Joe Rogan & Neal Brennan on Micro-dosing Mushrooms

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Joe Rogan talks to Neal Brennan about micro-dosing Psilocybin. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1053:

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If your father doesn't give you that part you know yeah what was the UM so you had gone through a series of ketamine there oh yeah I did I did the TMS the because I was looking to at the last time I was here and magnetic stimulation and which worked that man the problem was and I think I don't know if I talked about on here or not ih someone gave me some HGH they tell You that human growth hormones granule magnetic stimulation 45 sessions it worked great like it literally taking it takes like 35 minutes and they just put like electrodes on yours yeah I think that video they put they put that yeah they put video on looking Chris Rock sends me every single rape thing oh my god everything that comes every sing every page six Everly he said why'd you do that Twenty-five of these I don't know it's just like a thing now because then we go like there's so many guys not real batali yeah and by the way the more salacious they can make these stories the better they were talking about some room that Mario would take people up to and the floor is the rape room like what in the [ __ ] laughs is the yeah the you know makes me laugh is the the pictures of Louie got progressively worse and worse oh the ones they get Fine yeah like the New York Times just put up a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald [ __ ] it's you don't define the shitty is the guiltiest looking picture well there's so much video of him beating off like air beating on yeah you know play that video because this is you going the last time I was here this is on what yes from last time you were here yeah Wow look at that man give me some volume whoa dude that sound is like an MRI so that's what it is yes that's right we Talked about less yeah the but okay so then the problem was after that I did HGH heard someone gave me some HGH and I was like yeah if I can take you I don't give a [ __ ] yeah I'll take a [ __ ] I'm always looking for the in advantage and I started having panic attacks from HTN yes which is a wee it's a narrow side effect but it's one of the side effects of HGH basically it like supercharged my whole system I started having panic attacks on stage well I had A panic attack the night before I tape three months why I couldn't go on stage Spade was supposed to bring me on and I've told Adam I was like I can't go on I literally couldn't breathe Wow the night before yeah thankfully you killed it yes I thankfully didn't get one that night like oh my god dude trust me trust me and then I and then I had anxiety for months literally like just thanked like people say I have anxiety I'd never had anxiety I was like I'm not An anxious person I wouldn't even know what that's like it's [ __ ] miserable it's me to me it was worse than depression because you're agitated and like you just feel like static it just was like a static over your body it was like you're you just have like this like cortisol snow in your and it sucked so I went back on on Zoloft and then it ended the anxiety now but you were trying to get yourself off of them yeah so now I'm gonna go I'm I'm Back I just stopped Incans Olaf like two weeks ago as you can't I feel actually really good because oh here's what I didn't say I also micro dosed while I was on Zoloft I'm microdose shrooms like three times yeah which is actually like pretty fun it's super fun but it's like not daunting it's not that you're not like it's not trippy right you're not like you feel good I did that three times I Did LSD once and I I'm thinking of so now I'm going off and when an interesting happened when I microdose I got significantly less angry just as like an operating principle mmm like I was just like oh I'm less angry like I just didn't feel as like snappy and shitty no like for a long for like like in a over a big period I got a buddy of mine as a world champion kickboxer he remember doses and he fights on it fights high on mushrooms Did I test for it or they it's just nope that's funny [ __ ] people out while he's on mushrooms that's great and I mean better than he's ever looked in his past he said he could see things coming before they happen yep he said it literally feels like he's got some sort of psychic ability when he's sparring like he sees what guys are doing and if you watch him fight he just looks way sharper than he's ever looked before Yeah and homeboys doing mushrooms yeah and that's that so I've been I stopped taking Zoloft because you can't you can't be on it and do I have again cuz you can you risk serotonin syndrome which is like it too much serotonin you're but yeah it went over the first guy that tell me about 5-htp before we even started selling it and I got it before we started having yeah mood you were telling me about 5-htp yeah and the you were sandy danto told me about no [ __ ] yeah cuz I he sold me some ecstasy and he was like yeah and also take this the next day and I was like and then I like research and I was like I should just take so I still take that 5-htp I think it's good for weight loss really it like when I take 5htp I'm just not hungry it like that was the other sort of weird side effect of the micro dosing my appetite went down like significantly across the board wonder how much does The app Atty tis not really how much food you need but rather you need something to do mmhmm yeah or it's just a like at this time of day I do this but I end up like losing 10 pounds that's inch from me like your 150 from I've lost 12 pounds from like 159 to 147 Wow yeah and up but it's not like not starving myself or anything right you didn't feel uncomfortable no not at all oh yeah do you monitor your diet AUD are you eating healthy yeah like I got my blood tested probably three months ago and everything was good do you are you eating sugar and bread and things like I've eaten I've stopped I've eaten I used to be a big dessert person and I kind of just like I think that mushrooms might have made me just like it yeah that you don't sugar you know the thing with sugar is you don't need it for free day if you don't want it right like you just your body doesn't Like you gotta [ __ ] get us some sugar you're just like yeah well I guess once you cut free yeah and especially if you're really conscious about what you're eating in terms of like probiotics and things that sort of help the landscape the biome landscape and make sure you've got healthy things in there I think that's so significant and the more researchers that I talked to and the more people that are nutrition experts to start talking about your gut Biome and how important it is to take the proper probiotics yeah I think it affects your personality I think it affects your immune system I think it affects virtually the path of your life that you take depending upon what foods you eat it has a different effect on how you live your life well that's meditation does the same thing because you're like you get a feeling from meditation and then you're like don't I want to spoil this right with like Garbage thinking or behavior like let me just try to bring a bit of that into my everyday yeah i mean that's the tank for me yeah the tank is I literally forgot about tanks until you and I'm like I live like a block from flow lab you gotta go like I I went and I went I think you must helling you've been doing this 2002 is the first time I got one wait I'd run it wait start doing the podcast I think you told Me about it you told me about it I went to flow lab had the thought in the in the tank you gotta love something literally that was thought I hadn't and then I got a dog literally like he's always like I [ __ ] yeah like that that I like that [ __ ] like and I just forget that it exists the tanks yeah I think they're giant I think it's like one though it's it's one of those things that requires you to Block off a chunk of your time so if you're a busy person it's hard to yeah it's hard to pull that off but I think it's like one of the most important things you could do how are you doing well I haven't done in a long time because I took the one out of my basement and I had it installed here God took me a few times off and we just got it put in two days ago so I haven't even been in it so I haven't been a tank at all in three months oh well two months Two months some only thought how often do you think he'll do it now couple days a week a couple days ago is good if I give myself two days a week I'm happy do you ever go in and just think about your daughters yeah sure yeah yeah like is it so it's not I don't like have a plan right sometimes I have a plan like maybe I'll have a bit that I'm trying to work out and I just like this bed it's just clunky there's a part of it that's clunky I'll smoke some Pot and climb in that tank and think about it there's that in the in the there's like a pre [ __ ] syllabus for the ibogaine and it's like you need to come with questions ooh for ibogaine well for sweet lady ibogaine whoa and it's I'm like I have to run and then a friend of mine was like can you ask a question for me it's like no I don't think that's legal I cubed like eight so well Lucy about what's going on with her feet yeah but I'm like looking forward to asking asking big questions although I got to say the last year has been very revealing for me in terms of like what what's important

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