A teenage girl befriends an outcast boy. | Short Film

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SUBSCRIBE to watch the best short films: https://www.youtube.com/TheShortsNetwork?sub_confirmation=1 The world’s best short films from OSCARS® & BAFTA qualifying film festivals. Short Film ANGEL & ALIEN (Ange & Ovni) Directed by Sandrine Béchade Produced by Serge Desrosiers Lili is nothing like her family: the sister is pathetic, the father is twice married and the mother thinks her crazy. She will meet The Martian, a misfit teen. Together, they form a bond hatched from their imaginary worlds. ABOUT For 25 years we have showcased the world’s best short films at our prestigious film festivals. Now for the first time, you can watch these films and more on our YouTube channel, THE SHORTS NETWORK. THE SHORTS NETWORK features short films from film festivals accredited by the OSCARS®, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Our signature film festival is the LA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, which ranks among the most prestigious and largest short film festivals in the world. FOLLOW Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ShortsNetwork Twitter https://twitter.com/ShortsNetwork Note - Short film used with permission from filmmaker. #shortfilm

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