 million euros and we will continue to contribute spain is going to send Millions of vaccines to latin america thanks to the kovacs facility it is also essential that the necessary capacities of vaccine recipient countries are enhanced to protect process store distribute and administer vaccines this is especially relevant in fragile context and for this acte's work on health systems is incredibly Important in addition we propose that a public-private partnership could be created between airlines governments and international organizations to facilitate such a distribution only by working together in all of these areas will we be able to reign in the pandemic and to do so without leaving anyone behind if we have learnt anything it is that we must strengthen the global architecture To be better prepared to face the different global challenges we have worked intensively over the last year to take concrete action it is now time to implement them we are in favor of adopting an international treaty that establishes the objectives and fundamental principles of the collective action necessary to tackle future pandemics we must harness the momentum and Political commitment at the highest level derived from the covet 19 pandemic to ensure the long-term political and financial investment that as we have seen global health emergencies require we need a holistic approach taking into account human and environmental health which are two sides of the same coin and i'm convinced that this treaty is the best way to make it happen Director general you know well that you can count on spain's support so that the who continues to lead the way forward we have done so in the past few months in the past few years you are carrying out this leadership and if we act together and i am sure that we will be able to come out stronger from this crisis thank you thank you excellency I have the pleasure to now invite the prime minister of the kingdom of tongo his excellency the honorable reverend dr pohiva tohiyoniti sir you have the floor the blue hou director general dr detros caprices president your excellency miss keva bain your excellencies distinguish delegations of member states guests ladies and gentlemen on behalf of his master's death government I'd like to join others in welcoming us all to the 74th world health assembly as i join you virtually today i am proud to say that the kingdom of tonga is one of the few countries in the world to be completely covet 19 3. don't activate that a its natural task force for covet 19 jointly with the national emergency management committee in february 2020 even before the first case was reported In the pacific the joint committee developed an action plan and used early travel advisories division orders regulations and policies to facilitate rapid response hitting wh o's warnings we knew from the very beginning that we must act decisively to protect our people so already by march 2020 We had declared covet 19 a national public health emergency we work quickly to put infrastructure in place refurbishing and renovating facilities to serve as quarantine and treatment centers and establishing a brand new laboratory with gold standard rd pcr technology we trained our health staff including in the old islands so that they would be Ready to treat cases and we scaled up mental health and psychological support to help our people cope with this difficult time and now we are working to vaccinate the population to date we have reached more than 25 of our target population through all of this and through the cooperation of our health His majesty's armed forces police and product control staff along with the more than 100 000 people who make up team tonga we have so far been able to keep kavit 19 at bay of course none of this would have been possible if it were not for the support we received from the bho and key toner partners the reward show has been instrumental in helping us to ensure That our response messages are based on the best possible data in science i think director synonymous dr de tros for his strong visionary leadership and western pacific regional director dr takeshi kasai for his deep understanding and appropriate kaiten's targeted to the pacific island countries in addition we have received direct Technical and financial assistance from the asian development bank pacific community unicef world bank and the governments of australia china india japan new zealand uk and usa along with the support provided through those behind kovacs such as the european union for this we are very grateful on that note of collaboration i want to take this opportunity to remind us all Why we are here today we are here brought together by the world health organization because we are faced by tremendous challenges that can only be addressed through collective action by all of us today we face the govit 19 pandemic and our only way out of this is by working together but we will face further pandemics and other issues which threatens lives livelihoods And health in the pacific for example we are also aware of the increasing impacts of climate change and how it threatens our people we cannot effectively address diseases without the convening power of a body like who so over the next five days i call upon all of us to buddha side our differences and come together collectively to address our common thread Let's work together to build the sustainable systems that will ensure that all countries are able to meet future health needs led history so that the leaders of today had the courage to act collectively for the betterment of humanity only then will we be able to build for a better future for the globe for a healthier safer and fairer world For all to affect thank you excellency i am delighted to now invite the secretary general of the united nations his excellency mr antonio guterres to address us excellencies ladies and gentlemen dear colleagues and friends the coffee 19 pandemic has brought a tsunami of sufferings over 3.4 million lives have been lost some 500 million jobs have gone Trillions of dollars have been wiped from global balance sheets the most vulnerable are suffering most and i fear this is war for more far from over i pay tribute to the frontline health workers who are the heroes of this pandemic millions of health care professionals continue to put themselves in harm's way every day we owe them our deepest appreciation This includes our colleagues at the world health organization who are working around the world to support member states in saving lives and protecting the vulnerable excellencies colleagues friends from the start of the coffee 19 pandemic i have warned of the dangers of two-speed global response sadly unless we act now we face a situation in which rich countries vaccinate the majority of their people And open their economies while the virus continues to cause deep suffering by circling and mutating in the poorest countries for the spikes and surges could claim hundreds of thousands of lives and slow the global economic recovery covered 19 cannot be beaten one country at a time we need coordinated global action in three areas to put the world on the past world's recovery And to achieve the 2030 agenda and the sustainable development goals first the world must respond resurrectly and in solidarity to stop the virus world leaders must urgently step up with a global plan for equitable access to covet 19 vaccines tests and treatments this starts with funding the act accelerator and its kovacs facility to deploy life-saving tools to the poorest countries on a global scale but that is not enough we are at war With the virus we need the logic and urgency of a war economy to boost the capacity of our weapons the vaccines on friday i called on the g20 to set up a task force that brings together all countries with vaccine production capacities the world house organization the act accelerator partners and international financial institutions able to deal with the pharmaceutical Companies and other key stakeholders it should aim to at least double manufacturing capacity by exploring all options from voluntary licenses and technology transfers to patent pooling and flexibility on intellectual property rights the task force should address equitable global distribution by using the act accelerator and its covax facility And it should be co-convened at the highest levels by the major powers hold most of the global supply and production capacity together with the multilateral system i am ready to mobilize the entire united nations to support these efforts second we must bolster primary health care systems and universal health coverage coffee 19 cannot be seen in isolation from the fundamental problems with our Health systems inequality under funding complacency neglect with the right primary health care systems in place we'll recover more quickly from this pandemic and prevent the next before it takes hold our efforts to recover from cov19 should not come at the cost of other essential health care from women's reproductive services to children's vaccination and mental health Coverage third we must prepare for the next global health emergency robust primary health systems are a start but they are not enough i fully support the bold recommendations in the recent report by an independent panel for pandemic preparedness and response the world needs political commitment at the highest level to transform the existing systems through An international coordinated all of government and society approach the doubleh show must be at the heart of global pandemic preparedness it needs sustainable and predictable resources and it must be fully empowered to do the job that is demanded of it we need a framework for international cooperation solidarity fit for the future new solutions for sustainable and Predictable financing national capacity for prevention detection and responses to disease outbreaks excellencies colleagues friends coffee 19 must be a turning point your deliberations at the 74th world health assembly will be critical to set the highest level of ambition i urge you to take the bold decisions necessary to end this pandemic and build safe healthy communities and Societies for the future thank you thank you mr secretary general finally i have the pleasure to invite mr kailash satyathi a child a child right activist and noble peace laureate to give his statement you have the floor madam president director general dr tedros honorable ministers and distinguished delegates My dear children of the world let me begin with this prayer survey may all be happy may all be free from illness may all see what is auspicious may no one suffer may peace prevail my dear sisters and brothers today we remember those who we have lost to the pandemic we also pay tribute to our health and Front line workers for their great sacrifice i thank my dear brother dr ted rose for inviting me to speak at this august assembly i commend his leadership and applaud his team for their relentless work in fighting the pandemic i also extend my appreciation to respected health ministers for their work Today i am here as the voice of the millions of wiseless children who are left behind they are the children who live with intergenerational poverty and hunger the same children are forced to work and sell their bodies they are the same who face the worst health outcomes and denied education they have little access or no access To clean water and sanitation they have been exploited for decades and centuries therefore this 74th world health assembly will be a defining time in our society and in the history it gives us the opportunity to take a moment to evaluate the choices we have made and their human cost and to consider the choices We have today what are the choices we have made eight trillion dollars have been released as go with response fund in 2020 but only a disgraceful 0.13 percent i repeat 0.13 percent was allocated to the most marginalized communities through multilateral assistance wealthy countries chose to cut down their oda budgets for low income Countries that face immeasurable misery the pandemic is not only a health or economic crisis dear friends it is a crisis of justice crisis of civilization and a crisis of humanity what have we lost as a result of these choices while the world has suffered as one we have not suffered equally two-thirds of the world's largest Companies made an additional 109 billion dollars in 2020 at the same time 140 million children and their families will be pushed into acute poverty this is unacceptable this is injustice they are invisible children of the world who instead of being in their classrooms are living on the streets trapped into workshops and brothels orphaned and abused living in Institutions conflict zones and refugee camps they are children from the same communities that have faced generations of racial discrimination injustices and violence friends they are the children who are working in cocoa fields of ghana and ivory coast and the children in colombia's coffee fields They face the health impact of the increasing use of pesticides machine and electricity besides injured limbs and muscle damage they are ten year old nagisar who lost his speech from the trauma and torture at the hands of his empire i have heard the children scream in their sleep and the deafening silence in the day my organization in india Has rescued over 100 000 child laborers in the last four decades let me tell you that most of these rescued children were suffering various health problems different helmets diseases burns weak teeth and eyesight malnutrition developmental challenges triple closes and so on the health impact of child labor is felt throughout the life Today we have unfortunately 152 million children working at the cost of their childhood and freedom in the world but due to this pandemic the number is now set to increase in millions more for the first time in decades therefore what choices lie ahead of us experts have warned that the next wave is likely to target children this is what we know today we cannot wait For the house to be on fire again for us to have the extinguishers ready if we don't learn from our mistakes we will not be losing our people because of the virus but because of our lack of preparedness apathy and complicity we have to build back better for our future the quebec's initiative is a step in the right direction but only compassionate politics And moral leadership can give it any meaning wealthy nations must support economically excluded communities by making quebec's inclusive democratic and well-resourced if there is one thing we have been forced to learn today is that till everyone is safe none of us are safe it is true of both people and nations it is the hour of crisis that true Character of leaders is demonstrated every child deserves their fair share of the world we need urgent and accountable action to protect them so i call upon agencies of the united nations must stand united now this is the time to act with the true spirit of multi-sectoral partnership for children In this regard i recommend an inter-agency high-level group to recommend concrete and time-bound actions to safeguard our children who are directly or indirectly affected by kovitt secondly i demand the waiver of all intellectual property restrictions on covet vaccines manufacturing democratization of technical knowledge and access to raw Material perhaps you are aware that 170 former world leaders and nobel laureates recently demanded the waiver of intellectual property restrictions on core with vaccines i thank president biden for supporting this demand other countries must also do the same thirdly protect our children now and from immense mutations Of the virus we have seen the devastating situations in india united states brazil and nepal it is possible anywhere in the world we hope to organize focused consultations with the experts to support the efforts of the of wto who and national governments to protect the most left behind children from this virus finally i call on you Respected health ministers to create budgeted action plans and constitute task forces to reach the poorest and most marginalized children in your countries this will ensure vaccination pediatric facilities and social protection floors high income countries must support this in addition i ask you please don't amplify superstitions around kovith and Vaccines and stick to best scientific knowledge dear sisters and brothers we are at a crossroads and generations will pay the price of our choices we make today profit politics and property can wait but not our children their freedom safety and childhood cannot wait if we leave entire populations of Children behind any investment in health care will fall through the cracks between one generation and the next dear sisters and brothers i call upon you let us globalize compassion for our children let us globalize compassion as we move forward from the wreckage of this pandemic Let us take all our children with us thank you thank you mr satyathi we would like to sincerely thank all our distinguished guests for their words of encouragement and solidarity it is my honor to now invite the to invite the director general of the world health organization dr tethras to address us you have the floor Thank you your excellency madam president ambassador keva bain your excellency i'll invest federal councillor of switzerland excellencies distinguished colleagues and friends lucy naimbura is a health promotion officer in mombasa city kenya when coveted 19 arrived last year a strict lockdown was introduced but it was met with strong resistance by The local community who refused to be tested isolated or treated and lucy made her daily rounds providing information about the dangers of the new virus lucy was insulted in the streets and she and her team sometimes had to stop working for their own safety but lucy kept going back to the community after weeks of Engaging leaders things started to change communities started following qubit 19 guidelines and accepted to be tested the spread of the virus was curtailed and the lockdown was removed asante sana lucy dr gansengel purev is an intensive care specialist in the central military hospital in ulambatar mongalia mongolia This is what he said during my first shift i lost my grandmother to cover 19. she died in my arms during my last shift three people died in an hour my patients are no different to my grandmother and grandfather many patients recover and leave the hospital what keeps me going is two words from them thank you Dr catalin denshu is an intensive care specialist in romania he was on duty in november last year caring for patients with covet 19 when a fire broke out in the hospital 10 patients died in the fire and in trying to save others dr danzu suffered third degree burns to 40 percent of his body today we will honor him with an award for his service sacrifice and example These are just a few examples there are millions more stories of courage heartbreak desperation struggle and triumph for almost 18 months health and care workers all over the world have stood in the breach between life and death they have saved countless lives and fought for others who despite their best Efforts slipped away many have themselves become infected and while reporting is we estimate that at least one hundred fifteen thousand health and care workers have paid the ultimate price in the service for others health and care workers do heroic things but they are not superheroes they are humans like the rest of us they sweat and swear they laugh And cry they fear and hope many feel frustrated helpless and unprotected with a lack of access to personal protective equipment and vaccines and the tools to save lives in this international year of the health and care worker we have all been reminded that these are incredible people doing incredible jobs under incredible circumstances We owe them so much and yet globally health and care workers often lack the protection the equipment the training the decent pay the safe working conditions and the respect the respect they deserve the job can be dangerous and disheartening but it can also be the best job on earth a year ago we published the first state Of the world's nursing report and just last week we launched the third state of the world's midwifery report showing the world faces a global shortage of nine hundred thousand midwives if we have any hope of achieving a healthier safer fairer future every member state must protect and invest in its health and care workforce as a matter of Urgency this week you will consider to draft resolutions on the health workforce i hope you will adapt them and more importantly take action on them in every country just as health and care workers are the lifeblood of every health system so the lifeblood of who is its tough the incredible people all over the world i'm honored to call My colleagues in country and regional offices and here at headquarters for almost 18 months they have worked under extreme pressure and time and time again they have gone above and beyond to serve you our member states despite the modest resources they have to do their jobs the success of this organization depends on its people and we're Committed to doing much more to build a who that attracts the best and gives them the best opportunities in the best working environment as you know the regional directors and i have met 2021 the year of the who work force as part of our commitment to strengthening the health and care workforce globally as well as Our own workforce the who academy will be a major addition to global health learning as president macro indicated earlier the academy's digital learning platform has been built and will begin global testing next week the first batch of learning programs are in the final stages of production translation and testing and will be Rolled out by september with thanks to france for its support we're moving forward with plans to build the wh academy campus in lyon today i ask you not for a moment's silence but to make the loudest noise you can please join me in clapping shouting and stumping your feet for every health and care worker Everywhere thank you very much excellencies although we have lost so many health and care workers already we will lose many more as long as the pandemic rages almost 18 months into the defining health crisis of our age the world remains in a very dangerous situation as of today more cases have been reported so far this year Than in the whole of 2020 on current trends the number of days will overtake last year's total within the next three weeks since our health assembly started this morning almost 1 000 people have lost their lives to covet 19. and in the time it takes me to make these remarks a further 400 will die This is very tragic we're pleased that for three consecutive weeks though we have seen a downturn in the number of cases and does being reported but globally we remain in fragile situation no country should assume it's out of the woods no matter its vaccination rate so far no variants have emerged that significantly Undermine the efficacy of vaccines diagnostics or therapeutics but there is no guarantee that will remain the case this virus is changing constantly future changes could render our tools ineffective and drag us back to square one we must be very clear the pandemic is not over and it will not be over until and unless transmission is Controlled in every last country who strategic preparedness and response plan sets out the 10 pillars that every country must apply in a tailored and dynamic way to reduce exposure prevent infections limit the spread and save lives every country can do more increased surveillance testing sequencing sharing information Surge supplies needed to protect health workers fight misinformation and disinformation empower people and communities to play their part support businesses and workplaces to take steps to open up safely where appropriate implement national vaccination strategies vaccinate those most at risk and donate vaccines to kovacs the ongoing vaccine crisis is a Scandalous inequity that's perpetuating the pandemic more than 75 percent of all vaccines have been administered in just 10 countries there is no diplomatic way to say it a small group of countries that make and buy the majority of the world's vaccines control the faith of the rest of the world the number of those administered Globally so far would have been enough to cover all health workers and older people if they had been distributed equitably we could have been in a much better situation i understand that every government has a duty to protect its own people i understand that every government wants to vaccinate its entire population that's what we want to and in time there will be enough supply for everyone Including those at lower risk but right now there is not enough supply countries that vaccinate children and other low risk groups now do so at the expense of health workers and high risk groups in other countries that's the reality now at the executive board meeting in january i issued a challenge to see vaccination of health workers and older people Underway in all countries within the first hundred days of the year that target was very nearly achieved but the number of doses available to kovac remains vastly inadequate kovacs works we have shipped every single one of the 72 million dollars we have been able to get our hands on so far to 125 countries and economies but those doses are sufficient for barely one percent of the Combined population of those countries so today i'm calling on member states to support a massive push to vaccinate at least 10 percent of the population of every country by september and a drive to december to achieve our goal of vaccinating at least 30 percent by the end of the year this is crucial to stop severe disease and death keep our health workers safe reopen our Societies and economies sprinting to our september goal means we must vaccinate 250 million more people in low and middle-income countries in just four months including all health workers and the most at risk groups are the first priority these are the minimum targets we should aim For at the g20 global health summit on friday imf managing director crystalina giorgeba proposed vaccinating 40 percent of the world's population by the end of the year and 60 percent by mid-2022 we're in discussions with the imf member states and our partners about how to make these ambitious targets achievable here is how the drive to december must happen first share those through kovacs now I welcome the commitments made by member states to donate those including the important announcements made at the g20 global health summit on friday but to achieve the goals for september and the end of the year we need hundreds of millions more doses we need them to go through covax and we need them to start moving in early june Manufacturers must play their part by ensuring any country that wants to share those through kovacs can do it within days not months i call on all manufacturers to give kovacs first right to of refusal on new volume of vaccines or to commit 50 percent of their volumes to kovacs this year and we need every country that receives Vaccines to use them as quickly as possible not those can lay idle or worse be thrown away country level preparations to reach their populations must move as fast as vaccines second scale up manufacturing the bottom line is that we need a lot more doses we need them fast and we must leave no stone unturned to get them Several manufacturers have said they have capacity to produce vaccines if the originator companies are willing to share licenses technology and know-how i find it difficult to understand why this has not happened yet i thank india and south africa for their initiative at the world trade organization to have intellectual property protections for covet 19 products And i thank those countries that are supporting those these efforts and we urge member states and manufacturers to join setup the doubleh of covet 19 technology access pool which provides a powerful mechanism for sharing licenses in a non-exclusive transparent way i thank prime minister pedro sanchez for his commitment That spain will join sit up and we expect more good news in the coming days and third fully fund the act accelerator there remains an 18.5 billion us dollar gap in the act accelerator ultimately the pandemic has shown clearly that in an emergency low and lower middle income countries cannot rely on the imports from vaccine producing countries I welcome the draft resolution on strengthening local production of medicines and other health technologies that member states will consider at this assembly i would also like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to president biden for reversing the decision to take the united states out of double ho and also for donating 4 billion u.s dollars to kovacs and also for their announcement that they will donate 80 million vaccines doses globally these are the largest contributions ever and also for supporting the intellectual property waiver in november i gave member states a detailed description of the incredible breadths and depths of who's work beyond the Pandemic in the six months since then there have been even more achievements to be proud of as part of our commitment to transparency the 2021 results report provides a wealth of information in an interactive engaging easy to use digital format i commend it to you as a compliment to the results report we held the triple billion showcases Updated the triple billion dashboard and we continue to hold ourselves accountable through delivery stock tax to review progress and identify challenges we have built the world health data hub to provide complete transparent and open data on an interactive and easily searchable platform and the annual world health statistics Published last week presents the latest data on more than 50 health related indicators for the triple billion targets and the sustainable development goals among its other findings preliminary estimates suggest there were at least three million excess desks globally in 2020 at attributable either directly or indirectly to covered Representing 1.2 million mortars than the 1.8 million officially reported one of the features of the searching's general program of work and the who transformation is to drive a paradigm shift in global health by increasing the emphasis on promoting health and preventing disease focusing on healthy lifestyle on current trends we estimate that about 900 million more people could be enjoying better health and wellbeing by 2023 taking us very close to our target of 1 billion but progress is uneven and more than a third of countries are heading in the wrong direction we have made mixed progress in addressing the major risk factors for non-communicable diseases tobacco use continues to decline but the prevalence of obesity Is rising and is alcohol consumption in some regions at the beginning of this year who launched a year-long campaign called commit to quit to encourage at least 100 million of the world's 1.3 billion tobacco users to quit six week weeks ago we released our technical manual on tobacco tax policy and administration many countries are showing leadership in this area And in implementing the other measures in the empower package of interventions the gambia has just increased its tobacco excise tax rates bolivia passed a comprehensive tobacco control law and with who support six african countries banned smoking in public places and on public transport we also see progress in efforts to improve nutrition And to support consumers to make healthier food choices last year we launched a program to certify countries that have eliminated trans funds from their food supply and 14 countries have now introduced best practice policies on trans fats protecting 589 million people from the from their harmful effects earlier this month we published new benchmarks for sodium Content in more than 60 categories of food and last year mexico implemented front of park labeling on occupational health we worked with the international labour organization to develop guidance to protect workers from kovite 19. we we're working with the un environment program to support 40 countries to establish legally binding controls on lead paint a significant source of childhood Poisoning together with un partners in march of this year we published the first global report on ageism a month ago we released a new technical package called step safely to prevent and manage falls an increasing cause of death and disability for people of all ages in april u.n member states adopted a resolution committing to greater Efforts to prevent drowning in line with who recommendations with you and women we launched a new report representing the largest study ever conducted on the prevalence of violence against women showing that almost one in three women globally has suffered intimate partner violence sexual violence from a non-partner or both at least once in their lives With our partners at fao oie and unep we created the one held high level expert panel which met for the first time last week and the panel will be instrumental in guiding development of a dynamic new research agenda and providing high-level policy leadership despite these achievements progress in addressing the root cause of death and disease Remains vastly insufficient and inequitable globally only three percent of health budgets are spent on promotion and prevention and yet increased investment in these areas could reduce the global disease burden by half generating massive returns for individuals families communities and nations an investment of one dollar per person per year Could save 8.2 million lives and 350 billion dollars by 2023 the pandemic has been a significant setback in our efforts to support member states to progress towards universal health coverage as you know on current trends we project that an additional 290 million people will have access to high quality health services Without financial hardship by 2023 that leaves a shortfall of 710 million against our target to see one billion more people benefiting from universal health coverage the world is far behind with renewed determination and increased investment in primary health care and public health we estimate that a further 400 million people could be covered With essential services by 2025 but at least half the world's population still lacks access to these services according to our most recent estimates about 930 million people suffer catastrophic health spending each year and about 90 million are pushed into extreme poverty by out-of-pocket health spending globally the remain huge gaps in access to essential medicines Including antibiotics insulin antihypertensives diagnostics and treatment for cancer and routine immunizations antimicrobial resistance remains an existential and largely an address threat to a century of medical progress and although we have seen a steady increase in service coverage over the last few years the pandemic has caused severe Disruption to essential health services our most recent pulse survey published one month ago showed that during the first three months of this year 94 of the 135 countries and territory surveyed reported some kind of disruption to services to give one example data published in march such as an estimated 1.4 million fewer people received care for tb last year 21 percent less than In 2019. this disruption could cause an additional half a million does 60 mass immunization campaigns are currently postponed in 50 countries putting around 228 million people mostly children at risk for measles yellow fever polio and more however we do see signs of recovery and despite disruptions to services there have been significant achievements Globally the prevalence of hepatitis b virus in children under five years is now below one percent meaning the sdg target has already been achieved more than 9.4 million people globally have received treatment for hepatitis c a nine-fold increase since 2015. and this week we will publish interim guidance for validation of viral hepatitis elimination With assessments to start in brazil egypt georgia mongolia and rwanda ten days ago the commonwealth of dominica received certification for the elimination of mother to child transmission of hiv and congenital syphilis on malaria although the global decline in infections and deaths in infections and does this has stalled there are still causes for celebration in february el salvador Became the first country in central america and the 39th country or territory globally to be certified as malaria free more than 670 000 children have now received the first dose of rtss malaria vaccine in ghana kenya and malawi as part of a pilot program coordinated by double ego with financial support from gavi unit Aid and the global fund preliminary results are very positive on tiber closes more than 20 million people received access to tb services over the past two years almost 5 million more than the previous two years 109 countries started using new effective tb drugs while 89 countries reported using better and faster treatments for multi-drug resistant tb In line with updated who treatment guidelines on neglected tropical diseases we have a new road map that sets global targets and milestones to prevent control eliminate and eradicate 20 neglected tropical diseases and disease groups so far this year only three human cases of guinea worm diseases have been reported compared with 17 of the same period last Year last month gambia eliminated trachoma as a public health problem while in march code devoir became the second country after togo to eliminate african trypanosomiasis on non-communicable diseases who has supported six countries to integrate services to prevent detect and treat entities into primary health care programs More than 30 countries have developed policies or programs to improve access to childhood cancer care we launched the global breast cancer initiative aimed at reducing mortality from the world's most diagnosed cancer by 2.5 percent every year until 2014 saving 2.5 million lives more than 3 million people in 18 countries are now on protocol based management of Hypertension with increasing use of the who hearts package of interventions and we have launched a new project to link quality of care for maternal and child health with ncds on mental health we have supported 31 more countries to integrate mental health services into primary health care 100 increase since 2014 to improve mental health among Adolescents we worked with unicef to launch the helping adolescents thrive toolkit to address opioids over those days we worked with unodc to conduct a study of naloxone in four law and middle-income countries demonstrating significant public health benefits on access to medicines who has given emergency use listing to seven vaccines and 28 in vitro Diagnostics for covid19 which has allowed 101 countries to issue their own regulatory authorizations in total doubleho prequalified 62 medicines 15 diagnostics 13 vaccines and more last year the most in a single year in january we published the updated model list of in vitro diagnostics including new tests for non-communicable and infectious diseases we publish new pricing policy guidelines To increase the affordability of medicines and we support small island developing states to sign a pooled procurement agreement for health products to improve the prices at which they can buy medicines vaccines and other products through the whole listed authorities initiative ghana achieved maturity level 3 last year meaning it has a stable and Well-functioning regulatory system in future it will be able to become a reference agency for issuing marketing authorizations in africa and beyond who is also supporting the africa union to establish the african medicines agency to increase regulatory oversight and access to safe efficacious and affordable medical products across the continent on antimicrobial Resistance just last month who published the latest overview of the pipeline for anti-antibacterials to monitor progress in research and development of these life-saving treatments the number of countries reporting data to the global antimicrobial resistance and used surveillance system has tripled to 70 in three years and the number of surveillance sites Globally has increased from 729 to 73 000 and we published the one health global leaders group on antimicrobial resistance led by prime minister hasina of bangladesh and prime minister motley of barbados and finally we estimate that by 2023 about 920 million people could be better protected from health emergencies again Taking us very close to reaching our target of 1 billion of course that doesn't mean 920 million people protected from all health emergencies the past year has exposed gaps in national and global preparedness that must be addressed even while who has focused on responding to this pandemic we continue to work with countries to Prepare for a possible influenza pandemic finally today also marks the 10th anniversary of the pandemic influenza preparedness framework pioneered a new approach to sharing biological materials and to equity of access to vaccines and other critical pandemic response products more broadly we continue to assess Preparedness and response capacities of member states with 113 joint external evaluations 156 simulation exercises and 126 intra-action or after-action reviews more than 70 countries have developed national action plans for health security to address critical gaps but many remain unfunded and of course kobe 19 is far from the Only emergency to which who has responded in the past year every month who processes over 9 million pieces of information screens 43 000 signals leading to 4 500 events reviewed and an average of 30 events verified our surveillance systems go far beyond this outbreak events in human populations to encompass information with potential risk implications At the human animal interface signals related to climate change industrial hazards and conflicts in 2020 alone we responded to over 120 emergencies including a total of 60 graded crises more than 1.8 billion people currently live in fragile conflict and vulnerable settings where protracted crises are compounded by weak national capacity to deliver Basic health services at the health cluster lead in the united nations humanitarian response who leads efforts to deliver the public response to covet 19 through the global humanitarian response plan providing coordination and operational support in 30 countries in partnership with 900 national and international partners these populations are also the ones that Are most at risk to outbreaks of cholera meningitis yellow fever and other high threat infectious hazards health and care workers are particularly vulnerable where there is instability more than 2 400 incidents in 17 countries and territories have been recovered by the surveillance system for attacks on health care since it started in december 2017. over 600 healthcare workers and patients Have died and nearly 2 000 had been over two thousand have been injured there is no space there is no peace without help and no health without peace all of these efforts are supported by our signs and data divisions which monitor progress and stay abreast of the rapidly evolving evidence the science division quality assures more than 290 global public health goods This buyer name and together with the health emergencies program coordinated the review of almost 1 300 coveted 19 publications we're also working to ensure our products are tackled and designed for impact among whs most downloaded products in the past year included new guidelines on increasing physical activity rapid advice on the use of chest imaging in covid19 technical specifications for Blood pressure measurement managing chronic pain in children pharmaceutical pricing policies traditional and complementary medicines and screening and treatment for prevention of cervical cancer in addition new reports on tuberculosis nursing malaria cancer entities neglect tropical diseases antimicrobial resistance and the annual world health statistics provide An authoritative snapshot on vital health issues i know it's a long list but we want to remind all member states of the vast range of work we do to address the vast range of health challenges we face many of these issues are on your agenda this week and one none of them does who work alone partnership is essential to everything we do Including in the multilateral system through the global action plan for healthy lives and well-being for all today we are launching the global action plan progress report entitled stronger collaboration for an equitable and resilient recovery we're committed to accountability for the results we achieve but also for how we work which is why any report of sexual exploitation and abuse by our Staff cannot be tolerated we recognize that we must do much more to protect the people we serve and to ensure that zero tolerance is not just a slogan but a mark of who we are excellencies colleagues and friends this pandemic has been driven by a highly transmissible virus but it has been Turbocharged by division inequity and the historical neglect of investments in preparedness so as we recover and rebuild we must do more than stop viruses we must address the vulnerabilities that allow outbreaks to become epidemics and epidemics to become pandemics we can come up with new institutions and new mechanisms But that may only pepper over the cracks whatever changes we make must be something more fundamental we can only lay a solid foundation for a safer world with a common commitment to solidarity equity and sustainability a year ago you tasked me with initiating an impartial independent and comprehensive evaluation including existing mechanisms as Appropriate to review experience gained and lessons learned from the whole coordinated international health response to covet 19. at this health assembly you will receive the reports of several panels and committees that evaluated different dimensions of the international response to the pandemic including whs role i would like to thank each panel Committee and working group for its efforts we welcome each of these reports and we look forward to discussing them with member states this week there is always more to do there are more lessons to learn and more changes to make we're committed to listening to you our member states with humility and a willingness to make the changes we need to make To be the organization you need us to be many of you have recognized that a significant increase in more predictable and sustainable financing is needed to enable who to fulfill your expectations but beyond how this organization is funded the world needs a fundamental rethink by what means we mean by global health security we cannot build a safer world from the Top down we must build from the ground up preparing for preventing detecting and responding rapidly to epidemics doesn't start in geneva new york or any of the world's corridors of power it starts in the streets of deprivation and overcrowding in the homes where there is not enough food in the communities without access to held Workers and in the villages and towns whose clinics and hospitals like electricity or clean water it starts with strong primary health care and public systems skilled health workers and communities empowered and enabled to take charge of their own health that must be the focus of our attention and our investment we need better systems built locally and linked globally in an unbreakable Chain for readiness early warning rapid response risk communications and more already we have taken several steps to build this stem system systems we are now preparing to start a pilot program of the universal health and preparedness review with 12 member states during the second half of this year we have announced plans to establish the Who hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence in berlin we're preparing to open the doors of the who academy we're already building on lessons from the who hosted accelerator which will need to be a pillar of the new international system and just this morning i signed a memorandum of understanding with his excellency island bursted on Establishing the biohub here in switzerland as a reliable safe and transparent mechanism for member states to voluntarily share pathogens and clinical samples second we need better financing to strengthen national capacities support rapid response and fund the research and development manufacturing and deployment of Life-saving tools the world has several strong international financial institutions that must play a vital role in funding an enhanced national and global health security system and third we need better governance that's inclusive and truly representative of every member state regardless of the size of its population Or economy keeping the world safe requires the ownership and engagement of all member states the international health regulations remain the cornerstone of global governance for pandemic preparedness and response but their implementation is inconsistent and have not led to the level of commitment and action needed we all know that one Of the greatest drivers of this pandemic has been the lack of international solidarity and sharing sharing data sharing information sharing pathogens sharing resources sharing technology we can only address that fundamental weakness with a binding commitment between nations to provide a solid foundation for enhanced cooperation A treaty on pandemic preparedness and response that can address the challenges that i have outlined an international agreement that represents all nations and people that addresses our shared risks and vulnerabilities that leverage our shared humanity solidarity and diversity and that reflects what future generations need not what These generations wants excellencies we have come to a fork in the road if we go on the same old way we will get the same old result a world that's unprepared unsafe and unfair make no mistake this will not be the last time the world faces the threat of pandemic it's an evolutionary certainty that there will be Another virus with the potential to be more transmittable and more deadly than this one this is not the time for incremental improvements or tinkering at the age this is the moment for bold ideas bold commitment and bold leadership for doing things that have never been done before we have a choice between cooperation Competition or confrontation in fact the only choice we have is between cooperation and insecurity a safer world is not a zero-sum game it is the opposite if anyone is left behind all are held back but if the farthest behind is the first to be helped if the weakest is first to be strengthened if the most vulnerable is first to be protected Then we all win 73 years ago our member states you established who are the directing and coordinating authority on international health and with your continued leadership and guidance that's the role we will continue to play together to promote health keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable shukran jazeelan merci And thank you very much thank you so just one one thing a thanksgiving to our president madam president ambassador keva bain for her able leadership the past one year during her presidency thank you so much madam president to you and to the bahamas and we had a very good working relationship and you led us very well And we're very grateful for that and thank you so much and look forward to continue working closely with you so thank you thank you so much [Applause] thank you director general dr tedros and thank you for your kind words excellencies ladies and gentlemen distinguished guests i am informed that the director general would like to recognize The contribution of a few individuals for their exceptional endeavor and commitment to health i will now turn the floor over again to take to dr tedros you have the floor sir thank you thank you madam president as you all know the pandemic has brought exceptional challenges to health and care workers in every country for those who have displayed so much Courage and have made so many personal sacrifices to help others 2021 has been designated the year of health and care workers with the teams of protect invest together in this year's director general's award i would like to celebrate three individuals for their contributions in the field of health care the first recipient is former first lady rosalind carter of the united states of America in recognition of her 50 years of global advocacy for the care of persons with mental health and substance use issues and of course former president jimmy carter has stood by her side in their life-long dedication to humanitarian issues dr tedros members and participants in the 74th world health assembly My name is jason carter i'm the chair of the carter center's board of trustees and i'm honored to accept the award on behalf of my grandmother rosalind carter the world health organization's director general's award for global health is a great honor celebrating my grandmother's 50 years of advocacy we appreciate enormously this recognition of her contribution to Advancing global health i'll note that in when she spoke to the medical society of the world health organization in may of 1979 she became the first sitting first lady of the united states to address the members of the who it was a groundbreaking event as a first lady and it was also a groundbreaking for mental health because on that day she stated that health is a human right And that you cannot have true health without recognizing mental health as a crucial component of course since that time over the last 40 years the partnership between my grandparents the carter center and the world health organization has been remarkable from guinea worm eradication program other neglected tropical diseases and of course mental health work in places like liberia that have Provided a road map for other countries so thank you for honoring her 50 years of advocacy and i would love to read a letter from her dear dr tedros jimmy joins me in sending greetings to you and everyone present for the 74th world health assembly thank you very much for taking time today to call attention to the importance of mental health by recognizing my Efforts over the last 50 years to advocate for the millions of people worldwide living with behavioral health conditions the director general's award for global health is especially meaningful to me in light of the carter center's long partnership with who to eradicate debilitating neglected tropical diseases and to promote the inclusion of mental health as an integral part Of overall well-being the role of the world health organization is more essential now than ever and i applaud all that you have done to encourage a comprehensive response to covet 19. almost every nation has suffered the death and deprivation caused by this disease the mental health and substance abuse consequences have been profound and widespread and the need for Effective treatments and services has never been more urgent in my country there has been great concern about the mental health of school children isolated elderly parents first responders business owners people who are out of work and those recovering from illness practically everyone has been touched my hope is that this is the moment when all nations will make behavioral health A priority and create quality systems of care that are equitably delivered i've been waiting a long time to see this happen i urge all of you attending to use your influence and talent to ensure that it does while i regret that i cannot accept in person i'm deeply grateful for this moving gesture of support and for your outstanding work to make a positive difference in the world With best wishes sincerely rosalind carter and i can assure you that those are heartfelt words on behalf of my grandmother and our entire family thank you to the world health organization for all that you've done and particularly for honoring my grandmother's 50 years of service thank you [Applause] thank you so next is dr catalin dancio From romania who rescued coveted 19 patients from an intensive care award during a hospital fire in late 2020 even as he sustained severe burns himself in romania and around the world who are in the first line of this fight i also received this award on behalf of all covet patients who have known the suffering of this disease And on behalf of our families who are with us for better or worse i'm not a man of words as i said before i did my duty to my patients and colleagues a physician's white coat comes with huge responsibilities and expectations i urge you to show solidarity with medical staff to support them in every way and fight together with them to end the pandemic heroes are those who each day for more Than a year continue to care for their patients and their families despite all the difficulties and barriers this is an award for those resilient people for those who did not give up and keep on going and i'm very proud to be one of those people health is a victory over suffering and disease together we win Thank you thank you our third recipient is dr karyuki from kenya for her years of work on maternal and child health preventive medicine and public health advocacy my name is dr jamar makariki a young kenyan doctor and are taking my photographic studies in obstetrics and gynecology at the university of nairobi in kenya Wheels for life is a project i formed in response to the cries of many women who are noted by dying from preventable causes or coming with pregnancy-related complications at the peak of the pandemic because they lack the means to reach hospitals especially during the caffeine hours and forced by the government to track up the spread of coronavirus infection since its inception we have been able to respond to the calls of over a hundred Thousand pregnant women with 98 receiving the help they needed successfully i wish to take this opportunity to thank the world health organization and especially director general dr tedros atano for recognizing this effort this award which i received with excitement and gratitude confirms that anyone can do it that we all have a part to play and that even the young Are not left behind in making an impact in the world starting with our humble ideas i wish to recognize my partners in this venture my colleagues who agreed with the idea right from the beginning and volunteered their time and resources to respond to the call from the needy mothers without expecting any reward finally i wish to thank god my ankle and strength and the initiator of this idea And my family without whom this would not have been possible women carry the life force of humanity and it is beyond painful when we lose mothers to preventable means i firmly believe that we can bring preventable maternal deaths to zero and i know this is part of the solution with nurturing wills for life can be integrated to health care systems to help reduce the death of many women Thank you [Applause] and thank you all for your contributions to prevent promoting health keeping the world safe and serving the vulnerable and again congratulations to all recipients of today's award you are an inspiration to us all and i thank you again madam president back to you Thank you dr tetras excellencies ladies and gentlemen distinguished guests this brings us to the end of our high level welcome [Music] we shall now move to agenda 1.1 appointment of the committee on credentials the assembly is required to appoint a committee on credentials in accordance with rule 24 of the rules Of procedure of the assembly

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