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, hey guys, luke here your digital concierge with gramophone.

Today we're going to do a full review of the bose soundbar 300 complete with unboxing and a detailed list of all the features and capabilities.
The bose soundbar 300 delivers spacious, sound, clear dialogue and rich bass for all of your music movies and games, and the best part about the soundbar 300 is that it is so easy and fast to get set up and ready to enjoy.
Now, let's see what this sound bar can do, but before we get into it, make sure you subscribe to the gramophone channel click that bell notification icon, because we've got all kinds of great stuff coming your way with many many other product highlights.

Don't want to see you guys miss out now then the soundbar 300.
, okay, guys, let's get this box open so in typical bose fashion.

These are very easy to open packages with the little rip tabs for the tape.

Why can't everybody do that? Thank you both and then from there.
We just lift it open cool fact.
By the way, this is the official sound bar of the nfl.

Now that is quite the endorsement.
[, Music ] also guys - i don't think i've said this before in our unboxing videos, but when it comes to audio products, always keep your boxes.
It helps with the resale value seriously.

We've got an optical cable, a power cable.
We've got our literature, we've got our remote.
I believe that is all yep, [, Music ].

First and foremost, let's talk about the drivers.
This has four full range drivers in it that are designed to do a good job of separating left and right signals.
Giving you a wide sound stage and really designed to help envelop and fill the room despite the small size of the bar, but i think, most importantly, is right.

In the dead center, you have a dedicated tweeter, whose primary job is to ensure that speech is as crystal clear as possible, and that is a great inclusion from bose.

It should be what every sound bar is focused on as the biggest complaint regarding tvs and audio.
Nowadays is lack of dialogue, clarity, it also features bose's quiet fork, technology which installs micro screens throughout the bar to help eliminate any distortion and unwanted resonant frequencies.

There's also a built-in noise rejecting microphone that is constantly listening for the sound of your voice, so that you can give the soundbar 300 vocal commands and that particular microphone is built around bose's, clear voice, pickup tech.
That way it hears only you and hears you clearly.
Even from across the room, there's also a very cool and very exclusive technology built into this bar called the voice to video tech and that utilizes alexa and expands her capabilities to the point in which you can ask your sound bar to tune into any given channel By name - and it can do so, for example, you can say alexa tune to the nfl network and the bose soundbar will utilize alexa to go straight there and you can use her to control the basic functions of the bar, such as volume up and volume down.

No remote, no buttons, no nothing does it get any easier than that, we'll start with the dimensions as usual.

This is two and a quarter inches in height, twenty seven and a half inches in width and four inches in depth.

And, lastly, it weighs just seven pounds.

So virtually anyone can set this up very easily and just look at the sleek size of this thing at just over two inches.
This is not gon na obstruct your tv at all.
It's tiny, but it sounds way bigger than that and really does a lot for dialogue boost since tv speakers are well awful and the fact that you can have a solution for that in something this size that looks that sleek there's this nice kind of graphite design To it with just the right amount of pop, but mostly stealth, i think they hit it out of the park with just beautiful simplicity.

You have a mostly plastic but very quality feeling body and the grill.
All the way around the speaker is actually aluminum.
So there's premium materials to go along with the high glass design and one last detail.

There is an available wall mount so either putting this down on a table or a tv stand or up on the wall.

All things are possible with books with wi-fi bluetooth, spotify connect and apple airplay 2.
The bose soundbar 300 allows you to wirelessly stream.

Just about anything, you could want whether browsing your favorite music services or just wanting to play back a video on youtube with better sound anything you can get on your phone or smart device.
You can play through the bose soundbar 300.

It also uses a single connection to your tv, either through hdmi arc, that is, audio return, channel supplied by a specific port from your tv or an optical cable.

This can also wirelessly pair up to a bose base module, and one of the coolest features is the bose simple sync: the way that that works is say.
You were listening to your soundbar 300 and someone else is in the room and you did not want to disturb them.
If you had a pair of bose headphones, for example, like the nc 700s, you could pair them up and seamlessly send the sound going into the soundbar 300 into your earphones.

You can also use simplesync to play music throughout the house, if you own other bose speakers and can have them all connected to the soundbar 300.

And finally, you can use the bose music app to stream.
Just about anything you like from all of your favorite providers, running natively inside the soundbar 300 itself, the bose app works really well and gives you seamless control of all of its functions and access to all of its streaming options.

You can also use the bose music app to control all the base functions of the soundbar 300, as well as every other bose smart product in your home, with different user profiles set so that everyone in the home can have their own custom options for just under 400, the soundbar 300 will elevate your entertainment options and do so with such a small barrier to entry, especially with its great integrated feature set, such as voice for video and the bose music app for all of your streaming.
The sound war 300 takes a dull tv speaker experience and makes it an exciting and very easy to use smart home experience.
If you're interested in the bose soundbar 300 click the link down below to head on over to skybygramophone.

com there, you can check out securely and have it shipped fast and free straight to your door.
Don't forget guys to stop by and demo this product at one of our showroom locations, you'll find us in columbia, timonium and gaithersburg maryland, also, while you're out be sure to stop by our lovely kitchen design center in hunt valley.
Finally, you can find us all over social media, especially at twitter, facebook and instagram, but many others links down below if you need help coming up with project ideas need to schedule a service request or want to speak to one of our hifi home, theater and interior Design experts get inspired at gramophone.


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And i want to hear what you think about the soundbar 300 as well as what you want to see from us in the future.

It's always a pleasure guys.

Thank you for watching, be seeing you .

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