INDIA को असल में INDEPENDENCE किसने दिलाया है? Man Behind Indian Independence

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Check out the latest cricketing action here: Hello friends, whenever we talk about India's Independence, the only name that comes our mind is Mahatma Gandhi. Ever wonder why? Why not Subhash Chandra Bose? Or Bhagat Singh? Or Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel? Is there any scam? Why Indians only remember Mahatma Gandhi and his Congress? And did you know, there's one hidden leader or shall I say the cruelest dictator of the 20th century who supported India and its independence? Any guesses? Well, it's none other than German's Adolf Hitler! The most wanted criminal of World War 2 was actually in support of India's Independence. Yet our Indian history never recognizes him nor other Indian leaders who fought and sacrificed their lives for India's Independence. Today we are gonna go deep into historic facts about India, our deep research will help you decide which leader has contributed most to India's Independence, apart from Gandhiji! So stay tuned throughout. Jai Hind! FOLLOW me on: Instagram (Personal account) → Instagram (Channel account) → Facebook Page →

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