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When i was about 14 that there was an asian boy there was a rumor there was an asian boy about 17 miles away from us and me and two of my buddies one of them who had a bad neck his fellow had a pretty bad you know that fifth appendage the neck people don't think about it you gotta strengthen it and his was real lean barely hold his head up he Almost had a k he almost had to walk around like this and also hold his head up with one of his arms but he and i and another kid uh got together and decided we want to go see this asian you know this room yeah yeah so we saved up money we cut grass for about six weeks and saved up money to get a taxi just to see this guy yeah okay went to slidell louisiana to go visit him And we just went to his house no it was the address that we got oh you you how'd you get this address dude you can get information okay okay and this is back before the internet too this is when you'd ask around yeah and then guess a little and we uh we went to see him and tried to go see him but it was just a uh it was a chinese food restaurant oh he's a chinese guy it wasn't real Chinese person it was just i think some kind of white people in hats and it was like uh i don't know it might have been like a mexican jewish guy running it oh that's weird but it wasn't any no real asians so it's just amazing so we went back man it cost us about seventy dollars and then i had some abandonment issues actually when it came to asians for a long time because of that And then they came jason desport that showed up when i was in junior high school and people used to always people they had this group at the time called whites against mexicans and people would attack him sometimes even though he wasn't mexican because he was the closest thing we had to a mexican he was asian pretty much

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