Mobile Podcasting Kit Build | Rodecaster Pro Shure MV7's

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Hey everyone i'm brandon from a to z productions and this is our mobile podcasting kit we call it the spider we're going to show you how we built it someone on youtube saw our previous build of our live stream and want us to do a podcasting version uh our buddy jeff came and dropped off all our gear to us today And uh this morning and so let's just go ahead start opening up and get this build going people are always asking where we got everything so i'm gonna go through one by one this case facebook marketplace it's just a gator case for a mixer let's see the vivo stand m-i-c-01 got four of those for our four mics going in here amazon uh pretty easy to find really cheap road caster pro Looks like it was bought on amazon got more xlrs again these are cable matters it's all right not bad for short cables the shure mv7 podcast mics we have four of those all right well we are opening everything up and this is probably going to take a while so let's just skip to everything already opened all right we uh unboxed everything so let's see What we got here stands the poles the stands will get mounted on cables mics and the road caster itself with some extra long cables just like that okay the idea uh this road caster here put a mic mount it in here so that it can rotate about here just elevate it a little bit so it hovers above the edging This guy will go on top here one screw from here it's gonna sit like that so that's gonna be solid this guy goes underneath the case and i'll bolt that in and this guy slides on here so i'll cut the pole about here what what is this saying um never measure and just cut that's definitely not the same but we're gonna go with it for today A couple change of plans so need longer bolts because i underestimated how thick this actually was so longer bolts and then i realized that i because i already own three of these stands and they're clamped to desk i did not use the exact same brackets from those stands so i'm now going to use those as washers on the bottom side And then i'll get a nice squeeze so that guy goes on the bottom slide up through there so it's not bad uh status update um have two of these connected now went to home depot sent brian to home depot we grabbed fully threaded screw or bolts next step um we are going to cut these guys down to probably about here i couldn't find normal safety glasses in the back Quickly so i found this perfect yeah that's kind of what i want right there let's cut the other one it's gonna shoot toward you i kinda wanna say that to the camera cool oh yeah that works great something like that for the inside guys so they won't be able to extend maybe as far as the ones on the front the ones in the front are the main Ones we want those to have the maximum range but because they are or at least one of these is closer to the back uh it will extend pretty far away from the case so thinking that's the design and now i'm trying to think of other ways that this is a bad idea so to make sure i'm not making a mistake and i will continue to do that until i can't think of any and i'll just drill through this so i should Do this whole thing [Music] all right last one here i just drilled the hole uh i don't have another circle as a washer on the bottom that's okay because they do actually come with this and honestly i could have used this for all of them but i just want it to be a little more secure a little more surface area so i don't mind donating Stuff i probably won't ever use um to this project look at that got all four mics mounted in now still have to wire it gotta clean it things like that but let's just confirm this will all fit in here i already bent the uh these mounts to make putting it on a little bit easier perfect ah maybe this won't stick very well i mean i have to come with a different Way it doesn't look like these are sticking to the pads let's take the pad off oh yeah much much better that's not coming off all right that's the new plan sorry people who wanted to keep these pads all right it's not it's not really going anywhere if it needs to right like cables can still slide and that's a big key thing is i'm not Putting velcro on like joints where like it's gonna take the slack from uh i'm just putting it over like travel paths and that way it gives it some wiggle room and things won't get bounded and you won't be able to move something so honestly i'm pretty much done let's go ahead and turn this thing on for the first time and check the mics and Um get some headphones in and sd card and we'll just see the whole thing works oh that's disappointing i actually have music in this thing are we going no oh okay all right check check one two hey hey all right we have volume levels everywhere so we're good um we're up we're ready turn the music off and Yeah so i think we're just gonna pack it up clean up get ready for jeff who's coming in tomorrow morning for the big reveal moment of truth i don't hear anything moving 53 52 and a half 52 and a half pounds don't be weak i don't know what to say um cool all right now we'll go to tomorrow early it's too early for me all right go We got our mobile podcasting kit ready for the reveal we've cleaned up the studio and we even have an a10 mini setup over here with three cameras and a top down shot hopefully we record something with jeff when he comes in uh it's a black box i'm ready to pop this thing open once you fold it up just like that uh everything's just inside so let me pull this off And then the other thing to note here is there is a power cable it's a 15 foot power cable and i just kind of coil it up and put it on the side so literally that can just drop anywhere you need and that's all it is it's all on just one cable 27 inches by 22 inches by see it's like six plus four so about 10 to 12 inches tall so mike to mike oh six feet's right here So we're mike to mike is six feet five inches it's i mean truth be told it's like dude you could set that thing on two empty kegs yeah keep it moving i built it so i know exactly how everything's set up and wired but i think this could be as simple as a one minute setup oh i i absolutely agree again it's one of those things that you'll just find the way you like to set Up over time okay um but that's that do you wanna do you wanna record a podcast no of course dope let's do it there the sound is amazing yeah that was a great suggestion yeah yeah so um a little background uh i did uh tell you all the stuff more for the viewers i did tell you exactly like what to get and then you did deliver kind of all that equipment To me that shipped to your house um and so just for them let's go over just a couple numbers okay um the road caster pro that's six hundred dollars the mics here are 250 each the stands are 80 each i picked up this case on facebook marketplace uh just a gator mixer case um it's obviously oversized for this mixer Yep that's about a hundred dollars on facebook marketplace it's probably closer to 250. oh nice no brilliant yeah just some guy and then uh you add cables wire ties couple bolts from home depot you're looking at around 2 000 for the equipment here um somewhere maybe 2200 um and then if you you know you obviously had me Do it yeah my labor's on top of that but if you build it yourself uh obviously you can save that cost so honestly someone could go and replicate something like this so that audio comes in in two channels left and right correct so um in this setup what we're doing is we are i have quarter inch coming out of the road caster pro by the way for anyone Watching like this is there's like tons of youtube videos out on this like yeah we're not reviewing this you know we're just um so two quarter inch coming out uh i then have a cable that is over here uh that converts it to uh a headphone jack uh yeah so it just converts it to a headphone jack and uh that's going into the a10 mini In mic one so i already have it set it's already recording um so that's how that works i could also output this into a camera and then have that also feeding in okay and i could also be recording all of the cameras mics as well as this and with the atm when you have the audio it doesn't really matter what camera it comes from because it's a global thing right correct yeah the uh and you can change That you can change that when it's a setting if you click cut it'll switch to that microphone to that camera's microphone or you could say no just leave this mic on at all times no matter what that's right yeah but i i don't want to take any more time this is this has been great yeah i love it and uh yeah i'm glad you like this and uh kind of sad to see it go but glad it's Gonna go to someone who's gonna really utilize it and appreciate it yeah i appreciate it sir dope all right buddy well thanks man yeah buddy

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