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Good morning it is seven in the morning guess what we're doing today ultimate fast food breakfast tastiness [Music] guys it's seven in the morning i woke up at 6 30 after actually getting a terrible night's sleep like i've been getting great nights of sleep recently not last night no awful you guys may know the drill by now you may not there's no wrong answer I have this series on my channel where i taste test fast food and i try to find the best fast food option out there so let's say we're doing french fries i go and i test all the french fries from all the different fast food places and i tell you which one's the best or maybe i do veggie burgers i've done that the goal here is i try them all so that you don't have to let's say you've been Getting going to burger king for the past 10 years and you refuse to try anything else but what if i go to burger king i taste test their veggie burger i say this [ __ ] sucks the wendy's one is super fire see now you know that you need to try something new today i'm going to be determining what fast food place has the best breakfast now i'm just generalizing breakfast which one has the Best breakfast in general i'm not going to do like breakfast sandwich blah blah because some places just don't have a breakfast sandwich simple as that also the fact that i'm going to eat at seven in the morning is not easy for me because i don't really like eating until like 10 in the morning usually when i do these the answers surprise me like it's never like what i expected Sorry it is seven in the morning i don't think i'm ready to talk yet do you guys mind if we just like smile and vibe this morning okay i'm ready i just had to warm up our first stop is mcdonald's we're going to be trying mcdonald's breakfast first they have the breakfast sandwich that looks like pretty much the only thing that they have so this is gonna be interesting can i do the bacon egg and cheese Do you guys do iced black coffee actually can i add hot cakes i think i ordered too much thank you have a good one all right here we go mcdonald first we have a bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle i will be taking off the bacon because i'm a vegetarian i know this isn't the most i'm not happy to do this but there's no bacon on this side a mcgriddle why does it smell like maple syrup what even is a mcgriddle Holy [ __ ] a mcgriddle is not what i expected literally it tastes like two maple soaked pancakes with bacon egg and cheese for me just egg and cheese it's not bad but it's definitely weird so i'm gonna need to think about that try their coffee pretty terrible okay now let's try their pancake although i feel like it was pointless for me to get a pancake because The mcgriddle is literally 50 pancake okay it comes with a bunch of like syrup and stuff but i'm not going to waste any time i know if i just drench it in syrup it's going to taste better so i want to try it for what it really is pancake let's give it a go obviously it would taste better dressed up right because right now it's just kind of so if i added the syrup the butter all That would taste better mcdonald's hot cakes get a 7 out of 10. the only thing is they're a little bit chewy in a way that's like unfamiliar for a pancake for me like i've never had a pancake that was chewy like that but i'll give them a seven now for the mcgriddle number one you have the bread which is basically a maple soaked pancake i'm impressed by this the flavor of it is super good and i like the salty and sweet with this Sweet mcgriddle whatever that [ __ ] means but next we have the egg i'm sorry but the egg has a terrible texture and the last layer the american cheese which i hate if it was cheddar or something of that sort you would have me sold regardless i'm giving the mcgriddle sandwich a six out of ten i think it would have been better if i would have gotten a Real breakfast sandwich that was like a a biscuit of sorts but overall i'm gonna give mcdonald's breakfast a 7.5 out of ten i definitely can picture myself going there and doing a full feast doing like the whole hash brown thing we already know their hash browns are good i didn't need to try them the coffee is bad but it's not the worst you're probably Wondering oh my god i can't wear that i am not cute enough for that today you're probably wondering emma how did you pay for your food just now with my current debit card thank you to current for sponsoring this video i love you current is the new way to bank it's the future of banking it's a mobile bank with a visa card as you can see here current gets you paid up to two days faster current is actually a real bank account With no hidden fees and no minimum requirement or whatever that thing is no minimum balance requirement i don't know how money works yet i probably spend too much of it but you know what the reason why i love current is because if i pay using the card i'm redeeming points that i can then redeem for cash current works with apple pay venmo google pay cash app Venmo do i say venmo i can't ever remember all the different payment sites it's too much one of my favorite things is that you can deposit checks using the camera on your phone so much easier no need to go to the bank and do all this complicated stuff i hate that i hate that they also have accounts for people under 18. so if you're feeling like you need a bank account you're under 18 current's got your back It takes two minutes to sign up card ships for free you need a bank and you want it to be easy go to current link in my description check out current thank you current for sponsoring this video back to the fast food and the fun although my tummy already is starting to hurt and we've only been to one place we're off to burger king but let's chat it's 7 30 in the morning and i love this time of the day the early Morning's so amazing in la because there's no one around nobody to bother me it's also so empty like there's no lines for anything because everybody in la is lazy and doesn't want to wake up earlier than noon which i get it literally the first year and a half that i lived in la i did not wake up earlier than 11 a.m and i don't really know why that is i mean i think it's because i was like Pulling all-nighters and you know staying up super late but something about la the energy is like stay up really late at night wake up really late in the afternoon vibe that actually made me quite uh depressed so i wouldn't really recommend doing that i mean then again if it works for you and it doesn't make you depressed go for it but you just don't get a lot Of daylight you know what i mean it's like you wake up at noon and it's dark by five and you're like i literally feel like i just woke up two hours ago and now it's dark glad to spend my morning with you this morning eating fast food breakfast which i know for a fact i y'all i got a sensitive stomach and i'm just i always get scared every time i do these because i'm like what's gonna happen To my digestion also did i pass the wendy's no i did not okay i got scared that i passed the wendy's i didn't so wait where is the wendy's did i pass it if i pass it oh no it's right there okay sorry sorry for the freak out wendy says no line that already adds a point for me can i do a side of season potatoes bacon egg and cheese Biscuit thank you thank you okay so apparently we're doing a bacon egg and cheese morning which is funny because i'm a vegetarian although i did used to eat bacon as a kid here and there because it was pretty good but maybe i'll try the bacon they won't kill me this is for science this isn't like i'm not i'm putting myself second here i'll try the bacon just so that you guys can know if it's a good sandwich cause i Care about you i love you babe are we dating sometimes i feel like we're dating thank you so much have a good one oh yeah you're right did i almost leave my card with them yes yes i did i love how quick fast food is it's almost like dangerous how quick it is it's like how is it that fast oh my god there's somebody in their car but i don't care number two wendy's wendy's check Bacon egg and cheese biscuit thing and breakfast potato wedges these are like a thicker fry so first we're trying the breakfast potato i love these i'm gonna give these a seven out of ten i've always loved the breakfast potato seasoning they nailed that here i wish that it was a little bit crispier but i'm still giving them a seven out of ten because i love breakfast potatoes so much and i think i have like i don't Know i'm obsessed with them for some reason next we're trying the bacon egg and cheese okay i'm impressed by this egg like this egg actually doesn't look like a microwaved egg like it actually has like the different the white and the yolk are clearly separate let's give it a go wendy's wow wendy's this is getting a 9 out of 10 for me this is [ __ ] impressive the biscuit Is so light and buttery and so perfect the egg is cooked to perfection and it's actually like a whole egg it doesn't look like just microwaved egg mix like it actually is an egg like the yolk and the white are separate like they cracked a [ __ ] egg the cheese i'm never a fan of american cheese we know that and then i did get a little bit of bacon in my mouth and it Tasted great okay so sorry wendy's i'm giving you an eight out of ten your breakfast potatoes are not perfect but your breakfast sandwich is pretty darn good people are sleeping on wendy's because they have good fries normally i didn't their breakfast potatoes were a little bit dry but whatever their breakfast to me nine out of ten or did i say eight out of ten I don't know my brain does not work at this hour it's 7 30. we're burger king now we're at burger king now i report we're at burger king now french toast sticks bacon egg and cheese croissant thank you see i'm kind of going all over the map here because here's my idea if i just choose a random breakfast item off the menu it could be their worst or their best breakfast item but that's not My fault as a consumer i'm going to burger king i'm going to mcdonald's i'm going to wendy's and i'm putting my trust into the brand if i accidentally order the worst thing on their menu guess whose fault that is not mine my tummy hurts i just farted but you couldn't hear it but yeah i'm kind of hurting god they have a [ __ ] breakfast burrito here i should have gotten that But you know what i think we're gonna go to taco bell it's like they'll do a breakfast burrito probably better than [ __ ] burger king would although you never know with this stuff you really don't thank you so much have a good one we're in a very dark parking spot the lighting's terrible there's an old man next to me staring at me he probably doesn't understand the concept of what i'm doing right now I don't blame him let's do this [ __ ] burger king number one we have french toast sticks they smell really good i'm excited yeah these are pretty [ __ ] good i might have to give these an 8 out of 10. if i dip these hoes in syrup i do wish they were a little bit more cinnamony but i mean the texture's crazy it's like crunchy on the outside soft tender chewy on the inside french toast sticks eight out of ten Bacon egg and cheese croissant as you can see burger king is doing more of the not as okay so wendy's did more of like a natural looking egg that like look like you actually cracked the egg open burger king and mcdonald's are doing more of this egg block we'll try it okay i really like the croissant but my only issue is the lack of flavor here the cheese isn't really cooked all the way through so it's kind of still a little Bit gelatinous the egg absolutely has no seasoning on it there's no seasoning at all it's just an egg it has no flavor at all the bacon is just tastes like [ __ ] bacon i don't know and then it's just american cheese the only thing that makes it stand out is the croissant but i bet other places have a croissant one too like i don't know i'm gonna give this like a five out of ten It's just a little bit sad and the other options are so much better i'm gonna give burger king breakfast a six out of ten so that's what i'm gonna leave you with so right now we have what i literally could not tell you what i've rated everything else i gave burger king what a nine oh my god i don't know okay we're literally gonna rewatch my footage and find out what i rated everything did my tripod just break correct it did The show must go on i don't know how the show's going to go on because my tripod is so flimsy but we're gonna figure it out i just rewatched all of my footage of how i rated everything and i really kind of said a different number every time i brought something up but i think i have the basic idea in the lead we have wendy's coming in a close second is mcdonald's and number three is burger king right Now this could change this is subject to change we still have three more places to go to anything could happen so now we're headed to chick-fil-a i don't even know if chick-fil-a has a breakfast sandwich that well because i don't eat chicken that's something i will not i will not eat chicken bacon if it ends up in a sandwich [ __ ] it i'm eating it sure chicken i don't eat my tripod being broken really Threw a wrench into these into this today you know what i might just have to i might have to hold this for the rest of the life is not easy because well life is not easy for many reasons but it's especially not easy for me right now because my tripod just broke i'm not going to let that stop me if that means i have to hold you guys right here for the rest of the video and make my Arm tired i will i can't see i can't see because of you i can't see because of your truck see that guy see that truck right there you should yell at them because i can't [ __ ] see what did we learn today ladies and gentlemen number one don't ever film a youtube video before 10 in the morning because i don't think i've made one cohesive sentence why why though we're going to chick-fil-a next and i feel like people Talk about their breakfast like i feel like their breakfast is definitely notorious so i'm going to anger a lot of people today when i don't get a chicken sandwich and when i probably give them a low rating but you're only as good as your worst menu item i know it's a hard pill to swallow although that's a terrible way to live life because the way that i live my life and the way i judge myself is emma you're only as good as your worst Mistake and i haven't made that many bad mistakes in my life but i'm definitely embarrassed of quite a few things and that's how i define myself and that's what i look at in the mirror don't do that this only applies to restaurants the the you're only as good as the worst thing on your menu this does not apply to humans usually unless you're like a murderer is That chick-fil-a you're kidding me oh my god okay i just took like a weird way like i went away that i normally don't go and i [ __ ] ended up right here i love myself you're only as good as how quickly you find the chick-fil-a i sometimes i wonder if i'm cut out to be a youtuber because it's like emma bare minimum bare minimum have a tripod that works i know i know i Shocked myself too there is no line at the drive-through oh wait is chick-fil-a closed it is okay why it's not sunday it's tuesday so chick-fil-a's not happening but you know what i feel like chick-fil-a was going to be a bust anyway and i was going to falsely rate them everybody was going to be mad at me so i'm glad i'm kind of glad that we've avoided that one where are we going taco bell i've Actually never tried any of these fast food breakfasts except for mcdonald's hash browns that's the only thing i've tried but those are [ __ ] insane i mean those are fire like nobody can say that those aren't good one of those things that i'm pretty sure everybody agrees on you can't even really fight about it mcdonald's hashbrowns are good anybody who says that they're not hater Or they're allergic to taters that was kind of funny i think taco bell's gonna have a more unique kind of situation i don't think that they're gonna go the breakfast sandwich root if i'm lucky they're gonna go the breakfast burrito root i am a huge breakfast burrito gal i actually had a phase um probably two years ago where i would eat the same breakfast burrito every morning i don't think it was good for my health But it was great for everything else oh my god there's jack in the box right there should i just run in there and get breakfast oh random but random spontaneous but fun yes i am gonna have to cut over like six lanes though which makes me very nervous please let me in please let me and please let me and please let me in please let me and please let me in [ __ ] god damn it i missed the jack in The box y'all i feel ill though it's jack-in-the-box time do they even have breakfast let's find out they do have breakfast and it's served all day no way grilled sourdough swiss uh does that come with a hash brown thank you so so far jack in the box has had the most interesting breakfast sandwich sourdough and swiss cheese sandwich i do feel a little bit of guilt That i did just get a jack-in-the-box hash brown wow i neglected to order that from mcdonald's i i genuinely feel this like impending doom and guilt but i have to stay true to the moral of this video and i've said it enough times i don't have to say it again you're only as good as your worst men you're only as good as the worst thing as good as the worst thing on your menu jack-in-the-box first let's try their Hash brown i'm just gonna do it while i'm driving interesting it's not as good as mcdonald's it's very very greasy maybe needed to be drained or pat it off a little bit more and it's also not salty enough so i think i'd give the hash brown a 6.5 out of 10 because it's still really delicious it's just not as good as mcdonald's and it's a little bit too oily and it's a little Bit not salty enough next we have the sourdough breakfast sandwich this breakfast sandwich oh it has some sort of scary meat in it so i'm gonna pick that off this one is like the largest it looks the prettiest there is some sort of weird meat in it though that i will be removing right now um smells delicious so let's give it a go okay well the cheese is just american cheese again i mean like they just Love using wait i thought this was supposed to be a swiss sandwich oh there is swiss cheese right here well you can't really taste it because there's also american cheese on this side i mean i guess i tasted a little bit the sourdough bread also doesn't taste like sourdough at all the way that they cook the eggs kind of brings them back up a few notches I'm gonna give jack in the box a 6.8 out of 10. i feel like i'm gonna poop my pants oh we have one more place to go too i feel sick i literally just why does that dude look just like david dobrik i was literally about to be like yo dobie it wasn't him my hands smell like so many different things right now also my hair is so Dirty y'all like my hygiene recently like i know i used to make jokes like about how i don't shower i genuinely haven't been showering as much as i should actually that's not true i'm showering but i'm just not washing my hair i've been just like desperate for anything that will make me feel relaxed these days because i feel like my anxiety is just so bad so i was like you know what i'll meditate [ __ ] it So i meditated and i actually felt pretty good i know it's crazy i never thought i'd be that guy that's like guys meditating makes my day so much better but here i am being that guy we're almost at taco bell i'm kind of sad that this is over but i'm also so glad because i i don't know how many more i could do is it right here where the [ __ ] is it talk about oh it's right there got it hi Do you guys have like a a burrito like what's your breakfast burrito okay cool i'll do the burger i'll get that i'll do the green sauce today i couldn't really understand what he was saying so i think i accidentally got a breakfast crunch wrap and a breakfast burrito thank you so much last but not least taco bell i'm actually most excited about this one for some reason i couldn't tell you why First we have a burrito i'm kind of afraid because i don't really know what's in this because i really don't know what i ordered okay that's what it looks like it looks kind of gross but we're gonna try it okay i hate the tomato but as a breakfast burrito connoisseur this is pretty damn good everything has a nice flavor everything melts together it's not under seasoned i'd easily give It an 8 out of 10. considering what it is like you're not going to like it it's taco bell right so it's not going to be the best breakfast burrito you ever ate in your life taco bell crunchwrap breakfast crunchwrap though again i have no idea what's in this this looks like it's pretty much the same thing this might have to be a 9 out of 10. it has this spicy sauce in it that's Just unbelievable taco bell you have impressed me i'm going to give the crunchwrap an 8.8 out of 10. i'm going to give taco bell an 8.6 out of 10. no you know what i'm going to give it an 8.5 out of 10 and i'm going to tie it with wendy's and we have our final list ladies and gentlemen the results are in coming in first place actually coming in tied for first place is taco bell and wendy's coming in a Very close second place is mcdonald's in third jack in the box and in fourth burger king i'm gonna get up close and personal with you guys this morning and give you guys kind of my final thoughts if you're in the mood for a killer hash brown head your way to mcdonald's they might have a good breakfast sandwich but i'd maybe stay away from the mcgriddle i think you could do better if you're in the mood for the best breakfast sandwich You're going to find you might want to go to wendy's and you might want to get that biscuit breakfast sandwich because that thing might change your life and why not get the breakfast potatoes while you're at it if you want some good french toast sticks head to burger king but skip the breakfast sandwich on the way out go to taco bell get the breakfast crunch wrap that thing has some jalapeno crema goddamn thing in It or get the burrito and just say no tomatoes unless you like tomatoes because you're sick in the head go to jack in the box for a very oily hash brown long story short you can't really go wrong with any of them they're all kind of good and they're all kind of bad i give you my ranking you can do with it what you want and i love you all and thank you for watching and hanging out with me this morning It is now 8 30 in the morning and i'm stuffed and i'm going to go lay in bed for the rest of the day and i love you and thank you for hanging out with me every single week um you guys are awesome so beautiful so sexy so perfect don't forget that you're that [ __ ] okay i love you all have an amazing day and follow your dreams [ __ ] okay bye you

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