Affiliate Marketing Examples: 4 Campaigns [Step By Step]

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Welcome To Todays Video - Affiliate Marketing Examples: 4 Campaigns [Step By Step] The links mentioned in the video are below for you. ➡️ Grab The FREE Trial ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ Check Out The blog article ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ Vidnami ➡️ Vidnami - Life Time Deal ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ Vidnami - FREE 7 Day Trial ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜c Automated Websites ➡️ Make Money With Automated Websites ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ In this video, we're going to go over some examples of successful affiliate marketing campaigns that have been done in the past as well as how they were executed so you can use them for your own business. Plus I share the numbers, the actual products and exactly how I drove traffic to these affiliate Marketing campaigns. We will look at 2 products with recurring income, one high ticket item and a new product launched into the market place. ========================================================= ? My #1 Recommendation To Learn Affiliate Marketing ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ My YouTube Passive Success Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ========================================================= ? GRAB THESE FREE COURSES ? ➡️ My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ? My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP YouTube Growth Course ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ Affiliate Marketing Articles. ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ========================================================= Affiliate Marketing Resources: ➡️ The BEST In-depth (FREE) Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ ➡️ Build Affiliate Sales Funnels (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ ➡️ The BEST Auto Responder (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ ➡️ Learn How To Build Affiliate Websites (FREE ) ⬅️ Never miss a video about simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Subscribe here --- #AffiliateMarketing #AffiliateMarketingExamples #EarnOnline Inspired By: Buildapreneur ? POPULAR PLAYLIST VIDEOS ? ➡️ Make Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos ⬅️ ➡️ Affiliate Marketing ⬅️ ➡️ The Best Side Hustles ⬅️ ====================================================== Affiliate Disclaimer: While I may receive affiliate compensation for reviews or promotions on this channel I always offer an open and honest opinion related to the product or service itself. My goal is to help you make an informed and best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are mine only. With any purchase you should always do your own due diligence before making any kind of purchase. By clicking on links or purchasing products I recommended on this page may generate an income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make. ====================================================== Thanks for watching/reading today's video

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In today's video i'm going to share with you four different affiliate marketing examples i'll show you the campaigns we'll look at you know the products i'll show you the earnings and we'll basically walk through absolutely everything and by the end of this video you'll know you'll see exactly what the campaign was the products which i was promoting as an Affiliate and believe it or not this isn't difficult to do and i'll walk you through the process i'll show you you know whether i did a youtube video whether i went ahead and did a blog article and we'll just go through the whole process from start to finish so we'll be looking at four specific products we'll look at this platform here which is warrior plus we will look at this piece of software over here which is called fignami i'll Show you some earnings from here we'll look at a campaign over on pay kickstart and then finally i'll share with you one which i set up about a week ago and i'm already up to 121 dollars a month in passive income so let's go ahead and dive into it and we'll literally start at the beginning and i'll also get rid of my head down here so you can see everything that's going on on the screen Okay so the first one we're going to start with is this one over here and it's called and i found out about this a couple of weeks ago and let me show you exactly what this is because it's absolutely awesome so if i come over here i'll just log into the account but first of all in fact let me go ahead and show you the actual let me just come on here let me just go to Let me go to default so you can see exactly what this is so basically this is artificial intelligence you can see on here you can use this to write proven high converting copy for you can use this for pretty much anything you can use this for copy for ads emails websites blogs and lots more so i found out about this in an affiliate marketing facebook group that I'm in and look i've trialed and tested some of these in the past and i've not been impressed with them at all but with this one at the time they were doing like a promotion whereby you could try it for free for i think it was a couple of days so i went ahead i trialed it i was really impressed with it and i signed up to this and then once i Went through and you know i trialed it and tested it i then started to become an affiliate for it so if i come over here let me show you inside of the software and how all of this works so this is inside of this now inside of the software you basically you work on templates so you can see here we have marketing frameworks so we've got the aidi Framework and this is basically attention interest design and action we've got the past framework and we've got this new one over here and they've got many more they've got e-commerce they've got email websites blogs ads and many more so when i was playing around with this and testing this out one of the features what i was really impressed with was this over here which is the video feature Now in terms of the video feature this isn't something that they actively promote when it comes to this you know this it's mainly focused around content writers and content creators you know like blogs and websites and people who write ad copy but inside of here they've got these video templates now i have this youtube channel and i have another You know i think i've wanted about three or four other youtube channels so inside of here i thought you know i'll go ahead and i'll trial and test and see you know just how good this is so for coming here i'll share with you an actual example and then once i've gone through this i'll show you you know the content that i did so if i come in here and i click on video topic ideas you see it's literally a couple of steps and then it gives you Different suggestions down here and you can see i've been playing around with this for a couple of weeks now so what topic should the videos be about so this one here was washberry's insult but let's just do any topic let me just think of something so let's just say we're doing a video around let's just go with essential oils for a headache for example so this Is just an idea and let's just say the keyword i was looking to rank for let's just say i was trying to um rank for essential oils i'm going to place that in here and then you've got turn of voice now you can play around with this and change it there's lots of turns of voice and i'm just going to change this to one in fact i'll leave on two outputs and i'll click on Generate ai content and then this will give me some different ideas for video topics so look here are some ideas and here are some ideas as well so let me just take one of these so let me go on to this one here helping them by giving them gardens so let's just go with this one here okay and literally you could copy all of these and use them but i'm going to take that as a topic Idea then i'm going to come back into my templates and go on video and then look i want an actual title for this so i'm going to paste this in here so what's the video about i'm just going to paste that into here let me get rid of that and click on the keyword to rank for again i'm just going to change that to essential oils and i'll click on generate ai content so now it's going to give me some video Titles based on this idea here now look at this let me come into here look top 10 essential oils for sleep how to get a better night's sleep in under 60 seconds pretty good i've got another one here and another one here the best essential oil diffuser so let's just go with let's just go with this top one for example so now we'll give it an idea i'm gonna copy that we've now got a video title from Just putting in a suggestion pretty cool now i'll literally i'm going to go to video script and introduction so i'm going to click on there and i'm going to paste my title into here and i'm going to click on generate ai content now here as you can see it's going to give me a video script hook and introduction so in a second once it's finished is loading look this here look this is the hook for the Video did you know that using essential oils introduction to the video it's epic it's just absolutely awesome so you go through and this is how this works so i'll go back into the template then i'll go into video so you know i've got my script i've started with an idea i've then got a title i've got a script and a hook and then i literally go for this i could go into script outline so if i go in Here you know i could type in anything in here and it will give me an outline for my script it also includes a description box it also includes the descriptions for youtube so i thought well you know this is pretty good and look don't get me wrong this software it's not just for creating youtube videos i also use this for blog articles and other bits it's pretty cool And if i click on content you can see this is all of the content i mean 343 items i've been using in here so it's pretty good so at this moment in time i'm using this for my niche youtube channels and i'm also using this for some different niche blogs that i have as well so if i come over here so at this time at this moment in time when i saw all this i thought this gives me an idea for some you know I'm going to create some content about this piece of software so the content that i created was the first one and was if i come over here was i literally went ahead and did this here you can see one week ago conversion ai review and i walked people through this whole process so it's had 278 views and thankfully touchwood no one's disliked this so i did a review video for this i also Did on my blog here how to create a youtube cash cow channel from scratch now if you don't know a youtube cash cow channel is basically where you outsource all of the content creation for a youtube channel and literally you just upload that video and you in time start adding a passive income for this but a lot of things that put people off This here this youtube cash cow you need to normally outsource all of the work so you need to outsource the script the video editor to create the video voiceover artist and a thumbnail you know to be created but using this software over here this conversion.air using this with another piece of software which i'll be showing to you in a couple of minutes this is a Really simple and the cheap way to go ahead and get these videos for a youtube cash cow channel it's pretty good so using a combination of this software and another one you can literally for less than six uh 70 dollars a month start you know creating these um youtube cash cow videos instead of outsourcing all of the work because normally if you outsource This you're looking at you can see here anywhere from 100 a video to what 30 dollars a video but using the software is you can create unlimited videos using this so that's basically what i've done and then the other thing inside of this software over here if i scroll down here you can see i've actually got where's the default link here i have got A five day free trial so if i click on here and i'll show you this i can send people over here so literally you can try out for free for five days and in five days you can play around with all of the templates and it will let you have up to ten thousand words that you can use inside of the software for free so it's pretty cool and inside of this blog article over here and also inside of the youtube video That i did here i literally you know i left a link to the article i created and i also included a link to the five day free trial and i'll drop a link to the trial below for you if you want to go ahead and check out by all means please do it's i use it i recommend it and it's absolutely brilliant so that is so far in the last couple of weeks these these earnings here this is now You know a monthly passive income that will be coming in from people who i've recommended to this software it's a pretty easy you know product to recommend and share and the fact that you can use this for you know you can use this for people who do youtube you can advertise this and share it with bloggers website earners e-commerce you know people who work in writing content and lots more it's just A great piece of software and from i think it's 29 a month so it's not expensive at all but try out for five days so that that is the first one so let me come up with this let me come out of this and this and this and this one so the next thing we're going to look at is this product over here on warrior plus now warrior plus it's not a platform that i focus on Too much at all but you can see here in the last seven days i've managed and a little over a thousand dollars now this has come from let me go over here and i'll show you this so if i come over onto let me go onto the blog and i'll show you what this one is next so once this loads up in a second sorry let me close some of these tabs just trying to speed this up fire so if i scroll down here you can see It is this one here make money with automated websites very simple passive income so here there is a piece of software over on warrior plus which is called yt evolution now this piece of software here let me just scroll down and show you this this basically allows you to import other people's youtube playlists like you can see here so you can turn a full youtube playlist or a full Youtube channel you can turn it into blogs and it's pretty cool and you can you know you can import from a number of channels or specific channels and you can do this in any niche you can do this with local video marketing and much more so what did i do well i went ahead and bought the actual software myself i trialed it i tested it once i was Happy with this i created a blog article like this one walking people through the process i also included some bonuses so if i scroll up here you can see as a bonus for buying this software for me i will also throw in some extra bonuses this includes you know this one here this one here and this one here anybody purchases this then guess what I an affiliate commission and this products relaunched in the last week and that's why we've had a pretty decent amount of commissions over on warrior plus but the this over here again i don't recommend or share anything that i don't use myself and i haven't you know trialled and tested and this software i purchased it in from memory it was october last year it's pretty good and it's just now Ending me at passive income and once you sell this up it just runs on complete autopilot so if you want to go ahead and check this out and see how all of it works i'll drop a link to this below for you as well so that there is the second one the third one i'm going to share with you is this one over here and it's called vidnami now this here it's a Piece of software which creates videos you know without any you don't have to be on camera you don't need any technical skills experience or anything like that it's really simple and you can see on here i use this i use it all the time in you know different niche channels and lots more but you can use this for youtube you can use this for sales pages you know working with local clients And lots more so how does it work really quickly i'll show you so in here you select the template and you've got all different formats but i'll just go with this click on a video click on use template here any any script that you put into here then this vidnami software will create a video for you so let me just grab some text let me just grab this here i'm just going to grab this really Quickly copy that and bring this back over here i'm going to paste a script into here click on create scenes and basically it works really quick but again this uses artificial intelligence and what happens here is depending on the script that you've put in the software will pick out your keywords and then from the keywords that you've included on here it will go ahead and find video clips For you and images now this software also integrates with another platform called storyblocks so in terms of videos there's nearly a million videos that you can use in this so if you just click on any of these keywords here so let me click on awesome see you can click literally you'll find any of these and if i hover over here this is the video so it's pretty good now in terms of the text on the screen you know if you don't Want the text on the screen you can get rid of it by clicking there if you want it on the screen but in a different position then you just simply you know you can move it around wherever you want you can highlight you can change the colors and lots more but basically you go through these videos make sure you're happy with it once you get to the bottom once you're happy with this you then click on add Voice now on here you can have no voice music only you can go with the ai voice so you can click on here and play any samples they've got them in australia uk many more just click on here my name is jack and i would love to read the script for your video so we've got that you can record your own voice or you can even upload one here so let me just go with this and Click on preview and then what happens is i mean look we're nearly now down at the bottom of this whole process so once you've built the video and you're happy with it you just download this so you can see here this is our video we've got music over here you can filter by a mood genre you can add watermarks you can slow it down speed it up and lots more But you just simply click on play so you go through make sure you're happy with it click on looks good continue and that's it so this piece of software over here vietnamese who do i market this to well literally i share content over on my youtube channel about you know how you can make money on youtube without being on camera it's really that simple and i just walk people through this process of you know You can go show them how simple it is and then we also look at incorporating this you know with affiliate marketing we look at going on to clickbank and getting products on clickbank and then creating a video around that product and then literally we just walk through this process here and then that that's literally all i do and in terms of this software here this vidnami if i Just come over here i'll just show you the reports now you'll see up here it says noble samurai this here is like the parent company for vietnam they've got a number of other products available but if you just scroll down here you can see for vidnami this was in january 2021 so i had 936 dollars february actually went down a little and so far This month in march we're at 851. so hits trial signups new sales and recurring sales so these recurring sales these are basically people who are paying for this monthly and i'm earning an affiliate commission now again this works absolutely awesome because i have a link whereby i can send people over to the sales page and they can try out for free For seven days i also have a lifetime link now that i've offered to people whereby i can give them a 30 discount and that's all i'm doing in my videos and this works this piece of software works incredibly well with this because you can use this software here to create scripts and all the rest of it once you've created your script using The software you then just come over to vidnami plug the script into here this will create the video for you and then you can upload that video onto youtube so it's pretty cool it's pretty cool sorry so that is product number three it is vietnami again i've just realized there's a theme running through this is ai but It's just it's just one of the products that again i use i recommend it and it's awesome so i'll drop a link to this below again if you want to go ahead and check this out then you absolutely can do and then the fourth one is this one over here this is of on pay kickstart you can see i've just filtered this to the 11 the sorry the first of the 11 2020 To the end so in two months over on pair kickstart i managed to end seventeen thousand dollars so it's a pretty decent amount of money and in terms of this amount of money here instead of me going through the whole process again and explaining it i'll scroll down here you can see there's this video here this affiliate marketing case study in this video here i'll walk you Everything that how i did to and this amount of money over here but basically i found a product i purchased the product i trialed and i tested it once i was happy with that i then leveraged my facebook group i created some content around this and there was a promotion coming on whereby i could earn some pretty decent commissions and i sent the traffic over to the Product so that is all explained in a lot more detail in this video here but overall that is four different products that i have made some pretty decent money with and all of them is either a youtube video or a blog article and then all i'm doing once i've created the content i'm driving traffic to the content and then literally the content sends them over to the sales pages Whereby you know they can go ahead and sign up but two of the products this app at the same and also this vietnami one they offer a free trial so it works really well because you know people go ahead to trial and they test it they're happy with it and then literally at this moment in time thankfully they're both converting very well so look that's today's video i hope you Found it useful if you did please give the video a like if you've got any comments or questions let me know but thanks for watching have a great day and i'll see you tomorrow you

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