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[Music] now it doesn't have to be like that so I'm totally open to having people's different ideas but that's what you want to be thinking about when you're reading it that this is the rhythm of the heart and when the rhythm gets broken up what does that mean what does it mean inside the hearts of those characters these are characters in love and young crazy love but soft what light through yonder Window breaks it is the east and Juliet is the Sun arise fair Sun and kill the envious moon who is already sick and pale with grief know that but drinks really fame what's the answer no sure I mean can you repeat the question how about you put your phone away and pay attention sorry where was I right feeling that heartbeat where is this crazy uncontrolled love this young that doesn't understand the world that it's [Music] Hey you coming hmm the bell rang he's going live soon he's gonna do chops to challenge come on you watch it in class was a sub no he's mean he took my phone [Music] [Music] [Music] it's minty that was cream tea mint by chapstick Thank You chopstick response around this if you guys haven't seen already link down below it's actually the hoodies coffee some of these hoodies They're absolutely amazing I'm ready make sure to subscribe and like this video if you want to see more for a challenge for you guys how much you like this video with your litt though at this point I think I've been a mark max you already I don't care anymore why do you think that is falling in love has the same chemical makeup as someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder so if someone says that you're going crazy well you might just be is that Rhys it's From like two years ago it's not even online anymore I just have it saved onto my phone because he's so cute totally oh my gosh have you seen this one not [Music] I can't decide if I like the old eraser the new Reese what are you doing I'm commenting I miss your nerdy side say he's thought what innocent girls this is not a tea party get to work yes miss hassle bag what are you doing I'm just so fast I just need to get some Blood to my head I thought you were over this no I fainted last week how house watching Reese Nolan are you singing in the shower it's okay doctor says just a little foot pressure so just doesn't make sure miss hassle hag isn't looking Hey hey Jessie I need 20 bucks what for don't be so nosy sorry I you know we didn't get paid today okay how much you got I only have ten that's not him enough for a medium pizza it is three of us what do you expect us to do do you want me to come I can make you something we're training we gotta focus training yeah I already told you I'll be the turn pro you can get a small pizza nice that's how you see me small pizza and for my friends he's cheating on you how do you know I can just tell he's not always like that okay it's just when he's with his Friends he's not good enough for you okay so so what so break up with him okay you can do better what if I can't you don't have to be like that easy for you to say you're not me okay I'm just not that confident you know who you do deserve who Rhys in my dreams mom what pack what your shrink it it was in the basket hang dry mom it's like and I did talk about this report card it doesn't even fit a C in English okay that's cuz the teacher it's All the girls missing assignments mom it was $40 less you're distracted look at this how are you going to get into college where's the Hartford a I will take that it's no good seriously give it that do not joke on us here you might pay for it mom do not even think you need to focus no I'm serious okay give back this is not a joke now there is your life oh and I totally faked her out so she gave it back yeah now she thinks I'll Die without my phone so she's never gonna try that one again I mean you probably will are you shooting watching movies right now you would distract it yeah you just posted have you seen it he's planning a promposal and he's gonna ask Lana nobody tell her guys look at this it's all setup as soon as she comes to this door she thinks we're making a video and we are but what she doesn't know balloons confetti flowers this sides gonna drop if this gets a million Likes this is gonna happen so hit that like button I'm so nervous guys send me some love I hope she says yes he's a god I know I could watch him all night hey where have you been I've been looking for you know and thank you get up you late for school come on [Music] first we need each other baby you know we're the same [Music] you have a portable charger if anyone's finished early you can hand in your papers here and start reading the next chapter to yourself quietly what faith can you please hand in your phone oh yeah I can't I I can't free stockings reply to my comments it that's it thank you okay back off okay leave her alone you can turn your phone she has a medical condition and she might die without Excuse me why I mean faint but just just leave her okay maybe we should go to the nurse no she'll just saw me to lay down and chill take my phone away I can't miss the proposal I can't believe this is happening I mean how you even know it was him it was probably just someone that works for him right no no it was him okay I know it was him so do you think he like checked out my account I doubt it well What if he did though like what if he stalked me or something even if he did you'd be out of luck why because you're still with Jesse seriously break up with him already I don't know how it's easy here give me your phone I'll do it for you are you kidding I can't break up with him over text yes you can guys do it all the time Oh a lot Greece's video out a million likes don't change the subject no no that means that he's gonna do the Promposals soon you wanna watch it together uh depends what time I have a thing later what thing just a thing I have to leave early well what is it nothing just come on can't you just stay a little bit longer the promposals coming out in like a few minutes I have to go fine hey do me a favor dump the chump he's a cheat and you deserve so much better okay so you'll text him fine now okay Faith this is nonfiction these are not what you're putting them in the wrong spot oh yeah yeah oh yeah I was just you know just leave it I know you won't I will sort it out in the morning you just go home I just don't think this job is the right fit for you wait are you firing me yes I am [Music] to which my heartbeat is playing Jesse peg what are you doing what am i doing what are you upset I don't know what are You Oh chill out you never said we were exclusive can you get out now like seriously what the hell you know what forget it I'm dumping you it's over I need to deal with this attitude [Music] I told you he was she Annie were you going why do you care whenever I can control [Music] to fill your heartbeat yeah are you ready because this is that LAN just text me any second now she's gonna be walking through that door she's no idea any this is happening here we go hey you shouldn't be in here get out let's go yes sorry I'm leaving shut the door behind you okay well I think here coming this is [Music] [Music] [Applause] man just text me any second now she's gonna be walking through that door she's No idea any of this is happening I think I hear coming this is it babe are you okay did you eat your head you've been hopefully 30 minutes don't worry you didn't miss anything what I just want to make sure you're okay are you talking to me I know this seems weird but I see you watching all the time I read all your comments my favorite fan okay nice hoodie by the way thanks what's what's going on I'm waiting for Lana I thought she was coming but it wasn't her I'm sure she'll be there soon yeah but I don't want to do this do what ask her out you can go where can I come join you what like in the library how I can leave let me I shouldn't be talking with you like this give a boyfriend yeah I did but I don't anymore that's over I'm single now but I mean this can't be real yes I'm here And you're in there I don't have to be you gotta help me please let me join you yeah just stay there Reese Reese where are you where's Reese Hewitt's where he was supposed to be here I don't know my god he was supposed to ask me to prom how did you know hey he says okay you know you won't I don't know I've got you hey I told you to get out of here clean this way who Are you Who am I You Know Who I am I'm Reese toppings YouTube star supposed to be asking Lana to the problem not anymore what I'm done with that what are you doing here I can't really see you your biggest Ben and I see you watching all the time class hope you can see me uh is that creepy I feel like I'm being praised no no no it's not a prank I'm here to see you but why me I'm just a regular girl Are you kidding no seriously like wait I'm not even pretty that's exactly what a pretty girl would say no no like like I'm playing like I'm nerdy exactly you agree no uh-huh what I meant was what's wrong with being nerdy I mean I don't know nothing I guess and that's what got me to notice you you're the only one that liked my nerdy side well I like your regular side too I like all your sides What about Matt I thought you oughta crush on her hey pay me never crushing her what yeah she's not even this nice she seems we do you you ain't her no she's my managers daughter she just wants to be a famous youtuber too but she's so beautiful though yeah but she's not real I like you but you can't stay out here forever if I go back in I'm just gonna keep pretend to be someone I'm not yeah but why why can't you just be who You want to be I got this contract and I got I do my manager says if he says I love Lana no I gotta love Lana you're not in your videos anymore I'd rather be here but but Lana's still in there and you're out here how is that even possible how is anything possible I mean I shouldn't be here you shouldn't be here lots of life even existing on a planned space is one quanta lien let alone the development of intellectual species and movies and you Do you used to talk like this in your own videos yeah that's what happens when I'm off camera that become nerdy again you know I love those whole videos just tell that's my man you made me delete them why you thought if I acted cooler we'd make more money you are already cool I mean I thought you were cool and if you kept doing those videos I would still watch you well I guess I sold out it's hard to go back to the real me now well if you did I'd still be there I'll never end subscribe to you restocking what's happening uh shut off your phone it's my channel it's pulling me back in I could get too close I don't know how long we have let's just go have some fun during that video I made about stanker yourself where you and Lana we're looking out at the ocean yeah that was the fakest video I've ever made how fake relationship fake words that weren't even mine and we weren't Even brining the ocean it was it green screen the whole time well at least your hair looked good so what are you gonna do I don't know can I stay here with you I don't know can you I've got so many words in my head that I want to say right now but if it sounds so cheesy same I want to say things that you would cringe so hard we think the same well there's probably some scientific explanation like I'm not even here just a part of Your subconscious telling you things you want to hear I love when you talk dirty well you bring up the real me speaking of which I should wear my glasses my magic eights when I wear these well and you're even prettier okay this really is a dream is it well how can I know me if I kissed you then you'd believe well if you if you use me I'd probably faint um my doctor says I have low blood pressure so that means that my my brain doesn't quite get enough blood Because most people have a blood pressure of 120 over 80 but mine is more like I did it and I didn't faint maybe I'm cheered [Music] how are you even doing me I don't know I haven't really been keeping Czech time are you taking me home yeah where do you live oh we're actually going there anyway we're gonna have to go back past the school yeah which one Top 10 facts about falling in love wow you really are my big spin I just thought it was so cool how they said falling in love makes us feel invincible right and how it really says those hormones dopamine and norepinephrine they act like drugs in our brain so it's like nothing can hurt us and you know we can do anything love really gives people superpowers did you ever feel that way I only ever really read about it I've never actually been in love before Hey Reese's account 1/2 did you see it all his videos have been replaced with fake vids and he's not even in them anymore it was on the news even my mom saw it look he's gone like he's gone oh wow they interviewed a YouTube boss guy and he said that this is unprecedented and they might even have to take down his whole channel are you hearing what I'm saying why aren't you freaking out well yeah I mean I don't know I just thought you came here to apologize yeah Okay sure whatever I'm sorry for having lower self esteem than you but isn't this a little more important who's that oh that's that's my science partner yeah we're just collecting leaves for our project when you pick someone a little cooler well he's really smart I hope so and watch out for Jesse he was by your house you must get back together but do not fall for it ok thanks house close so what we do now Let's go around back what's going on that's my ex-boyfriend he's not nice I need to hide can't you just talk to him I'm not good with confrontations okay I'm not brave like you are brave I'm more of a chicken than you what I let my manager walk all over me yeah yeah that's what my boyfriend is to me and don't let him you don't need to just be yourself no no that would be a disaster okay I'm not good of course you're good you're amazing saying that doesn't make it true you are you inspire me I would be the same fake my whole life but you make me want to be the real me I do yeah if you can change me you can change to how just believe in yourself you can do anything you got superpowers in you [Music] Hey what the hell is this what do you want Jessie I can't believe what I'm Seeing right now we just broke up and you're already with some other guy well I don't think we were ever really together I mean did you ever really care about me I'm here right I'm probably to borrow some more money I told you I was gonna pay you back when I turned pro I'm sure you would see you never believed in me well maybe it's because you never really gave me a reason to let's go come on oh thanks don't be stupid Let's go I don't want to faith she said no and who the hell asked you pretty boy don't talk to him like that like what don't worry he's just upset it's natural I did a top 10 video about this it's a mix of chemicals and adrenaline in his body we can talk this through sure why not don't get all worked up about it exactly I'm Jessie what's your name yeah I am Reese don't you ever come here again Reese I Love you hey I've been looking for you now and then that's right up here come on every way all I need is you know and [Music] [Music] hey Lana but mother just chill hey was there maybe anything you wanted to ask me yeah but while you're here you can tell me phone video okay what is it pilot are you recording and it's called top 10 reasons to stay tuned yourself [Music] hey what the hell are you doing hi Jesse I didn't mean what I said earlier okay let's just let's just pretend like everything's back to normal you got 20 bucks there's a lot of things in my head that I want to say to you right now but they won't because I'm nice and you're not going to change me we're done Jessie so communiy ever fellas it's And the number one reason to stay true to yourself is that sets you free to live your own [Music] [Music]

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