CHINA WORLD WAR 3 I HISTORY REPEATS I START END I Bio War I Olympics I Pearl Harbor I ariseroby

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#China #Worldwar3 #History #Olympics History repeats some of the incidents which are similar to previous incidents .And lets see with reference to WORLD WAR 3. 1938 world cup football hosted in France. 2018 world cup won by France. 2039 Australia Bush Fire 2019 Australia Bush Fire. 1940 Tokyo Olympics Postponed and then Cancelled 2020 Tokyo Olympics Postponed 2021 Pearl harbor attacked by Japan 2021 what will happen Is Bio War a symptom of WORLD WAR 3 Contact Reach us in LINKEDIN  Reach us in Slide share   Reach us  Reach in Facebook Reach us in FB Page ARISE Every child has a unique skill.But due to situation of socio,cultural and economic conditions they prone to a situation that miss the chance to bring it to limelight.MASTER KIDS ariseroby takes an elevation in identifying and moulding the skillset of the destitutes and middle class children to have CHANCE and face this CHALLENGE in the global village and then to transform and bring a CHANGE in the society and for country. #China #Worldwar3 #History #Olympics

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