KIM JONG UN क्यों हर जगह अपने साथ TOILET SEAT लेकर घूमता है? Kim Jong Un Carries Toilet Seat

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? Make your dreams come true with 4RA! ? Follow this link and get a welcome bonus on your first deposit ? ➡️ ? Indians play here! ⚡️Good luck!⚡ Hello friends, did you know buttons were invented to save the lives of soldiers on the battlefield? Shocked right? Well, you'll be more shocked to know that North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un actually carries his toilet seat wherever he goes! Yucks, who would have thought? And did you know almost 90% of giraffes are gay? Say what? And have you ever seen a tree on top of a tree? Well, this unique Daisugi Tree can be found in Japan's Kyoto region. And did you China's abandoned Hoitouwan village is now a tourist attraction point? All the lush greenery in his region has attracted millions of tourists in such a small span. And did you know? Fin Whale Fish can measure the ocean by singing songs? Weird right? But it's true... So stay tuned to know more such interesting and shocking facts in our today's video. FOLLOW me on: Instagram (Personal account) → Instagram (Channel account) → Facebook Page →

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