World Health Statistics Report 2021 by the World Health Organisation

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World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Statistics report is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual compilation of the most recent available data on health and health-related indicators for its 194 Member States. The 2021 edition features the latest data for 50 health-related indicators from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and WHO “triple billion” targets. The 2021 report additionally focuses on the human toll and impact of COVID-19, highlighting the importance of tracking inequalities and the urgency to accelerate progress to get back on track and recover equitably with the support of robust data and health information systems. More information:

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Numbers matter timely reliable comparable disaggregated and actionable data are critical for measuring and tracking population health outcome their determinants and health inequality therein with these information is the basis of better targeted health planning at every level and helps decision makers develop and Implement equity oriented policies and allocate resources more effectively coven 19 has illustrated how urgent the need for such data is for guiding swift response to the pandemic and drive strategic policy changes every year the world health organization consolidates the latest data on health related indicators through the world health statistics report a flagship product That brings together a consistent set of data as a trusted source of global health statistics and trends the data in this year's report not only highlighted the troubling pandemic we are currently in but also confirmed some progress made in improving population health outcomes addressing major health risks scaling up universal health coverage and strengthening health information systems However the progress is not fast enough or completely lacking for some indicators and persisting inequality further threatens achieving the sustainable development goals and triple billion targets immunization anemia in women hepatitis b child malnutrition global health security air pollution hypertension insufficient physical activity Universal health coverage health workers density water sanitation and hygiene obesity access to health technologies intimate partner violence critical data gaps remain and countries and who will continue to strive to improve data availability data quality and levels of data disaggregation download the latest edition of the world health statistics report for country Regional and global data

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