Bert Kreischer Teaches Bill Burr & Tom Segura How To Make SPICY KOREAN NACHOS! | Something's Burning

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Comedians Bill Burr and Tom Segura learn how to make Korean Nachos on the first episode of Bert Kreischer's cooking show, Something's Burning. Get ATC merch! Subscribe to ATC to never miss an episode of Something's Burning: Full Recipe: More from All Things Comedy! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Follow Bert! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Follow Bill! Twitter: Facebook: Follow Tom! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Recipe: INGREDIENTS Wonton Chips 2 tablespoons butter, melted 1 teaspoon canola oil 25 wonton sheets, halved diagonally salt Pork Butt 1 lb. pork butt meat 3 tablespoons sugar, divided use ¼ cup fresh grapefruit juice 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 teaspoon finely chopped garlic 1 teaspoon kosher salt (1/2 teaspoon if using table salt) 1 tablespoon canola oil ½ cup mild cheddar ½ cup monterey cheese 1 cup shredded purple cabbage 1 Serrano chili, sliced Sriracha Crema ½ cup sour cream 3 tablespoons Sriracha sauce INSTRUCTIONS To make wonton chips: Heat oven to 350 degrees. Line a bake sheet with foil. In a small bowl mix together butter and canola oil until well combined. Use a pastry brush and cover both sides of the wonton pieces with the butter mixture. Salt to preference. Bake for 12 - 14 minutes at 350 degrees F, rotate bake sheets half way through. Remove from oven and transfer chips to a cooling rack in a single layer. Set aside To make Pork Butt. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of sugar on each side of beef; set aside for 10 minutes. Pour grapefruit juice over beef and massage it into the meat; set aside for 10 minutes. Slice beef as thin as possible and set aside to make marinade. In a large bowl, mix together remaining 1 tablespoon sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic. Toss sliced beef in marinade; set aside for 10 minutes. Heat a 10 inch skillet with 1 tablespoon of canola oil. Cook and stir beef in three batches (batch cooking will prevent steaming the beef). To assemble nachos: Heat oven to 425 degrees F. Cover bottom of casserole dish with wonton chips, layer with cheese and meat. Repeat once more and place assembled nachos into the oven and bake at 425 degrees F until cheese is melted. Serve with purple cabbage, sliced serrano chili and Sriracha Crema. #BillBurr #BertKreischer #SomethingsBurning #TomSegura #Nachos #YourMomsHouse #YourMomsHousePodcast #TheMondayMorningPodcast #podcast #Cooking #DIY #EAT #HowTo #Food #ATCPresents

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[Music] hey guys welcome to something's burning my name is Bert Kreischer and I'm your host this is the cooking show by a guy who can barely cook with his two friends who can't cook at all but are very opinionated about cooking am I correct guys yeah a little bit I didn't make something yeah peanut butter and jelly sandwich there we go the key is you put butter on the bread wait If you bother the bread then you put on the peanut bar then the jelly wait are you serious yeah it takes it to another level what's your cholesterol oh well then you hit the elliptical oh yeah oh that's what all you guys do is you you eat this I eat the same [ __ ] you do I just I go for a walk afterwards wait what are you trying to say that we're not well that's right you guys lost all this weight yeah yeah oh yeah great alright so today I am making are you Guys ready for it yeah what are we making we are making spicy Korean nachos all right yeah it's gonna be really good instead of using tortillas I'm using egg roll wrappers I'm gonna deep fry man oil then I'm gonna get rid of the oil I'm gonna bring out my pork butt I'm gonna chop it up real fine I'm gonna sauté it and then we've got this kimchi this goji time where can you buy those egg roll wraps anywhere pretty much and a rouse no where do we get these egg roll Wrappers Korean markets yeah just not anywhere literally the opposite yeah that's not on the white people gross this is supers that's right next to the cornflakes aisle nine where it says white flour that is Bert's way of answering anything he doesn't just make you know what this reminds me of what I would come over here however that that a long time ago he would cook for us all the time and one day he would make really elaborate dinners and one time he Invited a neighbor who's actually old this is a good store who is Korean he is the guy who created a Kogi taco truck right his enjoy choice probably one of the most celebrated American chefs in our yeah yeah yes dude who revolutionized cooking and he comes over the house yeah this is make food a food truck he that's right and he at this point I would say Burt had probably cooked for us / I mean two dozen times and always like Killer meals this time a chef comes over so you're like now no game Bert's gonna crush this Bert's [ __ ] up the dinner so goddamn I was supposed to use green Chili's instead I used jalapenos so I use nine literally just goes I think I'm gonna leave man yeah help me fix it go to this guy so you can't die did you pour it in the sink man that's all you can do he's like oh dude I was devastated I tried to eat it I was like still good guys not that bad You poor little cream in it all right the chips have been fried now we got to clean off this oil that's a bad idea [Applause] up next is the pork butt legitimately made me nervous it made me it burnt my [ __ ] arm all over the place this is why we call it something's burning everybody we could call it Birds [Applause] how that's hot I was told to rinse the pan something tells me I probably won't get the water out before I put it back on I feel like that Korean chefs back here all over again look how great is this grilled cheese sandwich shouldn't have that what Roy's yeah yeah [ __ ] insane dude he's it and I forgot all the cheese he put in it you know he did he goes I go to his daughter's birthday party and they have adult birthday it's all chefs and he's like I'm vegan right now I go why he Goes I'm trying to reset my palate like imagine if one of us were like I'm only doing children's parties cuz I want to I want to get back to like the base and then I'll come in with that you know when I did that when he came back from Ireland so I was drinking Guinness over there I was like this doesn't taste any better than the United States just tastes the exact same it was until I got back to the US and then I try to Guinness it was like oh my god this Tastes like [ __ ] so I had to go all the way down like bush light and work my way back up we're an American Guinness tasted right it tastes that different yeah really oh yeah do it in American get a state is it tastes good over here until you go over there oh it's like it's like a shake for adults well you know it's funny they drink like Budweiser it's considered like an import and I just you know well that's Everything your exports sucks that's why you're getting it that's why you're exporting it smell that Tom is one of the first people that introduced me to Korean barbecue oddly enough I went with Roy Choi at one time and then Tom and push you guys are like legit foodies like you were legend I love it don't you love when you get to a town finding out the best restaurant just like the faces he makes when he's cutting yeah why this isn't natural yeah Like you're really trying its pork butt hmm well I'm judging by the way you're breathing that's your cardio for the day this is the pork butt don't mention it I like this cooking's fun but like it's the conversation I like does that make sense yeah yeah hey can we keep it running count the amount of times he rubs his nose or touches his hair can I walk over to get you a paper towel can you just blow you knows I feel like with my little daughter here well I wash my Fin what's all that sauce on there how long do you keep it in there how do you know when it's done I've never I've never definitely don't want medium rare pork butt no yeah it's true this going it's gonna caramelize wouldn't it I don't know okay when you say you don't want medium rare pork butt what does that mean what do you want you want you want where you want it well yeah yeah it's the ass are you done with these in here I'm good You can go back enjoy your cocktail with these yeah let's put this on low just let it sit I could use a sous chef give me the Caminos [ __ ] thing here chop up some green onions just the bottoms and then give us some chilies just you go up here you go down here I go down here you go down there yeah cuz these are one of the dirtiest vegetables you can find dirtier than your left hand all right no feel like a pressure cuz it's a cooking show that I need to be going pop I'm cutting this up that ain't happening oh my god almost cut my finger there I hope you guys go that'd be good for the show is that good enough that's good let's hope you didn't need that one nope I think we're good with these wigs back there chop up some of these these are our Chili's how do you do this I'm to the east coast how do you work with the chilly little show we show you dirty hands number one rule you got all fingers your Fingers back like this you don't cut them get look look look come here look how thin those are and he was showing off and look at the distance he just probably that was scary oh [ __ ] I did I did cut my hand you didn't good you got snot and I got blood in it all we knew is a chimp to care alright this is a really fantastic Asian mayonnaise called coop I how do you know about this how do I know about it al Madrigal wife how mad it was why it's like you want that Mayonnaise it's hard to get a hold of mayonnaise it's really good anyway yeah and then this is kimchi this is real kimchi because there's nothing written in English on it and what I do is I just crack it cuz it's gonna start blowing up everywhere ever I let that also like the gasses and everything yeah because it's fermented do that when you kill somebody you got to make sure you've got them if you put them out on a lake you know that probiotic stuff there's all the good Bacteria the bad bacteria that's in you that's what kicks in when you go to decompose after you die so when you kill somebody you go to cut them up you gotta like get rid of the entrails and all that so the that's why you they always have like a headless [ __ ] torso was found floating is because the idiot didn't gut them how do you know about this yeah read that book the Westies try our sauce tell me what you think here this is the sauce that we're gonna be Using today I like your little drizzle technique yeah it's called the drizzle drizzle you bring it you just bring it up right enjoy dropping you don't need that yeah legit huh wait a minute is that out of a jar without an owl's wipes recipe book ELLs watch Korean alright was like you know what you like try this isolation Tommy like kimchi yeah I do like oh you like kimchi I was in a band called kimchi in high school are you sure yeah we did all Asian music alright this way that we played that Godzilla soundtrack I think we're ready to start plating this you guys ready to plate this you're done already knows about it but it's ready it's because we may get another paper towel I'm actually still bleeding over here buddy joke it's just a little one it's not luckily the red in our dish so we'll never be able to spit spot spit yeah that's about the only weapon some of these bottom ones we cooked earlier Those are the burnt ones that Almada get cooked alright so we got the nachos here right you wouldn't catch this on Emeril show he's just placed in the mouth Koreans yeah I'm gonna put some sugar in there like a plotting ingredients please keep working with that right hand get that left hand out of there I'm putting some green on the road for 25 years there's nothing you can put them put in there that wasn't in a comedy Condo bed Oh crawled in you ear like a [ __ ] Star Trek remember the last one you stayed in yep Tempe Arizona I want to say I did the old since he won oh you know his story would happen with me at the old since he won yes I got done and they called they were like hey what the [ __ ] man and I was like what and they're like you took a [ __ ] on the bed threw up on the walls by the way anybody here's Bert's name and that you're like yeah I want to yeah it's hard for me to talk My way out of that were like no that would happen at the same time yeah you're bending over to tie your shoe you [ __ ] on the wall the UH and he just projectile vomit from your own scent uh I know I can't wait to eat now look guys we're I want I want a judgment call on these these are salted nah bro salted what no well I'm definitely putting these on what is that what is it is interesting to people what it is I never heard of this chase why pretty good just Don't even don't even ask no just taste one taste one taste one bill shredded shrimp yeah yeah right don't go crazy yeah it's definitely the obnoxious person at the party you know that's why I hate truffle oil it's like I get it you're here shut up but somebody else talk how about another ingredient tells the story you put too much in there dude yeah truffle infused I need a catchphrase when I put any stuff on the thing Wow We'll pick them that's it's already someone macclare uh-huh they're all hmm well why don't you do something agent no no you can't do that you can't do that defensive there you go you could do what ball okay that way it's nuts what are you doing like when Bruce Lee broke that guy's neck just right you can't do that [ __ ] it make it rhyme good what's the name of that [ __ ] sprouts sprouts it that's a good death walk to the gout I got some soup [ __ ] y'all I got some Sprouts damn oh I like that I like that move let me get a slow-mo of this you guys are cool too sauce right sauce is good I would say more so going out just throwing it all in there I want the experience figure you snots already in here you've got some of your skin Tommy doesn't take your dick out yet I'm going to I'm looking for the best this is the cooking show that makes you want to start a diet now this is gonna be the hard part gentlemen here's where we Shoot some beauties spicy Korean nachos red all off of my line Microsoft Surface and there's nothing better than using your Microsoft Surface well you're drinking some Jose Cuervo tequila the real stuff II know which keeps you bleeding once your alcohol level goes up I could read those better now if I had my Pradas on Oh looks like we got to get out of here my Rolex says it's almost four o'clock you know what I'm thirsty I reached for a jar of Salted shrimp sauce salted shrimp sauce when you're too drunk to care my wife said how do I look in these jeans and I said not as good as this pork but this is fun we could do this all day can you take a look at these are we gonna eat this [ __ ] away yup all right all right you guys ready yeah I'd like a plate you know sure can you get a plate for a bleeding man for a bleeding guest you know guys here we go roll please one gentleman this actually Looks pretty [ __ ] good despite all the health code violations I'm really pleasantly surprised that's [ __ ] killer dude right yeah I don't know if I cook that pork ball all the way though god dammit stop saying that tell me but I like it but that shirt I told you to put on gives you like a hint of bug spray these are actually great plates pans right yeah I'm gonna start giving people Burt thank you for a great Meal no no it's like you're literally and we're gonna end it professionally okay was I good bye Congrats on keeping your shirt on for now all right that has a bar even Jews are spicy Korean cockroach doing the radiant or direct repeat go this website right here I could do one with nothing in my mouth yes do one with you because that might gross people out oh hey guys that's the end of our episode if you one of the ingredients in the recipe to our Spicy nachos Korean style go to this website right here and that's it I appreciate it guys thanks for making it okay you a fist bump because I'm still bleeding alright it's actually this you're gross but that was good I was fantastic alright guys take care you know what they say you can't cook them you can't leave them without ya

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