Warrior Plus $50,000 Case Study. [Affiliate Marketing Case Study]

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Welcome To Todays Video - Warrior Plus $50,000 Case Study. [Affiliate Marketing Case Study.] ? My #1 Recommendation To Learn Affiliate Marketing ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/GetStarted In this video, I am going to share how I have earned over $50,000 using the platform warrior plus. Warrior plus is a great platform for finding affiliate products and lots of them are relatively cheap which makes them an easy sale (In most cases) I share my method for marketing the products on Warrior Plus and also we touch on launch jacking. ========================================================= ➡️ My YouTube Passive Success Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/YouTubePassiveSuccess ========================================================= ? GRAB THESE FREE COURSES ? ➡️ My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/FREEAffiliateCourse ? My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP YouTube Growth Course ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/YouTubeFREECourse ➡️ Affiliate Marketing Articles. ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ https://www.nottaughtatschool.co.uk/category/affiliate-marketing/ ========================================================= Affiliate Marketing Resources: ➡️ The BEST In-depth (FREE) Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/FREEAffiliateTraining ➡️ Build Affiliate Sales Funnels (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ https://www.nottaughtatschool.co.uk/14DayFREETrial ➡️ The BEST Auto Responder (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/GetResponse ➡️ Learn How To Build Affiliate Websites (FREE ) ⬅️ https://nottaughtatschool.co.uk/WealthyAffiliate Never miss a video about simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Subscribe here --- #AffiliateMarketing #AffiliateMarketingCaseStudy #EarnOnline Inspired By: How To Digital https://youtu.be/0RJfaMJgkLo Greg https://youtu.be/3LfiDeu_Y5U ? POPULAR PLAYLIST VIDEOS ? ➡️ Make Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos ⬅️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlaB2LYtNU4&list=PL3g7v6j3CjxT5QSfksr4lST4ldjEJeZ0P ➡️ Affiliate Marketing ⬅️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBcdHWTPE6k&list=PL3g7v6j3CjxQb_vOFqwfxI-jjBBQCvRY4 ➡️ The Best Side Hustles ⬅️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHcCAYiZNLw&list=PL3g7v6j3CjxTRX9fpw72DBCIGO1SAqtkp ====================================================== Affiliate Disclaimer: While I may receive affiliate compensation for reviews or promotions on this channel I always offer an open and honest opinion related to the product or service itself. My goal is to help you make an informed and best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are mine only. With any purchase you should always do your own due diligence before making any kind of purchase. By clicking on links or purchasing products I recommended on this page may generate an income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make. ====================================================== Thanks for watching/reading today's video

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Hello it's mark from not taught at scotland welcome to today's video so i've recently just passed over well you can see up here i've got 48 000 dollars we've drawn on this platform and i've currently got available in my balance 2581 and i'll just refresh this for you to show you that this is indeed you know my account so this platform over here warrior plus You can find hundreds of thousands of products over on here but while doing this video is i'll just share with you a couple of different campaigns and why are market products you know a lot different to many people who focus on this platform over here this warrior plus because let me go into here and show you this now over on warrior plus there's a method when it comes to Affiliate marketing which is known as launch jack and now if you don't know what launch jacket is it means there's a new product coming out into the marketplace so what will happen is people will create a review video or a blog article around that product and then what happens is after the space of say a week or two weeks you know that launch is gone and everyone's now moved on to the you know The next shiny object so nobody will be going ahead and looking for you know your review video or your blog article however i like to market things a little bit different so what i do is sometimes i will create a review video but not that often but a lot of the time what i will do is i will go ahead and look at the benefits of the product and then i will basically pitch that Product in reverse so a great example of this is so let me just come in here and i'll show you this right now so if i go into affiliate daily stats and i'll just click on here and i want to click on all time so i can show you this so this is just loading hopefully this will be yeah so you can see here down the Left-hand side these are all of the different products and then you scroll up here you can see number of hops so that's number of people that i have personally sent over to the sales page then we've got the number of sales my overall conversion rate average amount hot per sale so basically for every person i send over to a product on warrior plus i can expect to win roughly at this moment in time i'm Editing two dollars and eighteen cents dollar per sale and then obviously we've got the grand turtle so you can see on here some of these products i've done you know a hell of a lot of numbers for and then you can see the sales over here now a lot of these products over here i have never even done a review video for them believe it or not or a review article so you see this one Over here this octane and there was another one this one over here aurora so these are the two you can see i've done 273 sales on this one with a conversion rate of 22 and then this one over here 207 sales with a conversion rate of eight percent now let me just go ahead and show you over on my youtube channel so i'll just go over over here and we're just going to type in Let's type in octane so you can see on here i have not done any videos around this product called octane i've not done an octane review or anything like that so the traffic that i was sending over to this product here this octane whereby i've done 207 sales i have not done a review at all instead what i do is i'll go ahead and have a look at the product or the Software and see what it's all about so in this example here this octane this was a product whereby it was a piece of software and it used creative commons videos on youtube so you would type in a keyword and then it would create videos for you from inside of the software so essentially it was how to make money on youtube without creating videos yourself so then when i went onto youtube and Google and did a bit of research for this there was a hell of a lot of people searching for this in fact if i go over here to google let's just go and look at this so let's just go on here and type in make money on youtube first of all let's look at this keyword over here so you can see there's a hundred and ten thousand people searching for these this exact keyword Every single month make money on youtube what about make money on youtube without look without making videos 590 people and make money on youtube about shiny face 110 this one here so all of these search terms here this one here this one this one and some more further down this is very relevant to this product over here because they Don't have to be on camera they don't have to talk you know they don't need to show their face or anything with this software over here they're literally they're typing a keyword and then the software creates the videos for them so what did i do well basically i went ahead and created videos let me just show you this so let's make money on youtube And i've got quite a few i've only got i've got 31 of these videos on my channel in turtle but if i scroll down i'll show you when these ones come from so this was back in 28 so you see this one here look a hundred dollars a day without making videos so if we're going to hear i'm pretty certain i hope i'm certain this one here is yeah look here you go octane see here I'm sending people over to here so what i would do is i would show them how to how they can make money on youtube without creating videos and normally that would be a case of they would have to go on to you know websites like pixels pixabay you know places where they can get free videos and download them and i'd show them how to find the videos how to download them and then you know use a piece of Software to edit them all and put them together and then do a voice over and music and of a bit now whilst that's great and it's free it can be as you'd imagine quite a long-winded process because you've got to go through all different websites download them put them into some editing software play around with them etc etc whereby with this piece of software here this octane They literally bought the software and from memory i think it was about 18 we want a lot of money i think it's about 18 or 19 literally it's a cloud based so they're just putting the name and the password they get access to the software and then they just type in a couple of keywords and it creates videos for them pretty simple but this whole process of flipping the sale and because if i'd have started You know the video with a pitch the octane pre or octane review i would only be targeting people who are searching specifically for that product that octane product and i wouldn't have got that many sales from this however by showing people the benefits of the product and you know the fact that they can save time they can do this very quickly it's very easy to use a software and you Know it's really cheap this is you know it opens against and as you can see up here for this piece of this piece of software i've done 207 sales so it's pretty good and this is just one example if you scroll further on the page let me think of another one i can think of one you see this one here this five alicious look at this 172 sales for this product Over here and again if i go over to my youtube channel and i type in fiverr l i c i o u s five alicious yeah look i didn't do a five alicia's review what i did was again i went into this piece of this software it's not software it was a video of course and this video of course here it showed people basically how you how you could become a middleman On fiverr and what that meant was you put a gig up for sale on fiverr when that gig sold you outsource that onto off from a different website you didn't do any of the work so basically you received the money on fiverr you went over to another website you paid somebody on there and then they you know they delivered the work to you and then you delivered it to your buyer on fiverr it's a pretty simple process and inside Of this course over here this five alicia's bobby bobby who was the guy who created this i mean he's a full-time police officer and i went through his course i was pretty impressed with it so i created a video on my youtube channel and even now it still brings me in money to this day and i'll show you the video so i'll just type in fiverr so you can see i've got six videos on Oh no not that one that's a new one due to go home click on fiverr click on show all and if we scroll down see this one here this video on the 29th oh sorry the 26th of february 2019. so let me show you the analytics of this video this was from this is over two years old this video say look it's still getting views it's not getting a lot of views granted because it's quite old But in terms of this video from youtube i am 335 dollars it's great now i'll take that for upload in a 13 minute video however look at this over here where is it five delicious look 172 sales and it's brought me in 1 49 plus you know this change here from the youtube video but what's even more impressive if i come back over here and i go into this product five alicia's And i'll show you this so let me just change this to this month i'm sure yeah look so far this month look i've had one sale from this product which i uploaded a video about two years ago two years ago i uploaded this video however if i'd have uploaded a product if i'd have uploaded my video to youtube and called it Five malicious review five let's just you know product review nobody would be watching that video now but yeah even two years on i'm still getting views on it and as you can see over here i'm still earning some commissions so it's a pretty straightforward processor find a product that you want to promote find out what it's all about find the angle on that product and then basically Flip it and put it in reverser show people the method first and then say you know this is the method however if you want to fast track the method then you can go down this row here and it works pretty simple as you've seen over here now this platform warrior plus you'll find thousands of products that you can you know basically market on here to do this you Just go to the marketplace click on home and you can just go through and have a look at you know the different products and if you go into any of these and like click on them it will tell you a little bit more about the product and also what you can do is you can just go on youtube and search for them so you could go on like this one here this wi-fi profit system just type in that and then slash Review on youtube or google and you can find out what it's about and this doesn't just work with warrior plus it works on you know any platform clickbank um jvzoo where wherever basically any products but basically don't pitch the product pitch the benefits of this and do it in reverse that that is my learnings from promoting these products over on warrior plus and as i've mentioned it's not a Platform unfortunately market any products on here a lot of the sales coming in are from products that i have you know created content for many many months ago and yet i'm still earning commissions most days not every single day but most days and that is genuinely how i ran over 50 000 over on warrior plus that i have done a little bit of launch jacking on here you Know some of these products i did do a review and if you wanted to go down that you know down that route of doing product reviews it's where it's really simple we just go over to a website called munchie.com and on here like you can see you see i am so internet marketing product launch calendar you click on there and then you've got Big launches on the left on the right hand side you've got all launched so you can go through and find any products the reason why i use folks on on warrior plus specifically was because of this you can add a hundred percent commission on the front end and then normally what happens is you can end like 50 or 70 percent on you know further upsells throughout the funnel and if you want to find out Any more information about any of these products you just click on here and then look you will normally have something called the jv page so you can go ahead and find out you know a bit more information about the product you've got a link to promote it and lots more but it's not it's not a method that i recommend launch jacking it can be profitable but that is i'd say from my own Experience of doing this is when you know you're promoting these big launches over here on the left hand side and even then some of these are debatable as to whether they're big or not but look that is today's video that is a 50 000 case study it's relatively short i appreciate that but that's all that's all i've done over on this platform i have done a mix of review products where well sorry A mix of whereby i'm reviewing products but most of them i've said probably 80 percent of the commissions i've had over on this platform has come from sharing a method and a technique and then pitching the product at the end so look that's today's video i hope you found it useful if you did please give the video a like if you've got any comments or questions Let me know but thanks for watching have a great day and i shall see you tomorrow [Music]

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