If you bought an ATEM Mini Extreme WATCH THIS!

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Get Our Macro Pack! Email: Brian@a2zmusicfactory.com Ask for the transitions and provide a Screen Shot of your Subscribed Button! Get the latest on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a2z_productions/ Links to gear: As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO: https://amzn.to/3xpj5AA Elgato Stream Deck XL https://amzn.to/3ePlFsl Macro Pack for Atem Switchers Companion File Super Source Looks and Animated Transitions Backgrounds Works with Atem Mini Extreme & Extreme ISO As well as 2M/E, 4M/E and 8K Constellation

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If you just bought an a10 mini xtreme or the iso or even thinking about getting one you're going to want to stay tuned and watch what we have to offer here with our macro pack by the way completely free we use these ourselves and we're just giving them away it definitely beats making a bunch of tutorials on how to Build this stuff just let people use it and have fun with it so let's start off right at the back we have transitions if you don't know what a supersource is get ready uh transitions are awesome and by the way no one really has them um we built these for ourselves and uh i think you can get some third-party plugins to attempt to do something like it but blackmagic doesn't offer these kinds Of things so they offer the super source and we can just kind of jump around here um and just see all the cool things a supersource can do when you move them around uh brian can you throw up the stream deck here this is what you're getting okay not only a bunch of macros for the atem switcher but this companion file which gives you all of the buttons at your own Uh hands right so you can't get this wrong it only is gonna allow you to click the buttons that are gonna work for that transition that's why it's cool um we've made a bunch of these in the past all right we're good there uh we've made a bunch of these in the past and uh people love them so we're just sticking with With what people like and getting these into your hands all right let's look at some more things here the other things we have are some supersource looks so on my stream deck here we have multiple i call them banks right so i have the transitions i have the looks i have the super sources then i have a bunch of macros that are ready for you to program Again we just put them out here they read from the atem switcher so whatever you put in there as a macro is going to be on this stream deck it's going to read and talk to each other these are a bunch of just random looks here uh you know we have our one box crop and things like that again just bunch of looks for you to use if you're doing iphone stuff having the crops are helpful if you have presentations right these are just Different ways that you can have people in your presentation here and finally if you do lower thirds right we do a lot of lower thirds on our shows so this is a good uh pack and kind of works you know they're raised a little bit higher um and they work for all these lower thirds now uh let's get into a couple more things here I'll go back to a one box and if i go down to the super source page this is where you can assign uh different sources to your supersource boxes all right let's get that straight this page allows you to change whatever's inside a box so if i go over here and i'm going to pick one of these guys now i want to say this real quick do not transition Live on air between one of these looks right because these are just hard cuts one of these looks to your transitions page okay it's not going to be good it's not going to look good and you wouldn't want to do that anyway once you're in the transitions page you can bounce between any of the transitions and it's just going to work for you right but If you try to bounce between different looks and our transitions it's not going to line up very well okay superstore so i want to go to a transition here and let's bring up let's bring up a four box okay so there's four of us in here and let's say i want to change box number four right it's got my screen i guess it would be this way it's got my screen in there so i'm gonna go to my Supersource looks here all right and i'm going to click z1 z1 is just one of our zoom drones here and boom it changed the source in box four you can do this for any of the boxes on the list and it's even going to show you which one you've selected here so we'll keep that on z4 or z1 for now and let's go to macro so let me go back here to notice what i'm doing i'm clicking Through to get back to my four box right so i have a four box crop is what i'm currently in i'm going to click one that's going to bring me back to full screen here all right so that way even if you need to move between pages you're not screwed and you can't get back to your transitions last one macros just a bunch of macros there pretty easy if you make a new Macro which we assume people have probably 20 30 macros that they like that they've made themselves they're right here for you right right on the first page and you can go and see more pages there of your macros so we let's talk about how to get your hands on all this great stuff here okay um send us an email okay and email is the best way to do it not through instagram not through Facebook not through our website just an email to brian at a2z music factory you send us an email and you're gonna get a dropbox link with all of these files all right and we're not just talking about the the companion file and the macros you put in the switcher we have other things like backgrounds and a bunch of stuff that you'll like it's basically a whole Starter pack but if you're maybe been doing this a while or you've just started you're going to want to get your hands on these and you have to subscribe great point brian yeah if you don't subscribe we're not going to send it to you and what we said in the last video if you send us a screenshot of your subscribed right you're like a little screenshot of the scribe button clicked makes our lives easier we don't have to Then go and check and make sure we'll descend to you right away uh definitely speeds up the process if you want to get your hands on these faster all right now i'm going to show you let's pull up uh let's pull up a presentation here all right and let's go ahead and switch my source to my laptop screen perfect all right once you get this dropbox link it's Going gonna look something like this okay you can simply go over here and go to the download button i've already downloaded these transitions and once you get that let's go ahead and upload them to the switcher right so we're gonna pull up our atem software here now currently we're on atem constellation ak constellation that's only because the extremes haven't Shipped yet all right so uh these are you know if you're gonna get these you're gonna be the the early bird here so let's go up to file and click restore okay it's going to have your drop down you're now going to select uh the macro pack that's inside the folder you just downloaded so you're going to go here and it's going to say macros all right all you have to do That's a bunch of code there click restore it's going to upload all of these transitions and everything you need into the atem software step one out of two steps okay once you do that i'm not going to click restore because they're already on here now we talk about the companion file all right so you can hop over to companion if you don't know what companion is bit focus Companion if you don't have a stream deck or stream deck excel go get one they're great okay i'm not even going to touch on why just go get one and you'll thank me later all right now you're in the companion folder companions free as well and you're going to click import okay and same folder and there's a companion file it's literally labeled Companion file upload that guy all right and when you do you're going to want to say replace current configuration okay i'm not going to do that it's already loaded in but that's all you have to do it's going to wipe out your current companion file so you should back them up before you do this it's going to wipe out your current companion file and have it ready to go The only other thing you're going to need to do then once you replace your whole configuration is you're going to see this a10 mini xtreme well that's going to need to connect to your a10 mini xtreme or your extreme iso the only thing you have to do is just set the ip address of this guy here to match your atem okay and the way you do that is you're gonna go over here to edit And you're just gonna change this number right here okay it's really easy to find that number if you go over to your atm software there's a couple ways to do it but you can always go let's see here it's like connection it's connection you click on the connection and you can see our atem constellation and you can see the ip address right there that's how you find your ip address You're going to go ahead you're going to paste that in right here and you're good to go now all your buttons will work and you know there's like 40 something pages of buttons here like it's pretty ridiculous how many things we were able to squeeze in here so that's that pretty quick and simple we just wanted to get you the information tell you how to upload it If you want to get your hands on these things let me switch back here uh let's see here put one more that's it awesome if you want to get your hands on these transitions the companion file all of our macros in our macro pack you need to subscribe and then you need to send us an email and we will send them happily we appreciate everyone's support people have been very excited about this And we're seeing a lot of growth on this channel because of it so we're going to keep doing it um i did talk about possibly moving everything into a companion file still working on that as an update for everyone but we want to make sure we got these out to all of our a10 mini extreme and extreme iso people because now that a super source is available in Such a small form factor we're bringing it on the road with us and we feel like a lot of people will do that too so hope you enjoyed everything brian did i miss anything okay i forgot a few things uh first one i said you need a stream deck you don't technically need a stream deck it's going to be a lot cleaner and nicer if you have one but you can run the companion app on an Iphone an ipad just another device and you can still do everything that is here in the macro pack uh so if you want to get started right away you can you don't need an xl but still get one the presentation so if i pull up a presentation here you see that big box that shows my screen that's box number four and that's consistent across all of our looks we always use box for for Our presentations if i go over here to a different look you can see this is a five box and box four is the big screen we also have other five and six box looks using those two dves on the a10 mini extreme right now here's something to note though if you want to get out of a six box or a five box you need to make sure you tie your keys or else if you switch looks or whatever it's gonna look like This you don't want that you don't want these boxes over here just stay in there randomly so make sure you tie them if you're gonna use a five or six box kind of an advanced move uh but works really well so i hope you guys liked all of that please subscribe and let us know what you think thanks

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