The Girl Without a Phone - Cinderella 2

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The Girl Without a Phone - Cinderella 2 MORE YAP PLAYLISTS: GIRL WITHOUT A PHONE PLAYLIST: SHORT FILMS: CHEERLEADERS IN THE CHESS CLUB: QUARANTINE - A LOVE STORY: YAP SKITS: LATEST UPLOADS: YAP MUSIC: SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Merch Store: #YAP #YoungActorsProject Written, Produced and Directed by Robert Randall for the Young Actors Project - YAP Starring (follow on Insta and YouTube): Laine Taylor @LaineTaylor Shea Smeltzer @SheaSmeltzer Rhys Dawkins ( TikTok) @RhysDawkins Sabrina Miniaci @SabrinaMiniaci --- Synopsis: After falling in love in "The Girl Without a Phone - a Snow White Story" Lily and Steve discover that happily ever after doesn't come so easily. Music Licensed from Epidemic Sound and

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Have a crush on Miss Jones school librarian especially when she has her glasses on and their hair off yeah who submitted that one I don't know it's anonymous it's the whole part of these confessions are you sure we're even allowed to have a page like this in the school yearbook we gotta find some that are clean some of these are edgy let me see I just found out that my crush was taken and I cried in the bathroom until School let out so that no one would see me leave that's so sad I'm a teacher I sometimes pair my students into groups with people I know they have crushes on just to watch them squirm what this is actually amazing broke up with my girlfriend to be with her best friend who are these people is anyone gonna talk about how cute lilius wish she wasn't taken that is not going to be your book someone's got a secret admirer it's probably best that it stays that Way oh and I'm not so secret admirer thank you guys cutest couple Thanks no I mean for real you guys have the most votes for cutest couple did we win we go to the publisher in three days votes are open until then but I can't see anyone passing you guys you're freaking adorable this is amazing yeah almost as amazing as our pre-sales seriously we're killing this your book game they just boosted our budget well what does that mean it means we're going On the road the varsity tournament is this week in parksville which means another possible championship for the school so it's got to be in I'm going and Steve if your parents approve so are you me like to cover it yeah can you handle it it's at least one night depending on how they do yeah this is amazing I'll text them right now it's probably my locker it won't be a problem though just make Sure they sign this you gotta be a photojournalist just like you always wanted Lily I would have asked you but you know the software and this still needs to be in three days so you're gonna be me while I'm gone oh okay don't worry I made you a list confessions page I'm most likely to awards page I will work on the layout for the tournament on the road but be prepared I might need backup Aye-aye captain I can handle it Steve we travel with the team bus leaves before school tomorrow 8:00 a.m. we come meet me in the morning say goodbye hang on I gotta make sure I have everything I feel like I'm forgetting something camera jack extra batteries Shaq cheerleaders what see we heard you're coming with us yeah let's go oh [Music] [Music] I'll give it to him oh thank you I didn't know that the whole cheer team was going of course it's the regional varsity tournament oh so it's only cheerleaders yeah a lot of them hundreds and Steve don't worry I'll keep them focused [Music] okay got it also most likely to succeed Nikki hello char yes worst driver Jeff Green I still don't know if we should Publish that one yeah maybe we should wait till he gets out of the hospital yeah let's just take that one off um cutest couple still you and Steve getting close though he's got a bunch of votes for Tammy and Craig today Tammy the cheerleader didn't they break up they did she dumped him because he cheated on her in fact she is so on the prowl over here oh my god I think she's trying to get back at him oh don't worry you guys will probably still win Steve Is such a good guy all the girls love him that's great I am I texted him but you didn't text me back probably just cause he's working so hard hey did you finish that confessions page uh yeah well I'm working on it but it's kind of hard to decide which ones to put in it's some of them are really bad a lot of guys cheating on their girlfriends oh my god probably all from my ex like a law guys are such dogs and those are just the ones that confessed It's just a game to them sorry do I sound bitter that's okay my mom used to say girls love too much and guys love too many my parents are divorced oh sorry it's like the movies make us believe this myth that we're all gonna have this happily ever after give me a flippin break we're all just gonna have our souls crushed by some selfish jerk who's more committed to his xbox yeah oh not Steve though he's different you guys are solid Thanks anywho sort through those confessions there's got to be enough PG ones that can fill a page will do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] sometimes I see you looking at tabby at French but I think it's just to get Answers she's the smartest in the class and the prettiest just call no I don't wanna seem desperate how can you seem desperate he's your boyfriend he's already yours well then why isn't he texting me back just call him again Lily what's the worst that could happen I'm gonna look clean he likes that about you or I'll just see him annoying you are the least annoyed person I've ever met just call or are you just won't answer seriously why is He avoiding me there's only one way to find out now you're looking for a gift for you or something if not okay do you leave me a message leave a message no you don't want hey Steve it's Sierra here with your girlfriend oh hey uh hey it's Lily um Bennett I just wanted to check up on you and see what um how's it hanging angle or are going or doing you know um yeah anyhow I'm trying to call and see if you Gotten any of my texts or don't ignore her sorry that was Sierra not me um just wanted to make sure that everything was good like between you and me if you're good if we're good that'd be you know good good good everything's good any how do I say and you have too much anyhow sorry um you should call me back um just call the number but what is my number he has it right you have it you Have my number I mean you should it should be in your phone I hope um so yeah just call that get back to me yeah so whatever you're free no pressure you know but you know like do it you know text me back don't delay call today I'll be waiting here to receive your call and that sounded like pressure so I'm just gonna stop talking how do I delete this this is not good press the star key photos from round one the girls placed second so we'll be here Another night great I flag two of the pics so you should just be able to drag and drop them into the layout okay it's okay the girls instead counts okay oh and there's a list of the girls names we'll need to include that along with the team coach and student manager I said that's unit email for not sure who's who just let me know um wait why do they have a sign that says moving on oh sorry I didn't mean to Send you that oh by the way you guys got bumped for cutest couple for now what does it mean moving along I don't know I think that was from camis insta is he breaking up with me look I'm sorry I don't want to get involved involved in what is he he's breaking up with me why would he do that I don't know he's a guy didn't anything yeah but Steve Lily this is just what they do I'm not saying he's like the rest but if he's using another girl's Instagram account to break up with you well then yeah yeah look why don't you get to work on your book it'll help take your mind off of this [Music] lately when I kiss my girlfriend I think about someone else [Music] my girlfriend is too nice I think I'm dating her out of habit I can't decide what I do more of cheating on TAS for Cheating on my girlfriend just close your eyes [Music] I know it's hard cuz there's a plane go when I [Music] I think of leaving back to and the snow [Music] You're the reason to [Music] at the bill or hearing yeah did you hear there's up people budgeted Lily that's what did I do there's nothing wrong with me something happened okay it's gonna be okay how oh it's not it's something happened you'll never guess what look what it's a phone I found it and watch this why am I on it I never know it was it the recycle bin whose is that can you delete it no It's locked okay that's creepy no it's not freaky it's magical I'm pretty sure that's creepy Lily think about it the same day that Steve breaks up with you disappears just like before with the message what message but there's someone out there that you're meant to be with I don't want to be with some creepy random stalker okay I just want to be with Steve but Lily what density calls you don't just put her on hold Don't you see what's going on here only one dub can unlock this phone sound familiar Ciara don't we have no choice Lily we can't ignore these things it's just a phone it's more than a phone it's a glass slipper I don't want to be a princess don't worry you're not a princess you're the prince this type we need to find out who's the block's this phone it's happy to get Lily this said der elephant abroad is back Where are we going [Music] but in the fairytale the Brits tried every girl of the kingdom before he found her I'm not doing that with every guy in school okay I'd rather be single whoever it is it's gotta be good I mean he's gonna be fairytale quality what's that more pictures of steeps the cheerleaders well I don't want to see it okay better I'm just trying to focus on working Sierra's been helping - thank You sir no problem Hey and he said he wants to talk wants to talk what tits huh yeah okay well you can go tell him to shove it up his butt because Lily is done okay nobody treats my best friend like that you're totally right Lily I'll go tell him you deserve better thanks is that too harsh I don't want to do this anymore Willie don't you want your happily ever after I don't think this story has one I don't get it how could she say that sounded like it was someone else possible Lily she's a teenage girl what do you expect how come I never saw this happening it's okay high school relationships don't last forever I thought ours was different I know it hurts I'm here for you [Music] you deserve better [Music] maybe we waited too long you know maybe the princess disappears after midnight that doesn't make sense it's not even in a fairytale okay then maybe we need to find some wood with two you'll stepbrothers I don't even care anymore Sierra I don't even want this mystery person I just I'm just gonna be alone but that's not how the fairy tale goes there is no fairy tale Sierra okay true love just magically appear just because You found a phone and I'm not a princess and I'm not a prince I'm not Cinderella I'm just Lily Steve hey back off buddy can you hurt her enough what are you doing here I came back early why why did you break up with me me I didn't you broke up with me Connie says you're moving on moving on you were the one that was moving on that's the sign that you had in the picture the hashtag that's removing on in the next round of the tournament Well what about Tammy Tammy what I thought that you and her I don't care about Tammy why would you think that Connie's said she said you didn't love me I never stopped you're my forever girl hey that's what it says on this belt you found my phone it's yours I've been looking for it everywhere so that's why you have been replied to Lily's texts you texted and called but don't listen to the message just like that so you Still wanted always do you still want me always [Music] okay can be disabled as official [Music] wait why would Connie try to break us up Steve why did you leave so early are you okay I'm here for you I can be your shoulder to cry on or more we can take it slow just you and me yeah you could go slow real slow like a snake I Thought you wanted me to come on the trip because I'd be good the job I did you are just we just wanted to split us up no that's not yeah you were trying to steal her man I was just kids steal her happily ever after no I didn't want you should be a shame and though it's your job out the yearbook committee and Bay report to the principal and those your library privileges no aid week no it's okay what But she was trying to she just wanted with me and Steve have Connie what you did it was selfish I'm sorry Lily but I understand why you did it you just won't love just like everyone else and I know how important that is because I thought I lost it I see you guys together and I get envious you guys really are the cutest couple and by the way you guys might still win because I was hiding some of the votes I forgive you I don't deserve that I deserve most likely to be forever single you don't need to give up yeah I mean you never know where love could appear hey guys check this out that there's frogs in here trunks you never know if you've ever heard the story of the frog pigtails [Music]

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