Better than Red Rising? - Fantasy Realms - 2 Player Gameplay

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Hello hello and welcome to quacklobe thank you for being here today we are going to cover a game that's been on the top hotness on bgg for a little bit probably because of a game called rising no red rising this is called fantasy round published by whiz kids and we're gonna do a quick gameplay for you today is this an old game a new game this is An older game yes it just got a new expansion called the curse horde what is it called the cursed yeah it was a curse horde the curse ward which is going to introduce some new cards into the base deck similar to what we saw in in red rising and what that is an ugly box hey it has its own unique flavor okay why are we playing this so we're playing because you sat me down and you said we're playing this and i said That's an ugly box and you said yes but okay imagine red rising which is a beautiful box yes without all of the additional actions just the pure card play and puzzle of that yeah that is this game that is the original this is the original system from red rising so i thought it'd be really interesting is it the original system yeah well from what i know this is one of the first ones This is one of them you mean the idea of chaining card players not like where you're not where you're building down your card played this and then said i'm gonna design my own no no no i mean this is one of the ones that kind of really made popularize that concept right the mechanic okay so fantasy realms is going to be the one that a lot of people have been referencing to also Is there a novel based on it no i don't think well don't quote me on that i don't think we'll see we'll see i've never played so chan so the way this is gonna work uh fantasy roms you're gonna be able to play with a bunch of players but we have to do a two-player variant which is just involved no it just involves drafting at the beginning sort of it's i think you'll like it basically what we Do is at the beginning of the game we will draw the first player will draw two cards from that point they will keep one card and then place one on the table okay after that you will have the option to pick the card from the discard or two from the deck yes you because i'm gonna be the first player i just realized i'm not listening well you do that all the time jesse it's A bad habit it's a very bad habit i'll find out what you said in the video oh is that okay cool not now that we're actually gonna play the game okay fantastic the goal of the game is to have the most points in your hand you will do that by similar to red rising combining certain cards and abilities chaining those abilities and trying to come up with the best Economy possible in your hand the game trigger will end because we are adding the curse horde and we're doing a two player variant i have kind of done this myself as a variant of my very own there's no sp explicit in the curse horde they make the amount of card to trigger the end game higher for normal player counts but they didn't mention anything for the two player variant so i Assumed when i played this at two player two more cards as well so we will trigger the end of the game here when we have a discard of 14 cards instead of the 12 that the curse chord says i'm jan i'm gonna come up with my own rules i think it makes sense because in the base game they tell you to add two new cards anyways so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna move forward with that you're gonna be able i believe with the Curse ward we have eight cards in total in our hand i'll check that just before we start but with that said let's go ahead and start drafting okay so i will pick two cards from the very tippy top here i will decide to keep one of these and i'm gonna give that to the discard so now it's your turn to draft you will choose either two cards from the deck or that One card the one card you got rid of outsider 11 bonus plus 10 for each card that contains a penalty that is not cleared interesting so you just counteract penalties i mean i'll just buy some cards here's the issue i don't know any of these cards and rising and this game apparently is a game where you need to know all the cards well so it's going to be so let's go Through that because that's a great point let's go through that really quick so every card is going to have some new triggers that we've haven't i think we're sort of in red rising but they have different terminology first of all the suit of each card is going to be on the left hand side of it you're going to have the name on the upper side similar to red rising where the name is reference on some cards however what You really want to focus on are both on the point values are going to be on the upper left hand side and then the lower portion which are the effects so there's different types of effects so the first effect that you're going to know is bonus that's obviously a good thing bonuses usually imply that when you collect certain things you're going to get that bonus amount of points penalties though is as it says if you Have any of those elements it's going to blank them that's one of the terms blanking means that those cards are nothing it is literally a blank slate of a card okay and there's going to be a bunch of different terminologies in here uh for discard area blank cards clear cards clear cards are basically going to tell you you're going to wipe out the penalty of that Particular card i don't i now i don't care about that clear effect okay so we can go through them as we start seeing them but that's just kind of the similarities between them right here so one of the really interesting things about the variant for drafting is that we are already working towards the end of the game because we remember it's 14 cards here and then we're done okay so you just place that down oh I like that i'm gonna take that card so now you draft two more and we are going to stop drafting cards once we reach eight cards in hand okay also once we end in eight cards we're going to get these cursed items so these cursed irons are going to come into in front of us and you're gonna be able to use them or not i'll explain a little bit more about how that works once we actually see them Wow you're just giving me fantastic stuff okay i like it i like it so far yes thank you keep feeding me jesse keep feeding me okay so yeah do i use that i could i could use that go ahead yeah we're halfway through the draft already okay so by the way the specific terms i just checked are going to be uh we have blank unless with clear which We talked about and then for each and with so pretty pretty standard terms for each one of the cards in the game there's also going to be some new cards added from the expansion which are going to be golden plated cards or i think they're called outsiders and they kind of change the game well not change the game but have completely different abilities they're normally going to involve adding A card at the end of the game which was not possible before okay so you added the dungeon ah is there any okay well i think you may have done it yeah you did it i now have to draft from the main deck let's see if i get anything cool nope definitely not okay we're gonna go for you i find it interesting that even here we're already playing the game right What happened with you giving me the cards i wanted ah okay let's see okay well i'm definitely taking that one i'm gonna start stacking them a little bit okay that one is very tough to make happen okay great do you really have the shield there's like this one combo in the game that just produces ridiculous amounts of Victory points i hate you you suck man [Music] impossible yeah i will oh can i can i do the thing oh man yeah yeah i can't let you have it for sure that's that's not gonna happen you're a scoundrel do you know that you're a scoundrel how dare you okay so this is the last One this is the last card we draw what'd you give me huh huh that's interesting okay yeah i'll take it i'll take it and now we begin so what changes from this point onwards well two things first of all what i only have oh that's right i started okay so you can okay so you're gonna draw two more i'm just excited Wow you're so pensive i'm not used to seeing jesse this quiet he's doing all the maths [Music] hmm remember abilities are usually going to be bonuses are going to just be with this thing or next to this uh for each of this thing blanks oh no way did you just give me that one specifically where did i see this i know I have it somewhere i'm gonna leave it there okay so this is how we now begin the game so now the game is in session on your turn you're gonna be able to do one of two things you can pick a card from the deck and then discard any card from your hand or you can pick up one card from the discard pile and then discard any card from your hand okay so very similar to what we just did But now you have a little bit more limited options okay makes sense now beyond that now we're going to introduce the expansion each one of us is going to get one of these cards to use however notice that the card in the lower left hand corner has a negative on it whenever you want to use the card you can flip it face down and that is a card that you use and you Can apply its effect the effect is going to tell you when you can do that instead of drawing a card from the deck draw three cards then place two of them on the top or bottom of the deck or one each before you discard it normally hmm that's real okay that's fast that's really good next for me is going to be fish hook replace turn draw two cards from the deck and then discard any two cards Okay so that gives me a lot of options so here's the thing with these cards there's a bunch of them right you don't need to keep that card okay you can choose to say goodbye to it and draw a new card okay you don't have to always have it with you okay so if you don't like the cauldron you don't think you'll use the cauldron you can continue cycling the deck okay and that's the game Make sense so far okay so i think i think i will be activating the fish hook so again draw two cards from the deck then discard any two cards so i'm gonna do that sure claiming minus six points to do that exactly yep oh what the heck oh this is bad oh no this is so bad this is really bad i okay this sucks This really sucks uh what do i keep i think i think i'm gonna say goodbye to you and i'm going to say and i'm going to say goodbye to one of the cars i drew maybe i got lucky maybe i get lucky and when i use one i can draw another one immediately okay so you always have a cursed item with you at all times a lot to think about sir i'm just Drawing one yeah you can what are you gonna do what you gonna do eight cards already not too bad i don't like you at all why do you have to be this way i want to keep you just in case i'm holding onto a card just because i don't want you to have it it's a lot of points dude it's a lot of points oh man that sucks i feel bad for you i honestly don't mind if you hold up to it Because you have a doppelganger or something you have the forge don't you you totally have the forge so there's cards in this game similar to red rising where you can duplicate the names of other cards which help complete other things oh my god why do i do this i don't know if i should focus on it or not oh this is so bad i'm going to say goodbye to this card i'm picking up this card over to you Wow in the game mm-hmm cool it's not bad if something says queen does dark queen count no really specifically the name of the card that is being mentioned why do you keep putting cards i don't need i was very happy with the card you gave me i bet i don't mind that at all yeah yeah i mean honestly can we just call it a game now it has to reach 14. Um oh i hate you gosh darn it are you using weather cards i thought you were doing a different strategy i'm so confused as to what you're doing by the way just just as an fyi i've played this game three times now i've not won once okay so it's just you have a lot to contend with that is good to know oh no because you yeah okay well i can't grab that oh wait what did i do i i was supposed to just grab the top Card not not all of them yeah okay there we go my bad i got i got into the main draft no what oh you're using your cauldron bold move [Music] okay that replaces your turn right i selected this card before you discard oh interesting so you have less cards in hand did you draw anything i drew one yeah oh Okay i think this one's allowed to be gone [Music] okay so you got the dwarvish infantry there [Music] am i gonna draw the thing i actually need lord [Music] i'm not gonna draw the thing i need jesse it's all gonna go it's all gonna die oh no Oh interesting no no did i how close oh what you're joking you gotta be joking oh my god it's so close [Music] oh i'm changing my strategy completely now fascinating okay i'm grabbing this [Music] wow how in the heck That's crazy i can't believe that actually happened that's insane yes you always have to have one of those [Music] i don't know if this will win me the game but that is awesome though why don't i have more cards in my hand than normal one two three four one two three yeah i have more interesting i guess i have to discard one more i don't know why i have more than four um I'm going to say goodbye to you so you might want to take a look at that one i don't know how i ended up with more cards than i'm supposed to sorry didn't you draw two at one point no yeah but it said to discard two and i did which is weird i don't know what happened okay your turn [Music] oh it's in your hand it's not all yeah It's not anything yeah that's not that's not as powerful as i was thinking okay so i'm going to draw two why are you drawing two i i don't know why i'm keep keep drawing two i'm sorry uh well no definitely not okay there we go that's it that's the end of the game actually is it over now yeah 14. exactly when it reaches 14 we're done Okay ready now it's just time to count count our points okay so play your cards up count them up yep are you good at math i'm not gonna i'm not good at this part so okay so this is what i have i can't believe that i actually drew this and this is a pretty random strategy that i did but i think I'm just gonna see if it pans out so i was going for the bonus for the candle okay i was trying to get all the cards there was no way that i could get it but then all of a sudden i drew the gem of order and so the gem of order says that i have if i have a full run a run refers to a continuous sequence of numbers i'm able to score 150 points so i have 150 points because of gem of order so on a seven card around that Yeah one two three four five six seven yep wow so that's 150 points plus two points for candle then the elven longbow bonus plus 30 with the elven archers warlord or beastmaster elven archers which you gave me the beginning so that is 33 points next the shield of kyth which you had as i couldn't give you but now i can't get anything with it unfortunately So it's just gonna be worth four points five points for the actual gem of order the cavern this one it was just for the number honestly so six so this might not pan out but we'll see seven for the forest plus twelve for the elven archers then eight for the bell tower i don't have any of the other things and then ten for the elven archers and five More so 15 total 242 that's actually kind of the highest course i've gotten in this game okay so did you totally destroy me no no oh no okay no you had your strategy my spot was going for the collector 10 plus 10 if three different cards in the same suit plus 40 if four different cards okay so you're just collecting the same thing i was trying Oh no it didn't work because no other weapons after the draft phase ever came out no and i didn't discover until i read this a little bit more that they couldn't copy this weapon this doesn't copy weapons that's why i let it go so i score nothing for that one oh no dude so i score seven okay then this scores me 17 because i do have a leader oh no i have this oh Right right yes yes then this one is going to score me 23 because they have one this one's going to score me it could copy any of them well is there anything that benefits you from no you don't have anything that could be oh just copy a random army no i mean i could copy the princess no because she's the leader oh i'll copy a random army yep just a random army This one gets me 14. yep this one gets me 20. no minus 8 no leader oh okay it's the opposite okay got it this one gets me 15 plus so 35 yep this one gets me nine plus 15 plus 15 24. yeah so that's uh that's fantasy realms what do you think it's it's the it's the distilled version of red rising right it's just red rising is better yeah you think sounds down why why do You feel that it has the same problems that red rising has when it comes to the nature of cards with unique titles and chaining abilities and stuff the iconography is a little bit harder to read and there's no story red rising has every character in red rising feeds into this larger scope and larger thing and you can see the end game push in the end game puzzle with like if you wanted a pocket-sized Red rising yes sure this is fine like you could stick this in a box and you get some fun card play anyone that's sitting around debating whether or not this is better than red rising i from this first impression i think they're off the artwork's a little bit worse the iconography is a little bit worse the potential for end game driving Is a little bit worse the ability to manipulate a whole stack of cards and really understand like what you're digging for or grab from the bottom of the stack versus the top of the stack that's a little bit worse here the gameplay is fun the gameplay is fine not i mean nothing's i can see why it's compared to red rising nothing to me right now is screaming that this is head over heels better so the one area So first of all i agree with you i think red rising is the better game however are the mechanical elements and the promise of red rising and what it's promising worth me bringing it out of the box when i have if i have fantasy realms in my collection which is just literally grab box put in table explain in two minutes and we're ready to go yeah that is where i table red rising Over there i i would not i would because they're so similar and they do exactly the same thing except that red rising is slightly better in mechanically because remember i don't really care about story the artwork though the aesthetic thing everything everything but mechanically i'm a mechanics player so i'm always going to focus on the mechanics and mechanically It's pretty much the exact same game and a quarter of the size to be fair though i i would love to know if jamie has ever played fantasy realms before because they are i mean they are yeah when it comes to card play yeah it's the same it's the same thing they are exactly the same yeah the exact same thing yeah the exact same thing um so that's what i mean so if i'm ever if i have both boxes in front of me and i need to play this with people and i'm Looking for the specific puzzle that this brings me i'll always do fantasy realms now which is unfortunate because i do like red rising more but price point accessibility of it all of it and also red rising is a harder teach this is something that i can pop down on the table kind of like i put this in the same space as cockroach poker no it's like in that realm of just Easy to table no idea i i compared red rising to point salad the first time i played it okay sure uh i saw them as in the same ballpark with those two in my collection i don't need this sure sure because i don't have red rising i would keep this and not get red rising anymore what about point salad oh that's a good that's the comparison to cockroach poker that's the equivalent of cockroaches I i feel that they're different enough to keep sure but this doesn't replace cockroach poker point salad oh no no i wasn't saying compare i wasn't saying substituting but i'm saying i'm saying like the the weight wise the the where they where their position i i think they can all like let's say that i'm playing with like intro gamers a whole night of just card play games I would bring all three out at least for me like i think that could be a fun night in itself maybe an all right night it's a 15 minute game it's like simple to go and simple to do 41 minutes no way it's not 40. it's 30. with the explanation and the drafting yeah it's like a 20 minute to 15 minute game especially when you know what you're Doing either way we hope you liked everything make sure to leave a comment subscribe hit the bell to get notifications or whenever we post new videos but regardless of i always say regardless of what you do let me uh know if i'm wrong comments down below we'll see you next time thanks

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