The Real Me

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The Real Me MORE YAP PLAYLISTS: GIRL WITHOUT A PHONE PLAYLIST: SHORT FILMS: CHEERLEADERS IN THE CHESS CLUB: QUARANTINE - A LOVE STORY: YAP SKITS: LATEST UPLOADS: YAP MUSIC: SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Merch Store: #YAP #YoungActorsProject Produced and Directed by Robert Randall for the Young Actors Project Written by Bailey Dyck and Robert Randall Starring (follow on Insta and YouTube): Bailey Dyck @BaileyDyck Shea Smeltzer @SheaSmeltzer Laine Taylor @LaineTaylor Abigail Agnes: @AbbyattheMoment Owen Gates: @OwenWGates Pradika Severinus Prawito: @severinushere --- Synopsis: Shy highschooler Isabelle keeps her flamboyant Miranda Sings styled alter ego hidden away on a private instagram account. But when the popular girls expose her, she faces massive humiliation. Can she discover the courage to be herself and not care what others think?

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[Music] [Music] please [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] so hello my little angels it's marine I'm here to give you another life lesson well because y'all mess up So badly today's lesson is how to talk to your crush and I know you all have one otherwise why would you be here you're also full of love but you don't know what to do with it well that's why you have me so that you can learn from the master the mistress okay so to kill a mockingbird you should have all read it okay next student we're gonna be doing is presentation so you can do these on Your own or you can do it with a partner if you like okay assignments Ella Rachel you guys have Dyl Isabel Riley you'll be doing Scout James and Dylan you've got Boo Radley a Matt and Alexandra the very challenging yeah I I really connect with her how's that just the way that she really loves her daddy I'm sorry what what what did you say uh nothing I I do I said she just had too much coffee syrup this morning so she's not feeling too well You can have mine can I be more awkward don't worry you okay he's not gonna remember it this is where being invisible losers works in our favor right you can stare at him all day and I do yeah and he won't notice we don't matter no that's a good thing those two however you're gonna watch it everybody notices them yeah especially James why can't you just come talk to me step 6 confidence is directed to your mouth Like a fish if he fights it some fish will then you just gotta reel harder you gotta make this private however it's just random nobody's gonna notice you're my only followers if my life was a dude walking down the hall [Music] sorry out you crabby I'm holding it that's not girl in our class wait whose that's why it but oh my god no oh you're right I said really you can have it when we're done okay norm Orion That's her it's not really her her I mean I mean it it is her but more like a like a spirit animal sort away like oh my god this is so big it's like she wants to get buoys for marine why do you look weird Oh - Bertie mostly what the hell exactly why are you not answering your texts my phone is dead why - Kurt sir Graham 511 followers what and growing fast I'm just sorry I should have told you at school but I didn't know if they would actually Do it who what we're saying anything sire kill it and they're tagging you and everyone sharing it in your meme on Marissa story and it still blowing up I'm so sorry oh please don't read the comments cringing so hard yikes reposting this loser sucks I cannot unsee this I want to meet you that's a--that's good he spelt me me-80 like he wants to meet me bleach juice oh oh they hashtags my name Well this is okay I mean we can we can still fix it um what if what if you created a new post and said it was like a Halloween thing or something you're right or or maybe you could say it was a hoax or or like maybe a dare or you could just delete the whole account this is the honor to stuff in your bra a [Music] pistol watching it solving screen shots [Music] people taking pictures of me just don't Make a weird face when they do it how did this happen so fast why are people doing this to me I get it okay I'm sorry but right now I just want to work on the project okay I'll work on the title page you do the Internet [Music] don't cover me baby your shadows hanging over me oh my god easy this one what it's hey are we still partners for life English dial what we're falling behind so it just seems like you don't really Want to be my partner can we just talk about this later I'll text you after school you Riley huh it's Riley right yeah where's your friend who Maureen is it all yeah aren't you guys like best friends or something no what are you we share a locker oh then maybe you can help us we were thinking of filming a little reaction video with her when does she come by her locker maybe we can film it here um promise not to humiliate you - mm-hmm hashtag Maureen's friend um she usually comes here before first o'clock like 20 minutes before the top that's very helpful hi there I'm so sorry are you Maureen's friend why do you freaking care just leave me alone you know I just wanted to ask if I couldn't meet her okay well we need to characterize Scouts positive qualities so what do you want to do I don't know I Mean either okay well we have to do something hey Olli whatever positive qualities she's really talkative then you come up with something I did the artwork for the title page that doesn't mean you can't contribute I am contributing you're hardly trying you're lucky I'm your partner why so I can get treated like crap by my best friend whatever okay don't turn this into drama what's the big deal just list her stupid positive qualities fine she stands up For people okay she's a good person her dad gets bullied and called names and she stands up for him she's there for people when they need her is that good enough for you just forget it I'll finish it by myself [Music] [Music] will you say my name go to thinking of her I don't wanna know no one's going go no I don't want to see if it isn't me [Music] Cuz [Music] what flavor did you get chocolate excellent Sydney cellphone [Music] you're hiding to breathe running from me [Music] Maureen yes darling you come Riley what the hell is this come and get me angels I'm all yours and you know I've got a lot to offer Haley what are you This is an overcoat [Music] [Applause] bill [Music] [Music] what's the hurry I hope you like chocolate milkshakes yeah don't worry it's less fattening this way actually I'm more of a strawberry kind of girl [Music] performance now it was the beginning and The end of my acting career right there yeah I think mine is over - time to say goodbye to Maureen I'm gonna miss her yeah I mean if you think about it she was actually pretty cool like she just said whatever she wanted and she didn't care what anyone thought of her yeah why do you remember that one time when she was giving birth oh my god hi there please come to our show oh hey you're Maureen aren't you what's it to you oh no well why you see I'm bleach juice yeah you're bleach juice yeah I just really flip no I I just really wanted to meet me yes I do yeah you wanted to meet her you're freaking hey huh what yeah I bet you wanted to me I dunno I guess yeah yeah you know what meet this I don't I'm a vegetarian yeah so it is e and she doesn't want to meet you you disgusting a big you need head you perverted comedian yes what A comedian uh yeah I'm uh I'm part of this theatre comedy troupe thing with the theater department called bleached you yeah yeah wait so do you want to meet her do you not want yeah I do I do I do i I just honestly I didn't think it would go this way what the heck is going on - join our comedy troupe I think you might have misspelled the word meat oh so you actually just want to meet her like like your shaking hand kind of Thing oh look we just really need a girl for a comedy troupe and we think you'd be good yeah okay yeah we really like this Maureen character so uh she does lots more character oh oh she does okay cool like like what well I do this one and it's this [Music] and so throughout the novel humans can be evil but humans can also be good and The only way for good to conquer evil is with courage in the beginning scout believed that true courage came from fighting or physical strength but by the end of the novel she realized that it actually comes from inner strength and doing the right thing even when it's hard and so that's what made scouts such a dynamic character she changes good job girls we sold out sold out yeah all those memes made for really good marketing so so all they there's Just the money of your party yeah so didn't keep it uh well not exactly I mean the school let us use the funds for make me letterman jacket I'm Maureen Lehtonen jacket Hey so anyway I gotta go guys but I'll catch you later see you at 6 yeah yeah see ya seriously is I think we honestly should make a merch line for Maureen like people would actually buy that especially with how popular your pages getting yeah maybe okay well break a leg tonight I'll see You Isabel hi hi I was trying to take it for you show tonight really yeah over the office didn't that mean you left yeah it sold out so you you actually wanted to see it yeah it looks kind of cool in like a weird way I just I didn't think that you would like something weird well yeah I mean normal can be pretty boring yeah agreed well I guess I'll have to wait till your next show Well actually I do have one ticket left I'm supposed to use it as a giveaway to a lucky Instagram follower but I follow you yeah I noticed you did so what does the lucky follow her after to get a winner [Music] so let's enjoy [Music] [Music] Oh get to see you smile [Music] it will take a little longer to get you Oh [Music]

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