Beginning our Destiny - 2 Player Gameplay

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- Join the Patreon for exclusive content - - Listen to the Podcast - - Join our Discord to play games - For media inquiries - This video is a sponsored video This game was provided by the Publisher Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game. The first in a series of games using a brand-new system called Destinies. This game is set in a dark medieval-fantasy universe. The Destinies system offers a fully story-driven, app-supported, RPG-like board game experience, without the need for a game master. Each scenario depicts a part of a vivid world, full of dark stories, epic NPCs and mysteries to solve. Each player takes the role of a hero on a quest to fulfill their destiny. Each destiny is a final goal of the character and has at least two, completely different paths to victory, composed of branching series of quests. Players compete with each other to push the world towards their own destiny. The game uses an app and the Scan&Play technology to offer players a unique story-driven experience full of dynamic events, epic adventures, and an ever-changing game world. Each turn players discover new parts of the world presented on tiles, explore them and pick one point of interest to visit. There they learn more about the story and make crucial choices of how they want to interact with people, creatures or situations faced there. The consequences of each choice are meaningful and often change the state of the world forever. —description from the designer #Destinies #Gameplay #Boardgames

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Hello welcome back thank you for being here today we are bringing you a two-player gameplay of destinies by lucky duck games yes this is going to be interesting i literally cut the unboxing video short just so i could start this video and if you go back and check oh yeah same drink same clothes same jam sadly same jam i knew you were gonna say That i knew it either way so if you didn't check out that previous video i'll give you a brief rundown crown and wow i was even going to say chronicles destinies is going to be based on or kind of inspired by the original scan and play system brought to you by lucky duck game in chronicles of crime where you will use your app in order to read different qr codes and those qr codes Interact with multiple different chains and reactions and responses that are generated from that app in this game if you're going to distill it into something super basic and i think uh stella loves games is the one that actually coined this there's a combination between chronicles of crime and seven continent we'll be exploring multiple map tiles that all have different points of interaction which Will be determined by tokens and we're actually competing against each other to fulfill our destinies before everyone it's as far as lucky duck is claimed as far as i'm aware it is the first competitive rpg light game yes which is so up my alley so we'll find out how that goes and we'll see who actually wins this oh me As i said this game is completely dependent on the app so we will have the ipod at least in frame somehow in order to know what's kind of going on hopefully it will show well on that top camera let us begin so first of all you can choose multiple game modes we're going to go for normal which is two to three players are going to play with two and time for story And when i say story it was a dark night in the dead of winter [Music] when the terrible howl resounded for the first time no strangers to wolves the men quickly assembled a hunting party [Music] the few who returned bloodied and terrified spoke of a monster a werewolf hungry [Music] Did he abandon his kin to the mercy of the monster or had some other darker fate befalling him as the beast prowled the woods then he wondered what does it want where did it come from and most of all how to put an end to this nightmare but there were a few who knew their fates were for various reasons tied to the monster And so the threads of destiny became interwoven for the first time that's a great line that's such a cool line and the threads of destiny came oh that's cool okay choose your character i will let you go i will let you get first dibs you told me before you started this yes i will let you know i will let you know if you pick the character i think your people i mean you I know you think i'm picking the huntsman there's no way a quackalope would not pick a huntsman you're going to change it intentionally which is why i'm picking the huntsman okay great job i'm picking the witch so first of all the app will give us the miniature that we need to select it'll also tell us our standard setup and it will determine Where exactly we start placing our success we're going to leave the music ish around so forgive us if it exists well because it does we need it for purposes i'm playing this game you just happen to be watching so as you start going to the setup you will just fill in the spaces with the tokens that it's delineating so five i'm just gonna grab a few here Uh 5 8 11 and 12 5 8 11 and 12 and so these little circles these tokens represent my successes they'll essentially let me do different types of abilities and already start giving me ideas well we definitely don't want to see that idea of what i'm going to be proficient at okay so i have so i have pretty much prepared my board in addition to that standard Setup i'm going to take one coin and i'm going to exhaust all of my effort dice effort dice are going to be these purple dice main dice are going to be the white ones they're always available for every action effort dice well you're going to have to refresh them with time then character bonus we're going to go to the stack of cards that i believe is right here and we're going to take A talisman oh my god she's so cute look at the baby it actually has pretty good one with a cane that i liked a lot too but it wasn't the same no no you like look at the character model man we need to get her smaller yeah you can spin it so it'll also tell you to pick up a card so i'm gonna go ahead and just jump over to number six here and that is going to be my card the talisman Charm if i discard this i get three immediate successes in a test where you got zero successes that's uh pretty that's pretty good okay my setup is complete jesse let's go with yours the huntsman so you're gonna have five seven and eleven on your first so you're not it doesn't seem like you're very intelligent sir What you're missing a few a few neurons up there yeah you only have three that's like your weakest stat i got my guy oh you already got him oh that doesn't look as menacing as that guy though five looks seven he looks funny at 11 yes five seven and eleven four seven eleven twelve four seven eleven twelve eleven twelve and then five seven eleven twelve five seven And eleven twelve an eleven now you're going to take your coin again you're then going to take you're going to put all of your purple dice next to your board you're not going to use them your main dice is going to be inside of that space and your character bonus you're going to take a bow a bow bow a number oh four here you go and you're going to status place that any in any slot there you every Character can have up to a maximum of five items at any time and it's just basically it's right there on the board we are not going to be playing with them noble again as a refresher this game allows for one to three players we obviously are playing with two hopefully we can play with we'll have a three player player game play as well yeah so next step did every player take starting Items and skills yes we did and now the tig game literally shows us the stuff okay so o2 the western part of the town the church welcomes all the towns oh that's there's there's a town hall is locked and barred place tile o2 face up as indicated these days of cold and blood the church is a beacon of hope we need the pastor down there where is my good man there he is Right there on the church yep okay the eastern part of the town where the smith and the inn can be found so number 23. so number 23. guess two face down you really should be going through them the other way there it's the same artwork don't question me uh the hills by the village where the stone circle stands number 11. ah there we go moving up uh the road through the forest used to be Much safer number 25 number 25 okay and finally a wolf house somewhere in the meadow number 16. so the nice thing about these towels is that since they're light you're it's easy to go through them pretty quickly yep okay what's next okay it's your turn which day one refresh and effort die also i don't appreciate the tone of the App is just like a witch you don't have to call me it's your turn just call me sally that's my name it's my maiden name i don't understand wow it is your turn sally sally i like can we rename this sally no it doesn't let me read it it's your turn oh god okay so every time and and it returns a little aggressive it should really say please take your movements Yeah of course it's so so okay so first of all we're forgetting something major you need to know what you're aiming for so go ahead and read your destiny card in private so that you know what to aim for and remember that you're going to have two sides one side is going to be your purple destiny and once that is going to be your kind of like your yellow serve your no No no no no everything is for you everything is for you i think whatever let's just assume it's for you the days dive into black dark you're giving me info as to who you are in terms of the werewolf boy fine i'll read it by myself yeah i know i know we will get do a lot of reading though like we will share information just not this Information i have my script and now the story is yet to be told interesting what's your script sally it's a story now okay okay so my destiny okay okay yeah so i'm gonna go to the church first so okay every turn we have up to two movement okay we can this we we can never move Diagonally we'll always be able to move orthogonally okay once we do that we'll the the app will essentially give us some cues as to what happens i don't want to explore right now i just want to talk to the church the church gathers the faithful every day since the beasts attacked some see the beast as divine punishment most believe it can't step onto sacred ground with so many eager to repent for their Sins the offering box is always full the priest approaches you as you enter he seems distracted here's an interesting thing you can go through everything okay so i'm just gonna i can do it in any order too i'm definitely not gonna do that pray your convictions and your conscience are clear the prayer fills you with new determination refresh all of my purple Dice excellent not gonna steal money from me no but sally sally's a good samaritan she would never do something like that so i thought you're going to click on it i can't believe i'm asking you about this witch selling man seriously wow but i have a dilemma he confesses i intended to visit the romanicam to spread the word of christ among them Now my trouble is twofold first i won't attempt it without permission from their fortune teller otherwise it would be pointless to even try and second well now amid these hellish events i'm not sure whether i'm prepared to spread the good news anymore oh wow is he having questioning saving his faith steal the money i'm 100 encouraging him so this is what happens okay so when you start doing Certain actions the at the game will start evolving the available pool of things you can do so we're going to do our first stat roll i'm going to go ahead i want this to be i want this to be pretty successful i'm going to get a refresh at the beginning of every turn so why not so this is an automatic success that symbol there beautiful oh my gosh this is actually quite Amazing for me uh i got eight so i got three successes total i think i'll be good do you really think so the priest is still torn but your arguments seem to work so be it then as soon as a fortune teller agrees to save me i'll go pay her a visit excellent so now the app remembers that now you're gonna steal money no i'm not stealing money Ask the priest about my destiny jesse i'll need you to close your eyes so that i can do this i want to do i want to do this one here ah and i can't ask him about my other one that sucks [Music] and yeah that's it apparently there's only one interaction per day i have to end my turn now yep okay over to you refresh and effort die i Shall do it and where do you want to go i'm going to the church why you're going to the church uh unoriginal much i'm are you going to steal the money going to pray yep okay so same thing success now i'm stealing the money yeah you're actually what all of it hey it's your choice you go ahead you can do whatever you want okay no that's pretty good okay so you Got five tens i think they might catch you who would eat it more than you you ask yourself the coins are heavy so is your guilt gain one coin okay not too bad i was expecting by the way so is your guilt keep that in mind what else do you want to do i might have been looking for something else there oh okay interesting okay do i can i roll these again to encourage him yes maine die are Always available to you let's do it uh wow bro okay lucky you one i see your point but i still don't think i should convince him of anything in the face of such struggles oh what should i do lose one blue so you're gonna have to move one of your blue further away okay but you do gain one experience which is something you can cash in Later to move one token two spaces and if you like you can ask i am okay i am because i was i'm gonna be honest i went there for a different reason a different reason than you the abbey used to hold many treasures but now it lies in ruin maybe something remains the abbey that's the clue i was looking for in turn okay wish wish you mean sally Yes yeah now they're confusing me okay drawn by rumors of the monster the bishop himself arrives in town that's so cool he takes up residence in the church and it is said that he offers a reward to anyone who slays the wolves threatening the faithful he believes them to be in league with the beast the priest was seen traveling east toward the crossroads burdened by some troubling dilemma Okay so the priest has traveled away mm-hmm and the bishop's somewhere around here so the guy with the pope hat pope hat yeah mm-hmm your turn are you going back to the church there's a bishop there now i should have went to the bishop later you're following the priest yeah eastern part of town where the smith and the inn can be found no i don't care about that [Music] okay the wind sings through the ancient stones shilling you to the bone flip number eleven face up as indicated okay we're going to look for number ten we're gonna go upwards and then we're gonna go to number four in the bottom a place of old worship now rarely visited the standing stones okay and i'm here now so one of the things that you're able to do Is that once you move into a space you can activate any of the things there okay so i'm gonna go ahead and activate those standing stones ancient symbols carved into the stones are faded but there's still power here the townsfolk feel and avoid this place meditate in the circle pray to the old gods and search the circle okay so let's do them in order meditate in the circle yeah this will be fine i hope Nope that one two oh that's a one no all right it's sideways roll it it's sideways the dice scots will prove me right ha six just one success you close your eyes touching their eye the icy rock feeling the traces of ages on it there's a darkness in this place brought here by a vile ritual disrupting your meditation glimpses of a vision cross your mind Rat's feast scythe and sword rise flames consume all you understand nothing but the terror you leave in a hurry with a lingering feeling there's more to be seen here lose wow this went real bad for me so lose one i do gain experience which i can use at any time remember that and exhaust all of my effort oh my lord this is bad what the my turn Refresh and effort die i don't mind if i do and i'm rich the missing mayor is the main topic of town gossip some blame his disappearance on his wife who is widely distrusted she's a strange woman who's rumored to dabble in the arcane arts the sorceress some call her behind her back when he disappeared so did she interesting i'm moving over here tile 23. This part of town houses the inn and the craftsman's dwellings usually it's teeming with life now the street is completely empty tile 52 oh wow oh why are these out of order oh you flip them oh you flipped it upside down because i'm a reasonable human wolves howl the force does not welcome you tile 42. yeah i forgot to read my flavor textures which was actually a shame And finally the fields are frozen solid tile 54. okay you got a lot to explore there and then you've got an inn [Music] many find comfort in the inn always warm and welcoming and the smith is here this guy with with a really strange face and yeah there we go the mayor's house stands empty so you can go research so you're able to Interact with any of those points of interest mayor's house okay yes the house is eerily quiet snow drifts cover the path and it's clear no one has been here for a few days at the very least both the mayor and his wife disappeared just as the beast showed up what happened to them do you open the door um so you need an object that could go through a lock Oh my gosh well you are like the brawny dude six no bueno raw strength may not be enough to break down this well-made door you might need an alternative approach okay so you're gonna lose one yeah same thing happen to me but you also get an experience remember you can use those experiences at any time to move any to any amount two spaces yeah oh Yeah refreshing effort die the beast attacks the grounds around the noble manor to the north east become a scene of slaughter men and animals alike lie dead the manor's gates are shut the town hall is hastily transformed into a field hospital the victims are lucky are lucky a doctor was passing through town oh ah nice it's like a pestilence doctor Yeah it's like a herb witch doctor gross hmm the town of it is open i bet in a different function [Music] so i'm going to use this in order to bring this down let's do it meditating again turn ends after this no i got i got it oh no i got two successes no i got two success oh okay yeah we did it you close your Eyes touching the icy rock feeling the traces of ages on it minutes pass maybe hours as disjointed visions assault your mind you stream your will to remember what you've seen but when you open your eyes all that remains are cryptic glimpses a life both innocent and sinful to be sacrificed an error a spell half-cast the sacrifice escapes Carrying the horned visage something comes from beyond a loop yes tearing through the tapestry of fate but the first seal is broken she runs a howl pierces the knight snapping you back to consciousness was it just another vision or did you really hear it you leave in a hurry did you get your experience yes oh okay because you already spent your other ones yeah okay the beast was seen running towards The woods it moved inhumanly fast hmm going to the going to the smith getting some weapons huh okay so this is interesting um we now have to form that deck okay so these are items that you'll actually be able to purchase from the smith directly okay so you got a crossbow yep nothing from that snack so we'll Jump over here so find the hatchet in there it's going to be five then we're going to have yeah we're going to have i like how all these things are labeled makes it really easy you got 14 in there we got two 14s in there uh we got two did you got two hatchets nope we also have a trap okay we got trap and then we got lock picks for two i wonder who might need that is actually The bottom of that deck so yeah two two two of those so this stack so check how this works this stack of cards is going to be um we're going to put this to the side we're going to go ahead and do let's do this and now we're going to facilitate that token represents that trade location there okay ask him about your destiny oh wow Bring any silver you can find to me and i'll prepare what you need he thinks for a moment manner would surely be the best place to find something so precious take a look at his wares the smith's a master of his crafts his goods are top quality use the smith's trade stack yep okay so and i have to pay what's this token no it just represents that that stack is there so i'm going to pay One for a lock pick and i'm going to go ahead and pay one for a hatchet okay so just pay both to the bank two coins thank you priest uh i don't think i want to steal something from this guy yeah i wouldn't ending my turn oh i didn't refresh it effort diet i'm getting my turn husband of a witch son of a witch nothing could You mean husband of a sally yes of a salad sally nothing good could come have come from this some say about the missing mayor others claim the sorceress summoned the beast to kill him as she hid in the dark woods i'm gonna go back to the sanding scene i i don't know anymore what is your mission what do you like to know i mean because It's not my mission well well i think that's kind of obvious isn't it are you summoning the old gods to do something about this i think they're gonna help me i'm gonna i'm gonna pray hard pray really hard praying hard yes seven that's only two successes that's good you pray to the gods long forgotten forgotten but not dead you feel a presence ancient beyond measure Accompanying you among the old stones you know somehow that it's neither the right time nor the place for it to be awakened but as it fades it leads [Music] i completely forgot about this ability what to do oh you'll see you get the dallas when you raptor perfect it's exactly what i wanted i will now discard my talisman To get three successes many tracks unusual for this place that's usually deserted drops of dried blood mocks the flame on stone and earth remnants of a protective salt circles still remain albeit broken you manage to salvage some gain salt miziah always ability when both of your dice show the same value i am able to forever move one of my abilities Meditate in the circle the stones have shown all there was to show they are silent now refresh all of my dice yeah that was worth it up okay booby fresh and effort die mayor's house wait is that what he said was it what he said what am i telling you i'm not telling you this is competitive bro town hall is what he said did he say to sound at all are you sure yeah okay go ahead go to town hall This is a competitive bro you got to remember this stuff that's how you know that's how you win that's how you win dude i wouldn't have probably done that but okay sure you can do that open the door i went in the mayor's house huh yep is that a discard or is it an always this card yep okay you make short work of the lock the path inside opens the house is dark and Quiet yeah the game will tell us because some cards don't necessarily disappear like that okay search the house before you do you have enough tokens i know you might want to use them now yeah what are you gonna do though okay so one and two okay oh and i need to refresh the dive to start my turn you didn't i don't know i think you did yeah i think Okay so that's one success and you're a super f this one's cody quartered no it wasn't oh it totally was oh that one sure but you had one three that one's still caddy quarters okay you have one three oh four five six seven eight and one six so close so that's three yeah you got it that's that's it at first you find nothing out of the ordinary but then A rug lying unevenly a hollow sound as you knock on the floorboards beneath the compartment hidden below is mostly empty cleared out in a hurry but the scraps of parchment and broken talismans of sticks and bones leave no room for doubt this is where she used to hide the evidence for her sorceries a silver key gleams in the dirt evidently forgotten what is it open you gain a ornate key [Music] so you're going to use this keynote always you may exhaust one unrolled effort to reroll any number of effort of maine dice and effort dice cool that's uh that's incredible decide for the notes you found six two six you got two that might give you something paw of the wolf flesh of the thief blood of the sacrifice shape changes mind fades dark things are Watching make no mistake or you'll attract their attention some dark sorcery is written here the rumors seem to be true hmm go around outside what's happy cornered sure so apparently it doesn't seem oh wow look at you two two more you walk around the house but find no other way in strange amulets hang outside and symbols carved into the beams to track your Attention they seem familiar she must have put them here gain a talisman steal the coins the money's out in the open your mission is of great importance and you'll need all the help you can get should you take it you need more than they do the feeling of guilt is almost impressive imperceptible imperceptible is that bad Or good is imperceptible guilt bad or good i guess it's like you don't care anymore because it's like you can't even tell it's not i certainly hope so the mayor's house offers nothing more to find okay so you you you emptied it out so i can't get anything from that i feel very good about that which refreshing effort i have all my effort dice let's do this you mean sally Oh gosh darn it they've they've ruined me jesse they've ruined me well i mean my name's jeff but i don't mind being called the huxman the huntsman is a cool name yeah which is insulting yeah okay so i'm gonna explore number 10. the ruins of the old abbey lie in this direction hmm we've heard that before i think it was related to me a few few venture this were into the Woods if you were still with a beast around oh do that one die no i'm gonna go you fool okay so flip abby i will be now in the abbey and abby stood here once now nothing but a wind-blasted ruin remains ruined abby so let's add that token mausoleum don't say if i do oh that's it interesting okay so no oh maybe maybe this is the extent of the game board Or like it's not that okay cool um the crazy thing is all these tiles and stuff could be chained together to make so many crazy stories yep yep can we do a plate at once on this immediately after like that goes up on the channel before any of the gameplay i'm so i'm having so much fun it's actually pretty fantastic so i'm gonna move it there this is the right way to integrate story app game I told you i told you that this was gonna be cool i want i don't know that i ever want to play another game this is so good ruined abby not much is left of the abbey just a crumbling ruin loss on a snowy hill by some miracles some cracked stained glass and a remaining window is partially preserved words partially i liked the confidence though The rare winter sun gives life to its vibrant colors masterfully crafted it must have been magnificent in the abbey's glowy days i'm going to search the ruin i'm going there's no point in doing that so i will just roll two whoa that's a success i got five ah so close so close uh i just get get two two Can it be the tabernacle is left intact it seems unlocked but ages of disuse have jammed the hinges shut and i get back my dice so this is interesting open the tabernacle mmm bread pry it open and pull hard pull hard for sure you don't have anything to pry it with oh my god you can try your salt no it's like what the is salt gonna do oh i Oops okay um [Music] oh do i go ham on this i feel i should you get three successes i could i could you do it all you double it up yes perfect how do you need matching oh i don't know this is when i don't get a success of any kind i do it so i'm doing that and now i can lower one of my stats for free that's pretty nice i'm gonna go ahead and make Because this is just what she's really good at so i'm just gonna make those guaranteeds actually you know what no let's actually make 10. discarded i hope this was worth it you pull with all your strength and it finally relents there's a challenge a chalice inside a surface shining as only silver can [Laughter] how long has it been here forgotten by All we're even offering in return two coins i don't have enough darn i wish i would have you take the silver chat oh i lost all my things oh oh exact one okay you take the civil chalice who would find a better use for it than you and yet you feel uneasy maybe the chalice was long since forgotten but your conscious still gnaws at you it seems like i'm cursed i don't like being cursed You know if you just want to describe that chalice oh no in every knowledge test you may set one of your rolled faces to any face i love it i love it i love it i love it i'm becoming stronger look at the stained glass and look at this look at this i have in every test i can set the face to anything i want and i'm going to set the face to be Success [Music] and then i'm rolling everything oh yeah exactly what i needed baby wow that's it i got it three the figures vibrant and the rays of the sun moves as this are alive three nights burdened with chains walk a long winding path and at the end an angel awaits as you try to focus on it a shadow briefly falls over the ruin a piece of glass is missing where the Angel's face should be you shiver and fall to your knees burdened with knowledge you don't yet understand [Music] it fascinating i wonder if i ex yeah walking back from the abbey you find a patch of fresh herbs growing from a sunlit patch yes you take it as a good sign gain herbs number eleven what i didn't find no harm and no more Oh wow oh that's good that's real good [Laughter] i took the silver he needed to kill the screams of agnity greet you in the dim town hall turned into a hospital overnight it is now a place of blood and death a dozen inhabitants wounded by the beast are howling in pain well those who are spared are doing what they can to help get them back on their feet Or ease their pain the doctor a new arrival from the city sits by the entrance regaining what strength he has you're not going to steal from patients are you oh you skipped forward okay the bishop promises his treasures as a reward for brave hunters [Music] bishop i know or actually no is the bishop the guy that ran away No the bishop's the one that came no way are you really doing that yeah you refreshed one of those at the beginning of your turn oh you're horrible how could you steal from the patients four yeah you got it you got it yeah you got three yeah you must have gotten something good the fat miller with his badly wounded leg i love that they insult him at the same time too He could have just been the miller and his name by the way is jim but whatever the fat miller with his badly wounded leg doesn't notice when you take his entire purse he probably won't survive anyways so he doesn't need the coins anymore does he still your conscience weighs heavy oh bro you're you're leading to something catastrophic at the end of this really why you're not gonna get it oh my God you did you got two successes that's pretty good you help enough to make a difference a little hope brought to the suffering folk you leave tired but confident oh wow okay that was really good good for you oh my god baby girl wow should i give him the hatchet the supplies he needs i assume there's some limbs that need to come off well you you determine the supplies Refresh and effort dice wow oh my god you're gonna buy you're gonna buy out the the the smith i don't know i mean i don't know that i need a lot more we'll see wow i'm going on an adventure gym you approach the mausoleum noticing old but still visible footprints into snow someone must have been here recently time has not been kind to the structure leaving the stones crumbling and the entrance wide open The interior was robbed and desecrated long ago the cover of the sarcophagus is broken and cast aside but a few forgotten coins glitter among the loans yet you have a strange feeling there must be more to this place oh okay so i'm setting this to a success right because i have that as a permanent buff and then rolling my herbs give me a plus four but i don't believe i need that Right now hopefully we'll see five two successes i guess i could use that um how to do it beforehand i think you're right two successes yeah two successes some old valuables overlooked by past thieves still glitter among the rubble but what's this you find a pathway hidden behind the sarcophagus and mask with briars Narrow stairs lead downwards okay so this is i'm completely good oh come on get through the door so they can never overlap each other you have to do it in a certain order using my herbs oh okay plus four actually uh do i need no i'm not gonna do that i'm not gonna do that nope setting it to a success rolling yes i got it three one two three the old world is strong but you prove Stronger inside drown in an eerie light stands a pedestal upon which an occult folio lies its cover is adorned with sigils that make your vision blur you can feel an aura of unholy power around the book gain the occult portfolio ah that's a good one let's see what it does look at that always after each test where your roll Total is above 10 gain experience difficult to achieve but still amazing either way the moment you take the folio the ground starts to shake you escape and panic as you clamber up the stairs an avalanche of stone tumbles down nearly crushing you as soon as you are out and stopped to take a calming breath the mausoleum collapses and i lost all those coins great okay Remove the mausoleum i've completely emptied out the salford you're gonna have to kill me in order to take this chalice baby i don't know i don't i i don't want to find out baby the church gathers the faithful every day since the beast attacked some see the beast as a divine punishment most believe it can't step on sacred ground the bishop has taken over and made the Church his own so far no one has earned his reward prove you killed the wolves oh okay oh you weren't paying attention when he said that your conscience weighs heavy it is your quest truly worth uh the sins you've committed can they be forgiven [Laughter] nice oh what a bad turn oh oh that sucked okay so we're going uh wait Um i don't want you to read that did you join that has to do with wolves right yeah i didn't want you to read that the brides and rocks are covered in snow not much else to be seen here okay the horse is managing to evade the wolf for now despite the freezing cold weather water still flows in the far corner of the meadow a dramatic scene is unfolding a horse of Rare beauty is assailed by ravenous wolf for now it manages to invade the predator but for how long can it last refresh one we're gonna help that that horsey because i feel i need to kill you okay interesting so i can drive the wolf off or fight the wolf myself or you could just run no i'm not gonna do that definitely gonna use everything plus four plus everything here Hi money oh my god this is horrible ah what i get okay so five three that's eight plus four i got it yeah you're good got all three and i gain an experience there's a god plus four plus ten with your bare hands gonna rip this wolf's throat out did you take it by surprise by your strength and determination alone you drive the wolf away with nothing but some grazes in Return gain the bloody trophy oh come on why are you doing my quest i don't know it's fun if you have this at one if you have one game two oh wow that's a lot okay and now horsey is mine tame the stallion yes okay so unfortunately i don't have i'm gonna need you to not do my quests all right so one of your rolled to any face yeah Can we have a conversation about this maybe stop with soft words and patience you came prepared i'm gonna use my experience there's no way there's no way it's any of these it might have been that you got nothing oh oh no oh no oh that sucked ouch this horse seems real friendly and cautious it won't approach you but it doesn't run far Maybe you could try a different approach there's a red one i've worked too hard for that ah i want the horse can you make it there where are you oh yeah you're in the town hall yeah you could either do that or go straight there you won't be oh yeah you can yeah you can reach all of them [Music] there are wolves in these woods is it Wise to venture alone 24 there's music in the distance the romy have made their camp there all right wolves i shall murder you broken cart all right we need to flip this yes we are exploring exploring oh a direct attack may be foolish set a trap or destroy them all i mean i don't have a trap Oh you didn't buy the trap i thought you did no destroy the den i can't burn it either oh damn fight the wolves two successes already are you oh oh okay got it so you're discarding a hatchet is that it spending this you have all your dice yep to move this down by two okay that's one success three successes So far seven three four successes total no two successes total two oh four yeah okay i think you did it things against iron an uneven match but they have an advantage of numbers there is no running away now they're furious and they can run faster than you the fight is long and bloody you emerge aching and exhausted but victorious okay okay you got it exhaust one of your Okay lose one red okay gain the wolf den trophy wow oh in every fight test you may set one of your rolled to any face beautiful oh but remember you're gonna give that away search the den number of successes seven wow good for you okay you definitely find something searching the den you find the remnants of the previous victim some valuables Remember he making so much money stop it it's ridiculous okay start remove cool oh and i can still go no oh i was gonna say that was exciting all right do your turn i mean the real winner over here with like 17 money needs to go ahead and finish this up you're doing too much of my quest you should probably do yours a little bit Who says i'm not i'm actually quite i feel i'm quite close yeah [Music] i'm just trying to think of one thing because i'm gonna get this horse instead of a regular move move to any explored tile that's what the horse gives me so i'm like really wondering do i want to put so much effort into just like one horse yeah i hear you and i think i don't I think i think i'm [Music] what is in here yeah i know i'm gonna go there is this smith yep i'm paying him one so take a look at his wares the smith is a master of his craft and his goods are top quality use the smith's trade stack yep so i'm gonna take this pay that what's the lockbook do for you for each Other item you own move pieces if you discard it yeah which i will so i get to move four okay in this so let's see what do i want to do so one two three four five oh four i'm sorry four okay you can steal something i think i'm pretty happy with that asking about my destiny and so which one are you asking about That's the question hmm okay you need to go down to the ramani camp mm-hmm it's made of silver you've brought this to the right place i feel that if i give him that he will sell it to you i don't think so i'm pretty sure he will you think he'll craft it into something he might i want to keep that though i don't wanna Okay i'm gonna make him angry you're stealing yeah that's why i moved all that down [Laughter] we're gonna see what happens he bought a lockpick from him to steal something else from him yes oh and i have i have this too so let's go ahead and pay that i'm just gonna move both of these downwards okay oh okay not too bad seven Oh so cool two successes why did i move something different read it the main the man is busy but he keeps a close watch in his wares you linger for a moment but fail to find an opening is that suspicion in his eyes lose one oh i'm so close i'll move you do gain an experience though i do gain an experience though and i'm going to go ahead and use that experiencing me nope i'm not going to give him a silver item He's going to craft it into something but i really like what this does so no i'm not i'm going to keep that chalice forever it's my chalice prove you've killed the wolves yeah you've struck a serious blow against these monsters rejoices the bishop he orders his attendant to bring you your reward silver shrines as they are villains silver shrines shines as they unveil it Discard the wolf den trophy gain the sensor in every blue test you may once re-roll all of your purple oh oh no your conscience weighs heavy i keep trying to pray god won't forgive me no way no why'd you take the holy censer oh you're horrible ah do you need that no is this something you need the bishop's efforts prove misguided in a Most cruel way the beast unimpeded by the sacred ground enters the church and chooses a bishop as its next victim wow you did it just in time there's not much left of the poor man after it has been done is this vengeance for its less lesser brethren or just a horrible coincidence a wave of terror floods the town is even the church proves to offer no sanctuary whoa bishop dead Why should i eat them no okay the wolf already did so church has been placed the beast is still lurking nearby beware place a beast as indicated oh wow okay we have a werewolf what's he look like a werewolf oh man this is uh pretty crazy okay so it's back to me mm-hmm ooh you going to the romantic camp the romani camp is warm and welcoming Are they not afraid of the beast place her in the camp where training takes place the the person with the with the cane and where the fortune teller resides the wagon belongs to the romani king surrounded by celebration hello from sally set up the romani's trade stack with lantern horse medicine medicine torch so 34 i can grab 34 from here and everything else is in the 15 in the In the in this deck okay so it's going to be 34 for the lanterns 12 2 12 and 11. oh look at that i don't have any money oh great what a shame um this is almost as if you've been you should have been collecting money the whole time so we're gonna use that as a trade symbol do you happen to need a holy item acquired a part of the camp the fortune Teller's wagon is treated with reverence by the entrance a few older women are performing a ceremony of sort blowing smoke over a talisman you don't recognize one gives you a toothless smile as you enter the wagon i feel i can help you says the fortune teller but you must tell me what you need she pauses unlike the priest he wants to talk to me but doesn't know how to ask oh she pauses unlike the priest he wants To talk to me but doesn't know how to ask the fool let the romani purify a ritual item interesting let the fortune teller divine your fate for one [Music] what are you asking about as it was told says abortion tell will you allow us to purify this cursed thing what is it across folio hmm get it So far the sacred spring what happened there read louder folk claim something dark has defiled the sacred spring what happened there what knowledge of whiff crap witchcraft you may have is dwarfed by that of the fortune teller and her companions they guide you in their rights of song and smoke and you learn much the darkness that lingers in the unholy thing recedes and only an empty husk Remains you however feel a newfound power inside you the first ritual item has been purified one more and you can begin your ceremony oh if only you had a sensor no it's not a ritual welfare uh discard your portfolio hate to lose that don't you yeah but i'm more worried about you [Music] setting this up to a success immediately and i'm gonna go ahead and use my token To bring this to a six oh four oh what come on that sucks well i guess i got two no the fortune teller laughs i had hoped he would gather enough courage to come here himself instead of sending messengers but it is what it is if you can convince him that he can ask his question safely i will welcome him the priest arrives soon after stopping you as you leave believe it or not you were of much help to me We may not always see eye to eye which he adds sally but i see your kind heart and i will join you in this ceremony i'm sure you could use a good christian on your side the first volunteers agree to join your ceremony you will need more interesting i wasn't expecting that okay pretty productive so far the beast has been seen in the woods again it's bud blood curling how echoes in the Wilderness oh thank god i mean oh no that's so bad where'd he go [Laughter] all right yeah yes oh god they're gonna stock up pure silver says the smith quickly evaluating the finding if you want a silver blade i'll need more material of course but this is not enough for me to get start this is enough for me to get started Discard the sensor the smith can begin working on your weapon he will need one more piece of silver to finish it oh how sad i wonder who has it no this is silver oh can i only give him one piece of silver each time yeah oh that's disappointing no oh you're so close to your thing you're gonna kill the wolf that's your thing trade stack Up green to down red in a green test don't roll any instead you roll a total of ten interesting in a physical test don't roll any instead you roll a total of ten in a hatchet plus two in a test i think i'm gonna buy i'm gonna buy the crossbow i'm pretty sure you could sell things to him too for two and i'm gonna buy the sword for one more You still have three oh my god um an old road skirt the forced edge i don't think i should have done that well you did [Music] lost monk a fat monk slowly makes his way through this thing oh god the beast is lurking nearby beware i'm going to interact with the monk there's a lost monk Humming a happy tune a fat monk trudges through the snow red face with his ton sure glistening in the winter sutton he waves at you and smiles as you approach it seems as though he's drinking wine from his water skin care to help a fellow traveler oh god monk what are you doing buddy ah no i didn't get there yeah okay so i got two six successes okay Should help the snow is deep and the monk is short after making a slow progress of a while you decide to clear the way for him at least until you reach a proper path you're both cold and tired as you reach a friendlier terrain but you succeed the moon sits down down a fallen tree trying catching his breath tell me he says do you believe in fate yes wise he laughs many threads of destiny are being Spun right now waiting to be entangled her woven into a new tablet stream keep an eye on yours search for a good stick okay um man this sucks um hopefully i get lucky oh i got one oh soon you return with a proper sturdy stick shocked you see the monk is no longer there oh you look around nothing not even Footprints in the snow there's no trace of the jolly monk it's just a silver cross lying in the snow you would swear you hear his laughter as you touch the crucifix look at that jesse another silver element on the start of your turn you may fascinating fascinating someone gets gone with a trace what a strange man okay and there's a very nasty wolf next To me oh someone's gonna make a beeline oh interesting [Music] you're silver the smith says quickly evaluating your finding this will be enough says the smith tomorrow your blade will be ready discard the ornate key the smith can now finish your weapon it'll be waiting for you at the edge of the dark woods he dares not accompany you Take a look at his wares and this time i'm going to purchase a hatchet can i use multiple items at the same time i have no idea great great we'll find out you're thinking i'm stealing from him now no the beast sinks back into the shadows leaving behind only the bloody remains of his latest victim wow this thing is like no pat no compassion at all Okay hmm what are you going to it's already explored you can't oh okay i get it yeah despite the freezing cold a small spring flows from beneath the moss covered rocks the townsfolk believe that this is the holy fountain they call it saint simon spring the rocks are warm to the touch and so is the water barely visible footprints dot the snow Around greed they say the water from saint simmons spring holds miraculous properties feeling its strange warmth and climb to agree so i gain holy water okay go re-roll any number of dice okay excellent and now analyze the footprints so we are setting this to a automatic success i could have done this to lower my stats i will be exhausting one i'm gonna bring That down okay let's do it so automatic success plus two more exactly what i needed so three the tracks are a few days old and covered by fresh snow but you never lose sight of them as you follow the trail into a thorny thicket you stumble upon a grim site a boy in peasant's garb lies dead in the snow cold and almost blue there's no question that he froze to Death in his hand he clutches a devilish hole in the mask his other hand is bloody mutilated missing its fingers what fate has befallen him is the other ritual item you need oh i don't like that um yes probably we'll see um oh this is gonna be tough pry the mask from his fingers despite the freezing cold of small Spring the boy's body lies nearby cold and frozen oh i don't know don't know how that two gets it for you okay so pain one one reroll any number oh oh yes thank you you feel uneasy touching it even more so taking it from the dead his fingers are like stone you must relent oh darn i can't believe that Gained one yeah i thought two had it for you ah darn i'll need more okay dark woods where are we where's the dark woods i have no idea if you venture this far into the woods this has got to be it the forest is dark and dense it doesn't want you here a small stand a small hut stands among the trees this is where the old pathfinder lives Something dark stirs in the woods it's pitch black beneath the trees there we are this is the dark woods absolutely ah find your way through the woods the woods are ominous unwelcoming and most of all dark no one comes here without a dire need except for the sorceress if you believe the rumors it is is this where she disappeared how will you ever find anything in this Labyrinth of pitch black paths where's my sword hmm where's my sword i don't know the smith's assistant approaches afraid he carries what must be your weapon awesome well where'd he go families just have it i was expecting them to give you an item but it seems like it won't happen let's kill the beast there is no stopping now oh no this time the smith's assistant waits On the edge of the woods unwilling to enter the darkness nervously he gives you an object wrapped in cloth and then immediately runs away you're gonna need to you don't really blame him as you unwrap it the gift gleams with pure silver the blade is sharp in every physical test you may move blue to use all of your blue instead of your physical interesting i don't even i don't actually think i need that Though okay what are you checking for trying to see how many items you can use i hate that you're getting there first ah i don't know i feel i feel that you can use as many as you want if it's like this yeah yeah i'm gonna be using the discard and they always are always right yes so okay It must be it must then soon friend you here just as you enter the forest shadow the sorceress the mayor's wife and your mis and your mistress sit on the fallen log disheveled but otherwise unharmed no more hiding the beast must die track down the beast blue what am i doing with blue right now i'm not set up for blue i'm not set up to do blues Two probably works it only takes you a moment to locate the beast trail then another and yet another circling all around you who is hunting who you wonder wait says the sorceress finally there's another way what what nonsense is this i was hunting him what the heck do i do i don't know how to make this happen like look at where this is it's all the way over there Frick so i'm definitely going to use the experience one two ten grabbing everything oh come on that won't do it for you oh five gain experience using experience knocking that down two notches and that's it oh my god this sucks darn it that sucks there's a bond between us she explains between me and this Monster we must find it soon and i will need your help she looks around i need ingredients for a spell give her your blood how do you always have all of your dice available to you so i'm going to push blue up one to use blue instead of red which is gonna give me yep two two successes i think that's it Your cut is too deep and you cringe in pain as your lifeblood flows she marks bloody signals on the stone around her whispering her dark words it's headed for the town her eyes snap open and you both run where the spell has guided you trans but i'm so close oh i hate this i hate it i can't make it in time i can't make it in time oh this sucks and you don't have items that can help Me with this darn mask don't you yes come on man what is go how is it five again oh i can move i can move one thing downwards okay that does help man oh that sucks oh i did i just got one this might be worse okay no just lose one and gain another using that Spending that to move that downwards and move that downwards i'm not gonna make it in time ah that's it you're gonna win you're gonna win you're gonna win there's no way you don't win oh no i can't believe it i thought it was so close you're on the outskirts of town now it's quiet but you fear you don't have much time left to end your bloody hunt you must Lure the beast out of town whispers the sorceress a dog bark somewhere nearby convince the sorceress to call the first name or allure the beast with some bait i don't have bait [Music] is that caddied uh no i think that's pretty clear it's true you're fine you got you got it you got two have you lost your mind she hisses can you imagine how much it hates me I will not place myself as bait suddenly she falls silent another sound rings through the cold air a beast you'll growl and heavy footsteps no need to lure it the beast is just around the corner you're turning stop i just need a good roll lord give me a good roll please please please please just give me the three give me the three give me the Three please oh oh come on it's five again it's five again it's five no it's four it's four how is this happening i don't understand how am i rolling the same thing i'm still doing it i need it it's like the thing i need how is it the same role every time that's so ridiculous oh my god i mean you need ritual items But there's a lot of them around no i mean there's as many as there are silver items i'm sure well sure but she specified that the holy water so it's the only place i know for sure there's a ritual item sure that's my oh man you might be right you might be right i might have just hyper focused on this too much but how is it possible you don't have the stats to do it so i lose one but i gain another thing And if you'd paused for a turn and done something else you could have rolled like two of these instead because you keep expending them i did just notice something i can do i'm gonna move this two spaces forward okay huntsman it comes bounding through the snow on all fours this is it you grasp your weapon tighter as you march to meet its last And end this once [Music] i wasn't even close to completing my thing man oh you destroyed me the silver shines bright in the moonlight it's time to put your blade to the test all right check this out on your on turn start you may oh i should've been doing this the whole time by the way it's been like four turns green to drop red green to drop red It's the other way i'm sorry sorry i guess yeah yes yes yes yes yes one two three four dropping all that down to ten that's for this crossbow then plus two in a test i really wanted to see what my thing ended up in a test don't roll any die instead your roll total is ten four five six successes yeah you got it there's no way you win ah the silver blade strikes too True piercing its skin and lodging itself deep between the ribs the monster cries out in pain and staggers back bleeding with a final human moan it falls to its knees long have you waited to do this or it brings no joy the beast lies broken at your feet somewhere close you hear townsfolk approaching kill it kill it now whispers your Mistress no one can see it like this long have you waited to do this oh no i just spent all my success stuff on that all right let's do this then yeah let's go for all of them i can't believe that in this gameplay i'm the one that's doing like the really bad rules five six seven eight with another success three oh my god come on he was a monster Actually got four even in his human form you take his life with great pleasure and as the silver is painted with the blood for the last time you feel that justice has been served as the beast lies dead you search your feelings and realize you are at peace with your conscience there was you tell yourself no other possible ending to this story there's no time to enjoy your victory not yet as the mob closes in you drag The already shifting body first through the village then through the snowy plains using all your craft you mask your tracks and lose the pursuers as the dawn catches you finishing your morbid task you and the sorceress look at each other and share a morbid laugh you win [Laughter] the beast was no more god what a disaster The townsfolk never learned its final fate for the huntsman was discreet and never spoke a word about those strange events some suspected his role in riding in ridding the town of the monster for how else would he have deserved the praise he received from the mayor's wife miraculously returned the mayor himself was never seen again but he was soon forgotten one more victim of the beast His widow gov his widow governed in his stead and proved herself effective and just under the husband's watchful eye the man's man's distrust for her faded despite the rumors of her sorcery she practiced the witch stricken with grief retreated into the woods susan sally sally no longer interfering in the affairs of men she likely died there alone and Forgotten soon the winter ended and with it the memory of the bloody time as spring came celebrations were held and survivors of the winter days feasted mary eager merry and eager to leave the darkness behind them little did they know that their predicament was but the beginning of something much grander ah you beat me by so i couldn't even get To my finale oh no i'm so sad i wonder if i would have gotten into this next round of course not of course not so ridiculous that's the end of the gameplay video yes we are going to be doing a solo and a three player here on the channel we're going to be playing through everything and i mean this is it's all right there's going to be a played at once video that's like 12 minutes or so that was Released before this gameplay video came out swing over there check it out if you haven't already and stay tuned subscribe get ready alex and shira are coming in for a three-player game play i'm gonna be popping in for a solo gameplay this is so cool yeah that was a that was amazing we're gonna go record the uh the plate at once

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