Did FaceTime Just Kill Zoom?

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Brandon's reaction to the new FaceTime features announced at Apple's WWDC 2021. Could this be the end for Zoom? Microsoft Teams & Restream.io have stepped up. Will Zoom do the same? Tune in to hear our thoughts! Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a2z_productions/ Business Inquiries email: Brian@a2zmusicfactory.com Gear we use: As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO: https://amzn.to/3xpj5AA Elgato Stream Deck XL: https://amzn.to/3ePlFsl Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K: https://amzn.to/32MGu0K Rhode Wireless Go II: https://amzn.to/3x86eC7

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Hey everyone i'm brandon with a2z productions and today we're going to talk about facetime and how it basically just replaced zoom wwdc just dropped yesterday and with all the things that they announced basetime was probably the biggest one that i'm excited about what they talked about was not only the ability to do screen shares And watch videos with your friends but it was facetime links all right this is what i got excited about because this is what zoom has always had over facetime okay the ability to pre-schedule calls get it on people's calendars right and then cross-platform communication facetime links just replaced all of those features okay i can go through ical through messages Through all these plays to communicate you know emails all the ways to get links to people but then windows users android users they can all join my facetime call now so this just completely replaced zoom for all of our internal purposes we already have been having our internal team calls via facetime it just is easier because we all have ios devices now when we onboard some windows Users and things like that we don't have to change anything so that's great there the audio right what they were able to do with audio is nothing new zoom has been doing this for a while but because apple is doing it and as usual they're late to the game they will probably do it better than anyone else so they have two new audio features in facetime it is Uh spatial audio all right and then they're kind of focused brian what are the names for those guys so voice isolation is just isolating your dropping out background noise and then wide spectrum is not doing any effects i think like if you're doing music or something like that because apple is doing the spatial audio And the voice isolation audio uh i'm very excited for our production uses which i'll get into later but getting clean natural sound as well as their uh being able if you're listening on airpods it becomes more natural if you're just you and doing facetime everyday uses it's just gonna sound better simple as that all right And when i saw this graphic here which was the widescreen horizontal facetime i got excited because maybe they'll actually do 1920 by 1080 which is a full screen zoom sorry facetime call right i'm so used to doing zoom all the time they'll do a full screen facetime call and maybe we even get clean feeds again production uses that'll be Great no distractions on the screen no pop-ups no little things in the corners that'd be awesome and they actually do portrait mode through facetime as well now right so those little hacks you were getting with the green screen and the blurred background or the way zoom could like isolate and cut you out from your non-green screen you can do those on Face time now so they'll give you that blurred background effect that you usually need a depth of field lens and things like that you can do it with the software on any of your ios devices probably not something they'll support for your windows and android users because it's going to be all through the web browser we use zoom drones here And i'd be excited if they allowed facetime to pin people which is a zoom reference but pinning someone basically just means full screening one specific person which then allows us to bring individual people into our switcher and we can create our looks for our shows and events uh for everyday users that'd be great so if you just had a bunch of people on the call but you were focused on one person Besides that person just getting slightly bigger in your image actually full screening them would be a huge help end-to-end encryption is something that pretty much all the platforms have had great to know that we can do these through a web browser as well and that also means it's a lot harder for random joe schmoes to hop into your call and interrupt things Okay the other thing i was really psyched about for apple to talk about was universal control okay they've had things like airplay they've had the ability to have an ipad be a second display and things like that but universal control tops all of them because not only does it allow you to just simply place your ipad next to your computer and then it'll Like detect it and you can drag your mouse across and drag and drop things and your keyboard will work on your ipad it's awesome but what it changes is the way we have to think about workflows now because imagine you're a video editor right and you have your laptop your video editing you happen to have an ipad or even some other computers what you can do is you can place them Next to each other universal control will detect that these things are next to each other not only do you get the ability to very easily use your mouse and keyboard across all of them for fast workflows but now you can think about making something on the ipad and simply drag and dropping it right on to your whether you're using final cut or some other editing software you can really speed Things up by just moving files between devices this way and not having to do maybe an airdrop not having to email yourself files you're in business and you got excel documents microsoft word facetimes you could be facetiming someone on your ipad working on your laptop and then drag and drop the document into messages so they get it or screen Share from your laptop while on face possibilities are endless universal control connects all the devices and for our production uses i see this coming in handy through let's say our atem softwares when we're controlling switchers i could have an app like mix fx open on the ipad i could have the same app open on my Computer i could be controlling both of them at the same time just a lot of possibilities we're doing a whole nother video on that later so stay tuned for that microsoft teams apple they've all been putting the pressure on zoom okay microsoft teams has webinar features if you didn't know okay it's something they released weeks maybe a month ago And microsoft teams has always had their live event platform so that's really cool and so zoom the pressure is now on you apple has upped their game with facetime microsoft teams is up in their game with webinar and all their other features they've been adding so zoom if i were you here's what i would do i would be building this platform that i've wanted for forever now that i Still think is coming but maybe you need to get even on it faster which is the ability for third party users companies like ours and other people to be able to control and manipulate the image of what the meeting or the webinar or the stream looks like right inside your zoom application okay you want an example of how this is done well Restream restream has been doing this for a couple months now the ability to do multiple people talking to each other bring in overlays like comments and such determine what you want the stream to look like with boxes on the sides a screen share moving boxes around all of those things so zoom if you want to really up your game and make people Pay attention to you and have companies and other people say we should use zoom over other platforms you might need to step on the gas on this one because this ability to manipulate the image bring in overlays do lower thirds we get clients asking us all the time for backgrounds video playback lower thirds things like that if zoom could provide these solutions We might not even need all of our switchers for these virtual things that we're doing hybrid events are coming and people want to make their live stream look good for their hybrid event while still having an in-person show we use the physical switchers for the in-person show and we could use something like zoom webinars or zoom live streaming because you can already go to all these platforms and Zoom we might use zoom by itself to run the whole virtual component only if they could provide what something like restream can do for us comments chat zoom you need to be able to pull the chat question up on the screen especially in your webinars every every other platform can do this Why not zoom so that's what i have to say about zoom is it dead no is it dead for everyday use for our company it is we'll only be using zoom for our actual production uses but for everyday work we'll just be using facetime it just makes more sense for us apple's killing it with their ecosystem and every other app should be on Watch because well if you think that apple might replace you they probably will in the future that's it i'm brandon from adz productions check out all the new facetime stuff with the new mac os it's awesome i was freaking out yesterday watching the thing and i just want to share my thoughts thanks and have a good one

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