Programming Custom Buttons With Stream Deck and ATEM Mini

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A2Z Productions

Tutorial on how to use program custom buttons on a stream deck to control ATEM software. Using the Companion App to program Stream Deck buttons. Also a tutorial on how to program macros in the ATEM Control Software. Setting up Stream Deck with ATEM Software: Follow us on instagram:

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Video Transcript:

What's going on brian here with a to z productions today i'm going to show you how i would set up my stream deck how to program a few buttons and also how to create a few macros in the atem software alright so let's go ahead and get into it all right so you see here i already have a few buttons programmed normally if i'm using the atem mini i wouldn't Program these camera and cut functions because i can just switch on the a10 mini itself but if i had the hd studio or another blackmagic switcher this is kind of how i would set it up so i'll do another button here camera two so come down here set and put on preview do camera two and the reason i do preview is because i just think it's safer i would rather you know it go to preview and be out the Push cut then that's just kind of how i like to work but obviously it's up to you if you prefer something different so we'll go ahead and test that action and right now my camera 2 is in my preview so if i push cut it will come into my program this is my camera 2 camera right here and um up here you can see i have dve cam 1 dve cam 2 and what that's doing is that is setting My dve my dv input to my different cameras and that's being done with a macro um right now my dvd is what's making my picture in picture that little box at the bottom there so i want to switch it to camera three i would never use it with this but maybe if i were you know showing you what was happening with uh The stream deck while showing you the software at the same time let's go ahead and create that macro come up here to the menu click macros make sure you're on create and we'll do dve cam 3 all right and once you push record here every click that you make is going to affect your macro so you're going to want to make sure that you don't click anything that would affect something that you're Not trying to affect in this case we're only trying to affect the dve input and we're trying to set that to camera three so that's all we have to do stop recording cool we can test that we'll switch it back to cam one now boom and it works so now we can come over here create that button click on our button regular button dve cam three Come down here atem and we're gonna look for atem run macro and it is macro number six i believe go ahead and test that action yep all right so that button is done now down the reason that i have them set up in this way where kind of click these to switch so these buttons up here don't actually Affect anything in my program feed all they're doing is adding switching the input of my dve so to bring my dbe up i'll have to push this button which brings up into my preview and then if i'm still on camera three or camera two i can cut and that'll bring it in so then switching so we're doing everything with kind of as few buttons trying to just make it as simple as Possible and to turn that off the push off button or you can create a button for that i don't really see the need to these other buttons here these are done with the dve as well so while that's live this is going to basically give me a zoomed in shot of my front camera or whatever camera i choose it to be so i'm going to go ahead and click this This is 1.5 x zoom so if i cut back to my regular camera angle you can see that this is much more zoomed in that's a little hack i'll show you how to do it but even with that selected let me go ahead and let's switch that to camera two so now you're zoomed in on camera two right and i can do the same thing with camera three it's just zoomed in on my Camera on my computer screen all right so i'm gonna go ahead and show you how to make one of those all right so we're going to come back to our computer screen let's turn our pmp cam one and we're going to make another macro come over here let's uh let's actually i want my macro to be what's kind of like centered around this One so i can all right so let's go ahead and create another macro um we can just call this zoom we'll name it after we do it um so what we're gonna do is kind of just bring this up you can see that we can keep zooming and we can zoom past a hundred percent these are at zero we ought to see that you can see me zoom past 100 Let's say i want to make one that's more just centered on this stream or on the atom mini here move it up and zooming in even more let's just let's actually do one right on the stream deck okay now i'm gonna stop recording so i can turn that off okay so boom i can easily cut between those two and it is being shot on the Same camera all right so now that we have the macro belt and because we all we affected was a zoom i'll run it and i'll zoom close on my face here but it'll work for any of our cameras right it doesn't switch the camera so now that's a zoomed in shot of me and i can with the buttons i have up here i can easily switch Between my three cameras all right so let's go ahead and make our button for that set button type regular button uh what do we call it zoom um come here atem run macro i believe that was macro seven test action yep cool and that's it for this video if you have any questions go ahead and leave them in the comment section thanks for watching

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