How to Use ANY Custom Lower Third With H2R Graphics

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How to Use ANY Custom Lower Third With H2R Graphics. How we create and use custom lower thirds quickly. Follow us on Instagram:

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All right today we're going to show you our awesome custom h2r graphics hack check it out here we can pretty much take any name put it on top of any image and easily be switching between them insanely quickly so the the brain here is h2r graphics and really two of them we have companion letting us trigger any Lower third we want and the best part is it's so easy to add a new name you can do it as quickly as this scroll down at the bottom i'm going to click add we got brian here he's the video guy hit show now brian has his own custom lower third i can take it onto our main program there and we've now just built a lower third seconds before they walked on stage Let's show you how we do it h2r graphics is the brain we're running two different versions and this is important because we're running everything from one computer okay one h2r graphics is letting us do the actual text with a transparent background okay it is a key and a fill and it does it for us awesome the other h2r graphics and we're running two different versions of the software It's handling the logo this is usually provided to us from the client sometimes we have to make our own but the logo actually has a key and a fill in itself so the fills are on top the keys are on the bottom once it comes out of this computer here we're sending it into the switcher the switcher then used two downstream keys to be able to overlay them properly so What you see here is you see brian on a downstream key and then you see the graphic behind him right and again we can easily be changing who these layers are really easily okay once it's on there we have buttons here and everything's networked so that the graphics guy can hit tie right and bring it on and off preview so we can see what it looks like right and then once it's up there either The switcher or the director whoever wants to can take the entire preview and bring it on to program just like that so this is how this works then if we're like you know what we brought it on and we want to take off just the graphic but not the person talking we can take off just the graphic and fade it off real nice there the idea for us is to spend the least amount of time prepping so we can be Cranking out conferences right so this allows us to do this check this out i'm going to change the entire look of that lower third in less than a minute so i'm going to take a new provided graphic here okay let's just use this one here that's a fill that is a key i'm going to hit the button there's our new graphic but brandon the text doesn't line up Easy h2r graphics allows us to change how big we want our graphic to be i can move it up see i can move it all the way up here if i want to so i'm going to center it right about there maybe i change the size ever so slightly and all of a sudden now we have a graphic that looks half decent right center that up and now i can use our same system here to hide it to show it here i can tie it so that way when we Cut out it moves with it right and i can easily be changing who i have coming in here i guess i need to change which people i have and how long their names are so i wouldn't want to necessarily use this graphic for these long titles but you get the idea be able to change the name on top of the graphic really really quickly and then be adding them Very fast the less time you spend prepping your graphics the more time you have to make sure everything is going to work and spend with the client and doing more and more shows so that is our h2r graphics hack we don't use it for every conference but the conferences we do use it for we love it so thanks for watching

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