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Chipper shredders are a landscaping power tool, they grind up, branches leaves and other dry organic debris and the shredded trips that come from doing that can actually be used as mulch for your flower beds to keep weeds at bay or, if you're into composting.

You can add it to that pile and it adds a richness to your compost and makes it darker and it actually improves the soil quality.
So today, i'll be looking at the best chipper shredders for yardwork and i'll break, all of them down, including their features and their benefits.
You can see which one might be.

The best choice for you, based on your particular situation and as always i'll, include links to each of these down below.
So you can check updated pricing and availability for any of these that you might be interested in also if there are any special deals or discounts on any of them.
I'll include that, in the description as well now the amount of debris that your yard produces is directly going to correlate to the kind of shredder that you need to use and the best one will depend upon what your yard produces and also whether or not your Yard is so vast that you might not be able to get to electricity if it's unavailable, so the best overall chipper for yardwork is a brushmaster gas powered selfie, chipper shredder and you can grind and shred a whole lot of leaves twigs branches, all of which could Be up to three inches in diameter.

This foliage ninja features a powerful 11 horsepower gas engine and comes with two self-feeding shoots.
One is a side shoot for branches and then there's a gravity shoot at the top for leaves and small bits of debris.
It also includes a deflector that empties the shredded mulch into a trash can, which makes it so much easier for you to collect it up instead of having it just spill everywhere.

The brush master features a 12 to 1 reduction ratio and chops.
All the branches leaves and things into quarter inch bits and whenever you drop into it, the hardened chromium steel blades make quick work of all of that stuff and shreds it to bits, and the unit itself has a really solid steel.
Exterior it's plastic.

Molded components are heavy and it comes with a recoil start and safety shut off, so it'll automatically stop if the oil runs low.
So if you're looking for the best one overall, the brush master gas powered selfie, chipper shredder might be a wise choice for you.
Runner up to that is a super handy, wood, chipper, shredder mulcher and if you're looking for a combination of power and finely shredded debris, then the super handy, wood, chipper shredder, might be the right choice for you.


It's a gas powered landscaping tool and it's got seven horsepower engines shred branches up to three inches in diameter and it's a really efficient choice for large yards if you've got multiple trees, multiple shrubs, the super handy shredder also comes with two shoots, including the side shoot For branches and the top chute for leaves and twigs that could be up to a half inch in diameter.
They include a separate leaf bag and it can be attached to the discharge chute to catch all that shredded material to use as mulch or compost.
If you're into it and the 15 to 1 reduction ratio makes a really fine shred suitable for mulching and composting once again, if that's something you're into a separate leaf bag is included, and you can attach that to the discharge chute to catch all the shredded material, Because at a 15-1 reduction ratio it makes a really fine, mulch and compost if you've got a lawn tractor or a utility vehicle with a tow bar kit, you can tow the shredder and it makes it really easy to move around the yard.

So if you're looking for the runner up to the best overall chip or shredder for yard work, then the super handy, wood, chipper, shredder mulcher, might be the way to go.
When it comes to value.
The landworks mini compact, chipper, shredder mulcher, is going to give you the best bang for your buck and, if you're on a tight budget, it's not going to prevent you from obtaining a big, powerful gas chip or shredder like this one.

The landworks mini compact chipper shredder mulcher, which costs hundreds of dollars less than similar.
Larger models will also shred branches up to three inches in diameter and it features a side shoot for branches and a top hopper for leaves and small twigs.
The land works may be a bit small in overall size, but not in power, because it still has seven horsepower gas engine and you can modify the discharge chute to be used with a garbage can to catch all that debris, which, at a 15-1 reduction ratio, produces A finely shredded type of mulch that is ideal for your plants and bushes, and also for the compost, pile the powersmart ps10 electric garden.

Chipper shredder is obviously the best choice if you're not looking to get involved with something using gas for small yards and light debris.
This is where an electric chipper can really come in handy the power smart, electric garden, chipper shredder has a really powerful 15 amp electric motor that grinds and shreds your branches up to just over an inch and a half thick and with a 17-1 reduction ratio.
You'll end up with much finer bits of wood and leaves that will decompose really really quickly in your compost bin.

The power smart shredder also features a top gravity, feed chute with safety cover that shuts off the motor.
When the covers open, the unit discharges the chips at the bottom of the machine which allows you to connect the bag, which they include to discharge it to collect it, to use the chips for something else and to operate it.
You'll need a heavy duty, 12 or 14 gauge extension cord.

So if you're looking for the best electric chipper for yard work, the power, smart, electric garden, chipper shredder, might be the right choice for you.


On the other side, the brush master, chipper shredder, with the trailer hitch, is the best gas chipper shredder out there for yard work, and it can handle bigger branches up to four inches in diameter, which is about 33 percent more than most of them on the market.

It's gas powered and it comes with wheels, a tow bar, a trailer hitch for connecting it to a utility vehicle or your lawn tractor.

It boasts a 15 horsepower engine and top gravity feed chute that accepts both branches, smaller twigs and leaves as well.

The brush masher features a 12-1 reduction ratio and delivers chips that are about a quarter inch in diameter, which is just the right size for mulching, around trees and shrubs and other plants that might be growing there.

The unit also comes with a replacement belt gloves and even safety goggles, which is pretty cool, so you'll have all the gear you need to start shredding immediately.

So, if you're, looking for the best overall gas powered, chipper shredder for yard work, the brush master chip or shredder with trailer hitch might be the right choice.
For you.
More compact is the wen 411 21 rolling electric wood, chipper and shredder, which is the best small size, wood chipper and if all you need to do is lightly clean up around the yard.

Consider the wind electric wood chip or shredder because easily on a shred branches up to about an inch and a half in diameter thanks to the gravity, feed chute, that's located at the top, it's 17 to 1 reduction ratio creates small chips that are finer and really Good to mulch with or quickly decompose for your compost bin and it works really quietly, comes with wheels and is quite a small one.
During the way it easily maneuvers around the yard features a safety lock on the chute that keeps the blades from spinning.
While the shoe cover is open, which is a nice safety feature, there's also a push: stick for pushing debris into the chute and a collection bag that attaches to the bottom to collect the chips.

So you can use it for compost or mulch, and the machine is compact enough to tuck away against your garage wall or toss it in your storage shed as soon as you're done doing what you're doing so, if you're, looking for something small and compact for light Work then, the wind, 411, 21 rolling, electric wood, chipper and shredder will probably be a good choice for you, the detail, k2 gas powered commercial chipper shredder is the best heavy duty one on the market.

If you invest in this monster of a machine, you can go where the big branches are and really have your machine munch on some tasty chunky stuff, and this machine is powerful enough to chew branches up to six inches in diameter, and it's got a self-feeding side.
Chute that grabs the branches and pulls them into the spinning blades, as opposed to you having to push it in there.

The chip shootout at a discharge shoot on the other side that sits at a level that a pickup bed could catch it and if you just park your truck right up to it you'll be able to fill it up.
With this thing, no problem with approximately 12 to 1 ish reduction ratio, it should produce chips suitable for mulching as well.
The k2 shredder comes mounted on its own trailer and it's approved by the department of transportation.

So it's legal to go on roadways.

It also comes with a built-in lock and steel toolbox, with keys included, so you can throw some of your stuff in there and other gear if you want to take it with you and not have to keep track of it.
It'll also give you safety, glasses, ear, protection, work, gloves and all the other tools that you might need to manage the machines real minimal assembly.

So if you're, just looking for the best heavy duty, chipper shredder out there, then the detail - k2 gas powered commercial chipper shredder - is probably going to be a wise choice for you and last but not least, the sun, joe cj603e.
Electric silent, chipper shredder is best for composting, so with all the talk that i've had about composting well, this one is designed just for that, because compost actually decomposes more rapidly when the organic matter, that's in it is smaller and finer, and this particular unit the sun, Joe electric chipper shredder design creates quality compost material, it features a top load gravity chute and a reduction rate of 21 to 1, making it capable of producing bits nearly twice as small as everything else on the market.
The sun, joe shreds branches, up to just shy of two inches one and three quarter inches to be exact, and it comes with a top gravity: feed chute, a safety cover that keeps the blades from spinning when it's open and the small chips discharge at the bottom Of the machine with an option to attach a bag which they include to collect them so that you can use it to compost, and this machine has a really easy pull handle with wheels and moving around the yard is a breeze.

It does, however, require a heavy duty, 12 to 14 gauge extension cord to operate it.

So keep that in mind.
So if you're all about composting, then the sun, joe cj 603e, electric silent, chipper shredder, is probably going to be a wise choice for you as well.

So hopefully you found this video helpful.
If so, please feel free to leave a thumbs up.
As you know, i always appreciate it.

It feels warm and fuzzy inside and just a reminder that i'll include links to each of these products down below.
So you can check the updated pricing and availability for any of them that you might be interested in also, let me know any comments or questions you have, as i always love getting to answer as many of those as i can, but otherwise thanks so much for Watching hope you have a great rest of your day stay safe out there and i'll see in the next video .

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