Transcription: Jimmy Butler Post Game Interview: Miami Heat Lose NBA Finals to LeBron, Lakers - 2020 NBA Playoffs - YouTube

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Rarely gets emotional the way he did coming in here and talking about what the room was like what this brotherhood was like what this three-month experience was like you, don't get that emotional either, but just how not not the losing, which is how hard is this moment? Knowing that this journey with this team, it's hard because um it was special to us, we really enjoy playing with one another.

I really enjoy being around one another, and i just appreciate it.
I'm thankful that i had that opportunity to be able to do that.
You know obviously nobody likes to lose but um.

I think we fought all year long ups and downs.
We stayed together.
I think that's what it's all about.

You know.
I don't know what next year looks like what it brings, but i'm very grateful, thankful and blessed to have played with these guys um that uh i'm a decent player.

I think that i've grew in every aspect of the game, so i can smile about that and more than anything, i've learned that um here me works here.

I'm always always always going to believe in my guys, and i think the the one thing i learned more than anything is how fun it is to play with these guys like it.
It really was fun watching all my young fellas grow, having vets come in and um showcase what they can still do and and teach me so much.
It was a.

It was a great time.
A group, that's a lot like me, um, the fan base is incredible.

The organization keep it real all the time the coach is doing, the players do as well and they embrace me.

They want me to be here and it's fortunate to be around people like that.
I'm very fortunate - and this is where i belong.
This is what makes me smile.

This is what makes me happy i wish i could have done it for the city.
I wish i could have done it for my teammates for the organization um, but i'm still glad that it happened a lot.
I love him to death.

I love him to death.
I wish i could play with um him as a teammate for forever, because these are the moments that you cherish put his body on the line out there for me and the rest of our guys for this organization.
And that means something that shows the type of player who the type of player he is and the type person that he is um.

We go down swinging and i'm glad he was out there fighting with us.

Next question is from anthony chang from miami herald.

Hey jimmy, i know it's hard in this moment, but just taking a step back, what could you say just about the truth, the trajectory of this organization, you know considering with the development of the young players and and the guys you have under contract for next season.

Coming back we're turning in the right direction, we're going to learn from this we're going to get better um we're going to come back.

We're going to come back we'll be back as we're all saying in that locker room um, but we just we got guys that want to do it.
We got guys that already want to get back in the gym and get to working at this thing.

That's what we do here but um like i said it was a pleasure to play with these guys, but we're definitely moving in the right direction.
Next question: nick fridell jimmy you've had a lot of highs and a lot of lows throughout the course of your career specific to this experience in the bubble.
What are you going to take away most from from what has occurred over the last few months? Just a bond that this group built, i won't get that back for the world.

We really really really loved being around one another and competing with one another um, and i wouldn't trade that for the world.
If i had to spend three months around some people, these people they're the ones that i want to do it with next question - is from naveen gangalani from the philippines, hey jimmy, considering that this was your first nba finals and the way he performed, especially in game.
Three and game five: were you happy with you know, aside from not getting the championship, were you happy with how you performed individually, or do you feel that there's a level that you can even get to a higher level uh i didn't win.

So none of the stats matter we don't play for stats here.
We don't play for anything else, except for the win.
I didn't do that.

I didn't do my job and i'll be better along with everybody else, i'll be better.

Coming back and um.
You know you soak on this because what could have been, but it didn't happen, we didn't win and that's what you leave this at last question for jimmy will be from jarrett weiss.

I mean this series you played almost in every way imaginable did what i guess: what was it that brought all of that out of you? What was the challenge that made? You need to push yourself to a place, you'd, never gotten to that's what my team needed me to do.
The organization asked me and uh i told them that i would win them one and i didn't hold up my end of the bargain.


So that means i got to do it next year i told pat, i told coach, i told coach bo i'm here to win one.

I didn't do my job so moving forward, i got ta hold up my end of the bargain.


Thank you jimmy all right.
That concludes tonight's session.

Thanks rob thanks.
Mom .

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