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Good morning good morning good morning everybody good morning guys good morning good morning everybody my hair is so dirty [Music] happy sunday when i'm filming this it's a sunday it's a foggy day out not hot but not cold it's like one of those days just to set the scene a little bit The reason why i love sundays is because it's it's this day of peace before the week starts and it's this day of relaxation before the week starts and that's why i like it i also like it because it's the day of farmer's markets i never use the farmer's market to its full potential like i feel like i never actually like go to the farmer's market and like get my groceries for the week because i Never time it out properly right like sunday will roll around and i'll look in my fridge and i'm like i still have groceries like i don't need groceries right now so i don't want to buy more stuff because then stuff is going to go bad and i hate wasting food i don't know what it is but i've always been so weird about wasting food like i refuse which is a great um problem to have today Um i looked in the fridge and i'm out like my fridge is like empty so i was like you know what that means let's go to the farmer's market so we're gonna go to the farmers market this morning i feel we need to go right now guys because it's 10 15. i'm getting a little later start to the day than normal all the moms start showing up at around 10 okay and they start making the line to the Farmers market extremely long and i'm not somebody that enjoys lines although i don't think anybody enjoys waiting in line you know what else is going on today there's the flea markets flea markets are like places that have a bunch of vintage stores so maybe i'll go to one of those too declan you're so sweet you're so precious but you're gonna need to get off mommy let's go to the farmer's Market i'm honestly embarrassed to admit that the farmer's market is maybe a 15-minute walk from me and yet i'm still driving now i have an excuse and my excuse is that i don't want to carry things home that's my excuse guys my allergies have been so bad the pollen in the air is severely affecting me my ears And nose are like itchy inside like i feel like it's itchy inside but you know whatever we deal with it you know what i've been thinking about recently when it comes to like my shopping addiction in a sense because i definitely love shopping a little bit too much sometimes i just want to be a minimalist with with clothes like sometimes i wish i just owned like 10 white tank tops 10 white t-shirts 10 pairs of jeans and that's it because those are my favorite things oh i just got a good parking spot maybe life isn't oh wait no i don't think i can park there no i think i can yay am i allowed to park here though [Music] we're done do you guys want a hall farmer's market haul first thing i got is a matcha okay the first thing i got is some skin care organic vegan skincare i got a body Oil and i'm very excited for that i also got a body butter for when i get out of the shower and i'm very excited to try these i also got this little face oil to try out i also got a lip balm which we're gonna try right now hello let's try the lip balm um oh it's so nice and mild love this place is so cute and actually uh the girl and her mom Who own this shop watch my youtube videos and i was so honored so i had to i had to just try everything so oh my god there's a hand sanitizer too wait love that and it smells good okay wait i'm gonna keep this in my car because it's so cute look at the packaging okay that was amazing so that was the first thing i got next i got broccoli there are literally so many People by my car right now and me holding up three cucumbers to the screen is just not very questionable like i can't imagine what they're thinking i also got a little strawberries so many raspberries can that guy not watch me like what you've never seen a youtuber before i like to eat my raspberries with my yogurt parfaits the fact that i went to the farmer's Market and am now talking about yogurt parfaits is like further making me concerned that i'm turning into a mom should i try a strawberry looks gorgeous [Music] okay now what it's 11 in the morning i'm like what do i what's my next activity i might have to go to the flea market i know i really shouldn't go shopping but i've been so Good like i've been so good that i feel like i've earned it i caved i just went and dropped off my groceries inside i caved and i decided i'm going to the flea market and i'm going and i'm you know what and i might buy clothes and i might but i might not and i'm going to try not to but i might that leads us to our sponsor of today's video honey honey is my online shopping best friend Because as much as i like shopping in person i like shopping online even more honey is an online browser extension that finds the best coupon codes and applies them to your cart automatically so that you can save the most money possible while shopping online you don't have to change where or how you shop honey pops up on your favorite sites gives you a discount code okay and Applies it automatically to your car with honey instead of having buyers remorse you have buyers rejoice i literally use honey all the time i online shop so much for like everything the other day i was buying some bathing suits actually honey popped up in the corner and was like let me help you out with your new summer wardrobe and it was amazing honey has over a hundred thousand five star Google reviews everybody loves it i've never met somebody who didn't love it it's really hard not to love it's the perfect online shopping tool get honey at emma link is in my description that's join emma anyway start saving today with with honey love you honey thank you for sponsoring today's video i love you guys anyway let's go to the flea market the Problem is that it's like kind of far away and like that always makes me not want to go because i'm lazy but it's worth it like it's always worth it it's only 25 minutes i can handle that i'm not like that much of a baby i'm having kind of a fashion dilemma okay because part of me is like emma you want to be minimalist you want to literally just wear jeans and a white t-shirt every day and call it a day but Then on the other hand i'm like i want to step up my style and have like a crazy unique style that nobody's ever seen before and i want to create something new but i don't really know if i have it in me right now i would say my fashion philosophy is very much like whatever i'm feeling in the moment it may not be extravagant it may not be groundbreaking and i'm More and i don't want i don't need it to be all the time like i feel like there's this pressure for everybody to like do groundbreaking things with their fashion sense and i'm like it just doesn't need to be that complicated if you dress to quote unquote fit in then you're boring but then if you dress kind of more eccentrically eccentrically then it's like some people Are like you look stupid so it's like what are you supposed to do like there's i don't know that's why i'm like maybe i just need to do the whole white tank top in jeans thing and just wear that every day for the rest of my life and never have to think about clothes again you know so i think that the moral of the story is i'm just not gonna listen to what anybody else Ever has to say and i'm just gonna have fun so that's kind of what's going on here also i did not just pick my nose i was itching it so don't get any sick and twisted ideas that i'm picking my nose i would never pick my nose um you know what fine i'll admit it i do pick my nose but i can say that i don't eat my boogers i can confidently say that i've never actually eaten my boogers Like even when i was a kid it just always grossed me out i'm proud of that and i'm not saying i'm judging you if you if you eat your boogers i don't care it has no it's none of my business i really couldn't care less but i'm just saying for me that like i have never eaten my boogers not saying that it's wrong to eat them also not saying it's right though either i mean i guess it probably I i it can't be harmful i mean i doubt it's harmful probably relatively efficient actually if you think about it it's like you know a little afternoon snack pick-me-up for free costs zero money i want to do some research on the psychology of eating your boogers cause like in like not in a judgmental way like just genuinely like what's going on there like do they taste good like i I mean i've gotten a booger in my mouth on accident before like you know like when you're crying and your nose is running and it drips into your mouth anyway i'm gonna change the subject i literally wear this zip up sweater like every day i would wear it every day if i could i love it like i literally love it it's my it's one of my favorite things in my closet now is this extravagantly fashionable no but i love it okay like what i'm a simple gal you know what deep down i am a simple gal anyway every time i go to the flea market i have to pee which is like so annoying because there's no bathroom there but it's honestly not a bad thing because it means i won't spend too much time there but let's do this it's time to go hunting except for clothes not for animals I drove all the way to the flea market and it's not even open today is it even sunday it's sunday they're always open on sunday this has never happened i feel stupid and i just drove a half an hour it's still a half an hour for this this was a sign from the universe being like emma no more shopping for you no shopping for me today where's let me look this up online like is it Closed today like i don't get it did they move locations like what's happening they're closed for mother's day because today's mother's day sorry i'm thinking i'm really thinking here i'm like do i go to another thrift store or not i'm home sorry i'm eating okay i'm so okay i'm not mad i'm not mad i'm just frustrated and now i don't know what to do with my day it's like i planned out my whole day around going to the flea Market now it's cancelled what do i do i also realize i forgot to get more of my favorite hummus spicy hummus from the farmer's market which is making me very upset but i really don't know what to do with my sundae anymore i bought this squash i could try to make it it's crazy that they closed the flea market for mother's day It's like what if you wanted to go to the flea market with your mom i need to make a coffee this hair is going to be the death of me it pisses me off it doesn't fit in my clip and it just like sits out and just like causes a ruckus i haven't been making espresso as much i've been drinking more cold brew but i'm out of cold brew and i'm freaking out so we're gonna make an espresso instead Chamberlain coffee espresso blend i'm gonna try to make an americano which is basically espresso and water add in water [Applause] so good wait so good but it's time to cook this is a spaghetti squash the thing about spaghetti squashes is that basically you roast them and then once you're done roasting them You basically fork out the center and it kind of turns into these like noodles that almost look like spaghetti first you have to cut it in half which is a literal like danger hazard because this thing is so probably shouldn't have done that okay so after you cut it open you're supposed to scoop out the center okay i really hope that this tastes good You're supposed to fork it ah perfect now we're gonna take our bestie here we're gonna spray it all right and now um i'm gonna throw this in the oven for like an hour but i also want to make chocolate strawberries i love chocolate strawberries but i just like it's never one of those things where i'm like oh i'm gonna make that you know what i'm saying like this is fun Oh wait this is fun i kind of burnt the chocolate a little bit but maybe if i add some milk right like maybe that would like be good for it okay i think i need to microwave it again this is not a good consistency at all oh we know it's it's kind of working i think it needs i don't know what does it need why is the chocolate like hard i literally think i burnt it But i'm gonna make it work because i don't want again i don't like to waste cute it doesn't look very pretty but like it's not all about appearance with this stuff guys this is kind of catastrophic if i'm being honest it really is not why why it i made four i'll just eat the rest now it's definitely not my best work time to put our squash in the oven Anyway that was delicious so that's like fun and easy snack wow why have i not been doing that our squash is done check this out watch this magic so you flip over your squash and then you go like this and it makes this like pasta almost it looks good look guys i'm glad that i made my squash today because imagine if this would have gone to waste And what a shame that would have been putting this in a tupperware like the mom that i am now i'm gonna add some tomato sauce should probably salt it a little bit and then we can add some tomatoes see this is fun is it gross like i can't tell if it's gross should we give it a try oh no severely undersalted watch me over salt It now too knowing my look needs more seasoning adding a bunch of chili flakes that's good okay great now i have spaghetti squash for the next few days that was productive but now what oh and i have four lumpy chocolate strawberries i'm in bed let me tell you about my newest skincare craze so i got this it's like a red light a red and blue light Mask okay it's supposed to like kill bacteria on your face i didn't buy this i would never buy this because this is it's 500 this was actually a gift from youtube so shout out to youtube i've been using it every day and i think it's actually working i don't know but literally look at how absolutely over the top this is so i do this for about three minutes Per day i'm also reading i'm reading two books right now the grapes of wrath not my favorite book i've ever read but definitely it's it's okay so far and i'm also reading 1984 1984 by oh already done that was not three minutes anyway um i'm reading 1984 by george orwell why is this dying oh i probably need to charge it i haven't charged it in a long Time but anyway i'm gonna read i'll see you guys when i'm done reading and we'll see what happens um i feel really tired i think i'm dehydrated i realized i hadn't had any liquid except for caffeine because i just like am not responsible so i went downstairs i had a snack i um poured myself a sparkling water or not sparkling water a flake of fruit Fruity flavored water but i think i just drank too much caffeine and not enough water so we're drinking this now i also only read my book for like five seconds and then i went on tick tock like i'm i i'm not doing so well with my um internet my internet balance uh which has not been good for me i've been um going on my phone more than i want would like to Oh okay we're not gonna take my blankie thank you okay we're not gonna take my blankie okay we're not gonna take it how are you guys not sick of my videos yet i do the same every day i cook i go on walks i read i that's it like i how are you guys not bored of me yet it really blows my mind i'm very grateful you know the seven wonders of the world well there's an eighth wonder of the World for me and it's how you guys are not bored of me yet let's give me another hour and see if i'm out of bed okay just give me a hour guess what we're just not going to talk about yesterday we are not going to talk about the second half of yesterday okay we are not going to discuss it it didn't happen it is a new day and good morning i don't know what happened Um although i think something's in the air because like both of my parents have been feeling really tired and all my friends have been feeling really tired all of my two friends this is actually so good i really like it's hard for me to choose my favorite so i'm just not going to choose my favorite but it's very good this is very good to make up for my lack of activities yesterday um i thought this morning i Could show you my productive morning routine okay so here's what my um productive morning routine includes i start out by making some sort of caffeinated drink of course next i get ready for the gym i know this is shocking let me explain i have a gym membership i just never use it and i never used it because i was like emma you don't like the gym the other Day i was thinking about it and i was like okay i used to go to a gym when i was a teenager i still have a teenager when i was like in high school i used to go to the gym all the time and i actually loved it like for absolutely no reason like god knows why i loved it and so i was like you know what i'm gonna start going to the gym again i'm gonna try it out i'm gonna have this gym membership for The next few months why don't i try to go to the gym my morning routine recently has been very very la it involves waking up drinking coffee or matcha getting ready to go to the gym going to the gym and going straight to an overpriced coffee shop for a matcha then after that i go straight to an overpriced grocery store called erwan and i get my favorite salad Then i come home and i cook for myself the only part of that that's not super la is the last part where i come home and i cook for myself everything else though that is so la then i was thinking about it more and i was like okay i asked myself does that stuff make me happy unfortunately the answer is yes and maybe i enjoy it out of a little bit of irony or maybe i'm just a little Maybe i'm more simple than i thought and maybe i'm just turning into a la and guess what there's nothing against l.a honestly also i know very many la that are actually really great people anyway enough of my existential crisis i am having one though can i tell you too i was genuinely like nervous to vlog my new morning routine i was Like oh my god they're gonna give me so much they are gonna give me so much because they're gonna say that i'm an la basic and gina what i'm here to say i love you guys and you guys can say that if you want because i i deserve it but also just know that at the end of the day i'm still the same me baby i'm so saving me [Music] Okay my pants even say l.a on it like what is what am i turning into you know what always separates me though from the la culture like you want to know what really like keeps me in line and like make sure that i i never become an la girl is the fact that i don't wash my hair i've showered my body okay but this is what my hair it's my ugly hairstyle for the gym Here's the funny thing about this morning routine everything in my life could be going wrong but yet when i do this morning routine and for the you know two or so hours that i participate in this morning routine everything disappears all my responsibilities and i just get to exist i actually think i'm gonna get a match on the way instead of um getting one on the way Back today i think i'm going to get one on the way today and maybe i'll get one after two but i don't think i'm i don't think so you know what's actually cute is that i've been wearing this same white long sleeve workout shirt to the gym since i was literally 15. i'm 20 now i'm about to be 20. actually i think when you're watching this i'm 20. can you believe that guys i'm 20. feel old yet i think what's Comforting is that my dad is like 55 and he surfs every day and is like the happiest person i know and he's 55. you know what i'm saying and he's like having a lot more fun than i am and i'm 20. okay which is promising it's like okay wait you know what things actually can get better when any of you are feeling scared or worried about growing up just think of my dad 55 and literally Thriving more than he ever has okay great so there's construction on the street of my matcha shop my overpriced matcha shop and that means that there's no parking so i'm going to park in an illegal spot and risk getting my car towed i'll be back time to go to the gym i think i already wore this shirt it smells a little bit wrong waking up in the Wait i don't know if i can sing that or else i'll get why are you copyrighted for that i'm in the garage of the gym oh i can't sing i swear to god i can't tell if i like have just worn this for too many years and it just has like a permanent sweat smell or if i already wore it and i forgot to wash it let's go to the [Music] gym Jim sesh done my workout was very nice i did a little walking on the treadmill with the incline you know the whole like viral tick-tock treadmill workout that's like walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a 12 incline i've been doing that i actually really like it i get all my ideas from tiktok now i'm on my way to erwan to get a little snacky something happened to me at the gym i um Go to put in my air pods and they make a weird sound in my ear and then i realized that they were dead heartbreaking moment i basically just worked out for an hour listening to people grunting i think my new strategy is that i'm going to get matcha before i work out drink like half of it and then after i'm done working out i still have half of a matcha in the car it's very efficient Can they can okay sorry i was about to literally be a mom and be like why are the roads in l.a so bumpy can they fix it los angeles needs to get their together and fix it i literally almost said something like that along those lines but i stopped myself i literally i i honestly think that i just like going to erwin for the environment like i just like the environment although i would say most people in la Would say the same like there's something about erwan that's just like comforting it's like comforting and safe and maybe i'll get like another matcha or something because i heard that they have matcha and i've never tried it so whatever we'll see [Music] yay why is it so good thank you guys for hanging out with me today and yesterday I had a lot of fun even though i felt like i'm gonna go exist for the rest of the day as one does and i'm gonna say goodbye to you here and i'm gonna give you your forehead kiss and i love you so much and i hope that you have an amazing rest of your week and i'll see you next week i love you from your favorite la girl emma bye [Music]

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