Reviewing 3 Party Games I Played - With My Grandfather

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What do you think you have to do the talking why do i have to do the talking because i'm a silent guy yeah you're just gonna sit here quietly mostly it'll make for a very interesting video mostly i'm gonna have grandma on the next one good yeah so we can see which one of you does better right grandma will she's probably Probably either way hello hello welcome to quackalope thank you for being here today we are reviewing well my grandfather and i are reviewing three board games that we played together over the weekend uh grandpa you love board games some some board games some can you name any board games you enjoy [Music] Skull you did like skull little spoiler alert for this hierarchy of games i suppose now grandpa just so that you know you talking about board games doesn't come off come off the wrong way could you please say something about biology that i will have no idea what you're saying about columbus about bugs or insects or arthropods or any of the things that you spent your entire career studying The uh intimate breed have a cola for but not the uh isotomides okay and then there's the uh fulsomia candida yeah that doesn't have one either okay interesting fascinating i didn't think you'd know what i was doing i have no idea what you're talking about if any of you watching have any idea or take the time to figure out what he just said Feel free now we're going to start talking about a few party games that we spent some time playing now i grew up playing games i grew up playing games here in my grandparents house and i'm gonna be doing a video with my grandmother on some of the games that i played as a child uh but i brought back a few party games that should be easy to learn i believe what i need i believe the age range was like six and below which you Were skeptical about good for me that is good for you uh and we successfully played all of these games with varying results you successfully played them i'm not sure i did so let's start with the one that you already said is one that you liked that's good you enjoyed skull i did how do you go about playing skull do you remember well you got to open the box first it's true Skull is going to be a bit of a pressure luck and bluffing game we're going to be playing down a few different tiles onto your mat in front of you for instance we have a row of flowers and then a skull and then at some point you're going to challenge the rest of the table claiming that you can flip over a certain number of those tiles so starting with your own you'll flip flowers flowers flowers Until you run into a skull the object of the game is to successfully not run into any skulls twice in a row why did you like this game because i could learn how to play it pretty quickly that's fair you picked it up you picked it up fairly quickly yeah it's about time i pick it up and we played we played probably what four or five games Something like that what what did you like about it though when it came to other than it being accessible and easy to play well just i don't know it just had a little bit of trick oriented okay and you had to study what the other guy was doing a little bit to follow what he did so juke might outwit him it's fair that is exactly what you're doing trying to make sure that Grandmother doesn't uh play a skull down on the top of her stack and then trick you into pulling it right right yeah i don't think you won any of them though i don't think so but i had fun playing it just the same that's fair you also one game that's not here that you enjoyed playing as well is a game called the kid in the shuffle you remember that one no traffic jam of Little echidnas moving around the board you played it with uh your great-grandchild you played it with me i think so yeah yeah that was fun cockroach poker great grandchild you played it with oh no it's just your grandchild my great-grandchild i forget which age range they're in nathan's same age nathan's yeah but nathan's like nathan's like what 14 years younger than me 15 years Younger than me he's 11 years old i'm 28. so he's 17 years younger than c great grandchild either way i'm the favorite i was the first i count the most uh cockroach poker you got me confused on that one i got you confused on cockroach poker no on that number one i well i i am the first i'm pretty sure that means i'm the best doesn't it yeah of course that's okay fine we won't Argue that point okay it's good you're bound it's on camera yeah it's on camera uh cockroach poker you enjoyed this game this is the first one we played that was fun because i could tell something about the critters that were on the pictures here's the thing though you were starting to diagnose now this is a game i've talked about quite a bit on the channel i am very very fond of this game is as Easy as accessible it is a lot of fun it is a bluffing game where you're handing cards to other players trying to trick them into taking any of these different animals and creatures and placing them in front of them by not believing or believing the lie that you're telling now you had a few issues with this game in particular uh i remember you complaining were you complaining about the cockroaches at all Now the cockroaches look like cockroaches they look like cockroaches it was the stink bugs i believe what what was the problem with the stink bugs can you please explain why uh why those were an issue the antenna you're all wrong okay why how so well they have four segment antenna four or five segment and they aren't curled like that they're okay so they should have segmented antennae well they all have segmented Antennae but they only have four long segments in it in a stink bug any other things that were wrong with the stink bugs yeah obviously the eyes insects don't have eyes like that no but i'm i'm you know i know yeah you got to have something that makes it has to be a little cute it has to be a little cute any of these other ones you had flies Scorpions they had issues with well same thing the eyes but that looks like a scorpion yeah that looks like us that's a stinkbug what about these flies any issues again it's the eyes and in this case the wings what's wrong with the wings well flies don't have that the veins in the wing don't look Like a fly to me what about this one that one looks more like a fly's wings but well come on they're they're caricatures of flies not everybody's going to be an entomologist and try to critique these things well just remember us playing through this and you grumbling about it i can grumble about them shaving the animals what what would you If you had to rate these like one out of ten what would you give skull on the basis of whatever you want how fun it was how like you likely you would be playing it again if you recommend this again i would recommend that one to people of you know anything below age six or above age 70. okay so well yeah they play about the Same level cockroach poker where would you where would you put that well anybody below the age 10 or above the plate above the 8.75 okay then maybe they could handle it they could handle that as well champions of the wild a game that i got in kickstarter about a year ago because i believe once again as people who are fond of this channel know shut up and sit down heavily recommended This game this is a game all about uh sending out different animals into a competition kind of like the olympics trying to figure out if an orangutan could be the best at sumo wrestling versus an elephant or an ostrich trying to determine who could win a 26 mile long race and finally figuring out who could get out of the maze the most effectively obviously the elephant well obviously The elephant was his what did you think of this game it was fun i would rather play the other two you'd rather play the other two why well because like i said those fit between the age of six below and 70 above and i can handle this one is more like age 12 below and i don't know 55 and up 12 below and 55 maybe 14 below and 55 are you saying are you saying 12 to 55 no i'm saying 0 to 12 yeah or 55 and up should not play this should play this should play this yes so you think a one-year-old should be playing this not a one-year-old but maybe maybe like a five to a 14. you're right your rating skills as confusing as mine mine is i'm confused too but this is your this is your least favorite of the three this is my the one that i have most Difficulty playing would you play it again oh yeah i'd play it yeah i would just have to work harder at it sure would you have difficult difficulty with it about i don't know that i'd have so much difficulty to just be take a lot more thought yeah i mean can an elephant run a mile possible maybe you're not allowed to Google search though you just have to argue with the audience about what it can do well that's no fair i've got to use my resources you can use books oh okay yeah you don't use books that i've already used google anyway what's google exactly okay either way uh as far as i'm concerned skull is an absolutely lovely game champions of the wild i think i would Play with children um i think it was fun and creative but really that eight to maybe 12 age range i want a few of those at the table so maybe alex radcliff and his children uh because it'd be fun to debate whether or not a whale could be the best at jousting but you know unless you're either uh hanging out with a bunch of uh you know a bunch of teens or arguing amongst a bunch of children Really isn't quite the game for me and then cockroach poker of course is a game that i cannot highly recommend enough uh any other final thoughts anything you want to say i kind of forced you into getting on camera here oh you've forced me on my life so what's the difference that's not true what have i forced you to do all your life my god make me hike the appalachian you wanted to do that with me yeah but it was your idea You tricked me into it and then you dragged me along for three months three is that all and a half ish okay 1200 miles pennsylvania to maine so what 100 miles not that far yeah yeah and you survived more than i did that's true what's true you broke a rib on the way i cracked a rib well either way thank you for watching we'll see you next time i'm gonna trick My grandmother into recording one of these now as well he does that all the time to us trixxus

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