Drawing Live Overlays with a Touch Screen or iPad

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A demo on how to draw live overlays with your Blackmagic ATEM Switcher. iPad App: Pro Create (costs some money) PC App: G Ink (free online pc software) Get the latest from our instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a2z_productions/ Gear we use: As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ------------------- Exact touchscreen used in this video is discontinued. Here are similar ones we've used: ViewSonice 24in Touch Display https://amzn.to/3fNGLYF ACER 27IN LED 10PT TOUCH Display https://amzn.to/3ibh1Hj ------------------- Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO: https://amzn.to/3xpj5AA Rhode Wireless Go II https://amzn.to/3x86eC7 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K: https://amzn.to/32MGu0K Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f2.8: https://amzn.to/3dR5N8k SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB: https://amzn.to/2QzxTvN Elgato Stream Deck XL https://amzn.to/3ePlFsl Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 0:16 Overview 0:52 Use Cases 3:22 How it's wired 5:12 Using a Chroma Key 5:46 Control with Streamdeck 6:44 Using a Luma Key 8:20 Using an iPad 10:15 Conclusion

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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone i'm brandon from a2z productions and today i'm going to show you how to draw on top of your program feed so i like to use this big monitor here uh if you are an ipad user you can definitely use an ipad and we'll show you how to do that as well as the difference between a luma key and a chroma key why am i using this big touchscreen well It allows me to actually draw directly on top of my image which allows me to get pretty exact drawings i can actually cut out anything i want to which is great and that's a con of using something like an ipad why are we making this video well we've been seeing a lot of people drawing doing demonstrations demos examples where they actually draw on top of their image and Being able to see what you're drawing on instead of just guessing is really helpful so that's why we made this here's some examples of that so if you're a teacher and you want to be able to do you know two plus two does in fact equal four right and then go back and you know you can say that one plus one equals two teachers you already know why this is super helpful math Okay so i'll use a different color here that's 30 these already have answers on them so brian this is not a great example 90 2 times 9 is 18. all together that makes 108. awesome where's waldo why did you make this actually somewhat tough grub out or waldo's not okay come on this is in spanish i can't even read it This guy yeah that's not waldo that that's waldo on some steroids and like 30 years later i might have to give up and shoot the rest of this video oh is that him that's him found him [Applause] there's waldo got him cardano um this is not actually cardano this is actually a to z all right and this is uh what our stocks if we had an a would Look like in the future don't get me started on the web presenter so this is blackmagic's web presenter great product does everything would be perfect for our 8k constellations except they made it in a one-third and kind of sold it to you as working with like this guy which is the hd studio which is pretty much obsolete right now So like you're not gonna buy this no one's gonna buy that switcher right now like it does not make sense what would be cool is if they made something in the two-thirds form factor by the way i think they're going to do this that would be 4k okay that would have the super source in it that maybe could do some iso records i feel like there was something else i would want this oh Aux alts please ox outs that one's important uh football sports pretty simple here like there's the football the end zone line is right there and the ball didn't make it over so now we have a touchdown right if you do sports you get the idea uh so those are some examples of how you can actually use a touchscreen while it's good to be able to see what you are actually drawing on now Let's go over how we're able to do this so if you look at my table here all right you're gonna see the giant touch screen uh all right so you got this big touch screen right here now the way we're able to do this is there's a switcher okay off screen over here and what we're doing is we are running a feed let's make the feed orange We're running a feed from here into this monitor so we can see what the program feed is all right so that is program i'll actually just write this pgm okay so that's your program feed trying to make that a little nicer program feed the other uh thing that's plugged into this monitor is a usb cable i'm actually going to draw this in blue it's coming from the computer over here all right so this computer which i will Also outline in blue that is a usb cable okay so a usb cable from the computer into this guy it's how it's being treated like a mouse right so that's how this works i can draw anywhere and it thinks it's like a mouse clicking okay last thing we need to do is get the feed so you see the green screen happening over here right that green screen Is being sent into the switcher so we need a final cable uh going from here into the switcher and that is an hdmi cable okay so an hdmi running from the laptop over to the switcher okay we have the switcher giving us a program feed into here and then finally the usb cable which is this blue guy okay that's Running from the touchscreen into the laptop now that's great but how am i able to see everything that i'm drawing on on here if i'm just getting a feed from the switcher we're using something called a chroma key right now it's because we're using a green background on the laptop the way a chroma key works is you're gonna go into your switcher you're going to go to An upstream key you're going to click on chroma and then select the sort which is currently this laptop that laptop is currently the source all right and you can see as i draw here on the side it's actually drawing over here as well so that's how it's working once you set that keyer you simply put it on air and it shows up on top Of your image last thing i want to touch on is this guy right here see that that's our stream deck okay so the stream deck here uh is allowing me to control colors and things like that so i have white right i have uh red i got what blue i have ah okay so yellow and green are going to be weird i'm actually going to draw I'll finish the colors orange this is like a teal that's not going to show up well i got purple all right so these colors work really well because they're not at all close to green colors that are close to green like yellow they show up a little weird you can see me drawing at the top it's a little faded green doesn't even show up it almost looks more like an eraser than it does In color all right the reason that green and orange and other things show up well or not well is how close the color is to the background color needs to be different okay now what if you really want to use the color green like you really want to use it well you could use something called a luma key instead of a chroma key or do it on a blue background so what I'm going to do is i'm going to turn off my keyers here okay i'm going to turn them off okay siri get out of here whatever um i'm gonna turn off my keyers and i'm gonna go over to my laptop here and i'm gonna change that to a black background okay so i'm gonna hit escape and i'm gonna go over here and i'm going to change this to a black background now you can see my black Around his background is black i'm going to activate my drawing tool again okay i'm going to select white and we can see that white actually does work i forgot to hit my keyer on but luckily brian's back there doing his job well that's white let's look at green okay so now the color green showing up okay It's not the most clear green i've ever seen it's a little transparent it's actually a pun because it is somewhat see-through clear but you get the idea uh yellow works as well yellow actually works a little better uh orange so all the colors still work uh including blue and red they all work okay red seems a little faded to me so luma key versus chroma key uh if you want to select A luma key simply just right where you select chroma in your upstream keyer select luma and you need to select the one source as both your key and your fill unless you're fancy and have a car that can output in both in which case you already know how to do these things so i'm not going to go over it all right last thing i do want to go over is the people that don't have a giant touchscreen How can you guys do this at home great question with an ipad so i'm gonna go ahead pick up my ipad over here all right let's go to a front shot and you can see that uh as i draw on this guy here it still shows up on my screen right and you can see that i'm just drawing on here i can clear things off the screen and draw on the sides okay why wouldn't I just use this this seems way cheaper and easier and less complicated your rights it absolutely is easier less complicated the cons i can't see what i'm drawing on i have to guess right i have to straight up guess like if i'm trying to like outline my face here i kind of have to like guess as to where my face is and like i can kind of see it does it just doesn't work as well If i move over maybe but like i rather be able to see what i'm looking at all right so how can you do this this is called procreate the app that i'm using the reason i'm using procreate is it actually has a clean feed output via hdmi or screen share to an apple tv which is how i'm doing this wireless one screen share apple tv it has a clean feed so it just shows the drawing and not any other settings Or other things i have on the page okay so that's how you do the ipad hack to be able to draw on top of the screen pros and cons can't see it what i'm doing but it's completely wireless you probably have an ipad or an iphone or something you can draw on lying around the house then use a chromecast apple tv get it on to your switcher and you're good to go Buy a little hdmi adapter for 30 to 60 bucks this video is long enough i hope you enjoyed seeing our little hacks here i'm totally gonna be using this guy to draw and do demos from now on um but if you like what we're doing please hit subscribe hit a like leave a comment if you have questions more videos to come which we're really excited about And the world is opening up which means we are getting into physical live and hybrid events uh so we are excited for that let us know if you want to hear more about those types of things things other than video if you're interested and we'll try to make it happen so thanks so much and have a good one ready is my mic on yeah okay um okay so the drawing the intro then we'll Go through examples which i don't know about um so that'll be fun hopefully i don't look like an idiot what are they like math or what's the i'll find out all right then touch screen ipad and we're good okay all right shoot a video you

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