This Simple Idea Will Change Your Life Forever (Animated Story)

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Mitch Manly

My Greatest life lesson! Be sure to check out part 1, link below :) Link to Part 1 here ➤ There are many life lessons out there, but this story talks about something that I am really passionate about, which is how to respond to failure, and bad situations in general. Similar to my worst break up video, I believe it’s really important how you react to certain situations. I also believe that it’s these situations which define who you are as a person. My Biggest failure turned into my greatest life lesson, I hope this happens for all of you as well!

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Most people on earth have the same fears they're scared of snakes spiders Heights they're scared of public speaking they're scared of embarrassing themselves in front of a bunch of people some people are scared of getting sick and dying they're scared of getting old and dying or even worse they're scared of getting old and dying alone I understand all of these fears but for me personally I have a completely different Fear and it's not something that anyone really talks about my biggest fear is getting old and dying with regret and by the end of the story I can promise you that it will become your biggest fear - so this is part 2 of last week's video if you haven't seen part 1 go and check it out now you can click the link on the screen but we were in the middle of me receiving the glorious red t-shirt so let's pick up where we left off with the huge smile on my face I proudly said I'll take a large please I was so proud in this moment that is until he turned to me and said Mitch it was a difficult decision but I've decided to not let you on the team I think are a good player but it's just not a great fit I didn't say a word I just looked at him in shock I remember when he said that it felt like somebody was reaching into my stomach and just slowly twisting everything around it was the first time that I had felt real physical pain from Something somebody had said or did and also what a coach says to you you are good but it's just not a great fit for the team it's basically the same thing is when someone says it's not you it's me before they break up a few I think we all know what it really means so after a few moments of silence I managed to say the words okay thanks and then I took my red t-shirt and I walked away I walked out Of that gym without saying goodbye to anyone I didn't even make eye contact with anyone I just went straight to my car and I drove home and when I got home I immediately just went to my room and I laid down in my bed and that began just staring at my ceiling and I kept replaying all the events that I had taken place just trying to make sense of everything I kept thinking to myself how could the coaches be so blind to not put me on the team or how could the players Not pass me the ball more so I could show off how good I am because I really did feel deep down that I was good enough and in the middle of my daydream I hear a knock at my door and it was my dad asking if he could come in I rolled my eyes and I said okay I was expecting to hear the usual cliche comfort advice of you did your best or you will get him next time or don't sweat it kiddo stuff like that that we've all heard a million times before but he sat down on my bed And looked right into my eyes and he said I know you're upset mad and probably confused but if you don't want to experience this feeling ever again then you have to become so good that there is no doubt in anybody's mind you are right for the team become so good that they can't ignore you these words really stuck with me after he left I began to think about what those words really meant and as much as I wanted to blame the coaches or blame the players For what had happened I knew at the end of the day that it wasn't productive to think like that so instead of telling myself the coaches are so blind and stupid and the players are out to get me or whatever I told myself the coaches are not blind but rather they're short-sighted and they just were not looking in the right direction and the only cure for shortsightedness or looking the wrong way is to become so big that no matter which direction They're looking they will see you so the next day I started to practice but this time it was to become the biggest and the best when I came to school the next week I noticed that there were two players from my school who made the team and they were wearing their red t-shirts and yes Blake from episode one was one of them I would see Blake and his friends wearing the red t-shirts with pride and joy I could see in their eyes the confidence that this t-shirt gave Them and the status they received just from wearing it and occasionally Blake would say things to me like I better not see you in that t-shirt you didn't make the team but it was fine I used all of these emotions within me and I just channeled it towards becoming better so two months go by where I literally just spend all of my time practicing I didn't have a social life I my greys I think dropped as well I literally did nothing else it was borderline unhealthy I then Wake up on a Thursday morning to my phone buzzing and I see that I had an email with the title are you free this weekend and then I saw that it was from the regional basketball coach aka the guy who cut me from the team I click it and I read that the regional team was going over to Vancouver for the weekend for this big tournament but one of the players from the team couldn't make it so he asked me if I to play in for him the moment I finished Reading this I actually came really nervous because if I did go over there and meant that I had to play in front of everyone and show my face in front of everyone after I'd being one of the two players who got cut I didn't want them to see me play and to think yeah it makes sense that he didn't make the team he's clearly not good enough but it was also an opportunity to show everyone that it was a mistake for them to not put me on The team plus I had obviously been practicing really hard so I knew what I had to do I told him that I would see him tomorrow and the next day I packed up all of my bags and traveled with the team to Vancouver BC once we got to the hotel we actually had to go straight to the basketball game because we were already running late so after a short warm-up it was time to play I initially started off playing really poorly I kept thinking that I had to prove the coat Trog I had to prove the players wrong but most importantly I had to prove to myself to my little ego it was in fact a mistake for them to not put me on the team so the first quarter was over and man I was not feeling good I started to even doubt myself a little bit even though I knew I was capable of more but I took some deep breaths and I thought to myself okay what can I do to improve my play after some thinking I quickly realized that I am playing for all the Wrong reasons I need to stop playing to prove all these people wrong or prove to my little ego that I am good enough what I need to do is to just play the game that I love and play the game that I had been practicing for months the moment the second quarter started a teammate stole the ball and he passed it to me for an open layup which made me feel better then shortly after that I hit an open jump shot and I thought to myself okay I'm feeling a little better Now I'm not playing horribly and then ten minutes after that I scored a difficult three-point shot and before I knew it I was starting to get into the zone but it wasn't until I stole the ball from the other team and scored another layup when I fully entered the zone the way I would describe the zone is basically where I cannot do anything wrong everything kind of becomes easy the ball Becomes smaller the rim becomes bigger I can't get tired it almost feels like I am running on a cloud and I stayed in the zone all the way up until the end of the game where we ended up winning by 11 points and I remember after the game I was just sitting there on the bench and I actually had no idea how well I had played because I kind of stopped focusing on the points and I just kind of focused on playing the best as I possibly could during that game and it Wasn't until the announcer said to me congratulations to Mitchell you our player of the game scoring 27 points 7 assists and 5 rebounds which blew me away because I I had no idea that I played that well so at the end of the game the players the parents and the coach all congratulated me and it was an amazing moment so here I was the guy who originally got cut from the team the guy who was told he was not good enough to becoming player of the game I'm sure a Lot of you are probably thinking to yourself that ok we get it and your proudest moment was when he played really well and you proved everybody wrong my proudest moment happened long before this tournament or long before I saw Blake bragging to all his friends about the red t-shirt or insulting me my proudest moment was when I started practicing the day after I had gotten cut from the team because that was the Moment when I stopped letting the opinions of others stop me from getting what I wanted out of my life it was the moment when I truly started to believe in myself and it was inspired from the advice from my dad of become so good that they can't ignore you in episode 1 I said there is an epidemic today similar to the Black Plague but it's killing human potential the black plague of today is a combination of two things one is carrying away Much about what other people think of you to the point where you start making major life decisions based on the opinions of others like what career you want to have what kind of spouse you want to have what sport you want to play or what type of hobbies you want to have and to is simply not believing in yourself even when times get hard and the even scarier thing is that this Black Plague is what leads to my biggest fear regret often times we Don't ask out that girl because we are afraid of what she will say or we don't take that art or theater class because we are scared of what our friends will say or in my case we don't keep pursuing the sport that we'd love because of the opinion of one person I'm not saying you should be delusional and that you should not take the opinions of others into consideration especially if they know what they're talking about but you can't let anyone's opinion of you no matter Who it is stop you from getting what you want especially if you're willing to work hard enough you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can subscribe for weekly videos

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