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In this Motivational Speech Compilation, Jim Rohn talks about taking responsibility of your results. What you have today is the result of choices that you made in the past. If you are not happy with the results, start to make better choices. Be Self-Reliant, be responsible to your own self - Jim Rohn Subscribe to our channel using this link for a constant flow of instructional and motivational videos from great speakers like Jim Rohn : #MotivationalStories #JimRohn FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1) This video has no negative impact on the original works 2) This video is also for teaching purposes. 3) It is transformative in nature.

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Results. Every once in a while, you gotta take a measure. See how you're doing. Now we take a measure called results. What is the results at the end of the day, the results at the end of the week? You can't let too much time go by without checking. Six years, I've been out there working when I met my teacher, Mr Shoaff. Shoaff said, “Well, Mr Rohn, let's just go through a little summary here”. He said, “In the last six years, how much money have you saved and invested”? Let's go through a little tab list here. How much money have you saved and invested the last six years? I said what? Zero. He said, “You have messed up”. He said, “Who sold you on that plan”? I thought, My gosh, the man's right. I'm a nice guy, I bought the wrong plan. What if you were fifty and broke? Right? Didn't need to change countries, bought the wrong plan. What a sad scenario that would be. But Shoaff said these questions. Let's go through some results. He said, “How many books have you read in the last ninety days”? I said what? Zero. Wisdom of the world available, change your life, change your future. Wisdom of the world available, develop any skill you want, earn the kind of income you want. Have all the treasures you want, equities you want, relationship with your family that you want. Everything that you want, available and the wisdom of the world to help you get it. Haven't read any books in the last ninety days. My teacher said, “Mr Rohn, you have messed up”. I'm telling you, you've got to deal. Shoaff said, “Mr Rohn, in the last six months, how many classes have you taken to improve your skills or to develop new skills? Go for the American dream, become rich and powerful and sophisticated and healthy and influential. How many classes have you taken the last six months? I said, how many? Zero. He said, “You have messed up”. Said, “You don't need to unmess the country”. You don't need to straighten out the perplexed. You don't need to straighten out any of this stuff. All you've got to do is look within and let results teach you a great deal About your own activity, your own attitude and your own philosophy. I went through that process. Take this phrase home: Results is the name of the game. What other game is there? Here's all life asks us to do: Make measurable progress in reasonable time. Just take home that little phrase, good phrase: “We're asked in life simply to make measurable progress in reasonable time”. We demand that of our children. How many years do you want your child to spend in fourth grade? Approximately? About one. If it looks like they're not gonna make it, we pour on the pressure called legitimate pressure. Lack of results! Peer pressure, family pressure, school pressure, community pressure, every other kind of pressure we can bring to bear. Why? You can't stay more than one year in fourth grade. What if they're nice kids, wouldn’t you give'em three or four years? The answer is no. You gotta make better progress than that. So you gotta check fairly often. Some things you got to check every day. Some things you gotta check, at least by the end of the week. Salesman joins this little sales company. He's supposed to make ten calls first week. Wouldn't it be legitimate, calling him on Friday and say, John, what? How many calls? I mean, this stuff is simple. John says, “Well”. Say John, “Well won't fit in this little box here”. Well... Now John starts with a story. You say, “John, I made this little box so small, so a story won't fit”. I don't need a story. I need what? A number. A number. What will the number tell me? Everything. John's supposed to make ten calls. What if he made twenty? You say, Wow, wow, we got somebody. What if he only made one call? Oh. Will that tell us something about John's philosophy? And the answer is yes. Will it tell us something about his attitude? Of course. Will it tell us something about his disciplines? Of course. And if he wants a lesson in life change, all he has to do is be willing to face the numbers and come up with the results that will teach you to either celebrate if you got good results, or fix whatever needs to be fixed in your philosophy, attitude, activity called disciplines. You don't need to go anywhere else. I do believe in affirmations. They are valuable as long as you affirm the truth. Because it says in ancient scripts, the truth will set you free. Free to do what? Amend your errors and pick up new disciplines. That's what the truth is for. To help us amend our errors and pick up the disciplines for life change. That's what the truth is for. So I do believe in affirming the truth. If you're broke, best thing to affirm is “I am broke”. You put that up on the refrigerator where you can see it every day. I mean, that's how you do that. Now, if you need a little additional affirmation, you just put up there, “I'm forty and broke”. I mean, you know, that ought to do it. And if you need just a little more put up there, “I live in America and I'm forty and broke”. That's enough to turn your life around. Says hey, something is wrong. Somewhere, I have messed up. I'm telling you, if you'll start with that, it's called the process of life change. And it doesn't matter how small the process is to start. One discipline starts it and then one discipline feeds another, feeds another. And the first thing you know, you've got this whole cycle in an upward positive motion. And it's called life change, it's called income change, it's called health change, relationship with your family change. Equities unprecedented that you can have in numbers that will stagger the imagination, if you do not curse what's available and start amending what's possible to get the results that you want. I don't think I can put it in any better language. That's it. Kids can do it, teenagers can do it, parents can do it, managers can do it. Right? Government officials can do it, anybody can do it. Anybody can do this stuff called personal change. Results is the name of the game. Success is a numbers game. Good note to make: Success is a numbers game. You gotta go for the numbers. You gotta understand what the numbers are. Success is a numbers game. I'm asking you to be mature enough to start checking your own numbers. How many books have you read in the last ninety days? Transform your life, become cultured, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, all the rest of the stuff you want. How many books? How many classes? How committed are you to taking what's available and turning it into equities unprecedented? Since we live in a country that there's then no such country in the last six and a half thousand years. If you pick up that process, ladies and gentlemen, I'm telling you, it's called life change of the best order. Take full responsibility for what happens to you. It's one of the highest forms of human maturity. Accepting full responsibility. It's the day you know you've passed from childhood to adulthood, the day you accept full responsibility. I used to have that long list of reasons why I wasn't doing well. To explain. You've got to explain. Right? Otherwise, you're gonna look bad. I used to have this funny list called “Reasons for Not Looking Good”. I used to blame the government. I mean, you can believe that or not it was at the top of my list. I had a lecture second to none, the government that was on my list. I used to blame taxes. Look what you got left after take everything. And they expect you to do well. That was on my list there. Prices, that one's easy, right? You walk into the supermarket with 20 dollars, come out with a little half bag. So, I had that on my list. I used to blame the weather. I blamed the traffic. I used to blame my car. I blamed the manufacturers. I used to blame the company. I blamed company policy. I used to blame the training program. I blamed my negative relatives they were always putting me down. I blamed my cynical neighbors. They're just selfish, looking out for themselves, won't loan your money. They were on my list. I used to blame the economy. I blamed the community. That's a pretty good list for not doing well, isn't it? I thought it was good. I'll never forget one day Mr. Shoaff was very kind, but he was also very blunt. And this was no exception. And I'm glad he was blunt. There's a lot of things that I'd have missed if he hadn't been blunt. One day with sort of a curious look on his face he said, “Jim, just out of curiosity tell me, how come you haven't done well up until now?” Excellent question. I thought, well, so I won't look too bad, I'll go through my list. And this list I just gave you, I put that on him. And he was very patient, he let me go through the whole thing, the government, the weather. I went through this whole thing. When I finished, he looked my list over very carefully. He said, “Mr. Rohn, big problem with your list. You ain’t on it.” When I went to work for him a few months later, I learned very quickly to tear up my list, reasons for not doing well and I threw it away. And I got me a fresh piece of paper and I put one word on it: Me. There's a black heritage spiritual that says, “It’s not my mother, nor my father, nor my brother, nor my sister, but it's me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer. See, I used to blame everything outside. And then let me give you a little philosophy that helped turn my life around. For your notes, here it is: It's not what happens that determines the quality or the quantity of your life. It's not what happens. And the reason is because what happens happens to about everybody, no different. The sun went down on all of us last night. A common event, a happening. And I found out that the same things can happen to two different people, One gets rich and one stays poor. Why is that? It's because it's not what happens, but rather, it's what you do that changes everything. So that's a key phrase: It's not what happens, It's what you do. What happens is about the same. You might put that in parenthesis here. Same. What people do that's what's different. Somebody says, yeah, but you don't understand the disappointments I've had. Come on. Everybody's had their share. Disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor. Everybody has them. The difference is what you do about. It's not the weather. I used to blame the weather, and I discovered it rains on the rich. So see, that won't help. Two men wake up one morning, there's a rainstorm on. One of them looks out his window, sees the rainstorm, and he says, “Wow, what a storm. With weather like this, they can't expect you to go out and make sales”. He stays home. Same morning, the other guy looks out his window, sees the same storm, says, “Wow, what a storm”. But he says, “You know what, with weather like this what a great day to go out and make sales. Most everybody will probably be home, especially the salesman. See, that's the difference in how your life works out. It's not what happens, it's what you do. So here's one of the key questions of the evening: Starting tomorrow what are you going to do that will make a change in your life's direction? Good question. What are you going to do starting tomorrow that'll make a difference? Now, see, if you don't do something starting tomorrow that'll make a difference, guess what? It's gonna be the same. And see that way you can guess what the next five years are gonna be like. Look at the last five. Because the next five are gonna be like the last five unless you, major key, tomorrow change it all or change a little or change something or don't change. It's choice time. You can do whatever you want. But it's nice to know any day you wish you can change your whole life. What can you do starting tomorrow That'll make a difference? Good question. What can you do with economic chaos, massive disappointment? What can you do with the broken heart? What can you do when it won't work? Good question. So if I had a word with you tonight, one on one, just you and me. I think my personal advice to you would be this year, 1981, reach down inside of you and come up with some more of those remarkable human gifts. They're there waiting to be utilized. And then change anything for you, you want to change. And I challenge you to do that because you can change. If you don't like how it is for you, change it. If it doesn't suit you, change it. If it doesn't please you, change it. If it isn't enough, change it. And I challenge you to do that because you can change. See, you don't ever have to be the same again after tonight, only by choice. Self-Reliance is basically counting on yourself, taking responsibility for whatever happens to you. Knowing that you have consciously made the decisions that are now affecting you. Knowing that what is happening now, Today, is the direct result of your activity, what you did yesterday. Now, being self reliant doesn't mean you can't work with others or trust others. Self-Reliance means counting on yourself, trusting yourself, being confident with yourself, being responsible to yourself, trusting your own instincts. Trusting the conclusions that you have developed from your study of experiences and philosophies. Taking the credit that is due you. Learning from the mistakes that you have made. Being self-reliant. Gestalt psychologist give an example of being self-reliant. They say, “That you're responsible for getting caught in the rain”. They say that by deciding not to carry an umbrella every day, you have made the decision to endure an occasional drenching. Translation: By not being prepared, you make the choice of getting caught in some of life's unpleasant circumstances. Be they rain, failures, economic losses, relationship losses, professional losses, personal losses, by not being prepared, thinking ahead it's your choice. Now, here's the other side of it: By being prepared, you increase your chances of success. You increase the likelihood. By being prepared, you increase your chances of success, of seizing opportunities when they come your way, of being ready within yourself to take advantage of once in a lifetime situations. Some people tend to blame others for their mistakes, blame others for their failures. Somebody says, it's not my fault, the report isn't done. So-and-so didn't do their part. Of course it's your fault. It's your report too. It's your responsibility to see that everyone you delegated work to does their part. Now, you can't control what others around you do, but it's in your own best self-interest that you stay on top of things, especially if it's going to affect your future. You think your boss cares that John didn't do his part? You think he sees John as the bad guy? Of course not. All he sees is that the report isn't done, bottom line. Be responsible for the things that affect you. You can make sure you're more responsible by checking in with those people who are working with you, the people who make up your team. You can be more responsible by saying, “Hey, John, how are you doing with your part? Do you need some help? Can we put somebody else in here to help you finish”? Now, if John consistently doesn't handle his part, you've got to replace John. If he isn't doing his share you've got to find somebody that will. Or what? It will negatively affect you. You can't wake up in the morning that the project is due, hoping and wishing that John has done his part. No, you've got to be responsible because it's going to affect your career too. Now, my approach to my better future very early on in my career Was to just go through the day with my fingers crossed. And I used to say something like, I sure hope things will change, for the better. Then here's what I found out: They're not going to change. Somebody says, well, then how will my life ever change? Answer: When you change. When you change, when you get better, it'll get better. If you change, it'll all change. Don't put it on someone else, hope that someone else will change it for you. Take responsibility for yourself. Take personal responsibility. You can't change the circumstances or the seasons or the wind. But you can change your reading habits. You can change whether or not you go for the skills, burn the midnight oil, turn yourself around. Multiply your value by two, three, five, ten. That you've got charge of. That you have control of. You don't have control of the constellations, but you've got control over whether or not you go to night school, take adult classes, learn some new skills, you have control over that. And if you don't, that's your fault. You've got to take personal responsibility. You've got to be self-reliant. Nobody else can change your life, alter your ambitions, pave a golden road for you. But you can. It's up to you. Be responsible for yourself. Learn to reap the harvest without complaint. This is a sign of growing maturity. And here's where it comes from, taking full responsibility. Take full responsibility for everything you do. Be responsible to yourself. It's your crop. Whatever your paycheck is, take full responsibility. You say, well, it's my employer. No, it's not your employer. You can become twice as valuable, three times as valuable. Burn the midnight oil, learn some more skills, bring more value to the marketplace. I'm telling you, whatever your harvest is, take it without complaint.

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