*IMPORTANT* SEC Just Said This šŸšØ- AMC Stock Will GAMMA SQUEEZE šŸ’ŽšŸš€

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What's going on guys thought i'd drop by for another video talk about amc in the midday i'll go ahead and make an update video for tomorrow on what you should expect for the action i'm really liking today um as i said before consolidation is very key to having more upwards movement and right now we're looking perfect before the video begins you guys can go and hit that like button And subscribe to the channel if you guys haven't already it'll really help boost the video and so we can get more apes on board with the cmc movement again we need more people to control more floats in order to make the short squeeze bigger now just talking about the daily uh technicals right here so again we're on the one day the rsi doesn't matter as much but i'm really liking this you know when you hit that 30 level keep in mind The rsi is falling constantly which is a very good sign because the stock price is still very stable it hasn't actually gone down it says that when you see stability after a large upwards movement the rsi will fall naturally that's the rsi tells you it's stopped overbought or results again when stock is going up it kind of counts that into the rsi so when it starts stabilizing the rsi will Naturally fall since the stock price is not going up anymore and again 30 means oversold it likes to bounce off the 30 level we've already seen that little bounce right here but we're still on the lower end so that could set us up for a leg up um either in the post market today or tomorrow i'm really liking this movement let's go ahead zoom out A little bit on the five-day chart just wanted to show something to you guys here so that 55 level is very critical actually the 50 level is extremely critical and we have seen a bounce of that multiple times right we saw it one bounce there one bounce there three hits with the support line right here even the 55 level is something that we were having initial struggles with uh in Beating again we have one touch right here um almost one touch right here if i straighten this line out and again i wouldn't say this was a really a touch but it was like a pump and it dumped right we didn't have that stability going on so if you do break up from this level i do expect another leg up to around the 70 or 60 zone and then it's basically no resistance from there on so Amc does take three or four tries to really break a resistance level but when it does it likes to continue going on there's also some important sec the uh news i wanted to talk about today's video i just want to zoom out in the graph a little bit more and just to show you guys how long we've come right uh we started out a month ago at 9.6 as the low and so far the trend line again i can't Make it quadratic but it's really just increasing the support has been increasing constantly we're looking very very good here and technicals looking good too the mackie line which is the yellow line is above the signal line over here if you guys see my mouse which means that means there is more potential upwards movement it's really good on the one month chart the macd isn't very important for a Short time period um so i'm just going to be looking at it there the rsi is a little high right now but again as long as we stabilize today the rsi should go down to around the 50 level on the on the one month and then we can set up for another leg up uh the next couple of days now now what did the sec say well they just said that the sec the funny part is again this is breaking news right here Shout out to unusual whales providing really good info on stocks the sec just said that they are monitoring ongoing volatility in certain stocks on the lookout for manipulation and other forms of misconduct again this is their job but the fact that they just said this does give me some more confidence that they are targeting this at amc and other hedge funds that have been manipulating the stock Constantly uh forever and shorting the stock synthetically speaking there are so many synthetic shares out there and the sec is finally saying something right now this has been their job for a very long time they just didn't care i mean we have got reports of you know them doing um not some great stuff during their work time and so if you guys look at the comments here and there's a bear right here and i Got only one like on here people are literally just roasting him so i'm gonna worry about there okay they've turned a blind eye for years is this a joke so they're announcing that they're doing their jobs you know it's basically what's happening right now and if you go to the comments here ah this is what i was looking for so yeah at least there is finally saying Something which is somewhat of a step in the right direction so i do have hope for what's going on keep in mind this is all part of fomo action now some technicals for next week i wanted to talk about um the in the money calls for four days from now we have 140 000 calls right now i would expect this number to be closer to 150 000 and just looking at the current price of amc We're sitting at about 56 so let's do some math of how much money you'll have to be pumped into the stock this next week and keep in mind the the uppers movement right now is happening from the previous gamma squeeze we had last week again last week institutions had to buy about 1.5 billion around 2 billion actually worth of amc so this is really good to take a look at you know these constant gamma squeezes are really Going to help push the stock price up june 18th is a very critical date by the way after that expect some really good upwards movement depending on where the price is june 18th um i do expect some ladder attacks the 17th and 18th they're gonna try to remove all these in the money calls at least a majority of them so it's very important to hold the line And actually buy more if you do plan on buying consider buying on the 17th and 18th of june you will get a solid discount in my opinion at least compared to the price action the days before that to date so 17th and 18th have some dry powder ready to get into the stock because it's going to be a lot of short liner attacks but for now 140 000 calls right i would expect the Cost to be close to 150 000 or more four days from now obviously as more people buy these calls and again i am making assumption that the price will be constant that's just the basis of this assumption so 150 000 calls again there are 100 shares in per call and we have uh the current stock price at 56 dollars so that means around 840 million will have to be pumped into stock After this week so we're talking next week we're going to go ahead and get almost a billion dollars into the stock that hedge funds will have to put in because of all these calls that they've sold june 18th is a key date though we have 500 000 in the money calls right now actually just doing some math right here 500 000 calls again 100 shares per call and 56 is the current price we're sitting at 2.8 billion that's Probably going to be closer to 3.5 billion that'll have to be pumped to the stock taking a look at amc's current price again we just broke 56 market cap is 28 billion so that is about that is more than a 10 pump into the stock that means if the price is stable right now we're looking at around 61 or 60 dollars uh for amc now obviously there are going to be a lot of factors between then and Now so i wouldn't really rely on that but just know we're looking at a game squeeze happening almost every single week so really that serves as a backbone for this talk when new investors gamma squeezes put a lot of pressure on institutions also or texas data there's a fundamental flaw with how they look at their data now don't get me wrong the technicals are amazing and i'm sure most people Couldn't do a better job coding their system and taking a look at how they look at data but there is a flaw that that they consider borrowed shares that have been returned as a decrease in short interest however people can still borrow shares and not short them institutions have a lot of market power and they can do stuff with stocks that most retail investors could not do so looking at it from a retail investor Standpoint so just wanted to say the short interest is definitely way higher than 13.8 percent now we know with all the synthetics in mind the short interest is way way higher than this number the number i would guess is in the billions so this short interest is really not accurate the free float it's it's multiple times of the free float so i wouldn't really look at this number as something of concern just know They're going to try to manipulate this data so she could shake off retail investors because they know we look at ortex and so it's just important to you know look at the stock price yourself and right now we're consolidating for another run up across 56 quite well right here so again rsi is going up and down on the daily but i'll look at the weekly for a short Term time period we're still kind of high right here but as long as we can consolidate this should put the rsi back down to around the 40 30 level keep in mind we we went from close to uh 80 on the rsi all the way down to 39 just from this price movement just from going from 51 to uh 48 so three dollar decrease in the price put the rsa back in the oversold territory So we don't really have to go down much for you know to have another leg up we just need to be constant the stock price action so if you do have a leg up just try to wish for some consolidation that's all i ask for and that really pushes up the stock price but that's really all i had volume is looking somewhat decent right now i would expect to spend close to 400 million which is not bad still slightly lower on For the daily average as of the last couple of weeks now but i do expect more leg ups after today depending on the post market as long as we're able to keep the stock price 56 or slightly higher not too much higher again we don't we don't want the rsi being over inflated for the next day that sets us up for weakness and makes day traders slash shorters uh gives them more control So i was really i'm really hoping for a range between 55 and 60 um as of close i would really like that and then we can definitely look at another leg up uh the next couple of days but that's all i had i will see you guys in the next video and peace out also if you guys are looking for some free stocks make sure you guys go ahead join veebo using my link down below you get one free stock just for signing Up with my link another for depositing 100 or more and again these are up to sixteen hundred dollars i have gotten over three thousand dollars in free stock so be sure to sign up if you haven't already done so you get access to the pre market the post market as well as complex charts to ensure you have the best gains while trading again amazing platform just make sure you guys go ahead join if you haven't Already done so

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