Which banks are the largest creditors to a particular country?

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Bank for International Settlements

Find out how much credit banks of a given nationality have extended to borrowers in more than 200 countries, using the BIS consolidated banking statistics.

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As international banks provide credit to borrowers in different countries they are exposed to the risk of investing in each of them so called country risk to measure banks exposure to this risk you can use the consolidated banking statistics compiled by the BIS our data show how much credit banks of a given nationality have extended to borrowers in more than 200 countries for example let's find out how exposed British banks Are to borrowers in the United States go to be is org and on the statistics top menu select banking and then consolidated statistics in table before enter the country of the counterparty in this case the United States choose between a PDF format ready to print or an interactive format the statistics Explorer where you can further modify the search criteria either way you will see a table with the banking systems providing credit to the US what we call Reporting banks the columns show the types of exposures click on the data for United Kingdom to open an interactive chart with the exposure of British banks here you can modify your query by adjusting any of the parameters on the left for example you can choose another banking system on the reporting country take into account net risk transfers or filter international claims and total claims which include local positions the Explorer also allows you to download the Background data in an editable format if you click on the help icon you will access a quick guide that will help you navigate through the Explorer to know more about practical uses of bis statistics as well as the different types of exposures and breakdowns visit our page about statistical tools where you will find an introduction to our statistical tools video tutorials and a glossary of key terms available in six languages

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