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[Music] your turn okay perfect i'll teach you first chord that i learned put two fingers on the second fret just like that okay hold down like hell and do a strung so hey man look up Four collins uh cheyenne under the line wyoming yeah oh do you have anything going to fort collins not today not until tomorrow oh jesus listen you said fort collins all right i had to close up the shop but in like 45 minutes i'm actually heading down to fort collins where are you going down here or anywhere i had a close-up shop i will fill your car with gas i'll buy you some dinner or Whatever all right cool give me 45 and close up we'll head down thank you thank you we're actually going to go see armchair marshall tonight you're me our chair marshall man i'm surprised those guys are still alive i think it's a reunion tour we opened for them in 94 you in a band i was back in the day band called the loathers did i know The logos oh you guys had that song wow awesome so you there meeting up with them to a player no i'm just i'm pulling into town to see my mom see my sister my buddy uh joe vegas has a show i'm coming up we're gonna check that out how about that old school pump man yeah yeah should be fun dude i appreciate this so much no worries man I'm happy to help [Music] why [Music] [Music] um [Music] you [Music] um she left that guitar for you i know but she wanted you to have it You know she held on as long as she could and when i told her you were coming she smiled when is the funeral sunday i'm staying for it right look i'll make us breakfast in the morning [Music] thanks [Music] So so [Music] safe to be alone some in your time [Music] safe to do i saw your exhibit in new york city it was pretty inspiring thanks brother i appreciate it i mean i didn't quite understand it but it was you're a good company folks over the village voice didn't Quite understand it either hey mr sarah sarah [Music] speaking of which [Music] more or less thanks bro [Music] [Laughter] [Music] this [Applause] yeah i think you should get up there with me tomorrow night it's been a long time since i played brother no you're in town i'm in town your mom would dig it zach would dig it seriously i have not played since the accident hey besides i'd probably just screw up your set unless you're playing like happy birthday or hot crossbones or Something let's put those on the sadness i don't care we need to be playing i'm going to play some songs off my new album that we can put some old ones into if you're into it tell you what i will see you tomorrow thanks god careful go again [Music] um [Applause] i'll teach you another one so these two and then you add a third finger down there like this yep and then just move it all the way down here to the second fret one more yep close enough you'll get it eventually you will so press on this string with this finger yep and then down a little bit and this one Right there [Music] i saw joe last night you know he came by the other day yeah he brought his guitar played a song sang every time he sing mom smiled was cool you heard his new album i heard it's really good yeah i haven't heard it yet the other day mom looked at me and she's like in all seriousness she looks at me and she says do you Think i pushed danny too hard to be a musician to be like me like she just thought of it for the first time maybe what did you say i just i didn't answer her i never had any intention of being a singer songwriter apistic player and after the accident after zach died it just My heart wasn't in it anymore you know wow look i should have told her i'm glad you're here i am too i shouldn't stay away so long sorry [Music] so [Music] [Music] can i get one of those yeah thanks man i appreciate it chilly outside thanks brother i appreciate that you ready for your big night Yeah nervous no come on you don't still get nervous been a long time bud i mean we used to play in here so many times back in the day [Music] i was talking to anna and she said that you had come by and visited mom and sat and played some songs for and sure really brightened up her day and put a smile on her face and I just wanted to tell you that it means the world to me that you were there for her oh well cool that's all right you know you're probably sure meant a lot to me tonight i appreciate it yeah i know i know i know you loved her i know she loved you [Music] wrote almost all of her songs on that yeah some damn good ones too i would like for you to have it Danny i can't take this go ahead man this is yours your mom used to tell us all the time music is medicine for our souls hey if this is the only remedy we got anymore we're in the world of hurt pierce that [Music] you know the thing is joe i tried and it's it's just not there man music Was everything for you and zach it was life it kept you sane it kept you on the right path i was just happy to be hanging out with you guys well you could have fooled me because dude you could play what do you say we leave this here when you're ready to play again it'll be here for you [Music] fair enough Sounds like they're calling you up yeah i'll see you after the set all right brother hey hey hey [Music] don't forget your guitar have a good set thanks brother hey good evening how's everybody tonight we're glad to have you here um let's do this hey you know i i came here to play some songs up my new record but uh i think i'd like to change it up a Little bit that's all right you guys remember a guy named danny jones used to play with me back in the day well danny's sitting at the bar right now and i'd really like him to come play with me again so you guys maybe help me twist his arm get him up here come on brother [Applause] Oh [Applause] come on [Applause] thank brother thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you ready man i'm ready oh lord raise i'll ever be thank you this is a song my mother wrote [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] wow girl if you're gonna go leaving me here this way don't even say goodbye [Music] just turn and walk away if you're leaving [Music] leave me hair this way [Music] Make it on a rainy day i sat in tremble hold back my tears [Music] crazy about you baby [Music] i've wasted all these years if you're living leave me hell this way [Music] make it on a rainy day [Music] [Music] if you're leaving baby [Music] my tears are gonna fall down like right [Music] i'm gonna go make head on a rainy day so the whole world won't see me this way i and wait for you so you can take your time My heart's a present baby you got me doing time [Music] if you're a leaver leave me make it on a rainy day [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] my tails are gonna fall down Like a rain [Applause] gonna go [Music] make it on a rainy day so a whole world won't see me this way [Music] girl if you're gonna go [Music] leaving me here this way don't even say goodbye Just turn and walk away if you're leaving [Music] leave me hair this way make it all rainy days [Music] wow [Music] you

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