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emma chamberlain

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I bet you're thinking emma this is not your kitchen where in the world could you be well it all started when i was born [Music] i had this crazy idea yesterday where i was like i am going to go on a last minute trip i need it i need a little recharge so i'm just gonna go to the desert for 48 hours so i rented an airbnb and this morning i drove here i'm in the desert and i set some rules for myself i was like okay rule number one no social media rule number two only source of entertainment is allowed to be books number three that's it i'm gonna make some tea so give me a second while i fill the kettle okay i think i did that right i Literally packed a cooler look filled it with groceries and i just [ __ ] drove my ass here okay now this was very spontaneous and to be honest not super well thought out i don't think i really thought about how frightening the desert may be at night [Music] so when i got here i immediately got Into bed and started reading and that was great and that lasted for about an hour then i got hungry so i cooked in the kitchen that was fun whatever and then i laid in bed and literally stared at the ceiling i know that's kind of sad but yes i did that that was good and then i was like okay i'm actually getting really bored so i cooked dinner and then it started to get dark out And i was like i don't like this anymore i don't like this anymore at all to give you some context i am in the middle of it of the desert in a house by myself that has minimal security i have no weapons the closest thing i have to a weapon is this hydra flask which is honestly a relatively good weapon but like not a lot and immediately as a very anxious person I started to well freak out and i wanted to go home but i was like you know what no emma we're gonna stick it through is that even a saying we're gonna stick it through and we're gonna have a good day tomorrow originally i was going to sleep here tomorrow night too i decided canceled i'm only going to make myself sleep here one night as a challenge for self development character growth Etc etc but anyway should i give you a tour here is the front door having serious digestive issues so the place is really cute if you want to know why i picked this place out of all the other airbnbs i saw pink fridge it kind of feels like i'm camping because i had to like bring all my own food and stuff to cook which was fun i liked that element i loved packing for this trip it was like Fun to fill up the cooler with all the food in my fridge i also brought other stuff like salt of course oh speaking of that i should make cold brew for tomorrow morning guys i'm so smart the quietness of the desert is almost terrifying like i almost hate it okay i didn't bring mason jars because i'm not very smart so we're gonna do something A little bit creative the thing about traveling alone is i think that you need to make sure that you know what you're gonna do with your day because i didn't really think about like okay emma what are you gonna do every day and i didn't plan that out whereas like my last solo trip i went to new york i had there's so much to do but in the desert there's a lot less to do Praying that this is cold brew in the morning time will tell there's not much to do here although the town um closest to me in the place that i'm staying has many thrift stores and although i'm trying not to shop would it hurt i'm not gonna lie guys i'm freaked out i'm trying to talk over the fact that i'm genuinely frightened for my safety i know it'll be fine but as most People's brain works it's like well i guess not most people can the lights not flicker at all during this trip please yes i brought lemon juice from home in a mason jar i'm turning into a mom seriously more and more every day i brought my have you seen i am a mom as i started to brush my teeth my brain Started coming up with a new creepy scenario what if one of the neighbors is a creep and knows that this house gets rented out and they've been waiting for the perfect victim none of the people that have come by and stayed at this airbnb have been the perfect victim which is why nobody knows that this guy is plotting to kill somebody well he's gonna see me and say she's Perfect because she's a vulnerable small girl by herself and then kill me i just want something to relax me i feel like doing this little gouache massage could really help maybe i just learned how to do this i think i was just using it upside down i don't know are you enjoying watching this this really does feel really good i can't lie it is currently 9 30. am i scared a little bit but i've tried to calm some of my anxiety by reading i feel much better listen i only have one night here i'm not gonna lie you know it's like moments like this when i'm like emma you [ __ ] idiot why did you do this so last minute why didn't you just stay home but i have to make the most of it because i'm here my stomach hurts but literally what's new wanna see how Much left i have of my book i farted um i have this much left of my book not much you guys all right i'll see you tomorrow if anything spooky happens throughout the night i'll let you know but i'm really hoping that the next clip you see of me is me in the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready for the day also it looks like i was itching my boob but i swear to god i was itching the Eczema in my armpit i can promise you that peace and love hopefully i see you tomorrow i like don't want to say goodbye to you guys because you guys are making me feel safe right now like i feel like i'm not alone and then when i turn this off i'm alone again okay good night love you good morning i did it guys it really wasn't that bad when i tell you i fell asleep In like 30 seconds i did so i don't know what i was going on about but i'm exhausted because story time hold on there was some drama last night at around four in the morning i wake up and i have excruciating stomach pain so bad like worse than period cramps like so bad i'm sweating my full body's covered in sweat i try to take vitamins and stuff to help with my digestion because i have stomach problems well i just tried a new One let's just say i sat on the toilet for a while we're gonna have a fun day today although it is literally 40 degrees outside it's like colder than when i was in new york i thought the desert was you know gonna be hotter let's see how my cold brew turned out worked out pretty good i think i should get bundled up and go for a walk but it's gonna take some courage oh i didn't mean to turn the camera I'm not gonna lie to you i'm stalling going outside because it's so cold and if we're being honest i did not pack properly like can i show you one of the things i packed this cute vintage short top whatever i was trying to be here in the desert dressed in style coachella vibes well clearly um i just didn't plan properly because it's 40 degrees so i may brave the cold and try to get an Instagram photo in this outside with timer cam because i have no friends until it warms up a little bit outside i'm gonna do indoor activities okay which i know like defeats the purpose but this is still kind of heavenly sitting in this gorgeous leather chair with my gorgeous cold brew in my leggings [Music] now i feel like i have an old person Body like i feel like my body just aged really badly and it's just like i'm already starting to like lock up could also be because i had a very restless night of sleep filled with diarrhea and feelings of severe pain if i'm being honest i thought i had appendicitis you know what appendicitis is when your appendix is pendus when your appendix explodes my brain was starting to go there Sorry tmi okay i now realize that this whole stretching thing was a waste of time it was a cute idea though right a for effort but no what i can do is i can go on a walk so maybe i'll do that instead in order to stall more so that i don't have to go outside i'm making breakfast i'm going to attempt to make an omelette so we'll see how that goes i've never made an omelette It can't be that hard wow i didn't bring like much seasoning thank god i have salt but like that's pretty much all i have we're gonna have to make that work watch this magic yup it's really [ __ ] loud i don't know if that's a good thing okay what see if i can do it with one hand as oh no like that went bad like that went real bad See oh my god i got shell in that one too [ __ ] raw eggs whatever if i get a little shell it won't kill me oh wait i found black pepper this was here i always get kind of grossed out using like oh that was way too much pepper are you [ __ ] with me looks like [ __ ] lemon poppy seed salad dressing I wonder where the shell went i mean it looks kind of pretty right oh i need to make another coffee wow that was the perfect amount of cold brew you know what some things are going right on this trip although i am going to click bait this video and say trip to the desert alone went wrong oh great yeah the omelet also went wrong oh i've never made an omelette but it can't be that hard I can't oh my god that's the worst looking i swear i'm not that bad of a cook like i swear it's just that like i swear okay honestly it doesn't look that bad really sriracha sriracha really has a crazy smell huh i have some spicy hummus i'm gonna add that to the top as a dollop we're kind of working with what we have here because i don't have like my full kitchen to be great To be very creative and such it might be good i shockingly don't hate it it's definitely a little weird this is the final meal in my desert home and i feel like i did a decent enough job and if any of you know me you know that i like burnt eggs so the fact that the eggs are burnt does not bother me well i mean i finished the whole thing it couldn't have been that bad i wonder where the shell went there was like Three shells in my eggs i'll let you guys know how that turns out when they come out the other end we did it i got out of the house and i'm on a walk it's freezing unfortunately this trip has been difficult for me which is kind of a bummer considering my last solo trip was like an amazing experience this is my second solo trip And it didn't go so well and i'm discouraged but i'm also like emma it's good for you to fail sometimes and to feel a little stupid and feel like you didn't plan properly it's good it is nice to walk here though fit check ugliest fit check ever also just ignore my hair like i can't can't really explain what's going on there this is giving me very much seventh grade side bangs remember in like at least When i was in middle school everybody wanted side bangs like this so everybody like tried to cut them themselves and it just went terribly bad miss those days simpler times simpler to out [ __ ] i hope you enjoyed that unnecessarily long desert clip chances are you can't even hear me right now because it's so windy all right i'm gonna i'm gonna keep Walking i'm out of this [ __ ] i decided i would pack up the car and i would adventure around the town a little bit and then just go immediately home because that's i vibe checked myself i was like vibe check and i my response to myself was you want to go home so bad um i found a coffee shop that's pretty close by so that's my first destination Apparently this coffee shop is in a van so this is exciting we got it i feel nervous filming people around here because i feel like i'm so in the middle of the desert that they would not understand a youtuber oh my god it's actually really good okay but also look how crazy i am i went into my cooler in the back and got my nut pod i'm taking advantage Of the fact that this is going to be the only time in my life that i actually have nut pods in my car i mean i'm happy so here's my plan for the remainder of the day i'm gonna start driving home but i know for a fact that on the way home i'm going to see a lot of fun little thrift stores and stuff like that i looked a lot of them up online and it seems like a lot of them are actually Closed which is there's okay there's not it's not all dirt roads based on all of my um context clues that i've absorbed i can't imagine that they're updating their yelp page or their google page it can be hard sometimes when you know that you're being negative you know what i'm saying like you know in your brain you're like i know i'm being negative about said Situation and i know that i need to change my mindset i know that but sometimes you can know that and it's like impossible to turn it off the first good thing that's happened is this coffee it's actually very good oh my god there's another coffee shop that one's so cute it's too soon though i thought that i was just gonna read and journal and meditate and do yoga [ __ ] no like it just wasn't what i was In the mood for and then i was mad at myself because i was like emma you're supposed to be on your philosophical educational life altering eye-opening journey of your late teens early 20s that's what you're supposed to be doing right now and you just took yourself to joshua tree to do that and now you're doing none of it and you're scared and you're in a bad mood you are a failure no i'm not Also i totally caved and went on my phone last night i read my book listen i read my book but i also went on my phone i also went on my phone a little bit today but it's good to fail every once in a while it's humbling i was starting to think too highly of myself because of all the books i've been reading and all of the time i've been spending alone i started to think that i was like i just thought i was like a genius I was like oh my god i'm turning into a [ __ ] genius i am literally turning into a an intellectual because i'm spending so much time alone in reading so much [ __ ] book i can't believe i woke up at 4 a.m to have diarrhea like that's just never happened that's just never happened to me and like of course on this trip i wake up with the worst stomach pain i've ever Had and explosive sorry i honestly i know you guys watch my videos some of you guys watch my videos while you're eating and i know you're probably like emma stop i won't talk about my diarrhea anymore but i would be lying if it wasn't still going on it's not over i just pulled over because i saw a thrift store and it was open i'm just hoping that they take Credit card wish me luck [Music] [Applause] y'all it was a success let's do a thrift haul the first thing i got everything was so cheap it was like actually thrift prices because in la they jack up the prices of everything at thrift stores because they know that they can i got this cute Little random bag i don't know what vibe this gives me but i just liked it and i like the colors on it i love this little detail here it was like 15 bucks and it's actually really nice quality next thing i got i had to get like i just couldn't help myself like come on and honestly it's like the material so soft i just feel like i'm gonna wear this more than i should I got this leather vest i couldn't help myself again look how cute it is it says lady ryder which i think is so cute born wild still wild this said deal with it girls ride two it ain't easy to be me high maintenance i want to wear this over a hoodie and just call it a day i love leather vests this one's just like funny and cute the last thing i got is so boring literally Ten belts but listen belts are so expensive this place had so many belts and all of them were one dollar so i went crazy i got all different types i got like this here pink one i just thought was super cute two more gold ones this brown one and then this black and silver one so that was fun i feel satisfied i feel like i thrifted Enough where like i'm not going to be sad if i just go straight home now i feel like i got some little things to remember my trip by so that doesn't make me as sad do i even want to remember this trip though back on the road we'll see if i stop somewhere else um and if something piques my interest nothing else piqued my interest on the way out of the town i was more just absorbing the sights And honestly i think i enjoy the drive of road trips sometimes even more than the trip itself i think i'm getting my period because i'm having very bad cramps but it also could be from my digestion supplement that kept me up all night i'm not going to go into detail about that again i think i've already done it three too many times oh my god Shout out to the truck next to me for getting dust all over my windshield i didn't appreciate it but it also wasn't their fault i guess i'm about to drive through coachella valley fond memories honestly it's crazy to me that coachella didn't happen for two it's not gonna happen this year and it didn't happen last year that's two years of no coachella and i'm like i'm here to tell the tale Like it didn't kill me i have a strategy for coachella next time we get to attend i think i'm not gonna put any effort into my outfits i used to put so much effort into my outfits i would spend months planning my outfits for coachella i would make a literal spreadsheet presentation but i think i'm going to do the complete opposite next time i get to go and i'm going to Put zero effort into my outfits almost as a statement i've changed i've grown up my priorities have shifted and i no longer care about being fashionable at coachella but then lord knows coachella's going to come around and i'm going to have a 20-page presentation for planning my outfits like it'd be like a rev it's like reverse psychology because it's like okay wait actually she Looks the coolest because she didn't try at all sorry if you can hear the rain maybe it's calming maybe it's relaxing i don't know maybe you enjoy it it's just a little loud which is bothering me personally anyway ttyl i'm home honestly i don't think i've ever been this happy to be in my bed like i don't know why i'm just so happy to be home that's rare i don't say that often You know i think that traveling can serve two purposes number one it can give you a slice of where you wish you lived like you go somewhere and you're like uh i wish i could live here blah blah blah i never want to leave and you go home and you're a little bit bummed out but you're left with this fantasy oh next time i go like i can't wait for that i can't wait for the next time i get to go And you're also left with the fantasy of maybe one day i'll move there that's like what new york is for me and then you have a trip that may be fun and maybe cool but you're ready to leave when it's time to leave like you're excited to leave and you're excited to go home and you're excited to be in your own bed my trip was the second option i am home and happy to be here with my kitty declan do you want to come say hi to Your friends okay declan is in a meeting right now it's 9 p.m declan only takes meetings from noon to 5 p.m so if you want to set up a meeting with declan my other cat feel free to dm me thank you guys for making me feel less lonely on that trip i learned a few things number one don't stay in a scary house in the middle of the desert by yourself That's it that's all i learned thank you guys for hanging out with me thank you guys for making me feel less lonely on my trip i love you and you are so important to me and you are my bestie and here's your forehead kiss i'm gonna go to bed and enjoy my night of sleep in my comfortable bed and i will not be taking the digestive supplement that i took last night Because i don't want to wake up at 4 am with sweaty clothes and diarrhea anyway i love you i'll see you around [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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