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Unknown Speaker 0:00, When it comes to cutting and processing timber, we all know the most effective, precise and convenient way to do.

That is unquestionably with a circular saw.
Compared to the alternatives.
A circular saw allows you to do your word processing in shorter times and with far greater accuracy, making it really ideal tool for all types of projects, from laying hardwood floors and trimming plywood to building a tool shed a deck, a fence or even a tree house.

For your kitties.
, So today I'll be looking at the best circular saws and break them down by their features and benefits.
So you can see which of these might be the best for you, based on your situation.

And, as always I'll include links to each of these down below.
So you can check updated pricing and availability for any of these that you might be interested in.
Also, if there are any special deals or discounts on any of these I'll include that in description as well.

, So the best circular saw overall was the skill saw lightweight, worm, drive circular, saw and having considered a wide array of options, this particular circular saw wins.
The vote as the best overall, the skilsaw lightweight worm drive circular, saw, came out on top because it's the ideal choice for people who want all the cutting power and precision of heavy duty saw because it lacks that extra bulky weight.
That really makes your arm tired and could cut short, what's supposed to be a really long day into a very short one, because it weighs in just under 12 pounds.

, It's the lightest worm drive saw on the market, still packs a 15 amp motor that lets you Slice through even the toughest of woods, with the utmost of ease.
, It also uses a 53 degree.
Bevel has zero degree and 45 degree stops on the footplate, which allows you to make a wider variety of cuts with more precision, and it boasts a max cutting capacity of two and three eighths inches at 90 degrees.

What I really love about this machine is that all the added power and torque provided by the proprietary worm drive gearing that skilsaw employs, which, together with the saws really lightweight, make the cutting experience so much smoother than with almost any other circular saw out.
other cool features include a soft ergonomic grip that provides all day comfort.

So, in addition to the lack of arm fatigue, your hand and wrist are not also going to be feeling as well.
It's got ready, depth adjustment that makes changes to cutting depth really quick and easy.
, And an anti snag lower guard that protects the blade when it's not in use and prevents nagging, while you're cutting thinner materials for extra safety.

So if you're, just looking for the best circular, saw overall, you might want to check out the skilsaw lightweight worm, drive circular saw, which could be a good option for you.
The best battery powered circular saw with the DeWalt DCs 575 T two flexvolt circular saw, and it's a great choice for anybody that needs to be a little bit more mobile when doing woodwork.
This particular saw boasts a powerful brushless motor that offers performance on par with many corded models and is capable of producing a whopping 5800 RPM, which allows you to work at high speed and power through even tougher materials with maximum precision and consummate ease.

The DCs 575 T two weighs in at just under nine pounds, meaning most users will be able to operate device with only one hand.
It also use a vibration dampening rubber grip, handle that improves comfort during longer cutting sessions and an electronic brake that automatically stops the blade when you release the trigger, thereby reducing the risk of kickback or spin out and keeping things safer.
Other cool things about the DeWalt flexible is that it's got a really impressive runtime.

You can cut something upwards of 302 by fours with it in a single charge.
It's got great balance clean sight line.
It's got easy to use, depth of cut and bevel settings, and the shoe plate is really really burly and inspires confidence.

It also comes with a three year warranty as well.
, So if you're, just looking for the best battery powered circular, saw overall check out the DeWalt DCs 575 T two flexvolt, because it might be a good fit for you.
The best budget circular saw that we came across was the high Chico electric saw.

, And this low cost circular saw is a really ideal choice for occasional use or any buyers who plan on processing real, smaller quantities of wood.
Well, maybe cheap.
It's got 12.

5 and 1500 watt copper motor that doesn't pull any punches, it's capable of 4700 RPM, meaning you can make light work of even tougher Woods plastics to some soft metals and leaves a pretty clean cut, with no chips or Nicks.
The cutting depth and bevel angle can also be adjusted easily, with a spindle locking, hex wrench and switching between the two included blades, which is a 40 T and a 24 t to customize.
Your cut is really easy takes no more than a minute, even if you're a first timer.

This also has a lot of other high quality features, including a double safety switch and aluminum guard to prevent accidents.
Scale ruler that helps you control, cutting width and a built in laser guide for straighter, more precise cuts.
So if you're looking for the best value option, the best budget circular saw overall, you might want to check out the high Chico electric salt could be a good fit.

For you know, the best lightweight circular saw that we came across was another DeWalt model.
The DW e 575 sp lightweight circular saw.
And with so many high quality lightweight circular saws out there.

Picking a real winner in this category wasn't easy.
But the DeWalt won our vote because it's got a very comfortable, feel outstanding, cutting power and it's incredibly smooth running motor.
The tool has the capacity to make your cutting jobs quicker and altogether less labor intensive than almost any other circular saw on the market.

, And while it lacks some bells and whistles found on some of the more pricier models, such as an outboard height, adjust lever or A built in laser guide, it merits its place on this list.
Because of its almost effortless operation of high quality materials.
It uses a motor that provides as much power as models that way and cost twice as much.

A few other things that make this circular saw real standout amongst its peers are an electric brake.
That brings the blade to a complete stop when you release the trigger tough cord system that prevents accidental disconnects, while you're in the middle of a cut and an integrated dust blower.
That gives you a clear view of your cutting line in the midst of it.

So no sawdust getting in the way of what you're doing that might mess it up.
And finally, the DeWalt dw e 575.
SB comes with a very handy carrying bag for storing extra tools and transporting the device from point A to point B, it's got a just Over seven inch, carbide, tip tungsten, saw blade with an anti stick coating that minimizes the amount of friction.

So your cuts are a lot smoother.
So if you're looking for the best lightweight circular saw, you might want to check out the DeWalt dw e 575.
Sp, because it could be a good fit for you as well.

And last but not least, the best compact circular saw was the Rockwell Versa.
Ultra compact circular saw and bottom line.

The Rockwell is one of the most compact, versatile and easy to use.
Circular saws you're ever going to come across.
, And while there are a handful of wellmade lightweight compact, circular saws on the market, few of them come close to matching what the first cut can do in overall performance.

The motor is four amps, which is surprisingly potent, and It's powerful enough to slice through most materials that measure at or below the machine's maximum cutting depth of an inch.
But what makes it really cool is how easy it is to use.
It's lightweight super portable.

It's got a streamline design and the first account boasts a wealth of convenience, enhancing features that are likely to steer several buyers well clear of larger heavier and price.
Your options because because it's got a really highly effective dust extraction system that lets you keep a close eye on the line of your cut as you go, so the sawdust doesn't get in the way.
It's got a laser guide technology.

That indicates when you have a precise cutting line, an ergonomic handle and the simple depth adjustment lever lets you make cut changes with so much ease.
In terms of safety, the verse cuts winter too.
It's got a handy, lock off switch that prevents accidental start and adorable.

Full metal, inner and outer guard that reduces the risk of being caught in the spin or struck by debris.
So more safety features there.
While this machine doesn't offer the quite the same power cutting depth as other things.

We've talked about today.
If you just plan on using it to cut wood under an inch thick, this one would definitely be a great choice for that.
So if you're, looking for the best overall compact circular saw you might want to check out the Rockwell Versa cut, ultra compact circular saw so hopefully you found this video helpful.

If so, please feel free to leave a thumbs up, as I always appreciate that.
, And just a reminder that I'll include links to each of these products down below.
So you can check updated pricing and availability for any of them that you might be interested in.

Also, let me know any comments or questions you have, as I always love getting to answer as many of those as I can.
, But otherwise thanks.
So much for watching guys.

Hope you had a great rest of your day.
Stay safe out there and I'll see in the next video.
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