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Hello welcome to quacklobe thank you for being here today we are doing our well three player game of destinies if you happen to have seen the overly excited review i put out there was an overly excited review you put out uh apparently i'm like this guy so i thought i'd show up and uh play this game with him i finally understood what it was like to actually Listen to me and i felt bad you could first time there was a lot of people there was a lot of people that could not leave the video at what 1.5 like they normally do it was insanity yeah so this is going to be the three player gameplay we also should have a two-player game play out with jan and i and i'm gonna be doing a solo campaign as well today we're playing feast of famine which is the second story A bit of spoiler alerts just because each campaign has its own unique pathway you're going down however everyone has their own variable story and so i don't think you'll ruin too much if you engage with a few of these videos and enjoy watching what chaos we get into because your story will likely be different before i hit this start button can you Give us a 60 second 60 second overview is going to be as follows what we're going to have is going to have a tile in the center that we all start on we're going to be given a general overview of a story each of us is going to pick one of these three characters each character comes with two potential destinies they are trying to fill but also more importantly some kind of hidden information About the story some way they interface or work with the story in a way that others do not from there every turn is going to consist of moving and interacting or just interacting you can have various characters and or points of interest that will correspond to locations building things events around you and you choose to interact with those using the app scanning qr codes and Figuring out what you need to do to start making choices along the way you're going to be testing your various attributes you have three different attributes over here at various levels you're gonna be testing them by rolling dice and checking against how many successes you roll you're potentially being able to exhaust purple dice along the way in order to well get more successes for that test those tests are going to Define how you proceed in the story the things you do and it's very it's very thematic in the sense that you don't necessarily know exactly how many successes you need you just know that like pulling a a an axe out of a tree is going to require less strength than shoving an entire wagon through a muddy road stuff like that past that you're just trying to figure out how you can accomplish your destiny Before they can accomplish theirs it is competitive yeah this is gonna be a competitive rpg game and with that do we wanna go ahead and hit start absolutely okay uh let's see normal this is a two to three player game by the way it has a solo mode and all the signs pointed towards a harsh winter Nonetheless people from the town of seoul gathered at a humble feast knowing all too well that even their meager harvest was worthy of joyful celebration it was enough for them to survive some gave their thanks to god some quietly to powers older than that who were said to watch over the valley since the ages long forgotten some Praised the work of men those who managed to win their survival by their toil alone but even this short moment of rejoicing wants to be torn away from them first came the storm that scattered the animals and raised the granaries leaving them exposed to the elements high water took away the bridge leaving the valley cut away from the world and then came the rats in great swarms They descended upon the remnants of the celebratory feast devouring all in their path ravaging the winter storms amidst the chaos a few saw a demonic figure commanding the swamp with lesser devils as its heralds you are those you is this about the cicadas that are coming shortly it might be trying to figure this out yeah yeah we Uh we're going to go ahead i'm going to turn down the music volume just slightly uh and we are selecting the soldier the nun and the woodsman because it's a three-player game yes we are who do you all want to be uh soldier you're going soldier absolutely okay woodsman you're taking the woodsman i'm going none yeah all right i was listening to the flavor text okay i'll take the nun so on the back of These cards on the front of these cards you're gonna have your artwork and a qr code that will be your destiny that you're trying to accomplish on the back we're going to have our own custom story which gives us a little bit of establishment on who our characters is that's not public this is all private and the quest you're trying to solve or one of the two variable quests that's available we're going to take a moment to read Through these so we know what game we're playing and then we'll continue moving forward cool i got my back stories [Music] and when this is done god will surely cleanse the land you see the irony is having read my back so you just gave me more information than you should have [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay [Applause] okay do we set up yet by the way do we set up the central zone go ahead and hit okay we're gonna go ahead and set our stats as follows uh the soldier is going to have five in intelligence eight in intelligence ten and twenty Twelve then it's going to have five five seven eleven eleven in dexterity and then four seven and ten four four seven ten and twelve okay and i start with what equipment you're going to take one coin sure can pass me a coin this yep yep exhaust all your dice leaving these two over here you have no bonus die and you're going to have a sword she'll ask me the decks of cards Number 14. so this will be deck number one okay and i assume oh not all of them not all of them he's subpassing the decks of the cards oh pass me the other other deck 11. here we go okay and we can move to the next character okay uh the nun is going to have an intelligence of i'll be them off to you 4 7 10 11 4 7 10 11. okay uh 5 7 11 12 5 7 11 12. uh then six eight to ten and then six eight and ten uh one money as well as exhausting all your dice and you have a rosary oh look at me yeah okay money moving on to shira ready don't like it you have five eight eleven you have five seven ten twelve you have six seven nine eleven hang on five seven ten twelve and the what six seven nine eleven we need two more Thingies okay oh two more things there we go you have one coin nine and eleven yeah you have one coin you exhaust all your purple dice and you have a hatchet as your starting item now my starting item now i'm not gonna i'm not gonna slot them down here but you technically have one two three four five locations for your starting items or for any of items you're carrying my starting item uh has a plus Two in any of my uh any of my blue tests excellent cool so but i have to discard it in order to get that gotcha and i have as well discarded in a strength test i don't roll any dice instead your roll total equals 12. what are the three different areas uh the three different areas are going to be uh your intelligence your dexterity dirty and interesting strength so you're also strength Yep interesting i was curious because looking at the comparison you only have three down here um he's got three in the middle and i have three on top we all have three four and four right we're stronger than one area the remains of the faded feast are still strewn about the main square the blacksmith appears to be working as usual but something seems wrong so i got the blacksmith okay i think This might be the blacksmith if you found it nope nope wait wait oh yeah okay i think this model might be the blacksmith uh because they both have something slung over the shoulder okay uh we have the bakery which is going to be right down here that you can interact with the aroma of fresh bread smells even better in this time of hunger we have card number 65 coming down the Town center lies this way now one of the things they've done is this app walks through the setup and progression in such a nice way uh we have card number 40. in the distance you see sue's orchard okay we have card number 27 some say a strange pond awaits in the midst of this wood okay and then soldier day one refresh and effect die Refresh an effort die exactly and you're starting and let's see here there should be we should all be starting over here there's that music i was looking for i hear i like ambient music and most of the time i don't have it i play that only when i'm not recording this gives it to me and i have an excuse for using it the whole time okay i am going to go ahead and i think well I would like some bread honestly so i'm actually going to go ahead and straight up interact you know what just check my destiny accordingly okay i'm gonna go straight for the bakery just so you have some insight in the demo game that both of us have experienced the blacksmith will likely have a shop of items that you could accumulate if you have some money to purchase from him okay so we might not be best to go to Immediately but we also don't know if it's we don't know if it's the same but we're both aware that the last game the blacksmith did have some items the supplies a few but there's still enough for the baker and his family to thrive they greet you with friendly smiles but as you hear what they have to offer you notice the prices are inflated buy food for two steal some bread ooh My jelly is not the strongest yeah ask the baker about an item we're going to go ahead and do that okay ask them and ask them about our short item that's all you got no i got my uh no that's not an item it's not that's your destiny um you could ask me about your sword i'm stealing something you say hey what do you think of this i'm gonna go ahead and roll we got two one and automatic successful the onyx Access might be helpful oh whoops oh no i accidentally yeah well too late now i i don't think the london is gonna succeed either no we'll find out but i'm gonna take this purple back since i did that but we'll go ahead and then i'm gonna end my turn okay wait actually no you know what there's no hurt to ask about the sword do you want to put it here camera is right here Not too close okay this should help you in any fight the baker is useless it should help you in any fight though okay he was impressed by it and we end our turn okay if you took that back leave it here yep since you uh skipped like an amateur watch the nun go what did refresh or die i accidentally rolled a success but i forgot to enter it so i got a success and i just said go Forward on zero yeah so you didn't get bread correct so i'm gonna move down into this location explore tile 65 yes most of the folk live here many are cowering in their homes now unsure of the future yep we're gonna go and put things up uh we will see we're gonna have a old widow uh rats constantly skitter in and out of the old widow's cellar we're going to have an inn the in seems Closed but you see light inside and we're going to have the covenant's bell tower can be seen from afar [Music] okay might be more oh we go wrong way i mean this come off uh i don't believe so no it's still there anyone else could go to the bakery if they'd like uh and from the other side you see a large barn standing over a shorn field i need to figure out what my quest Actually is and there should be one more below well let's see yep there is going to be one more below the southern part of the town is less frequented okay okay i'm gonna do us a push up by one until of course we start exploring up there as well okay okay now i have to decide what i actually want to do i think i'm gonna go talk with the old widow uh yes the rats living in the widow's cellar Could clearly be a problem if left unchecked she agrees to let you in after you promise to get rid of them as you approach her door you notice an unguarded sack of grain clearly visible in the open doorway of the poorer's house near nearby i can destroy the nest for strength i'm not very strong examine the unguarded supplies ask her about your quest Ask the widow about an item i'm going to i really really want to get that but i'm going to start by examining the unguarded supplies there's an unguarded sack of grain sitting right behind the open door where is the door you approach the door you notice an unguarded sack of grain clearly visible in the open doorway of a poor house nearby how do you feel about this starving to death the poor family yeah i Know but does is my nun is my nun going to steal stuff you tell me shut the door you shut the door it's better than nothing and at least supplies are no longer visible okay i really needed a success on this the odds of a good success i say go for it i mean i am going to go for it he has to roll a six that's okay well at least a six oh that Is not good for you no it's not good destroy it by hand come on four one three nine oh double success that is actually remarkable yes driven away by the rats from the cellar of the grieving widow's home is not what you'd expect to happen to you but swatting away the most persistent rodents and covering in and covered in nasty Bites here you are this will require a different more determined approach so i didn't really do it but i got an experience now these i can discard one of these at any point to shift any of my tracks down by two nice uh i'm gonna add track or specific one only one of them yep i'm gonna ask her about my quest so visiting both The healer and the witch should help you progress you'll find them in the western part of the valley now it's worth noting at this point that the warding of the app is always vague enough that the other players can see what's happening and they'll get some info but not the clear guidance of the quest okay uh i might as well ask her about my rosary that's how i felt i'll probably get a Useless item many distressed souls find soulless that's about how useful my answer was and turn yes woodsman refresh and effort die go ahead and progress forward all right um i start here yes ma'am um i want to go here okay go for it so you're going to get it you can't get there you can't get there can she not because she's going to move one uh i don't know scroll over and try To click on that little one sorry oh she's over here my bad my bad i'm sorry i thought she's over here this is me nope nope i made a mistake i'm this person yes you should be on that board to begin with there we go and i want to go here explore tile 27 flipped despite its proximity to the town this part of the woods is a domain of beasts people rarely wonder here flavor text animals are often seen Gathering around this pond there are rumors of its magical power mystic pond um place mystic pond thank you old woman known as the witch is gathering herbs in the woods okay now you can interact with anyone on those locations um and go to the pond okay this is like the mystic pond if you enter the pond you notice something leaning underwater an unusually large wolf Is crawling on the shore as if regarding this place the air is heavy with strange power confront the wolf or a sneak to the far side of the pond i'm going to sneak a roll yup three two four that's a great roll nine nine two successes one six oh two christmases yeah you move silently slipping past the wolf you manage to reach the water and fill a Flask the worm the water is warm and sweet gain holy water nine okay and what's that do for you i don't know it's a discard action reroll any number of your die so you could discard it for a free reroll okay now you could still confront the wolf if you want sure fight it now the risk you might be distracting it mean if you had something You feel like would distract it you could try to use something to distract it okay i don't have my purple dye anymore what you're about to say you could discard your axe if you really wanted to defeat the wolf because it would give you plus two successes uh and one thing you should be aware of if you fail some of your things sometimes the consequence will be moving One farther away from a success permanently yep i will discard this oh no i want to learn about it no no you can hit x if you want to go back from that i'll go back i'm not confronting my wolf okay enter okay to me miss your soldier miss your mother me okay refresh and effort die so i have two effort dice and i am currently over there i think i would like to I think i'd like to head to the east so explore tile 40. with the harvest done only wind visits these orchards we're gonna go ahead and put out the old man with the something or other i have him here somewhere he is there we go okay old man with the king we're gonna put that man out then from there we go ahead and we put a rat swarm nest of rats you i i do feel lucky devour rats is ravaging there you're devouring everything in their path first we have card 17. if you venture into these woods some say they're haunted okay then we're gonna go ahead and go ahead and we're gonna that's it there we go so that is the upper edge of our map it looks like yeah just based on where we are okay so because it's not giving us cards Which honestly we should have known just from where we were up there okay so i can choose to interact with the rat swarm or the abandoned orchard i feel that rat swarm is dangerous i'm going to start with the abandoned orchard most of the fruit has been picked already and what's left is now food for the rats the old storytellers resting in a peaceful corner under a tree select a rotten fruit or Toxic brew ask the storyteller story ask the storyteller about your destiny ask the storyteller about an item let's start with my destiny we're going to go ahead i'm going to i like that you can see your top camera oh that's amazing huh that isn't easy i can't help you much but try asking the road warden world order okay the road wardens remember that ask a storyteller for a story i think i'll do that convince him I'm going to go ahead and roll ooh i have decent i think i'm going to roll one he shouldn't be that hard to convince he's probably a nice guy when i see the dark side i got a four and a two that's gonna be one success you tried to stubborn no pay no story he still insists i won't tell you anything as long as i'm hungry there's something unsuddenly animalistic in his expression As he speaks the last ward you quickly say your goodbyes gain one of these i think he's controlling a swarm of rats i i wonder about him select a rotten fruit for a toxic brew it's like rotten fruit for a toxic brew i've learned about asking about an item so i'm not going to bother that select rotten food i'm going to go ahead and roll an extra dye this time around In fact before i do i'm gonna find here if i do this and push this here it's on top of it you cannot double up gotcha so i have to go ahead and do that so i think i will go ahead and spend this experience i'm not gonna put this experience i'm gonna roll these as this okay that's gonna be a two two and two which is a six which is one success i believe you can split your distribution though I don't know what that means one in one god it's good to know okay confirm the writing fruit smells disgusting but you fail to make anything useful from it whatever makes difference between poison and stinky mush you fail to see it now so i lose one of this yeah i get one of these which is a better option do you know which one you have to move you pick one says any blue yep but it doesn't again doesn't matter because i got better back from it Okay and i may as well ask my sword even though i feel silly he's probably gonna say the same he's probably gonna say the same this should help you in any fight thank you sir and i'm gonna end my turn the nun refresh and effort die do i go straight for uh the witch the witch i think i'm going to go into the end is these pieces can you move one uh couldn't make it sometimes Sometimes you can move farther okay i use i just click on the location and see if it takes you okay does it stop you if you can't uh is it tracking your position or are you supposed to track your position i'm not sure about that uh as you approach the inn the delicious aromas from within seem incongruous with the disaster all around you knock and the innkeeper reluctantly Lets you in what do you want he asks nervously standing between you and a large board of supplies did that useless carpenter send you he still owes me money pay the carpenter debt of four pay the meal for two ask the innkeeper about an item ask the innkeeper about your destiny i don't have money i don't have money so that's what's your Character by the way that's a shame my character is removed here okay so she's staying right now okay what'd you see in the rules uh you can move to no diagonal movement move two no diagonal movement does the app follow it doesn't say but i would only i would we can test it if we want but i i would imagine just go with where you are fair uh i guess i'm gonna ask the innkeeper About my destiny i really am disappointed with the options that were given here the covent garden should really use something to help with the rats yeah yeah yeah that's not what i asked you about oh all right that was that was lame okay that was lame sure to you the woodsman refresh i die all right i'm gonna go and come after my This witch the witch which waves it you and greet you with a knowing if a bit mischievous smile you want something don't you do you want your fortune told or something else she asks it better be good the healer quarrelled you know so i cursed um i don't have three money so i can't learn the secrets of invigorating herbs i'll ask the witch about my destiny I don't know about anything about my destiny yet what are you going with light or dark oh she's going her bad destiny the healer would surely help you if he hadn't made me curse him such a waste okay um how's my blue not great let me try it speak on the healer's behalf i am not wasting die just in case Double ones let's see it's not zero yeah the witcher appreciates you asking nicely she still refuses he interfered with my work you know claimed his teachers and potions can do all that my charm scan ha i proved him wrong he tried to explain but she cut you off no he will suffer some more at least until it stops being amusing is there anything else you want again experience and that is it Okay okay okay miss your soldier soldier there's still a swarm of rats and i'm not entirely sure how i feel about this i'll fight the rats i hear you yeah i respect that i'm gonna go here okay that's not where the rats are trucked to mundo they call this place the witchwood few venture here without good reason okay one of my things came up is there any way to find A blooming grove what my character had before i do not know if we can often from the top um well i believe it was a 10 or 11. so do i i'll give it 11. go to blooming grove i'll be operating that token on blooming grove yep okay then we're going to go ahead and add 28 which means we're at the other edge of the map it looks like a tallty tree stands admits the farmland Okay i'm going to put this over here and then i can interact and i will interact with sed thank you sir nope nope that is not who i am i am the knight and act interact with the blooming grove you stand at the edge of the witch wood where the path starts winding between trees you start to follow the path but it's unreactional to two at an ancient oak the woods are dark and silent and Neither the choices feels welcoming choose the path flanked with mossy stones or choose the path overcome with roots the one with mossy stones or switch around the opening of the path that's intriguing i think i'm actually going to go ahead and reduce both of these to go ahead and move this down one two nice and then this down i think i'll go down one And down one okay and then we'll see you can split it yeah yeah you should be able to check that while we if you want i always like double check rules when search the opening of the path i'm gonna go ahead and roll for three of these [Applause] and that's gonna be wow that is dark that's a one one and one jessie i am trying to mirror you here you find Nothing of use just bushes sticks and leaves of no particular value but i do up one of my what's it called stats so i think i'm going to go ahead and move this down over here as well and we're going to hit okay then i will go with the path flying flanked with mossy stones force your way through the thicket hmm i don't wanna exhaust more i'm gonna go ahead and force my way through the Thicket and i'm just gonna do a standard roll no extra dice on this one hoping it can even be split between two different tracks so i just got scared four and three two successes oh yeah good to know on the different tracks you awkwardly force your way through the bushes in the end you reach your goal before you lie the fabled grove go into the grove you're just gonna keep Burrowing forward yeah i think i'm gonna use my success time this one my other purple i've come equipped wait one second one second what does that mean if you have what you need in the grove i'm gonna try this maybe this is good enough we'll see you hack at the briars and the weapon gets stuck with rising terror you watch his minds and tackle it further and spite your efforts rip it from your hand Discard the card 14. i do not like this game finally you make your way to the sickle as you pick it up you notice that the ancient metal seems almost first by the ages you got through that's fair that's fair the light and warmth of the grove quickly start dimming as you leave gain copper circle 52. changing your sword first yeah this is gonna be cool though Ritual the copper circle this isn't always about always before each agility test you may refresh one purple dye i like that this feels worthwhile and turn okay that was a good turn i'm okay with that oh and the grove is gone ah can you move it off no the there's the the icon there we go now we do refresh a die no grove left very interesting i'm down here at the End where i mean i know where the witch is but the west is down here isn't it no good directions north south east aha okay that's how i do it too every time i know where north is and the rest i just go well i assume of west it's not i assumed it was though i'm gonna move over to the side humans we're gonna see let's see what's going on over here The fields to the west of the village were bustling with activity just days ago now with the harvest done they're silent the barn is swarming with a huge infestation of rats this may this one may be the largest you've seen yet the fight will be hard good thing i'm not fighting them i'm going to find a torch and burn them alive a strange faint fog has gathered over the shorn field A stone circle towers over a broken bridge card number 19 and off to the side an old watchtower stands to the west okay i do not want to mess with the rats in the barn you should you should rest the rats in the barn i think you should i'm gonna go to the shorn field you look at the fog certainly you saw something moving and again there but it's not a man it's a ghostly figure barely more solid Than the mist itself dressed like a warrior of old it beckons you to follow him take a nap in the haystack that sounds like you i'm going to follow the ghost what spending experience you're true to yourself jesse i'm being true to the nun um honestly i'm kind of happy he's choosing this because i'm 90 certain that would have given like two extra things to like up his stats in terms of the number of Successes can i cross five without this four's but the odds of me getting an eight let's be honest i'm glad i did it i'm glad you did it yep doubles confirm you enter the fog and see many more silhouettes moving around the edges of your vision you are soon surrounded by a ghostly black uh Battle in which warriors of old rival their last light you guide beckons your you to follow him farther to the old standing stone that was right attack the ghost try to understand what the ghost is saying attack the ghost trying to understand and i have one purple left so i'm gonna spend it three that's an eight four eight still doubles This is enough i could discard this though if i wanted to guarantee a success ghosts are fairly easy to understand you probably only need to whatever the long dead warrior tries to show you you're just not seeing it oh no no you need a rosary to communicate with the dead how do you not know this oh no i feel like i was so close to something good Refreshing this goes back by the way to the replayability of this game the idea that you can have different encounters that will play out differently in your attempt to figure out now the game does specify that pathways are never closed off the game manual specifically because i think you mentioned jan felt things were closed off but that's not a thing the game does not let things get closed off High above the river bordering the woods is a place known as the overlook um the healer's hut oh the healer and the witch the two things i need for my destiny the two things i need for my destiny watchtower and i feel like she shies away from your loudness yes place the watchtower um what all right i want to interact with the watchtower oh nothing below That's the edge of the map okay so intriguing say so the stone tower i served the road i was gonna let her go the stone tower has served the road wardens in these parts for years now with the bridge gone the gruff warden seems to be frustrated with his own uselessness what do you want i can't help you i can't collect a tool from anyone i can't repair the bridge i can't do anything you have a nice Beard thank you him oh my sword about my destiny a devil let a swarm of rats probably know your convents bell tower okay um you just gotta cheer him up no i wanna listen to the wind we've got to cheer him up yes but we're playing a game show when does howling okay listen i'm gonna discard this and lower this one [Music] you aren't the wind oh oh i don't even think she rolled that purple that purple was a straight success and she just like dropped it you have two successors thank you one two confirm you hear a sound like a slow heartbeat in the wind and water it's familiar and reassuring refresh one of your purple die Okay okay um now i'll try to cheer him up with kind words will you probably cheer up with your hatchet yeah that's what i think discard the hatchet but just just qr code most people get up with hatchets and that's good hatchet you realize what happened when sender thought no this sword will work oh are you getting a i cannot answer that phone call uh Five and six is eleven so i get three one two three as you consult him he seems to gain a little confidence you know what i might not be able to do much here but i know something you might use he says he tells you what he saw when he was investigating the fallen bridge he swears he saw some devilish form leading rats to a lair under one of the supports I'll be watching you for my watchtower friend he adds and if i see you run into any trouble i'll do my best to help you she spent more effort and attempts to cheer him up than you did to talk with ghosts that is true listen i believe in cheering people up it's reasonable all right to me sir i refresh the die you got some cards stuck there okay ipad you can move those up if you want i don't know how it feels okay so i'm over Here currently and i'm going to go ahead and move down here because there's nothing else there so we're going to have the road leading to fields to the old estate has fallen into disuse the fields themselves lie abandoned to the vermin okay a prosperous farmer's home is probably this prosperous farmer's home but angry voices resound from inside angry voices that's sad an infested car Something dark has acclaimed this overturned cart that's sad sad sad and then a sacred tree this is a busy location we run out of these you should not we don't want to do more we have more okay the secret tree that she's been standing here longer than anyone remembers whoo with the maps not over okay okay the ruins of the old estate lie this way few venture there i'm venturing their Next turn are you of course i am okay and now time this is interesting i like the fact that it's not a square grid you don't really know where it's going yeah okay the farmhouse with the angry voices the sacred tree or the infested car clearly this part likely has rats which doesn't seem like the best thingy but it's not i'm looking for at the moment i have intelligence which means i can likely more i'm more likely to use your Hatchet no i'm going with the farmhouse visit the farm others would question him having intelligence your first knock goes unanswered drowned by the bleeding of many sheep coral near the house i'm waiting for you to bleed finally the farmer lets you in he vents his anger on you yelling about a thief who stole one of the prize animals from his herd you notice a small rat nest in a hole in the foundations you'd have to crawl Inside to reach it give him an animal no you don't seem like a very nice person i'm going to ask for the thief the thief can't be tolerated it's that often from the outskirts south of here she's good for nothing just like her parents were and now she thinks she can freely steal from me just because of what food is in short supply i hope those rats eat her refresh one of your purple Brothers i would solve one animal timer problem now i could try removing the rat nest i can give him an animal that i don't have i can ask for my sickle but i don't think i want to because he might take it from me okay he doesn't seem like a very nice guy yeah he might be like my family's sickle thank you for returning and no i'm going to ask i'm going to ask If you want your story original item it's best to do it publicly like at a feast that will set an example i don't want to destroy my sickle don't tell me what i can and can't do remove the rat nest using appropriate means or destroy maybe the circle can remove i like my sickle destroy it by hand remove the nap nest destroy by hand i'm going to use true purple dice along with these i'm gonna go for this We got four one two and two that's gonna be a total of nine success that's not enough to get there success you tried and failed to get close enough to the nest there's just not enough space for you to squeeze in the farmer watches you disposingly gain one of these but lose one of these i think i will lose that 10 over there okay give him an animal i don't have that I will end my turn he really wants an animal though he's not getting an animal this is funny the last one felt more straightforward this is not straightforward i love it and let's see here i wanna i wanna i wanna do the thing that i suggest people do whenever they do things like play games which is disconnect from everything so you don't get phones the apps continue to work if it's oh yeah Because it downloads to the app itself so after you have a secure connection you're able to play anywhere refresh a die thank you very much and i'm over here it does remember where i know i was just thinking i just does remember where i am but it doesn't show you the miniature which is a weird can you zoom out a little bit please like it lets you see the miniatures but it doesn't show you it's an interesting like small lack they track your progress Where you are but yeah yeah so let's see because it knows you're the nun it has the nun stored in there you think it would be an easy thing to add you think this is just a technology question i'm not sure what you're doing i'm just looking i'm planning for my turn well i'm glad you're planning for your turn on my turn we're going to the healer's hut Absolutely uh set up the healer's trade stack we need medicine herbs alcohol and a torch so number 12 11 13 and 15. 12 11 13 and 15. got it okay okay i can trade i don't have money and you can't trade i don't have money you can speak on behalf of them the healer's hud is located right where the fields meet the uh inoperable woods the door is always open and the healer greets you he trips and falls on his own doorstep It's the witch's fault he explains she cursed me out of envy i'll grab two of these pinks one goes down here on the hut one goes down here on the stack of cards i'm going to i can't even ask him about ah i'm gonna need blues i'm gonna roll everything and i'm gonna pay my token you can use your rosary would you do that to me six seven oh so close The old hag cursed me with misfortune he rants just because i suggested an alternative to his methods repeatedly he ponders for a moment actually i might have talked about it way too much no wonder she got mad and moved out of her old home i hope she comes back it's clear that whatever happened he now regrets you can see it's time to talk with the witch now small distinction i wouldn't usually collect it she moved to her old Home just in case it's relevant to locations not out of i don't know if i'm a fan of either of you reading the same thing i'm reading because i read confidently forward and assume what i've read next time i'll wander to somewhere else because he's no longer an old home tell me something i don't know i know they find solace in prayer All right i'll trade i'll use the hero healer stack what do we have here we have a torch alcohol medicine and herbs all are going to be one coin to buy so i can't get hit and turn right now no i i'm currently using the coin yeah i'm currently using this stack plus one none of these are going to be none of these are going to be standard i think i'm going to buy a torch because I feel like that'll help get rid of rats yeah i don't disagree with you uh so this goes back up here that is a deck you can shop from i am hitting and turn i'm not happy about it but it's the way it must be refresh a die all right now who remembers what my person's down here these what was over here you can click to contact me Convince oh if it's not explored it means that's the one exactly you can click to read the flavor yes convince bell tower no um i don't even know if i could get there you aren't you over there here you're there i'm over here would it let me go three well you could try tap in and see if let's explore it seems to say yes but you're not close enough so no no i'm not sure if the app will stop you but let's not find out and Then what's down here southern part of town and a stone circle i actually would be okay if the app doesn't restrict you in that weird way i don't i like when the app facilitates gameplay i don't know that i like like for instance scythe the video game app yeah as opposed to the tts mod yeah i like the tts mod because it doesn't arbitrarily tell me i can cheat it doesn't arbitrarily tell you you Can't cheat yeah well i would rather if that stops you if you can't do it yeah thanks for using it i know but but if you wanted to modify this you know in a way or you want to do house rules or you wanted to do if you wanted room to play can i move three spaces nope i don't believe so all right visit the old widow if you wanted room to play if you wanted to experience the story and move on i like it i i hear you Yeah but not living the widow's cellar that could clearly be a problem if left on check triggers to let you in after you promise to get rid of them as you approach your door you notice an unguarded sack of green clearly visible in the open don't steal that grain i close that door house nearby ask her about your quest you should be over here right Yeah yes ask her about your quest i'll start with that didn't you close that i did close that door rat swarm in the orchards something dark is leading it okay the orchards yep okay asked a widow about an item i haven't asked about any of my items yet it is said that spirits and demons can't bear the touch of holy water helpful um restore the shrine with a Ritual artifact how do you know if it's a ritual artifact this would be a bizarre fact i assume because it says ritual at the top so i have holy and i have where's the shrine this is the shrine uh restore the shrine ooh intriguing i have things that i can destroy now the nest i want to try it with my hatchet this will not help you the widow looks Like you definitely seemingly reconsidering whether she was right to let you in thank you a hatchet should be able to destroy something theoretically fine okay soldier i refresh or die i'm going to go ahead at least behind and moving to the estates we're going to flip 37. no one came to claim the noble abode when its master died Some say it's cursed we're going to go ahead and put a ruined palace which i guess we'll grab them come over here okay there's one more oh my god moon palace ratskitter the old mansion stands empty and ruined rat skitter around the gardens oh that's it okay and then from there we're going to go ahead and while i get some encountering the moon palace that seems evidence enough the palace is decrepit and and swarming With rats and you're all and you've clearly aroused their attention you take a quick look and see some potentially useful things but you don't have much time before the bulk of the swarm arrives search the mansion or visit the old chapel both of those stats are fairly decent i think i'm going to um i'm going to search the mansion search dimension now i do get to refresh A die before i do a green test so i'm going to go ahead and do that and i think i'm going to use two of these and two of these and before i do that i'm going to activate that to move this down two so i can get three sixes on a nine what'd i get there five six seven eight that's so close it's not a nine though oh yeah okay two successes the hall is full of rotting remains of Past life so you search in silence to avoid drawing attention hoping to find anything of worth most of what you find is crumbling in the crepit but you dig up a tool of some sort you'll take a closer look after you get out of here search for further movement what you got ooh search further cause i get to refresh or die ah search further okay refresh a die both of them yeah yeah oh i like this i Like this this sickle works well together automatic success and then that's going to be eight oh which is three successes the in-rooms are silent you do your best to keep it that way you hear scratching in the walls you look at anything of you someone has lots of stack there no time to examine it more closely now you grab it to look later after you get out This has pushed your luck risk going deeper go to the armory risk going deeper go to the treasury risk going deeper go to the armory we got two three and one which is six that's still two successes wow you can't see anything down here and you can't risk bringing the light down here there too many wraths they find you anyway before you find anything of war you're desperate escape from the hungry doctor will haunt your dreams for a long Time lose two reds i'm gonna lose that one and that one and do i lose actually i'm gonna lose this one over here okay i'm gonna go ahead and your turn ends no did you lose everything you'd gathered two successes should be enough two successes should be enough wow wow okay well i went from really liking this game to not liking at all but it has to push your luck i like i Like to push your luck with more rewind we're going to the witch one two spaces up visit the witch speak on the healer's behalf convert herbs to poison ask the witch about your destiny learn the secrets of in invigorating herbs for three spread those cards those are the herbs that you needed to convert to the poison that you can take good good point uh speak on the healer's behalf we need Three successes in this because you got two and it failed is that right i believe so six three successes you give her a stern look of disapproval and a short talk on punishment proportionate to the crime finally she relents oh all right he's suffered enough and he's a good person we need more good people that admit she gestures it nothing in particular all of this You say he wants me to come back i need to talk with him she thinks aloud we used to live together did you know that thinking about it now i i was much happier back then it sounds like they have a much more complicated uh relationship yeah she ponders for a moment if i knew him well and i do i'm sure that the healer will help you with whatever christian thing you're Planning he's always had such a soft spot for your religious types gain one blue down are the interactions catered to who's interacting this one so interesting yeah the first of the faithful is ready more must follow interesting i'm going to ask her about my destiny then which destiny are you doing i i am not necessarily talking to you With that the healer would surely help you if he hadn't made me curse him such a waste okay enter i don't want to end my turn the witch's quarrel with a healer having ended she returns to live with him in his house on the overlook move the witch off yep just take it off okay the witch is gone for character or is that though No that's me all right remove the witch okay refresh an effort die i want to okay well i've solved one puzzle can be seen from afar you shouldn't have pushed your luck too successful i mean it's not you think three deep you need all four or at least three i wonder if and i wonder okay abandoned orchard football or this one the covent's high towers were a sign of Hope for many but there's still hope left is there still hopeless close enough convent garden can you put a thing on the convent garden nope you didn't read it i said please the thing on the convent garden no that's not what it said it might be the bishop has been praying in the chapel since the rats came and then the bell tower inhumane laughter resounds from the bell tower Um card 47 okay a water wheel slowly turns by the river all right now ah convent garden bell i'm tower try talking to the chapel yes ask the bishop the bishop safe and his refuge in the chapel pauses his prayer as you enter what can i help you with he asks and his voice is shaking only a little a few scared novices hide in the corner Ask him about your destiny still doing the evil side the merchant's cart has been overrun on the road through the eastern field that's the merchant's car yeah thank you um let me take a moment to meditate no matter what you believe in this silent hall you are at peace with yourself you are filled with determination so i get the other day yes fresh all might die and then ask the Bishop for advice james one two to three consider a pure joy my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that test the testing of your faith produces perseverance gain rosary oh i have a rosary just like you earned yourself a rosary okay okay i want to do more no i know that's the worst part when it says you have to stop playing for a Moment well the question is do i venture forth into this thing again because i didn't like how that played out but we're going to go ahead and do so search the mansion i'm going to take one of these so i refresh my one already i'm going to do that i think i'm going to just do one this time okay i'm going to go ahead and do one that's going to be one one And one i do not like this game so like zero successes as soon as i'm started the rotten floor breaks meet their foot from the lower rats emerges and you must run before they engulf you your turn [Laughter] i believe in quick and efficient turns uh refresh really an effort die so i'm up here at the pond shornfield infested barn a bakery blacksmith workshop The old widow's still around was over here with him old widow did nothing for me neither did the inn i'm gonna move over to the abandoned orchard and i'm gonna talk with the abandoned orchard uh select a rotten fruit ask a storyteller about your destiny ask the storyteller about an item let him share his wisdom for three Not really what i was looking for but i will inquire about my destiny a farmer near the eastern fields has lost some of his animals how do i supposed to get animals go to the eastern field that's the arm that farmer i spoke to that's the dude that you want you just want to give him a chicken yeah you have a chicken no that's gonna be hard then do you have a duck no we might be able to use can i pass this To the apple where's the curiosity you might be able to no there's no qr code look closer board game code it's not a qr code eight nine ten eleven wow that's four successes most of the fruit is useless but some is too rotten even for rats to eat you manage to scrounge enough to make some perfectly servable rat poison that's intriguing part discard exhaust Three die to gain two okay enter okay woodsman take your day it is your turn all right refreshing before i already have them all refreshed i am going to go to a vested cart yes the cart is overturned and abandoned there are several lock chests still inside a small devil clearly drunk is sitting on a broken one barrel rats are crawling all around up busy Physically devouring anything edible we want to steal something i'll confront the devil confront the devil devil would you want holy water or rotary uh i'm gonna try some holy water or no the rosary the devil let's try this will not help you now the devil responds with drunken laughter that's not nice steal something Force them open okay don't make that laughter rule three two two plus three is six so that's not very nice are you going to use the bottom of these yeah you have to discard it to do it right here are you trying to fight the devil um steal something i had six if i discarded this i would get eight and i'd have one more success well it's It's not two pi it's not plus two number it's two successes oh it is yes there'll be three successes and i will try that one two three confirm after struggling a bit you managed to pry open one of the chests among used and damaged goods you find a toolbox of exceptional quality this might prove useful number 47 toolbox 47. nice there we go over to you Whoa read that that's cool tool box gear always on turn start you may exhaust to die to gain one money so finally a way to earn income going to go ahead to the wound palace okay i'm trying this again visit the moon palace search the mansion we're going to refresh a die as it starts because i try to die and then i'm adding another one And i'm going to go ahead and roll i'm going to roll one die before i do this i'm going to discard this to move this further up so bumping my agility up because i think i can make this work and we have four two and two there's gonna be three successes confirmed the hall is full of rotting remains you'll take a closer look after get out of here i'm going to go ahead And search further i have not learned the thing i'm going to refresh a guy i'm going to again roll we got a three four and two that's going to be again three successes yeah i'm going to confirm yeah go no time's down fully now you've got the glitter okay let's go further armory it is we're going to go ahead and refresh the die and use all of these because i'm not taking any chance One one one one one one one two three three that's me three successes one two three if it needs four successes we're gonna have a problem here you gotta remember there's items that give you blanket successes as well he's just getting weaker and weaker do you notice that oh that was painful that was amusing you mean it was very fun it was very fun though wow i'm glad i'm not that guy Refreshing look at that one effort die feeling good about what's going on here i think i want to go talk i think i want to go down here i want to talk to this bishop it's a chapel but go ahead the bishop's in there though yep let's do it the bishop say safe in his refuge in the chapel pauses his prayer as you enter what can i help you with he asks and his Voice is shaking only a little a few sacred novices hide in the corner yeah correct me on that one and i i i'm still a few scared novices did you say secret i did i did i mean they're probably secret i'm gonna take a moment to meditate which is going to refresh all my purples i am going to start by asking the bishop about my destiny the carpenter living in the southern Part of town could help you if you solve his debt i know about his debt problem he's in debt to the darn i don't got no money i don't i don't got no money ask her ask him for advice james consider it pure joy because you know the testing of your faith produces uh thanks thanks you're not as helpful as i thought you'd be Hmm was that more or less useful than my last three turns last two turns three times to go this oh yeah you fell completely through the rotten floorboards well you're just not learning yes i'm about to go back in what are you doing i'm not going to go three deep this time confront the devil i can do the first two it's the third one you're just greedy i i i I set it up for for success that's a lot how much is it that's a three three that's four four twelve twelve you roll all of them i did wow you sneak to the car give it a strong push to the barrel the devil is sitting on drunk as it is it slips on the spilled wine falls from the car head first i will gain you um okay kill it while it's down murder i have no You don't need a weapon no but i have no i have no purple that i just exhausted them all turn and no i can't get money uh i could re-roll but i would need let's try it you are armed you are strong i tried the rosary last time you didn't seem to care about your sacred relics did not i wonder if it would care about holy water it seems like it wants strength Yeah i will try all right and i could i might re-roll them three which didn't do anything i'm gonna discard this to re-roll and we'll see okay four and i have no successes it might not be much of a fighter but with rats assisting it it still drives you off in shame lose one and gain that okay it's still a better deal You should see more it could be more uh inflation that's going to be your turn that i had to guess what i'm doing on my turn you're going back in i'm going back in you're a madman aphrodite ruined palace visit durian palace search the mansion retrieve a die i'm going to go ahead and read it what do you think this works one of these it works seven we're gonna roll we got a three three and three we got Two successes i'm gonna go one deeper i'm gonna search further i'm gonna get that die back i'm gonna go ahead and roll all four because i'm not taking chances and we get three three two and one that's gonna be three successes i'm gonna go ahead and then i'm going to leave with one oh no you haven't tried the treasury yet no no i i debated it i deleted it finally a chance to take a closer look at your Findings in broad daylights a misdisordered junkie blindly picked a well-made hatchet gained hatchet five okay and then again trap 16. this felt like a trap okay we got a hatchet and a trap visit the old chapel oh wait what oh i can do that i can do that no intriguing i'm gonna trap 16 in a test your roll equals 10. that would not be enough okay this is the old chapel i'm gonna go ahead and well just roll two dice which Is all i can and that's going to be three and one which is four that's not enough that's zero successes you contemplate the fate that befell the lords of old gain one of blue and exhaust to die which i do not have any i am done and that is going to be ending my turn i am finally done with that she did something all right i'm here i've got the bell tower i could Go to i've got the covet garden i could go to none of these things though i have been told will do anything for me like none of them i'm supposed to deal with this darn with the debt of this guy and the farm guy that wants an animal i don't got no animals i'm gonna go talk to the farm farm guy uh i'm gonna go to this i'm gonna go to the Sacred tree first [Music] yeah okay moving over here a lone tree overlooks this part of the valley some still leave sacrifices underneath it in harvest time it's mostly offerings of grain but there's still a small box where the townsfolk leave coins for luck as you approach the tree you notice a large flower blooming on the otherwise dead giant A few meters above your head it gleams with an unnatural light examine the offerings i'm going to steal some the food offerings left here have you have started to spoil but among them you also find a few coins left for good luck during harvest celebrations they'll certainly be of more use to you take two coins i do not mind if i do okay now i'm gonna climb the tree what are you playing what are you climbing The tree with your torch your rosary your poison or your destiny are you climbing truth to destiny i've heard that often works yeah i'm going with my destiny you need something to help you climb or maybe assistance from a friend oh i'm ending my turn that's the worst part of this game is when my turn ends i know i am very aware which is probably a good thing what are you doing with the devil Confronting the devil i actually don't know of another game that makes me so disappointed my turn's ending i agree with you i'm very much on the same page i'm like i just want to do my thing did you try that last time no i tried the rosary this will not help you now that was the rosary i got rid of my water oh yes oh that was sure it's almost like we none of us is nothing sacred A voracious swarm of rats led the chapel the bishop tries to fend off the rodents but they are unaffected by the holy powers of his pastoral staff barely human screams abruptly changed to the soft sounds of flesh being devoured did the bishops just get eaten i'm pretty sure the bishops i got ethan oh dear this is an intriguing game replace the chapel as an indicated oh no okay you only had So much time to talk to the bishop he's got eaten then i'm going to go ahead and i'm going to move to this infested cart i'm going to visit the infested cart you're going to confront that devil i'm going to confront the devil because i do green thingies i'm going to go ahead and refresh this tip over the barrel and i'm going to roll four of these three should be enough let's do four Just in case and that's going to be seven which is in more or less eight but that's enough to do three successes which is likely not enough given my track record you sneak the card and give it a strong push the barrel the devil's sitting on drunk as it is slips in the spilled wine falls in the cart head first gain one of this that should help a little bit Kill it while it's down i wish i had my i wish i had my um sword sword and stuff oh i do have my the hatchet i'm gonna kill it while it's down i'm going to go with you are strong or you're armed i'm going to go with i'm armed too bad you never made it to that armory yeah i wanted the armory for reason beast of a hell beast of hell it might be but it's also drunk you dodge his Attack and it trips breaking its neck gain a green let's see you didn't even need that first devil is dead time to hunt down another and i kept my hatchet yay and turn and turn and that is gone cool well bye bye uh oh you're still going we're moving yep okay now it's my turn refresh and effort die i already have them all um I'm gonna go to the farmhouse your first knot goes unanswered drowned by the bleeding of many sheep corralled near the house yep coraled near the house corralled corralled leading up many sheep are waiting for that oh finally the power finally the farmer lets you in he vents his anger on you yelling about a thief who stole one of his prized animals from his herd You notice a small rat's nest in a hole under the foundations you'd have to crawl inside to reach it ask about the thief thief can't be tolerated theft can't be tolerated it's that orphan from the outskirts south of here i've already learned about this but you should have been an eye doesn't matter i don't need i should have been i should have listened orphan south of here where is she South of here down ah remove the rat's nest don't you have the torch that appropriate means i don't know if burning his house down is the appropriate means i recommend trying it poison might work though um i recommend the torch i recommend poison gopher try it try it you know try it no try no try no no You know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna discard three to use my poison okay to go ahead and gain two experience i'm then going to spend one of these experience to push green down two i'm going to spend a second experience to push green one more and blue down one now i'm gonna roll and i hope i get double fours what are you willing for by hand cool Strawberry go ahead let me know how that goes try try by torch [Laughter] the farmer doesn't approve of you removing the nest this way you need a subtler approach i wonder if poison would work it's a shame he got rid of his poison you want to give him an animal i would love to probably should have asked the farmer about the poison i Wonder if that would have worked well i would love to i'd love to get there shira i don't know where i'm going now i'm going to go hunt down an orphan and murder her whoa i think that's this guy is that is that not what he asked for that's what you do with thieves yeah i mean maybe whoa possibly okay the silence she did stealing chapel is now disturbed only by skittering rats clear the chapel of rats take a moment To meditate i'll take a moment to meditate refresh all right that and i still have an experience point i'm gonna use it and bring this down to clear the chapel of rats fight where's the bridge there's a picture isn't there oh i know the bridges right there yeah it now three three nine great role four successes that's gonna work um figures of saints Watch with emotionless eyes as you spill vermin blood in the chapel some hours and many painful bites later your work is done novices will have to clean it up gain i'm in here you want me to kick you yeah um i have a little axe over my shoulder okay in one experience take holy water from the bowl there's just enough holy water to fill your flask the holy water That i discarded apparently i might need it yeah it might be telling apparently it's something you want to hold on to chapel is serene again yes um townsfolk have begun in a dreamlike state to gather among the rotting remains of the feast i like how there's a timer on the game yeah housework uh place that as the townsfolk have started returning to the site of The faded fee something feels wrong soldier your turn okay well i'm going to be exploring we shall go and i ain't going to go ahead from the farmhouse where i currently am i'm going to head down to 47 explore the 47 flip it over when the rats came the spoilers are hard when someone tried to fight the vermin with fire oh yeah you don't use torches i'm gonna go ahead and put such a troll merchants What did he do oh mr troll it's all the destitute merchant that looks like this guy bloodied man in torn clothes is sitting near a small fire thieves camp a famous looking girl oh i wonder if that's the orphan the creaking of a creaking water wheel is turning slowly but there's no miller to be seen okay so i know that's the orphan i don't Know if i particularly care about the orphan though i'm actually gonna go to the water wheel you need to talk the orphan i'll leave it to you the approach the mall and here happy melody played on a litter there are rats in the middle but they mostly ignore you seemingly enchanted by the music and then you see it a diminutive devilish creature sitting high atop the water barrel the water while pausing its Contract to give you a mocking bow throw a ritual artifact in the river i don't want to do that do it no try it no i don't try it look if the game's giving you an option you might as well try it i'm going to toss a coin into the water what else are you supposed to do with ritual items then some say water spirits live here some say it's a resting place for the soul of a man who tragically drowned they toss coins here for luck And guidance you're not sure that you believe this but as your coin dispersion murky depth you take some time to collect your thoughts that didn't help me no no that's because it wasn't a ritual i'm going to go ahead and discard this and move these two up too and i'm going to try to fight the devil with this we're going to smash the wheel do i gonna banish it can i banish it with my ritual item i don't think so i'm Gonna smash the wheel and i'm going to go ahead and i'm gonna go ahead and roll you're right i'm gonna discard my hatchet for tough plus two successes i'm gonna keep my die i'm gonna roll two dice that's gonna be three and three which is four successes beautiful it's said that whatever you drown this part of the rule will never rise back to the surface you smash the wheel with all your might and it shakes And turns it's enough for them to lose its footing you watch with groomed satisfaction and struggles to briefly and drowns you pick up the lyric left behind is it lyrilar liar liar is a liar you're a liar okay that's the camp i need to go to yeah exactly and i'm gonna gain a strength which i'll move this one down i guess the second devil lies dead your exploits are drawing attention Are you trying to kill the devils no idea what you're talking about i have no idea you're talking about are you throwing a ritual artifact in the river no no i'm not doing that see that's one of the things that terrifies me about this game the decisions i make and whether they're going to stop me from winning ominous lights dance and the empty windows as strange laughter resounds over the grounds Something has changed in the ruins it's gone they moved to the ruined palace and the entire tile no one came to climb the noble abode when its master died some say it's cursed place tile 18 face up as indicated something bad's happening whoa rats palace that doesn't sound very good ominous lights dancing the empty windows something has changed in the ruins Whoa the rat king anyone interested in a rat king i think i think alex is trying to kill off the devil so maybe he is remove the place the rat king as indicated and turn no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh it's your turn that's how you engage are you leaving camp you recognize her she's an orphan living Here on the outskirts or at least she used to before the fire that broke out when the rats came now she sits by a small fire holding a well-groomed sheep by a piece of string there's broken down fence and clothes nearby but has been damaged to the point of uselessness ask her what's wrong give her tools to fix the fence ask the orphan about an item ask the orphan about your destiny sure Did you hear that what give her tools to fix the fence thank you just pay attention i agree with one of your things by the way i agree that we really need pen and paper and notes her tail i've yeah i'm trying to it's one of those times the first one you're like i got this second when you're like i got this there's a story two different ways to go With no family her meager possessions devoured by right now finishing your mission she was refused to help by all at least at last resort she took a sheep from the rich farmer who owned many sheep i don't want to slaughter it but if i have to it's gone well what can you do she shrugs and throw more throws more twigs into a pedophile fire i can't even leave it here alone until The fence is fixed and i can't go get tools because i need to watch the sheep i didn't think this through did i you know someone wants an animal take the sheep by force yes that's the only option i'm gonna ask about my destiny first though and then i'm gonna yeah i okay i'm gonna give you a torch to fix your fence i'm taking your sheep four six seven eight nine that's two so This is come on come on she's just a weak orphan enough she's small weak and unarmed but fights back with strength that you can only come from desperation she scratches bites and screams until you're forced to retreat with wounds on you both your body and your dignity you leave her there as she sobs clutching the terrified animal now you know how it feels Sacrificing everything for a test that you will only fail she's just a small orphan girl how can she hold on to the did you visit an orphan or you went to the thieves camp where did you go you have never been to catholic school where did he go uh he went to the orphan that's who he is in the thieves camp yeah i think so what are you doing you're visiting oh you're there where's your character Right there you gotta move are we all the same tile yes yeah wow okay she's gonna pick you recognize her she's an orphan living here on the outskirts or at least she used to before the fire that broke out when the rats came now she sits by a small fire holding a well groomed sheep by a piece of string there's a stroke and down fence enclosure nearby but it has been damaged to the point of uselessness give her tools to fix the fence I can truly repair the fence with this she is overjoyed it turns out however that her repair skills are lacking a few tries several hours and one life-changing decision later here you are with the faithful sheep roosting over them i killed you no one of you had an opportunity to convince her to help you finally she responds i get food what have you done killed my sheep Food you just murdered the sheep in front of me i did food okay continue okay ah if only i could help you in turn she says but suddenly brighton's here take this she puts a pic lock in your hand you could certainly use it where did she even get this i get one red and a lockpick lockpick how do you deal with jessie uh-huh he's overjoyed that was heartbreaking Hmm i i hear you i hear you um okay i'm gonna ask her about my destiny and people were concerned about player interaction in this game yeah i guess so i had some comments where people were like is it really your own little story no people get in your way 100 no she murdered my sheep ask her about an item um it's not cool let me ask her about it a virtuous Person wouldn't use this are you a virtuous person sure she's not she murdered me to be here she tried to fix the fence okay i know exactly what i'm doing girl leaves the camp waiting until you need her help jesse how do you feel with that that's a i think there's a locked-in idea that you are not going to be useful remove the thief's Camp soldier refresh and effort die we're going to go over here you're happy with that explore tile one whoa what what's going on here we mixed up these tiles earlier one second that's a problem though because i that is annoying that is annoying well the app would have it be accurate either way i know but i wanted to go to that spot over there so you can still go i don't think i can flip tile one face up there's no Backtracking unfortunately no it is what it is i specifically wanted that thing over there i'll spend an action to go that doesn't doesn't help me okay carpenter's workshop network has been down the carpet workshop today i'm gonna go shrine to the fallen we're gonna go ahead and do a shrine to the fallen and we're gonna go ahead and interact with the shrine to the fallen Now that you sir have messed up my situation visit the shrines of fallen break into the shrine investigate the shrine a long time ago simple shawn is built on the river bank to accommodate commemorate battles that took place during ages past villagers often pray here for the souls of the seas the strange feeling of sadness hangs in the air kind of just breaking this rhine i was gonna break into the ride Break the door open or open the door i don't have a lock book i'm gonna go ahead and break the door open and i'm gonna use four of these doors gonna get in this way i think mine is locked i might go visit after he fails it'll be one two three that's gonna be six this will be two successes one two the old oak door holds firm spidey myself the shriners gain one of these you guys are just Helping me out paving the way investigate the shrine many met their fate final fate in the old wars focusing on these leave offerings to the dead here steal the offering or pay their specs steel offering disturbing a place from this is wrong because nice to be profitable you take the sword left as an offering a gain sword fourteen nice and end turn i'm okay with that turn kind of wanted to go somewhere else Jesse but now the sheep's been murdered refresh and die did you say something no it did not uh i guess i'm gonna go to the carpenters workshop because i've heard he's you know got some financial issues set up the carpenter's workshop with the trade stack rope hatchet and torch 17 5 15. okay i got this light shines through the window but the door is locked and barred As you knock on the carpenter's door you hear a voice from inside did you come for my debt i don't have any money for the innkeeper be gone offer to pay his debt okay you wanna set up a stack sir you wanna grab two join tokens experience point two three seven three successes if you truly insist the carpenter's size deeply i'll accept your money okay i don't have four coins Trade nice things cost money selling my stuff though can i oh you can buy new stuff can i sell my stuff unless it gives you the option i don't believe it does i mean we can check them yeah i'll check them out i don't believe so i don't recall see anything about that it would be nice you hear the song in the background doing each trade a player may sell and buy any number of items oh so let's trade Yep so you can get rid of items you have for their monetary cost as well both are gone okay well don't they go to his work well no they they're gone gone because i'm gonna talk about go ahead yeah and then i'm giving him four coins to pay his debt let it be so i'll take it to the innkeeper but i do feel like i now owe you instead he ponders for a moment when some men would extort The last money from me in this time of calamity and famine you helped me i can see clearly that i should put my trust in servants of god i will help you in your cause gain a blue down the second one joins you in devotion one more and you can begin and turn on to you refresh it die all right but i don't know who i need to go to now i know exactly where i need to go and You switched up the time where did you go you went to the shrine i went to the shrine all right the shrine is the place yeah that's where that lockpick was yes it was the lockpick would be very helpful there oh you're supposed to go back by the way you're supposed to be you can still do that thingy but you have to go break the door and then you use an item that was the option you're looking for That right yeah yeah but she can a long time ago a simple shrine was built on the river bank to commemorate battles that took place here in aegis past villagers often pray here for the souls of the deceased a strange feeling of sadness hangs in the air many met their final fate in the old world folks sometimes leave offerings for the dead here i'm gonna pay my respects Refresh one well there would be a prayer blessing or a mirror moment of contemplation you feel that dead deserve some respect somehow you feel that it made the place a little more welcoming break into the shrine there you go open the door please work the lock is heavy but old and simple you find you quickly pick it inside you find a well-preserved suit of chain mail it should fit well Enough discard the lock pick oh this would have been useful for me armor armor would be useful it's an always and what's the ability ignore all oh negative red effects that's helpful i'm down four red because of my uh adventures into the underworld all right well then it's a shame we can't trade with other players well it's not just for me now now i know not to go there okay well now we're gonna go ahead i'm gonna Investigate tile 19. we're gonna flip it over okay the river marks the border of the land with the bridge gone there's no safe way out so this is this is the board we're playing with i love the fact that's not a square we have the broken bridge it is taking the middle part of the bridge those standing stones have been part of the landscape since memorial since time royal i'm going to examine The broken bridge where's my knight i'm going to the broken bridge visit the broken bridge i forgot to refresh and die and we're going to find a way to the nest there around the moon bridge seems devoid of life but hella speaks in the sound of cross scraping and still making clear something is lurking nearby find a way to the nest or rest for a while looking at the water i'm going to rest for a while your Attempt to rest is only painful about your eyes of the rats or whatever leaves them still around you should have chosen a calmer time find a way to the nest i don't appreciate you sir i'm gonna go ahead i love that it's not always positive three four and two that's gonna be nine that's gonna be three successes one two and three there's a double below Akin to a great horn rat with flaming eyes it greedily devours everything the rasping into his lyric driven by animalistic hunger destroy the nest with the devil inside nothing helpful there destroy the rest trap trap it i have a trap the hunger that drives the other screws are lures straight into your trap it's dead soon after gain one green the third devil has died The time to strike at the heart has come end this go to the palace you take the devil's claw as a trophy game two being the bloody trophy two he's very close and end my turn see i remember there's a note about a devil under a bridge the rat devil is gone there's nothing interesting at the broken bridge for now okay who should i be interacting with The old widow didn't do anything for me we've got the bakery feast of famine there's people doing stuff up there blacksmith maybe maybe i could engage with him the chapel the dude got eaten all right i think i paid off the debt there's no way the innkeeper helps me now maybe he does though it's worth a check visit the end as you approach the end The delicious aromas within seem incongruenous with all the disaster around you knock and the innkeeper reluctantly lets you in what do you want he says no he's not going to help me i've already done that portion a traveling merchant has a camp south of town he's lost everything and will surely join you if you help him isn't that that guy oh that give you helpful information Yeah also where's the end where are you right now i'm up here now i'm gonna move that okay yeah that helps all the little bit of information i needed after someone slaughtered a sheep in front of me that is that is a stone circle how do you feel about animals in general i like animals a woman dressed in white stands in the usually deserted old stone circle you Approach to greet her but when she turns toward you her face is right and wizard and her eyes are filled with ancient sadness her weeping chills you to the bone her weeping chills you to the i realized not her weeping chills inspect the off rings laying around small offerings of grain have been left by townsfolk outside the circle you could easily steal some Take some green make an offering of i'll make an offering i already have you already have them all okay along well who's this a long dead priestess is weeping as she wanders around the circle and the freezing cold she emanates is painful to bear lose a red oh i don't have to i have my armor who is she what does she want you can't i'm gonna try can't bear her presence Do i want to run or who is she what does she want i'll do who she what does she want um and i'm going to use this to decrease this twice and then i need a nine i'll roll these one success six seven seven that's three successes um let's try it one two three her presence alone is showing you feel her strength leaving you still you Listen to her whale she weeps for time past when offerings were prepared here to be brought to the shrines she bemoans the devils whose dark presence the spoils the lamb lose the red which i don't have to and i gain i have one here thank you um we used to make such wreaths here she whales as her chilling aura bites her skin and so i've only had green herbs to make one more No longer what i wonder she cries longingly for the sacrifices of old wreaths that ancients used to offer in their shrines arms are up there on a camper run oh i'm gonna discard this and move this down just be clear herbs are over there yeah they're technically all messed up i know just making sure you're just making sure two it's not twelve uh And i'm gonna these already let me try yeah nice eight so two successes let's see if i can run away you avert your eyes and pray to whatever you believe in and run run until you're sure you left her behind she doesn't follow move a green inner red gain of green okay here's our ends soldier okay what do we have at the blacksmith That might matter the torch does what does it do uh the torch is going to give you a bonus rosary plus two in a blue test okay there we go that's what i'm doing over there okay so we got that we got that okay refresh and effort die the rat king retreats to the palace is it afraid hmm okay he retreats Into the palace remove the rat king okay i am by the stone circle i'm gonna go ahead and head over here to the carpenters workshop visit the carpenters workshop i'm going to go ahead and trade and i'm going to go ahead and sell my liar okay here okay that's fine this is this is the token market matching that i'm gonna sell my alarm for two money um can i get the torch so i get one money chain so far i think that's All i'm going to do you check if things are available my oh plus one in each test this term things are available for us to purchase that so i'll check that i want the uh the rosary not the liar sorry not the torch the rosary and i sold that to him which is why you can pick it up now yeah that's so neat and then um i can go ahead and i got my money i want to do anything and you could kind of strike a deal if you Wanted to do a little bit of negotiation be like hey i'm gonna go to the carpenter i'm gonna sell this i like drop yours off first i'm gonna go ahead and sell my bloody trophy as well so i can have two money please what that's one it doesn't tell me i know but i just got one for another one but did you get me already no okay cool and that's gonna be that use The carpenter's trade stack ask the carpenter about an item i don't feel the need to i'm gonna go ahead and end my turn okay i mean i'm going to the merchant which i can reach visit the destitute merchant yes you almost took him for a stranger without his cart full of goods with his clothes torn and bloodied but it's the traveling merchant who often comes to town he's consumed with Despair a rat swarm attacked his cart he was forced to flee and he feels powerless to regain his property encourage him with a rousing speech over the drink of liquid courage do you have liquor kurds rousing speech it is four four eight nine ten oh four successes you are very very influential he is weak hungry and in despair and yet You came and offered him help and more than that might be expected this works wonders for his motivation all right he says with determination let's go restore my livelihood plus one blue oh now i gotta go with him okay okay place your character's miniature on tile number 43 oh it's moving me okay you walk through the countryside passing the convent farther along the road the merchant Suddenly collapses i'm so damn really hungry he grunts with wild expression on his face not sure i can walk anymore you've seen enough already to know that this is not a natural hunger you'll need to make him move make him move or ask him about an item i'm going to make him move no i don't have it oh this is so frustrating oh what is it it's a it's a county Quarter one can i reroll it no no no it's a one it's like i have a five zero i have nothing i can't he refuses to move and you have no strength left to drag him by force after several futile attempts you both give up for now all right i don't know where i'm going i just i just need to win it's so simple it's so simple sounds coming from within making clear there's something alive in the barn Something worse than me or rats looking around you notice a ladder propped against the wall next to a small opening you could probably take a peek inside [Music] climb the ladder you climb the ladder and look through a convenient hole in the wall the barn is filled with rats hundreds of them and a devil sits among them laughing as its minions devour some bloody remains this will be a hard fight go inside It's not like anyone else was using it you take the ladder with you and walk into the barn can i have a ladder 63 please absolutely ladder plus one to roll title in second and later tests each turn nice i'm gonna try and fight the storm um we're gonna fight with strength alone five which is do i have anything Two successes two successes you could refresh and yeah i'm gonna discard this and refresh there we go um that's that's five plus four is nine four five six yes you enter the barn like a knight entering a dragon's lair fight like one it's his long and bloody work the swarm has been weakened enough for you to reach it's later where are you by the mouth i am over here Most rounds are gone but the devil's still inside it's a matter of time before it attracts more you thinned the swarm now it's the devil's turn so there were more than three devils good to know i was wondering with that you've been the swarm now it's the devil's turn um you've come prepared what were the devil holy water holy water holy water it's gotta be you haven't tried it yet i Know it is a poor tool against the shittering horde the moment of hesitation has cost yes the first rats reach you are forced to run but not before receiving some natural water bites oh i don't have any of these the rosary you should be trying to oh you've heard me throw it down again i thought the holy water I would have with you so neither holy water nor rosary i mean against these dogs to be fair i i don't think you're you were gonna kill it on a you could have got three successes maybe but so i am heading over here we have the chapel the covenant garden and the bell tower i think i'm gonna go ahead and head over to the chapel i'm going to engage with the chapel Visit the chapel take a moment to meditate take holy water from the bowl i counted room i'm going to take one to meditate exhausting your dice of course that seems reasonable take holy water from the bowl i don't know if the holy one helps me because there's just enough holy water gain nine and turn okay okay here we go i have to take nine now you're limited to five items correct Yes so i have to discard one of these can you discard i think when you discard it though you drop it on the ground is that how it works i believe so okay i'll check i'll check that out but you go ahead and do your thing i mean i'm gonna engage with the destiny merchant again i'm going to make him move this time i'm going to discard my experience point we're dropping this by one you need the red to make a move This by one yeah that's what i was doing come on you three four one eight two come on come on come on come on come on you pull him up right he refuses to move so you slap his face the effort the effect is instant and just to be woke from a nightmare what what was i saying all the cart let's move with a sudden burst of strength he starts marching so fast you can barely keep up Gain a red place the merchant over casting two tokens it does it does get dropped in the ground it's a free action to pick it up you don't have to interact nice uh place your characters miniature on tile 28 so i could have picked up the holy water and then you have to be at the challenge oh i have to be at the track go to 28. i'm going i just want to know If i can pick up his holy water before i leave the location any point of this interesting map nope any point of interest i'm picking up your holy water after my turn you're welcome because i have no items these can go back and i'm going on to 28. okay uh here it is the abandoned cart next to it the broken carcass of a small devil looks like the hardest part is done already Thank you help him collect his goods turning over the delicious carcass is unpleasant but you help the merchant gather the most valuable of his wares sadly a lot was too damaged to salvage but enough remains that he has satisfied i knew that if i could count on anyone it would be the servant of god he exclaims you are right we've turned to godless ways and it needs to change when the time comes i will follow you Gain a red three faithful on your side if there was ever a time to leave them it is now the chapel awaits merchants going here okay uh instead of the merchants stall 17 8 and fifteen a rope two rosaries and a torch the rosaries are worthless the holy water is worthless and thirteen the torch might be helpful as long as you don't try to use it at a house And this goes where is my merchant stall yeah okay you have another little stack of items that the merchant has it's really interesting how this is scaled from the prologue yes 100 it's so cool and i love the prologue this is well we'll get to it i love the prologue is there a rope there uh there is a not there's a rope here yes okay so i'm going over to the Merchant and this has been so much more murky so many more interactions it's very um the in-game timer a bit nothing to say about ladder if you see this please tell us you shouldn't see this gain one as a compensation prize okay two more if you actually report this bug to us oh that's interesting well that's cool you guys are reporting yeah game two I mean this video is gonna be shown so uh it's publicly available yeah everyone game two that's for you that is an intriguing way of handling things i love it trade someone's fortune restored the merchant will got to sell some of his wares okay what's in his where uh use the merchant's trade stack the merchant is going to have that rope torch rosary and rope rope is won Effectively if there's an interaction that they haven't coded yes they make the players report it for an extra token and then i have one more money what's over there i'll take the torch it's cool yeah if there's if there's something missing in the code uh and the odds are the ladder didn't matter to him anyway yeah but instead their solution is let's put the interaction in yeah all Right to me to me to me to me i'm going to refresh another die over here i'm going to take that and we're going to go ahead and we are going to move from here down to here yeah and we're going to go ahead and go to the rat palace visit the old chapel no fight your way for the garden no go for the kill that's your destiny go for the kill there is no stopping in Town it's time you arrive at the palace gate all around the gardens rats watch you in unnatural silence the king noah to be seen the gate is shut tight the king must have taken refuge inside challenge the rat king challenge the rat king enter the number of successes we are going to go ahead and we are going to roll our dice and we are going to discard the rosary for plus two whoa we're not taking any chances here that's Gonna be a one success plus another eight that's going to be two three four five wait two three one two three four five successes if this does not succeed come beast face the strength of man prove yourself stronger than me monster if you can you are a challenge toward the palace there's no answer even the remaining rats are silent the gate opens the racking emerges and all it's dark glory before i hit okay I believe the rule book says that the most you ever need for a success is six i have five kill it kill it now wait i didn't that wasn't what no what i know you usually have to save some purple dye kill it kill it now i'm going to no no i'm discarding my sword to automatically get 10 which is going to be three successes and discarding my torch for a fourth success It strikes you drawing blood but you don't stop attacking it again and again this blood is black and stinks of tar wounded retreats mocking you it runs the past you fall into the darkness lose one that was not okay your turn what what no you needed six no you're literally fighting a rat king refreshing and die i've got myself some holy water i thought that'd be enough i'm going the chapel's here right yes Uh oh there was a chapel with another apostle yeah visit the old chapel how am i not winning this five eight full successes four the old chapel is somehow still intact and free of rats once noble lords of the valley prayed here now it stands forgotten somehow the preserved remains of the old place place of worship fill you with determination Whoa oh whoa what is there a different chapel take a ritual item to the old chapel ironically i do have a virtual item right now next to you oh there's a different chapel i believe this was a chapel and perhaps that or one of those no no no it's a specific chapel there's a lot of them and i just got lost somehow oh no oh no That's funny i don't like this location this location always wants me to do more than i can okay back over to my con infested bars yeah i found the chapel i found it's not that one uh-huh well it's the it's the convex combat chapel it's where i'm getting the sword now it's the devil's turn okay here we go ah all right i'm using strength alone i'm gonna use one to move this down one Two and then i'm gonna i got a die and then i'm gonna use these all right seven seven that's three um i'm gonna discard this to get i get plus one in each test this turn yep so four one two three four should i do any more no that's right but when many of its minions go on the Devil realize it's in danger it tries to run but it's to let you unleash your fury on the dimunitivity smashing it against the wall you see nothing but carcasses and worthless junk here until you notice crucifix hanging from a support beam getting the crucifix thirty you gain another red the first sacrifice has been made a faint rumbling resounds how many how close are you to your goal Nothing i'm not talking about i'm not talking about her goal nope okay that comes off the oh careful the card underneath here yep remove the barn okay time to confront the rat king remove infested barn soldier sorry the darkness is alive with rats they don't attack you fear is in the air fear and suffer the beast hides from you i'm going to look for they don't attack They make too much noise i have to look for its tracks look for tracks we're going to go ahead and we're going to roll three to these dice over here go ahead and roll i don't like this game at all that's gonna be a one that's gonna be a six that's gonna be two successes it's amazing you spend a long time tracking the beast only catching a few glimpses that evades you but finally you Catch up to it your turn and what does what is happening here okay refreshing effort die i already have them all we're going over to the chapel this time the the actual like the name chapel you have your destiny too no well it apparently takes more than one turn to do it so i don't care gather the faithful there's no stopping now it's time with your help many townsfolk Have accepted the light of faith they join your congregation uh what just came off remove the carpenter's workshop can't access any of this remove this guy uh the crowd of faithful awaits your command one to bear the cross one to repent one to defend you remember the rights you look at your possession moving slowly towards the town and realize that with many dangers ahead you'll have to assign those roles with care choose the healer You have to be notified your enemy is clearly afraid sending a swarm of rats towards you leaping to the front you proclaim no servant of hell can bear the presence of the cross held by the faithful together we stand who will accompany you the healer the carpenter is an honest man the merchant is his misfortune turned him towards faith who are you sacrificing to the Rats carpenter holding a crucifix is going to stop them well also real nice but don't want to force two successes it's probably enough that's what i've learned from this game you can re-roll yeah i'm re-rolling i'm re-rolling oh wait wait why do you what was the other three there right you get a four why would you roll the four oh i could re-roll any number of them Yeah there we go it's eight plus an automatic success that's going to be three successes begone hell vermin uh hell's vermin you proclaim and the tide of rats stops in its tracks you give a sign for your companion to join you he carries a wooden cross and the symbolism is clear for many the faithful part before him and let him pass in Front the rats flee struck by the holy power as the possession moves forward with prayers on their lips choose the healer he consorted with the witch choose the merchant he profited in this hard time your progress was slow before but now it suddenly becomes even more sluggish your limbs grow heavy exhaustion and despair almost overwhelm the faithful it's time for the repentant to proclaim Their sins whom will you choose merchant the threat it's the right choice oh no no one success it's not enough crushed by the strain the repentant falls as the others force themselves to move forward but there's power in in an innocent sacrifice you focus all your faith and somehow channeling all your grief you manage to diminish the dark powers hold After what feels like hours you are free from the dark aura your turn ends this end game destiny thing is much harder than it's supposed to be russian effort all right i'm gonna try and bring my crucifix over to you where are you at you're in the chapel and i'm over here i joined you are you joining what do you mean i'm moving too one two over to the Chapel visit the chapel what you made the chapel serene no you made it serene i'm gonna go ahead and refresh an effort die not helpful it's hiding it weeks of fear it doesn't know you're here you have every advantage of your opponent is still powerful don't waste your chance i'm going to ambush it why would i challenge it Ambush it ambush it enter the number of successes we're going to roll all three of my dice we're going to roll these two you're going to move it down with your let's get what oh oh yes absolutely i'm going to move this down and mention that i'm going to move both those down one that seems like the right move i'm going to go ahead so i can possibly get four from doing all my dice i recommend saving a purple die because you usually know one later Nope okay we got a success we have four four that's going to be six that's going to be ten plus uh one ten is going to be one plus one we have four successes it is weak and you are armed and you have the advantage of surprise you strike it right between the horns perhaps not gracefully but with enough force to bring it down your turn ends your turn ends not the not the term you Take a moment to reflect upon the dead the merchant's death is a shock to the faithful but they walk on the possession stops waiting for a sign from you no wonder because the path is blocked by a devil it's small but its eyes burn with unholy fire and a swarm of vermin surround it the minions of hell attack you advance to defend your flock ordering one of the faithful to accompany you who will it would be The healer oh zero for a moment you are lost in chaos busy fighting for survival suddenly a shriek the crowd parts and you see the devil impaled on a pitchfork next to your fallen companion the faithful descend upon it as it's pinned down and within moments the beast meets its grisly end rats scatter and you proceed forward this whole like Both of our slow progression like i like the filled with holy power and guided by a strange insight you recite a half-forgotten prayer a prayer to call and summon and and so it happens in an aura of heavenly light the lord's angel descends in its luminous winged glory the faithful and the revealers alike gays in amazement whoa whoa Feast of famine has been replaced with the bird boy i think that's the official term woodsman so this like whole like march as characters are being sacrificed is very cool all right i'm at the chapel don't know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna try the bell tower you approach the bell tower somewhere from above malevolent laughter reaches you and A thrown bottle soon follows miraculously you catch it it's almost full gain alcohol what number number 13. 13. i have to discard something though the bell tower door is a solid wood bound in iron it is also locked as another bot of high pitched laughter bursts from the top of the tower you see several rats watching you with great attention open the door um i have to get rid of something right When i you can only have five so i'm gonna get rid of my rosary nope the holy water that's never been helpful open the door i'm gonna force it open i don't have anything to open i recommend saving some of the purples later thank you hey you quickly make your way in all around the bell tower rats watch you as you climb As you climb steep the steep stairs to the top of tower numerous rats scare up and down the burning stench of sulfur permeates the air welcome shrieks of small but vicious looking devil sitting by the bell welcome to my castle rat surrounded their eyes set firmly upon its horned message confront the devil um in that don't mind it said your rule is 10. um let's scare it off This this um and i'm gonna use this to move this down too oh five one success um discarding my rosary for two more that's increasing three you realize that it's air against the devilish imp chose hallowed ground as its lair and it's probably right next to the belt it notices you grabbing the rope and pounces toward you calling And biting too late the bell tolls and the devil unable to bear the sound jumps out head first you find his broken body below you take the devil's cause a trophy gain bloody trophy four or five get the devilish servant's blood flows in the second sacrifice the earth trembles something sturdy number two okay all right as you climb the steep stairs to the top of the tower numerous Rats scooter up and down and the burning stench of sulphur permeates there welcome nope nope that's it and turn and turn okay all right sir the bell tower is quiet once again what does that mean well you've pure sanctified the chapel remove the bell tower where is it purified the bell tower yep yeah which tile is it was right from here okay cool yep Okay so never die the king's pride and dignity the king's pride and dignity are gone with what squirms before you as a coin and animal growling and lashing out with its claws it's time to end this make a quit i do not gloat over my enemies death i will go ahead and roll all three dice because i see no other option and i'm going to go ahead and roll we got whoa that is whoa in the final session that loves you Taken by surprises towels over your wars and triumph and suddenly stops roaring you both look around and see men from the village armed with prisoners accidents like surrounding you they've come to your aid the king is dead the hero defeated everyone shares it's not true the killing blow is not yours but that doesn't matter you cornered the avatar a hellish punishment like an animal and now it's dead This will always be remembered all around the valley rats run many drown in the river the remaining devils terrified are soon dealt with the cleanup lasts several days stockpiling and rash in the supply sticks a few more no one is really surprised by the large food stock hidden in the covenant's pantries and as soon as you distribute it fairly i'll turn to you their leader the town of sorrow has been Transformed with food stocks ravaged by the rats the next winter was lean of course but through rationing planning and the hardness of the townsfolk most people survived the additional stores hidden in the covenant helped of course and the discovery turned the populace even further from god soon the covenant itself was turned to better use a true center for the Community where they would meet to discuss their grievances under the fair dreams of the town's new leader no one really asked the soldier if he wanted the job but when the offer was made he didn't refuse now all the shrines are gone both crosses and with horn skulls the visuals we built with re-cut stones taken from the old circles and altars the people of so who are defined in the face of god's judgment god just went bow To no one not all of course except a group that refused to abandon their christian ways left as soon as the bridge was rebuilt led by the so-called saint now racked with the guilt of failure it is said that the reverence of a lowly nun didn't sit well with church officials their final fate is unknown few follow the wins man and little is known of their fate Some say they live in the wilderness still trying in vain to restore the false deity others claim they purge soon after the departure not protected by the divine will that made this land its own at last no chronicle of accounts how the town fared when some years later the pestilence came such was her conquest that few were left with the stink strength to pen proper chronicles end Scenario did you enjoy playing destinies that's going to be a yes at least that's not board game geek absolutely yes and we can deal with that later because we don't have internet so my general uh goal was effectively i didn't believe in god and i was tired of everyone trying to turn towards god cool and i wanted to uh show men that we can prosper through our own means i needed followers as you Watched us march to the ending can i just say i love how we finally convinced the village to not trust in god when there's an angel over there i'm curious to what the back of yours is yes i'm curious help through townsfolk in need slay three devils so we both have the three devils what's yours you these have the three followers there's Overlap between them these have the rituals so two of us are trying to all of us are trying to get in each other's way we're gonna do a full review i already did mine we're gonna do a full review after a few more game sessions over on board game code's channel if you've watched this point you can tell at least two of us enjoyed it i needed a pen and paper that's about What i thought we it was very important i mean i'm so into this either way swing over to board game go hit the subscribe button over there hit the subscribe button here and let us know if you're excited about more destiny destiny's coverage because there's no way i'm not bringing more of this to the channel oh absolutely whatever the case whatever you do remember to do the important thing Apparently being a pen and paper man can stand on his own we'll see you next time

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