Three subway robbers DON'T want to rob their "own people." | Short Film

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SUBSCRIBE to watch the best short films: The world’s best short films from OSCARS® & BAFTA qualifying film festivals. Short Film: Tribes Director: Nino Aldi Writer: Andy Marlatt Producer: Jake Hunter, Jeion Green, Patricia Chica Cast: Adam Waheed, Destorm Power, Jake Hunter, Jason Stuart In this powerful and thought-provoking dark satire, the themes of identity and discrimination unfold during a train ride between two stations as an African American, an Arab-American, and a white man tries to rob a train. However, no one wants to rob their own race. ABOUT For 25 years we have showcased the world’s best short films at our prestigious film festivals. Now for the first time, you can watch these films and more on our YouTube channel, THE SHORTS NETWORK. THE SHORTS NETWORK features short films from film festivals accredited by the OSCARS®, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Our signature film festival is the LA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, which ranks among the most prestigious and largest short film festivals in the world. FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Note - Short film used with permission from filmmaker. #shortfilm #comedy

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[Music] yes [Music] all right listen up this is a robbery give me everything you all good all right wallets phones watches come on put in the bag the [ __ ] is you looking at yeah let's go come on give me that watch hurry up iphones ipads money clips give me that hurry up let's go let's go What else [Music] i am doing it as fast as i can i don't care you're gonna [ __ ] die if you don't put it faster now you good hurry up you two momma yo what's up what what you mean they good why they good don't worry about it nah dog why they good I don't want to jack my people oh for real okay well then how about i say we don't jack my people no that's not the same what's that mean you know what it means no [ __ ] you jamar we be suffering every day same as you hey you know what i'm mad how about we don't jack your people either right whoa whoa whoa whoa so you're saying we can't jack them they not my people i mean Close enough right buy a [ __ ] map kevin okay okay then guess what i'm not gonna jack my people either nah we definitely don't want your people yeah they're the ones behind all the sufferings [ __ ] my people suffer every day cause you're people no we don't think that no i i i never no no no no all right let's just focus right how about we just jack Whoever ate like any of us right like the immigrants no dog they kind of my people look at you from queens yeah but my whole family is immigrants so now that i'm thinking about it they are my people can't have more than one people dog actually you can i just had my dna tested i am half nigerian And eight percent native american i'm 12 norwegian i say i'm italian but i've never been to italy that don't make sense that is a peculiar american trait like what is a hot dog hold on hold on shut up no no i get it see what we see as self-identity goes far beyond genetics or geopolitical demarcation the american founding doctrine of placing an individual above the Collective results in a multifaceted society in which a person can identify with myriad subgroups based on factors like regional history ancestral migration moral values of social economic status often as a means to elevate themselves above those they deem unfamiliar in opposition i mean you know [ __ ] so what you're saying is the only way this is going to work is we All got to agree on which associative subgroup to jack without betraying our own self-identity so we can't jack the immigrants no what we could do to [ __ ] is that hey immigrants all right so all you immigrant haters over there everybody else over here not to be more of us i'm also disappointed what the [ __ ] kevin i guess i got more Than one people too i met [ __ ] all right let me think let me think hey we dudes right yeah all right we just robbed the women okay what the [ __ ] that supposed to know are you gay no i'm not [ __ ] gay all right cool so all the gay people on this side straight over here let's go hurry up don't hesitate by section [Music] All y'all get i'm not but i identify with the struggle as an oppressed minority you anti-amicable yes but pro-gay yes i'm european we're complicated what the [ __ ] i met press minority dog i identify wait all right cool we do about money you got it move and if i find out any of y'all wealthy [ __ ] got more than 20 in your pocket and you not over there I'ma redistribute your brains all over the train yeah let's go come on move boom right now all right while it's full touch what i just think that maybe this is class warfare dog you're so [ __ ] white yeah trust me this ain't your tribe but it could be some day we got five minutes i got this jamar All right cat people over here go on people over there go starbucks or nascar starbucks paper or plastic okay [Music] young [Music] what i like dancing [ __ ] guns yeah all y'all that like guns over here we got the guns dawg yeah it's more of a materialistic tribalism but i [ __ ] with It everybody with guns over here everybody else over there she's done this a long time ago no [ __ ] go ahead i said go ahead come on yo you notice the train stop yeah stop the while back why you ain't saying nothing cause you distracted me through tribal [ __ ] it's not [ __ ] we shouldn't be doing This dog i mean i'm starting to realize i'm part of something much bigger all these people they're not me but it turns out they kind of are me we're all connected i just been choosing not to see take it from them hurts me it hurts in here i mean you know [ __ ] no you know my mama said something to me Like that once she said kevin we're all one soul and when we harm others we really harm ourselves your mama said that just after she shot that dealer in her meth lab he was her best mule so she really hurt herself that's beautiful dog can't believe [ __ ] it's freaky right this whole time we've been making them The targets but by doing that we're really just making ourselves the targets your dog you too which associate subgroup is this [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] over here i'm [ __ ] over here shut up dog [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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